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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Grand finale (Part 1)

Though they may be cheesy, Ron always enjoyed a good magic show. He’d seek them out, particularly ones less well known. Tonight, he was attending one at a tiny venue from a magician he had heard good things about on the internet. Reviews had promised an original experience, one where every member of the audience was involved, with often dark twists. Ron was thrilled to sit down with about a dozen other people for the show. The first trick involved sawing an audience member in half. Ron had never seen it done without a box before! It was mesmerizing and horrifying to see it. When finished, the legs walked off stage on their own and sat back down while the magician placed the protesting torso on on the side of the stage. Several more tricks and it was Ron’s turn to be part of the show. He stood on stage with a woman from the audience. They were going to disappear and then switch places, once again without the aid of any boxes. When the magician waved his wand, the poof was nearly deafening. Ron found himself backstage, holding his ears in reaction to the noise. There was still an illusion involved. He hadn’t actually disappeared; he was just hidden backstage with the props. But he was shocked that he had actually switched places with the woman -- quite literally -- he was in her body! He was scared about the swap, but he hoped everything would return to normal when the magician waved his wand again. But then he thought back to the torso, still sitting on the side of the stage well into the act. He could only hold for a grand finale that would turn everyone back to normal!

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