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Monday, November 19, 2012

Fool proof

Jake thought it was a fool proof plan. He had taken a few clothes hanging from his neighbor’s backyard and use the Medallion of Zulu to turn himself into a copy of her for the day. She was beyond hot, and just the thought of running around in a copy of her body for a consequence-free day turned him on. He placed the medallion around his neck, then pressed a bra from the line to it. The transformation was warm, and it was not long before he needed to wear that bra! He loved running around and feeling the weight on his chest. At one point he put on skates and zoomed around the neighborhood in nothing but underwear. But at the end of the day, he went to change back and there was a problem. He had kept the medallion around his neck for safe keeping, but it had fallen off the chain it was attached to! He would be stuck in a copy of his neighbor’s body!

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  1. And what's the problem with being stuck in that body exactly?? I'd love it.