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Monday, December 31, 2012

The prude (Part 8)

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Ryan attempted to enjoy his euphoria for as long as possible before reality set in. While he loved being in Dr. Wong’s body, there was no way he could live her life. She was a genius and he was an idiot lab assistant. Sure, there would be a few more days of attempting to switch back, but she had upcoming meetings and so on. Ryan’s sabotage would prevent any hope of switching back. Dr. Wong’s pride would prevent her from spilling the truth. Ryan guessed she’d probably use his body to go back to school, ace a million classes, and earn countless degrees. But what could Ryan do with her body? Continuing Dr. Wong’s work was just beyond his mental capacity. Sure, he had her resume as well, but without the skills to back it up, what good would it do him? At the same time, that inflated resume would make him overqualified for jobs he’d actual be good at. He tried making a list of options, but all he could come up with was “trophy wife” and “stripper.” He really hadn’t thought this through!

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  1. ROFLOL! great twist. Thanks for continuing it!! Well as I seeit he can fix the machine, or maybe seduce Dr WOng inhis body & become a husband & wife team of scientists with his as 'Dr WOng' takes all the credit while she as Ryan maybe goes back to school & gets qualified?