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Monday, February 11, 2013

Not thought through

TG Body Swap
Wayne had been so excited to test out his new body switching device that he hadn’t really thought the whole process through. He had used the small device to switch bodies with the first person he saw -- an absolutely stunning woman -- and was quite pleased when he found himself in her body. However, he hadn’t even thought about the fact that upon switching bodies, the device would no longer be in his hands. He certainly hadn’t planned on her running off the way she did. Plus, the heels on his feet made it impossible for him to chase after her. Fortunately, Wayne’s brain was just as brilliant in his new body as it was in his former one. He made quick haste to an electronics shop for a few parts. The body swapping device emitted strong delta waves, even when not being used. He built a simple machine to track those waves to locate his body and the body switcher. Now it was all a matter to find where his body had run off to! He certainly wouldn’t mind keeping this new body, but he did want his invention back!

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  1. NICE!! I'd want to keep that sexy body too!! Great use of picture :)