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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sidelined (Part 13)

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Michael sat there for hours, not quite sure what to do next. Then he soon heard someone shouting for him--his name, his REAL name. He stood up to look in the distance, and it was Keiko--the REAL Keiko. She had a huge smile on her face.

“It worked, Michael!” She yelled, “It worked...well, mostly!”

“Yeah, you’re telling me!”

“Well, the good news is that most of us are back in the right body, but there was...a problem.” Keiko paused, “Your body died in the process. It overloaded or something. I got your soul out here.”

“I guess I should be grateful. But what about the girl whose body I’m in now?”

“She’s safe in that older body I was in. The bitch who caused this whole mess was in your body when it died. I have the spell still; I’ll give it to you. You can feel free to use it however you wish. I won’t say a word that it even still exists.”


  1. Intriguing story to say the least, lol :) I like it, thanks!

  2. Mystreious story. Thanks for finishing a series.

  3. I really liked this story!! :D
    I will love it if you continue it... pleaseeeee you are soooo goood