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Saturday, September 21, 2019


The body collapsed onto the ground inches in from of Sebastian, and the impact was hard enough to crack open the skull and splatter blood onto his face. Sebastian was scared. Had he done something to cause this man’s death? Even if he didn’t, he was so close when it happened; would someone blame him? Sebastian wanted to help, but when he looked at the body, he discovered the man he was trying to help was himself. For several minutes Sebastian was puzzled until he began to notice things about his own body -- the pink top, the boots with flowers, the long hair. He was clearly no longer himself. He was in the body of a woman, and with no brain of soul to guide his former body, it must’ve just collapsed. But why did his soul suddenly jump into another body? Right now, he had any more questions than answers.

Friday, September 20, 2019


The water in the pool was fairly cold, but that didn’t stop Doug was stepping in. In fact, he was wading in it for several minutes before a weird tingling began. Suddenly the cold water was much higher on his body, and when he looked down he was shocked to see the water line fall a little bit under the top of a bikini. He let out a short scream, which was unnervingly high pitched. He soon noticed that everyone in the pool was having a similarly shocked reaction. The people on the sides seemed to be wondering why everyone in the pool was freaking out. James wanted to explain that it was because they all seemed to have swapped bodies, but he was having trouble believing it himself if not for the overwhelming evidence of his own new body.

Thursday, September 19, 2019


Putting on makeup was a lot harder than Martin expected. It was one of the many challenges he had to deal with since swapping bodies with Carmela. It seemed just when he thought he had perfected his look, his hand would slip and he’d have to wipe something off. Upon doing that, he’d smear something else and have to touch up and redo some more. It was like a never-ending process that had taken him several hours so far. He wondered how women did this every day.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


While scanning the shelves of his campus bookstore for his college textbooks, Ian never expected to come across a book with magic spells in it. Out of sheer curiosity, he tried one that would allow the caster to steal someone else’s body. After speaking the words, he found himself immediately sucked into the nearest body, a female student he had a few classes with last semester. He was more than impressed. This book was worth every penny! Of course, he needed to wrestle it from his former hands, but he technically wouldn’t be paying with his own money. That book would be so much fun!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Internship (Part 6)

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Jake went up to the seventh floor and entered the office in room 704. He was both surprised and relieved to see his own body sitting there -- though weird to see himself wearing a shirt and tie. Before Jake could say a word, his body spoke.

“Nice to meet you, Jake. My name’s Wanda; let’s get down to business.” Wanda said, “First, you’ve noticed we’ve switched bodies. I’m sure you’ll agree this puts anything you’ve seen at that so-called ‘tech’ internship to shame. That’s just one of the things we invest in here. Your father told me he couldn’t convince you to take this internship; I hope this convinces you. What I can show you will blow your mind. But don’t cross me, or I can also destroy your future. Do we have a deal?”

She spoke so fast and so curt that Jake could barely process. He just extended his hand to shake in agreement, hoping doing so would allow him to get his body back.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Internship (Part 5)

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The meeting seemed to go on for hours. Jake was getting hungry, and (more importantly) wondering where his own body was now. He kept trying to find ways to leave, but escape always felt too awkward. When the meeting finally did end, Mr. Kim was waiting outside.

He handed Jake a keycard. “This will open your new office,” He said, “Room 704. On the seventh floor, of course. Your intern is waiting for you there.”

“My intern?” Jake asked.

“Yes, the one you hired last week. All his paperwork went through fine, and he just checked in while you were in that meeting. I think he’s moved everything over successfully. You should go take a look.”

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Internship (Part 4)

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Mr. Kim walked the halls with Jake, but he didn’t get very far. A head popped out of a conference room, and asked who hey thought was Wanda to join their meeting. Jake sat as the people around him just continued to meet. He started to get pretty bored, and that’s when he finally noticed the fact that he now had a very different body. No one they were trying to impress him. They didn’t want to convince him to work here; they thought he already did! He began to notice people were calling him “Wanda,” and he began to respond by nodding every time the name was said. He wondered how this happened, and he sure hoped he didn’t screw anything up for her in this meeting.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Internship (Part 3)

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“Your father?” The Asian man, an executive named Otto Kim, asked.

“Oh, excuse me, pardon my unprofessionalism,” Jake pivoted, “I’m requesting a tour.”

Mr. Kim knew based on Miss Wen’s position that she could request a tour to analyze efficiency at any time, and he knew her father was a big investor in various projects the company worked to secure. He quickly agreed to show her around himself.

Jake still hadn’t realized the swap, and he was pretty impressed by how he was being treated. It wasn’t enough for him to want to ditch his tech gig, but he was still impressed.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Internship (Part 2)

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An older Asian man walked over. Jake suspected he was high up in the company, based on how Chad sprung to attention with some corporate buzzword speak.

“...And that’s how our synergies prove effective in raising the bottom line on the Agro account,” He said seemingly out of nowhere.

The Asian man scowled at Chad, and Chad soon walked away without another word being spoken by anyone.

“I apologize,” The Asian man said, “Some young men at this company are often overly ambitious.”

“The worst!” Jake piped in, just started to sense something a little off with his voice, though he shrugged it off, “Anyway,I’m here to see my father.”

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Internship (Part 1)

Before his junior year of college, Jake was encouraged to get an internship. His father pulled some strings to hook Jake up at his financial firm, but Jake opted for something in the tech sector instead. Jake’s father was disappointed and talked Jake into taking a tour of the firm. Jake had no idea quite how badly his father wanted him at the firm.

Jake showed up in a t-shirt and jeans, but no one at the firm even saw what he was wearing. They’d never have the chance before his father’s plan had started. Jake hadn’t even noticed Wanda Wen brush up against him as he entered the building. He hadn’t even noticed that he swapped bodies with Wanda.

Jake did notice Chad Brolin, a friend of his dad’s who he thought was one of the cooler guys in his guy’s office.

“What’s up, Chad?” Jake asked, gesturing for a hi-five.

Chad was a bit taken aback. Wanda didn’t talk much, and she always seemed stiff. Yet here she was slouching, being loud and friendly, and almost acting out of place for the office.

He could only muster a short, “Uh, hi.”

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

My Own Mother!?

“Why the hell would you do this, Mom?” An angry Sam asked, “Why would you swap bodies with my girlfriend Erica?”

“Because I said it was okay,” Erica interjected from behind Sam, “She seemed like she could use a break from the aches of her older body. I can tell you from my experience over the past week it’s not pleasant.”

“A week?” Sam said shocked, “But the things we did...you mean I did them with my own mother!?”

“And we may have some more bad news. In order to swap back to normal, we need a third body. You’re going to have to swap back with one of us for a week.” His mom added.

“I’m going to have to pick between being my girlfriend or being my mom for a week to get you guys back to normal?” Sam groaned, “Maybe you both deserve to be stuck.”

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Puddle (Part 4)

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“We need to chase that lightning,” Shane ultimately decided.

“It’s miles away!” Heather protested, “We’ll never be able to catch up to it. We’d have just as much luck waiting right here and hoping it will hit us again.”

“Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Plus, there might be others swapped over there now. Maybe we can figure something out together.”

“Well, you’re on your own then. I’m staying put and hoping something comes along to undo this.”

Shane wanted to convince Heather to come with him, but he had the feeling he wasn’t going to succeed. He also had the feeling that this might be the last time he ever saw his old body...

Monday, September 9, 2019

Puddle (Part 3)

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“Do you think the happened to anyone else? Or just us?” Shane asked as he hopped up on a nearby wall. He did so to not only look around to see anyone acting strangely, but also because he felt weird having to tilt his head up in order to look his own body face to face.

No one seemed to be doing anything out of the ordinary nearby, but he did see a flash of lightning in the distance in the now rainless sky.

Maybe they could chase the lightning. Maybe if they got zapped again they could swap back. All these thoughts raced through Shane’s mind. He didn’t want to be stuck in Heather’s body.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Puddle (Part 2)

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Shane walked up to his now former body and looked at it in the eyes. It was weird to have to look up to do so. He must’ve been much shorter now. It made sense since he was a woman now, and as a guy he had been on the tall side.

“What the heck happened?” He asked, hearing his new voice for the first time.

“No clue. Did you see that weird lightning bolt?”

“And the glowing puddle.” He added before pausing to add, “So what’s your name? Or, I guess, what’s my name now?”

“Heather,” His body replied.

“Nice to meet you, Heather. I’m Shane...or at least I was. I guess you’re Shane now.”

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Puddle (Part 1)

It had been raining earlier in the day, but the wet weather had mostly stopped, leaving behind gray skies and many large, unavoidable puddles. As Shane walked down the street to grab a few things from the corner store, he stepped in one. As he did so, a bolt of lightning shot out of nowhere. He was startled, partially because the rain had stopped but mostly because of how close it came to hitting him. He was sure the bolt hit right in the middle of the puddle he had just stepped in. Weirdly, the puddle seemed to grow for a brief moment. He looked down, quite fascinated. As he did so he noticed his boots seemed to change color. He realized he was standing on the other side of the large puddle. He looked up to see his own body standing where he knew he had been, then he looked down again and saw a woman’s body. The bolt must have swapped his body with a woman who was also standing in the puddle at the same time. It didn’t make any sense, but that didn’t seem to matter as, despite being nonsensical, it was also true.

Friday, September 6, 2019


While Chris was a professional psychologist, eh still often felt like a complete hypocrite when teaching a course on how to adjust to a new body in the wake of the Great Shift. Sure, he knew what you were supposed to do, but none of it had ever worked for him personally. Here he was telling an entire room full of people what to do in order to feel better in their own skin while still feeling very awkward himself now that he was a woman. He was sure he helped people. They told him as such. He got emails from past students. The only person he couldn’t seem to help was himself.

Thursday, September 5, 2019


The bright flash of light was very disorienting for Patrick. He immediately lost his footing and began to tumble to the ground. Yet the fall felt strangely graceful; he seemed to weigh much less, even if the weight was distributed differently, and his body seemed much more adept and flexible. In fact, before he crashed face first onto the ground, he managed to catch himself with an almost dance-like movement. Then he noticed the people around him who all seemed to be examining their own bodies before he observed the tight jeans and red boots on his own body -- then he began to examine himself. He was a woman now. Based on the movements he was able to pull off, he wondered if she was a gymnast or a dancer. He wondered how he ended up in this body, and if there was a way to reverse it. It all seemed so strange...

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Juliana had never been a great student. In fact, she was always just shy of flunking out. By the time she reached senior year, there was a big risk of not graduating. She wasn’t too concerned about it until her parents issued an ultimatum on her eighteenth birthday. If she failed out of school, then they’d also kick her out of the house. Mooching off her parents was something she planned to do for at least a few more years, so she quickly got desperate. She appealed to one of the nerdy guys in her glass, Neil. There were rumors swirling around that Neil had invented some sort of machine that made people smarter, and that he’d used it on himself several times over.

When she approached him about it, Neil was flustered. He never expected a pretty and popular girl like Juliana to ever talk to him. He explained that he didn’t have the rumored device, but he did have something else that might be able to help her. He had created a body swapping machine. Before he could even offer a plan, she begged him to switch bodies with her during midterms. She knew people like Neil were in such advanced classes that he was excuse from taking them, so he could help her out without any poor consequences.

Neil realized he had quite a bargaining chip here, so he made a demand. They’d swap bodies for the midterms, but they’d stay swapped for the senior class ski trip the week after. He wanted to experience one social event in school career as a popular student instead of his shy, awkward, nerdy self. Juliana reluctantly agreed. Midterms came and went, and Juliana really wanted to get back to her own body. Instead, she had to watch Neil in her body having the time of his life on the school ski trip. It was painful, but she told herself just one more week, and she’d be back to her own body. Just one more week...

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Ivy League

It had been ten long years since the Great Shift, and Theodore couldn’t believe he had to grow up all over again in that time. It was even weirder for him to be returning to a college campus for the first time in about thirty years. The Shift had put him in a rather advantageous position. He had the knowledge and experience of a forty year old trapped in the body of a kid. But a kid’s brain works differently. An adult’s brain is good at applying knowledge while a kid’s brain is much better at absorbing it and learning. He theorized that despite his memories, his brain’s anatomy was still young. And it seemed to be true. The amount he could absorb coupled with what he already knew was phenomenal. By the time he was eighteen, the ivy leagues were clamoring over him. As he walked the campus for the first time, he suspected many students here had probably just swapped with people their own age at the time of the Shift. It was likely a distant memory for them. They probably just saw him as another freshman, and judging from the stares from some of the guys, they likely saw him as a particularly hot freshman chick. But he knew he was a genius. He was here to publish research, make breakthroughs. This time around, he wouldn’t have time the drinking and partying nonsense.

Monday, September 2, 2019


In some ways, Dr. Reed Kelvin felt like a failure. His particle collider did not produce the test results his team had hoped for. It did, however, swap the bodies of everyone in a three mile radius and explode shortly after doing so. Now in the body of a woman, Dr. Kelvin hoped to turn his failure into a success. He hadn’t gotten the results he wanted, but his team had created a body swapping machine. If he could harness that power, perfect it, and isolated the subjects who would swap, he was sure there was still potential. He began to rebuild almost immediately. He not only owed it to everyone to get them back to their rightful bodies, but he owed it to science to learn from his failures.

Sunday, September 1, 2019


Keith watched his friends in the skate park from the side of one of the ramps. He so desperately wanted to join them out there -- heck, he even brought his board -- but he was sure he’d humiliate himself if he went out there and tried. In fact, he had tried several times since he swapped bodies with his sister. This body was just so off balance from what he was used to that he kept falling off attempting really simple stunts. They’d label him a noob even though he most certainly wasn’t, so instead he decided it was better to be labeled a poser and just watch instead. They wouldn’t even know it was really him; they didn’t know his sister. However, one of the skaters did recognize the board.

Soon enough, a group surround him, asking how he knew Keith, and questioned about why he had Keith’s board. Keith responded with a half-truth, claiming to actually be his own sister. They all begged him to skate, and Keith tried to shy away before being talked into it. He stumbled and fell pretty quickly. He expected to be laughed at, but instead they were all fighting with each other about who would help him up. It took him a while to realize why. His friends didn’t get too many women skaters hanging around, and he ow had a dozen hungry male eyes all on him...

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 5)

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Josh did ultimately manage to return to his basement, and he breathed a sigh of relieve when he did so. He reattached the control loop and got back in the booth. Once again, he took the form of pure energy, and he re-entered the machine. His body reformed once more, but instead of his own body reforming, he reformed as the woman from the park. He sat in the booth scared for so long after that. He really was stuck; he really was this woman now...forever. He checked the scans. His energy signature was only slightly different from what it had been. He tried to get the device to tweak it back to normal an went through the process again, but he once again returned to the form of the woman. He was beginning to give up. He though about smashing his device into a million pieces. After removing a piece or two out of anger, he stopped himself from going further. This machine could still do good in the world; he could still do good in the world. He was just going to have to do it with a different body...

Friday, August 30, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 4)

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Then Josh finally came up with an idea. He needed to get back to his basement. He’d simply convert himself back into energy using his machine, then when he reverted back to human form, he should reform as himself instead of this woman. He felt bad about the fact that she would basically blip out of existence, but with him inside her body, that was basically already true. The other problem was his house was at least an hour drive. He presumed she had a car, but where it was or where to find the keys were questions he didn’t have an answer to yet. Still, it was his best hope to getting back to normal.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 3)

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Josh took his fingernails and began to try to dig at his forehead at the place where his energy form had entered this body. It didn’t make any sense to try to do this, but he wasn’t exactly thinking rationally at this point -- he was merely focused on the fact that he was now a woman and was trying to think of ways to undo it as quickly as possible. After several unsuccessful minutes of trying all sorts of different ways to extract his energy form, he realized it was going to work. He was stuck like this! Stuck as this woman who he knew nothing about! At least the world around him was starting to feel normal again as he adjusted to being human once more instead of being pure energy. The only thing weird was the difference he felt in his current human body! Being a woman meant his weight distribution was al off, the hair was long and annoying, and he didn’t even want to think about what he would feel going to the bathroom for the first time...

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 2)

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Josh couldn’t to do anything to stop what happened next. His energy form crashed into the woman -- right on her forehead. He could no longer see her anywhere, but he also didn’t see a charred corpse or anything like that. However, things suddenly seemed different for him. The world seemed to be going at normal speed again. Things still felt a little blurry and weird though; it also seemed like he had a headache. Except he began to wonder how that was possible. He was pure energy, he didn’t have a head to ache in this form. He lifted his arms to his temples -- arms? How did he have arms? Yet there they were -- except they weren’t HIS arms. It all started to come into focus. He wasn’t himself; when he hit the woman doing yoga, he must have possessed her or something! He now had her body! For all intents and purposes, he now was her!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 1)

The invention that Josh had made in basement was nothing short of impressive. He stood inside a booth and was transformed into pure energy. This energy could then be directed back into the machine and turned back into matter. It was revolutionary! Josh had tested going back and forth from human form to pure energy several times on a closed loop in his basement without incident so far, but he really wanted to test the potential of this machine. In his brief time in energy form, Josh noted that he oddly still seemed to have his senses about him. He could see, hear, and smell everything, even though it zipped by him a way that was blurry and distorted. Taking a deep breath, he removed a control loop and tried again to turn himself into energy. He was no longer limited to the confines of the machine. He zapped out of the house and nearly instantly found himself at a park many miles away. He was excited about the implications for traveling from one place to another in a fraction of a second. He was about to head back when he saw a woman practicing yoga in the park. He felt an attraction, like he would be turned on if he still had a body. He wanted to get closer, but precision control was difficult as a being of pure energy. He was fearful that getting too close would kill her -- like being hit by a bolt of lightning, but he also found that he couldn’t fully control himself as he got closer and closer....

Monday, August 26, 2019

Highs and Lows

The Great Shift appeared as a flash of light and many found themselves swapped into new bodies. Wilson was one such person though his new body with its sparkling leotard and pink fur coat was far from his mind. In fact, all he could think about was his euphoria; he just felt so good. That is, until this body came crashing down from its high. Then Wilson just felt so terrible. He wondered why he had so enjoyed this body and his time right after the Shift. He had no idea about the drugs she had taken right beforehand; he just wanted to recreate that feeling. Surely, he’d feel that joy again? He’d love this body again, right? He hoped so. He couldn’t remember feeling anything better than the moment he first shifted.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Transporter malfunction

“O’Brien is working on finding the transporter malfunction,” Picard assured Troi, “We hopefully won’t be like this for long.”

Having her half-Betazoid body, Picard could sense her sadness even before her soft face started to form tears. It was weird for him to see her gentle features on his body, and he was sure it was even harder for her to see him. He wasn’t even sure O’Brien could reverse the malfunction that caused their bodies to be mixed up like this, but he knew he had to be hopeful for her sake.

Saturday, August 24, 2019


“It must be here somewhere!” A frustrated Michael screamed as he threw some of Ashleys’ clothes into the air. He had been house-sitting for her this week and had used the Medallion of Zulu to turn himself into a copy of her on the very first day. Throughout the week, he tried on just about every piece of clothing she owned, and he assumed the medallion must have gotten lost somewhere in the pile. He needed to find that medallion into order to transform back into himself. He needed to clean all these clothes. Yet he was also running out of time. There was no way he’d be able to get it all done before Ashley returned, but the last thing he wanted to have to explain is why he looked like an exact copy of her.

Friday, August 23, 2019


It had been a very long, cold walk for Julian, but he was finally back at his home. He could tell whoever was now in his body was somewhat apprehensive about anyone approaching. Julian put on a big smile and showed his hands.

“Look, I know you’re in the wrong body, because that’s my body. I’m in the wrong body too. I think everyone is. I walked a mile to get back here -- it wasn’t easy; I’m not used to being a woman yet. But I wanted to get back to my house. I know where the key is; we can go inside and warm up. I can tell you what I know. We can turn on the TV. All the new reports are talking about this; they’re calling it ‘The Great Shift.’”

The person inside Julian’s body was a little skeptical, but it did make sense. He did find himself suddenly outside in a stranger’s body. It wouldn’t hurt to be warm. Plus, maybe he could really heat things up inside with this Julian guy -- the woman’s body he ended up in seemed to be pretty hot.

Thursday, August 22, 2019


Shortly after The Great Shift, rumors started about secret government technology that existed to swap people’s bodies in order to get everyone back to normal. It was a few months before the official announcement and a plan to start swapping people back. Jasper had no desire to sign up. He hadn’t bothered to check if his original body was still alive or the state of the person whose body he currently occupied. As he lifted his leg above his head before a swim, he knew he’d be crazy to ever give this up willingly. He was young again, and he had certainly never been this athletic or flexible. The Great Shift had been a dream that he never wanted to wake up from. There was no way the government or anyone else could force him back into his 70 year old body, and he’d fight it with every bone in his flexible, now 25 year old body if they tried.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Put to Use

Marjorie loved her husband Cliff very much, but she was always a little concerned by the number of guns he kept in the house. He would always say they might need them, but she never saw a need. Then one day, body swapping aliens invaded the planet. Some people swapped with aliens while other people just swapped with each other. While Marjorie was now in an alien’s body, Cliff was in the body of their 20-something year old neighbor, Natalie. Cliff immediately went to his stash of weapons. He wanted to take the fight to the aliens, but Marjorie asked him what he was planning to do. The aliens were mostly in ships high up in the atmosphere. The ones on the planet had stolen bodies and were completely indiscernible from their neighbors and loved ones. Cliff was just feeling glad he was ready -- though he might need to train a bit to adjust for how different this body felt.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Only Have Yourself to Blame

“Honestly, Kelly, you only have yourself to blame,” Thomas said while flicking her off, “You tried to steal my invention, but you had no idea how to use it. You ended up having the damn thing swap my mind into your body and your mind into my old cat’s body. God knows where the cat is with my body. You better believe I’m going to go out for a bit in your body dressed like this. Hope you enjoy peeing in a box and eating catfood while I’m out. You deserve it. If I can ever find my body, I’ll swap us all back, but until then, you’re going to be stuck as a feline, my dear.”

Monday, August 19, 2019


“I came over as fast as I could.” Arturo explained to his girlfriend, “I couldn’t believe I woke up in your body!”

“It’s insane that we seem to have swapped,” Julia replied, “But I think I may need to give you some lessons in being me.”

“Do you know how hard it was for me to find a t-shirt and jeans in your closet? I had to dig way in the back! And don’t get me started on the shoes! There was like an avalanche, and they were all heels! These were the only two I could find hat weren’t, and they didn’t even match!”

“That’s exactly what we need to talk about. I wear heels, skirts, dresses! It’s my thing! That means until we swap back, you need to start wearing those things.”

“Oh, hell no!”

“Oh, hell yes! Or trust me, I will make this a whole lot worse for you!”

Sunday, August 18, 2019


“And I hope this body swapping curse teaches you...wait, why are you smiling,” Angela asked confused after using a magic spell to swap bodies with the guy who had been ogling her as she passed by him.

“Because this a dream come true,” Marvin responded, “I wasn’t staring at you because I wanted to ask you out or get you into bed, I was staring because I wanted to BE you. And now somehow you made that happen. You have no idea how it feels to be like you’re the wrong gender, and then somehow like magic it’s solved. Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Angela didn’t quite know how to respond. She was hoping to teach a creep a lesson by making him experience what it was like to be a woman for a bit, but this creep turned out to actually be grateful. She wanted to knock that grin off her own face and try to explain the many challenges of being a woman, but some reason, she also didn’t want to burst his bubble so readily...

Saturday, August 17, 2019


Finding the rare flowers in the market was exactly the next ingredient Gordon needed to find in order to recreate the body swapping potion. Each ingredient had been pretty hard to find so far, and he still had several to go. Still, the flowers were quite the find. Even once he fund the rest of them, he still needed to find his original body. When this Asian woman stole it from him while he was on vacation, he wasn’t even sure what to do at first. Then locals started to explain the potion and its difficult to find ingredients. It gave Gordon hope, and an explanation. He knew he could recreate it...even if took the rest of his life.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Alignment (Part 2)

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Over the next few weeks, Jason had to do a lot to get settled with his new body. He had to contact his own body, then he found where this body lived. He had to figure out travel arrangements to get home. In the meantime, he lived in this body’s apartment and wore her clothes -- she sure owned a lot of pink! Then there was the task of convincing people who he really was. The body swapping only affected a few hundred people at most, so it wasn’t the easiest of tasks. Jason knew going back to work like this was going to be awkward. He was actually relieved that he had broken up with his girlfriend last month. Government offices were probably the worst until apparently the CIA quietly intervened. Then there was the aspect of simply adjusting to being a woman. He had to deal with carrying a purse and being gawked at by men, the different feelings of this body and tighter clothing. All in all, he thought he was doing pretty well, but this wasn’t easy!

Thursday, August 15, 2019


Jason had been excited about the alignment for months. It would be the first time in nearly a million years that all the planetary bodies in the solar system would align. Sure, there were plenty of astronomers on the news who said there was nothing particularly special about the event, but Jason still wanted to get t the exact spot on Earth to line himself up with all the celestial orbs. He wasn’t the only one. A small crowd had gathered awaiting the exact moment. Jason checked his phones as the seconds ticked down.

Then the moment passed with no supernatural occurrence. But just as Jason was about to feel a little let down, there was a flash. For a moment, he felt at one with all the heavens, but it quickly passed as he found himself back down to Earth. Then the commotion started.

People were shouting and screaming. Jason soon learned why. He had been swapped into someone else’s body -- as he imagined everyone else had as well. His surroundings seemed to be different as well. It took him a bit to realize, but they were all now on the complete other side of the planet, a second spot where everything would also be aligned. They had all swapped bodies with the people who had gathered there. Jason seemed to be in the body of a woman with a pink top. While he had been hopeful something would happen, he never expected something like this!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

An Hour

An hour. Jonah had an hour stuck inside Deborah’s body as the swapping machine reset. He decided to hit up the gym. He knew it wouldn’t be his body getting the benefits, but working out was just something he did to calm down. It was sort of weird working out with Deborah’s body. The sweat collected in different places, and things swung in different ways. He was sort of glad for it to be over, and was ready to get back to the lab to get his body back. But then he checked his phone. There were about a hundred text messages on there from Deborah and the guys at the lab. There was some sort of error or mistake. It appears Jonah would be stuck in Deborah’s body for at least a week. He groaned. He signed up for this because he thought it might be an interesting experience for an hour, but a week? That was way too long! He couldn’t be a chick for that long! He’d go crazy!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Magic Is Real

“What the heck did you put in my tea?”A confused Jill asked, “It looks like I’m looking at myself. I must be seeing things! What sort of drug is this?”

“It’s not drugs,” A very calm Curt replied, “It’s magic. I slipped a potion into our drinks that switched our bodies.”

“Magic isn’t real!”

“It’s real enough that you’re sitting over there in my body looking at me in yours.”

“There must be some logical explanation or something!”

“I think I already explained it sufficiently. And I certainly thank you for coming over, but I think I might leave to go back to your apartment...or should I say my apartment? I’m certainly going to enjoy myself until this potion wears off.”

“How long will that be?”

“Three weeks. Maybe four...”

Monday, August 12, 2019


It wasn’t exactly Trey’s plan to steal the body of a blonde suburban white mother, but he figured it was still the perfect disguise. He knew his crime spree of robbing the stores in his neighborhood would eventually come to an end; heck, because of the body swapper he had bought on the black market, he knew it was even going to end with him in a different body...just not this body. He had been stealing from those stores and stashing the cash for the better part of the month. He figured the police would eventually show up; he had always planned to keep the swapper close by and swap with one of them when they came around. He never expected this blonde chick to be right there when it happened. He must’ve misfired or something. Finding himself in her body had been weird, and seeing the cops shoot him former body was a shock. But he also realized it meant they’d never catch him. He could tap into his stash whenever he wanted, and no one would suspect this body of anything. Of course, she had two brats at home and an obnoxious husband. They were all surprised by the sudden attitude and fowl language of their wife or mother. Trey didn’t really care. He’d do the best he could, but despite what he looked like, he knew who he was on the inside -- a bad as thug with amazing street smarts.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

For the Money

Jake counted the money he had made since swapping into this body seemingly at random last week. He wondered why women always complained about money. Thanks to this body, he was rolling in it! Of course, most people wouldn’t exactly be comfortable doing what he did to make this money, but Jake didn’t feel any real attachment to this body or any concern about it. If people wanted to pay to do whatever they wanted to do to it, what did he care? Granted, some of it hurt -- though not all of it. Then a sudden chill came over him. What if he never swapped back? What if he was stuck like this? Stuck with a shame of what he had done? Stuck with any diseases he might have caught? He soon felt a lot less good about the pile of money in front of him.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Greater Possibilities

John had discovered the powers of the Medallion of Zulu about a week ago, and ever since he had been thinking of ways to best use its powers. It started with a visit to a thrift shop to buy a dress and a bit of jewelry, transforming himself in the dressing room as to not feel awkward buying women’s clothes. Then, now transformed, he took a few selfies and joined a dating app. Sure enough, he did get a few hits. Then he scheduled a dinner date each night and proceed on a fairly set schedule. He got off work at 5, use the medallion to change himself into a woman by 6, go to dinner and get the date to pay, go home to sleep, and use the medallion to transform himself back to normal in the morning. It was a pretty good way to get a free meal. However, he had the power to transform himself into anyone. Surely, he could pull off something a little more daring than simply a few free meals? As he sat with a dinner date he began to ponder the greater possibilities.

Friday, August 9, 2019


Martin followed Alexandra into her apartment showing off the kitchen, bathroom, and finally arriving at the bedroom with a walk-in closet. Martin was pretty impressed as he stepped inside.

“So I guess this is what I have to pick from to wear for the next three weeks?” He asked with a smile, “Any advice on picking your clothes...or I guess their my clothes for the time being?”

“Just remember this body swapping is only temporary. Try not to embarrass me too much with your picks and I’ll try to do the same,” Alexandra sighed.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Day at the Museum

Jeff knew quite well that you were never supposed to touch the artwork in a museum, but one particular sculpture called out to him. He just couldn’t resist taking a finger and placing it upon the smooth stone. What he didn’t expect was the jolt of lightning he felt upon touching it, nor his soul zapping halfway across the museum into someone else’s body.

He would’ve thought he might be upset about becoming a woman, but right now all he could feel was happy. He wondered if this joyous feeling was a further effect of touching the sculpture and the body swapping curse it seemed to contain. He thought about running back to it to check on his own body, but he also found that he had a hard time even caring about it. He seemed much more concerned about enjoying he was now and forgetting who he had been.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

One Pill Makes You...

Brett had been handed an odd purple pill while he was out clubbing. He slipped it under his tongue and swallowed, awaiting whatever feeling came next. He didn’t exactly feel euphoric or high in any way, but he did feel different. It wasn’t until guys starting coming up and grinding on him that he realized something was up. He assumed they were gay and made an escape outside. As he grabbed a bite across the street, he discovered that he seemed to be a woman now. He figured this was a hallucination brought on my the pill, though just about everything about his new body reacted strangely on cue. He may not have been high, but this sensation was incredibly realistic! What he hadn’t yet realized was that the pill didn’t make him hallucinate, it had made him transform...

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Diane had always been in Sebastian’s circle of friends, but he honestly didn’t know her too well before the Great Shift. He knew she was a fitness model and that she enjoyed working out, but that was about it. Of course, after the Great Shift he got to know her a lot better by swapping bodies with her. She hoped he would continue to workout, but she knew she couldn’t force him. Sebastian didn’t really expect to keep it up either, but there was something strange about Diane’s body. It was like she had some sort of adrenaline running through it that always made it super active. He’d wake up at 5am feeling restless. He’d toss and turn trying to get back to sleep. He tried watching TV or reading, but he’d just fidget and feel distracted. Eventually, he just went out and ran, but he was amazed by the intensity he displayed. It was more than a jog, more like parkour with pushups, pullups, and anything else he could squeeze in. It was weirdly effortless, and several hours passed by that felt like nothing. Diane’s body just didn’t seem amazing fit; it almost seemed super human!

Monday, August 5, 2019

The Portal

Yesterday, Edwin had gone down a narrow alley in Chinatown and came across a wall with a mural, except that his mural seemed to be more of a portal. With nervous curiosity, he went through it. On the other side, he discovered that he had been transformed into an Asian, female version of himself. He found that it he put just his hand through the portal, just his hand would transform. If he stepped halfway in, he’d be half and half.

Figuring there would be no harm spending a bit of time on the other side of the portal, he went exploring. Things seemed mostly the same at first, but it seemed everyone in the world had swapped genders and races. He soon discovered things were actually a little worse in this parallel world. He was nearly attacked by some men on the street because he was wearing pants, eventually forcing him to change into a dress and heels. While he knew women didn’t have it easy in his world, in this one it seemed they were practically required to obey men. This didn’t seem like a good deal to him, so Edwin returned to the portal.

Except when he returned, the portal was gone, and the mural was just a mural. He was stuck in this strange, alternate reality!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

In the Club

It probably shouldn’t have been surprising that when everyone swapped bodies inside the club, people started taking out their phones and snapping pictures. It was just a pretty common reason for just about anything these days. Vance was a little more calm as he observed everyone from what appeared to be a VIP area. He was now in the body of a woman and luckily seemed to be separated from the crowd. He tried his best to keep track of his own body, but he soon lost sight of it among the masses. Despite all the body swapping, most people in the club that night just kept partying. It wasn’t until the next day that people learned about The Great Shift...

Saturday, August 3, 2019


Well, this was unfortunate. Aiden paid a lot of money to have his brain transplanted into a female android just last week. He had certainly been enjoying it, particularly the fact that androids were designed to be much stronger than people; however, stronger didn’t mean invincible. Now after a bit of recklessness, Aiden’s android body laid in pieces on the floor. It would be pricey to have his brain transplanted back into his own body and even more expense to get the repairs done on this body -- not like he had the money right now for either option. He wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do. Despite being all detached, he seemed to still be able to move all the parts. Maybe he could repair himself?