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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


TG Caption husband wife swap
Oliver had swapped bodies with his wife six months ago. When it first happened, they immediately went to the doctors.. At first, the medical experts thought both of them were crazy, but comparing brain scans to previous ones seemed to confirm they were telling the truth. Doctors had no way to explain the swap, and it wasn’t long before it took a toll on Oliver’s marriage. He and his wife had a hard time being in each others’ bodies. She left him last week, taking most of his clothes with her. He guessed it only made sense -- after all, his own clothes didn’t really fit him -- but it was hard to see so much of what he felt was himself go. He ended up digging through the back of the closet to see what she had left behind, hoping for some familiarity. He found his old high school letter jacket. He hoped putting it on would make him feel better, but the fact that it was so big on him only reminded him of the small, feminine frame he now had.

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  1. Silly girl! Don't you know wearing your big boy jacket only makes you cuter?! ^_^