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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Set phasers to stunning

Lyonel loved watching sci-fi television, everything from Star Trek to Star Wars to Doctor Who and beyond. He just wished he could make the things from the show a little more science reality instead of  science fiction. He ultimately decided to try and build one of his favorite devices from one of his favorite show, a transporter. It took a lot of research into existing technologies and how to adapt them, but he managed to make something he was sure would work.. He wanted to test it out to great fanfare, so he planned to teleport  himself into the middle of a sci-fi convention. He must have gotten his calculations wrong. He looked around to find that he wasn’t at the convention and even his body got all screwed up in the teleport: he was now a woman! After feeling like a failure for quite some time, he was finally able to laugh. In a way, his invention was just like the TV show, so prone to failures. Plus, with a body like this, he’d be sure to turn heads at the sci-fi convention even without a perfectly successful transporter.

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