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Friday, January 11, 2013

Affirmative action

As a conservative, John had always been against affirmative action, welfare, and other liberal programs. But his liberal friend challenged him: Did John really think he would’ve been just as successful in life if he had been born a poor black woman instead of a rich white man? John laughed; of course he would. The next day, John would find that he would be able to try to prove his point. He woke up in a crappy apartment on the poor side of town. He had a body that wasn’t his own. His new skin was darker, and he had the curves of a woman. He decided to max out a credit card to buy an expensive dress for job interviews. He was beginning to sweat. Despite his experience and qualifications, he was now on his fifth interview. However, none had been interested in hiring him. He was beginning to regret his arrogance.

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