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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sidelined (Part 12)

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Michael had no way to warn Keiko about the addition people present. She arrived trying to get everyone back to their own body, but Michael found himself miles away. He recognized the surroundings--he was back at the bleachers of his old high school, and he was once again in a new body. She was one of the underclassmen--well, he supposed she was now a senior. Fishing through a nearby purse, he dug around to find a freshly minted license. This girl’s name was Sarah Jenkins. She had just turned 18 last week. He sighed. He should probably try to figure out if anyone got back to their own body in that mess. But who should he try to contact? There was no way for him to know who was who or who he could trust. Keiko had found him once before; maybe she’d find him again. Until then, he’d just have to go through senior of high school...yet again!