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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Wishing for Different

Calvin was so so much in debt that he often went to bed in tears. One night he wished things were different. The next morning he discovered his wish had been granted...in more ways than one. Instead of being a poor, white guy, he awoke in the body of a rich, black woman. Then he heard a voice from the other room ask, “Honey, are you awake?” He gasped. He had been single before; was he married now? And judging from that voice, he was married to a man. He cringed at the thought of sharing a bed with another dude. He felt even weirder when he realized what could now happen to his new body in that bed -- what, in fact, had probably happened in the past to this body many times in that bed. He had wished for things to be different, but he certainly didn’t want things to be THIS different.

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