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Monday, July 22, 2019


Ralph couldn’t believe the crosstown bus took an entire hour to get him to where he wanted to go. He was running so late. A taxi could’ve gotten him to where he wanted to go in fifteen minutes. Of course, he had sworn off taxis since the last time he was in one. It was because of a taxi that he got this gorgeous body in the first place (after his own was stolen). It was always possible that if he hailed a cab, he’d end up int he same magic taxi that swapped him into this body in the first place, and he just couldn’t risk that. He loved this body! He loved being a beautiful woman, and he wasn’t going to take any chances with it -- even if that meant some very long trips on public transit!

Sunday, July 21, 2019


Chuck, Kyle, and Henry all agreed to be groomsmen for their good friend, Mark. The bachelor party was certainly fun, but then a week before the wedding Mark called in panic. He begged the trio if he could ask for a “big favor.” They all agreed, and Mark quickly explained how they were still going to be in the wedding party, but they wouldn’t be groomsmen. He started rambling about how his bride-to-be pissed off all her bridesmaids being a Bridezilla. Then the changes started, as Chuck, Kyle, and Henry all transformed into women.

They were panicked. Mark kept explaining that it would only be for a week as his bride did some final touches. They’d be able to transform back right after the wedding. Of course, if they tried to protest or if they didn’t show up, they wouldn’t transform back at all.

The three all showed up to the wedding in bridesmaid dresses, ready to go. None of them wanted to do this, but they knew it would be worse if they didn’t.

Saturday, July 20, 2019


“Michael!” Jane screamed at her boyfriend, “What are you doing?”

Michael couldn’t even imagine what he was doing wrong. Though it seemed that every since the Great Shift swapped him into Jane’s body, just about anything he did was wrong. He shrugged in response; he was at a loss.

“Chips will go straight to my thighs! Or your thighs! Stop eating those this instance of you won’t be able to fit into any of my clothes!”

Michael often snacked without thinking about it. It was true that he had gone into the kitchen to grab a bag to snack on. He made a mental note to add snacking onto the long list of things he should no longer do. Being in Jane’s body really wasn’t any fun at all.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Thug Style

Tyler had taken Swap Class because he needed he credits to graduate, and he had heard it was an easy A. Only a week into the class, and Tyler thought this A was going to be anything but easy. In part, this was because of who he ended up swapping with. Tyler liked to consider himself a self-proclaimed “thug,” a badass underachiever. Yet he ended up swapping with some nerdy Asian chick. He tried using contacts to replace her glasses and wearing his own clothes - even if they were pretty baggy on his now just over 5 foot frame. He even tried makeup, which his sister described as “ghetto fabulous.” He still assumed everyone was going to laugh at him; none of this was good for his thug image. He pondered shaving his head -- at the very least it would get rid of the annoying long hair he now had. He sighed. At this point, he couldn’t even drop out of school or at least drop the class, as if he did that, he’d never be able to get his body back!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Behind the Wheel

Enrico was in a state of shock when he suddenly went from being behind the wheel to instead being in the passenger seat. There was nothing he could do as the car drifted off to the side and plowed into various signs and other things on the roadside. Luckily, it did slow down and the person behind the wheel bolted. Enrico could only sit there shocked, soon realizing in that the car he was in was not his own before then realizing the body he was in was not his own either. He opened the door slowly and put his now dainty feet encased in high heels on the ground. His body felt so strange and his nerves were still shaken from the accident. Over time, he’d learn about the Great Shift that happened on that day. He wasn’t the only one with a wild experience, and he also wasn’t the only one to get such a dramatically different body either!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Ellen couldn’t help but laugh as he husband Steve leaned over the phone, waiting for a call from customer support. The two had purchased nanobots and had expected the small machines to transform their bodies into each other’s dream lover. Instead, they transformed into their own dream. Steve was horrified as the transformation, but Ellen certainly saw the humor in it. The first question she asked Steve was if he had a thing for Asian women that he hadn’t told her about. He brushed it off as just being curious and after five years of marriage, he just wanted to experiment with someone as different as he could imagine (without cheating, of course). Ellen suggested if he really wanted different, they could make love with their now gender swapped bodies. He retorted that he wanted different, but not THAT different. So they filled out the online form from the nanobot manufacturer and awaited a call. Then the bad news came. There was no rushing the program. Whatever requirements they set up to end the transformation would have to be met. And Steve remembered he requirement to end the transformation program, and he realized that he was going to have to now do exactly what Ellen had suggested...

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


A few days ago, Brendon discovered he had the power to swap bodies. Unfortunately, this happened because he randomly started swapping bodies with people until he was able to calm down and focus. With a bit more focus, he realized he was able to return to his own body. After a bit of testing and experimentation, he thought he had it under control. As such, his life had started to get back to normal. However, he must’ve slipped up, as he soon found himself swapping into the body of a woman wearing a short blue dress and white heels. He tried to focus in order to get back to his own body, but it just wasn’t working. Maybe he was just distracted. He looked down, noting that he hadn’t really ever swapped with a woman before -- at least not for very long -- and no swaps with women had been part of his experimenting. Maybe he couldn’t properly focus because he wasn’t used to it. Maybe he just needed a bit of time like this. He was sure he still had his power, and he was convinced he wasn’t stuck like this. But it was still a slight concern in the back of his mind.

Monday, July 15, 2019


Peter imagined he’d be spending a lot of time adjusting to the body he ended up with as a result of the Great Shift. It had happened a few hours ago, and many people around him grabbed their hair or ran their hands up their body. But Peter kept running his tongue along his teeth. They were just so much different. They were straighter and he now lacked the chip on his front tooth. He couldn’t believe how focused he was on the small minor details of his teeth when there were a lot of much bigger details he could focus on -- namely the fact that he was now a woman! He supposed he would get to all of it eventually, but considering he hadn’t yet moved on from his teeth, he imagined it would be a while.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


It had been a few months since the Great Shift. People were mostly used to their new bodies and things were getting back to normal. But, of course, a worldwide body swapping event was likely to have consequences far into the future. Luke, for instance, was still curious about what had happened to his original body. He had been vacationing Asia at the the time of the Shift, yet he ended up in a body back in the States -- although it did happen to the body of an Asian woman. He was convinced his body had to be back there still. Visiting Asia was a little different this time around. Unlike his previous visit, this time people often assumed he was a native and that he spoke the language. Despite it all, he didn’t end up having any luck finding his body. Of course, he realized there were all sorts of possibilities. Something could’ve happened at the time of the swap or in the months following. It was hard to consider, but he had to accept that it was at least possible that his body was gone.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

What the Hell?

“What the hell?” Both Ryan and Julia said in unison as they opened their eyes as they picked themselves up off the floor in the wake of the Great Shift. They both wondered why they were looking at themselves before realizing the true horror of being in each other’s bodies.

The were simply two strangers who had been working out next to each other at the gym. Ryan had been admiring Julia’s body -- hoping she wouldn’t notice he was checking her out -- but he certainly didn’t want it like this. Meanwhile, Julia was weirded out about being inside the body of the guy who she thought was sort of skeevy by the way he stared at her. She didn’t want to give him her number of tell him where she lived, but she was also realizing she probably wouldn’t have many options otherwise...

Friday, July 12, 2019

Research (Part 4)

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After leaving the library, Arthur was feeling in a better mood than he could ever remember. He dropped off the books but was no longer in a hurry to crack them. Instead, he bought himself a treat and took great pleasure in the ways people smiled at him and treated him with such warmth. He had to admit that being in Zoe’s body was actually pretty great. In fact, he was questioning whether he even wanted to try to swap back. Why should he go back to being an ugly nerd who everyone treated like dirt when he could be a gorgeous woman who was treated well everywhere he went?

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Research (Part 3)

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Arthur began to pick the books up off the floor. Unexpectedly, a second set of hands began to help him. The hand remained extended, offering to help Arthur to his feet. Arthur refused, shooing the smiling man away. He was still crouched with the books on the ground, trying to fathom what had just happened. As an unattractive nerd, people generally just weren’t nice to him, but with Zoe’s attractive body? Well, the world suddenly seemed a lot different. He thought about his day, and he realized that while in Zoe’s body, people had actually been nice to him. He hadn’t noticed immediately because he really wasn’t used to it. But people had held doors for him, they smiled at him. Was being Zoe all that bad?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Research (Part 2)

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Arthur was no stranger to carrying stacks of books from the library, but doing it while wearing heels was another story. It felt like any second he was going to topple over. He thought about putting a few back, but he was sure they were all essential for his research. It wasn’t long before the books fell out of his hands and onto the floor. He cursed softly to himself as he crouched down to pick them all back up.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Research (Part 1)

Arthur needed to figure out what went wrong, so he the first thing he did was go to the library to get some books. Well, maybe not the first thing. The first thing that happened was he got yelled at by Zoe. It wasn’t his intention to swap bodies with her; she just happened to be nearby. The device he made was simply supposed to enhance his body by giving him bigger muscles or a more handsome face. As an unattractive nerd, these were the sorts of things Arthur hoped his invention would do to him. It seemed that instead of picking a subject of Arthur’s choosing, it picked one at random; instead of merely copying parts onto him, it also copied his parts onto the other target, and instead having copied parts onto him, it also copied his parts onto the other target. There wasn’t much he could say to calm her down or tell her how it worked. But he did tell her he was sure he could fix it; he just needed to do a bit more research to make sure things worked and avoid additional problems.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Gone Wrong

Dr. Henry Leithauser had been monitoring the work of his team careful. He was sure they could run their first test without incident. However, as soon as they flipped the large switch on the room-sized device, Henry knew something had gone horribly wrong. He found himself in a park a few blocks away, but the weird part was he was in an entirely different body. Temporal displacement was a possible bug with the device, but it shouldn’t have been this extreme. Luckily, the body he now had seemed to be in good shape; in fact, she had seemed to be out for a jog at the time, so he ran back his lab as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the lab did not appear to be in great shape by the time he got there. Flames were shooting from the building, and fire trucks surrounded it. He could only watch it burn, as he knew explaining who he was would only confuse most of the people working to extinguish the flame or those observing...

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Swap Class

Ethan paused to take a break for the third time on his way home. For one, pedaling with heels was difficult. Getting off his bike and resting every once and a while just made sense. But he bigger reason was he wasn’t sure how his parents would react when he got home. Sure, they knew he was taking Swap Class and he was going to arrive home in a different body, but they probably didn’t expect that body to be a 35 year old woman! It turned out that this semester there was an odd number of student taking the class, and because Ethan was the only one over eighteen, he had to be the one to swap with the teacher, Miss Douglas. This was probably way more extreme than his parents were expecting. They had warned him against taking the class, and now he probably was going to hear it from them non-stop. Though if he was honest with himself, he was actually enjoying this body.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Luck (Part 4)

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For the next week or so, Keith got messages non-stop from the woman wanting her body back. She kept lowering the offer too. By midweek, it was down to $1000. And a few days later, she was asking for as little as $500. When he stepped out of the gym, Keith might find three or four text messages of pleading. He found it weird she never called. He began to wonder if it was actually some sort of scammer on the other end. He began blocking the number, then he just got texts from a different one. He blocked that one too. Eventually he realized he was just going to have to change his number to put a stop to this once and for all since there was no way he was going to switch back. Not now. Not ever.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Luck (Part 3)

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Three months later, Keith was pretty happy with where he ended up. Despite some initial worries, he was actually loving this new body. However, a text came in on his phone.

“Wonder if u want ur body back? Really need some cash. Sell to you for $5K?” The text read.

Keith couldn’t believe it. He had pined for his body back for a while, but now that he finally had the chance it seemed silly. This new body had worked out well for him. He had gotten a raise and promotion at work (not that he even needed it after his Vegas winnings). He couldn’t remember the last time his future looked this bright; he had to think part of that was due to this body.

He texted back, “No thx. I’m pretty happy now. Sorry!”

The reply on the other end took a while, but eventually resulted in a sad emoticon and the word “PLEASE!” in all caps.

This time, Keith just decided to ignore it.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Luck (Part 2)

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The next morning Keith woke up almost forgetting about the events of the previous day, but the long hair falling in his face quickly reminded him of his situation. It wasn’t all bad though. After losing his body and finding out he wasn’t going to be able to get it back, he turned his $100,000 winnings into even more. Maybe this body was good luck? He could just buy a new wardrobe, put a down payment on a house, put the rest of the money in a good investment, and just live a pretty good life with this body. It didn’t seem like a bad plan at this point.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Luck (Part 1)

After losing big in Las Vegas on the first day of his vacation, Keith never expected to be on the outskirts of the city literally selling his body. He got $10,000 for it. The buyer was a woman, and luckily her body was included in the sale, as Keith would’ve hated to end up becoming a brain in a jar like several others who had gone into the odd shop. He never asked her why she wanted to buy his body, but he had heard a typical practice was people buying the bodies of desperate people then charging a huge premium to get their bodies back. Keith realized he fit that description.

He was hooked into a giant machine with plenty of lights. One light got very bright for a moment until they dimmed and he found himself in a similar room with an inversed layout, and of course, he was now in the body of the woman he sold his body to.

He was paid promptly, and just as quickly he returned to the casino. He didn’t bother changing out of the leather dress -- not that he had anything to change into. He was ready to reverse his luck. And it started to seem to! He ended up turning $10,000 into $100,000. With the wad of cash now in his hand, he headed back to the outskirts to see about getting his body back. However, the shop informed him they couldn’t locate his old body. He’d have to seek out the woman who had purchased it first.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Mugged (Part 2)

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Things didn’t get any easier for Andrew after that. Even though he could easily outrun the man now in Jing’s body; he also happened to be in the body of a criminal chasing after what appeared to be a young woman. The next thing he knew, he was tackled by a police officer. As she cuffed him, she grabbed the purse from his hands. Fortunately, this triggered another swap. Now Andrew was in the body of the police officer while she was screaming from the mugger’s body. Unfortunately, Jing’s body was nowhere to be seen now. Andrew had narrowly avoided going away to jail, but now he was stuck in yet another body, had completely lost track of Jing’s body, and was also going to be forced to put the purse into evidence down at the station. This wasn’t getting any easier!

Monday, July 1, 2019


“Freeze! And hand over the purse!” The mugger’s voice grumbled behind Andrew.

Andrew slowly turned around, clutching the purse tightly in both hands. He knew he needed to get this purse back to Jing if he ever wanted his own body back.

“I really don’t think you want to take this from me,” Andrew warned.

The mugger just laughed as he reached out to grab the small bag with a heart on it. Andrew was more than prepared for what happened next, so he made sure to continue to hold on tightly, regardless of the fact that he knew he would swap bodies with the mugger. On the flip side, the mugger was completely shocked to now be in Jing’s body. He immediately let go of the purse in shock, staring briefly at the pink manicured nails before stumbling away in horror as fast as he could with the heels now on his feet.

Andrew still had the purse -- the item inside would cause two people to swap bodies if they got close enough, which touching the purse at the same time always seemed to do -- but without Jing’s body, she’d likely be unwilling to swap with him. He was going to have to chase after it. Judging by how poorly the mugger was running in heels, it shouldn’t be that difficult to catch him.

Sunday, June 30, 2019


When Greg swapped bodies with his fiancĂ©e Kate as a result of the Great Shift, he knew it was going to be difficult. However, they were still both committed to making it work. And while compromise was at the root of every relationship, being body swapped took that to a whole different level. For instance, Greg completely refused to wear dresses, and he wasn’t ready to make an exception for the wedding. Kate, of course, always had dreams of her body walking down the aisle in a gorgeous gown -- even if she was no longer to the one who was going to be doing that walking. But they did reach a compromise.

Greg’s wedding outfit wouldn’t be a dress, but it would still be feminine. He agreed to a veil, and he even agreed to heels -- which he never, ever wore normally. Kate was more than pleased with how her body looked. It wasn’t a gown, but it would work. On the flip side, Kate had no issues with wearing a suit, but she did get Greg to agree on several other things she insisted including the menu and the venue.

As weird as this all was for Greg, he was still happy to be marrying Kate.

Saturday, June 29, 2019


Marcus remembered being old and sick in the hospital. He knew he was going to die; he was just waiting for when. What he didn’t expect was coming back after his death. He was in a graveyard, tripping over headstones in heels. He was certainly in someone else’s body -- the body of a young woman. But he wasn’t sure if she had been attending his funeral or someone else’s. He wondered if he was even buried in this cemetery, as he began to look around to see if he could figure it out. He didn’t get too far before an old man came by and asked Marcus where he had run off to. He still didn’t know much, but he soon came to learn his new body was a golddigger; the old man was her husband. At least he had someone to guide him through this new life, even though he felt like it may be an uncomfortable one for him.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Happy Ending (Part 5)

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The woman came in complaining. She complained about her job; she complained about how she couldn’t find a husband; she complained about Jason’s outfit. Jason hadn’t considered swapping with a woman at all over the course of his four years stuck as Joon, but he began to ponder swapping with this woman as he massaged her. She was probably about as old as his original body. She had come in with designer clothes and an expensive purse. He also figured a few years in Joon’s body might humble her, make her appreciate what she had -- so he took out the stones.

Soon the woman’s body drifted off to sleep. Jason found himself getting tired as well. He awoke a little while later now inside the woman’s body, feeling more relaxed than he could ever remember. He saw Joon’s body passed out in a chair. The massage parlor owner was sitting there. “So this is who you picked,” The owner stated, “I think you picked wisely. You are welcome back at any time, but I think if she sees you, she will want to kill you. Now you probably better get dressed and leave before she wakes.”

Jason smiled. This wasn’t the type of happy ending he expected, but it was certainly a happy ending that was well deserved.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Happy Ending (Part 4)

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After four long years, Jason had finally made enough money to swap with one of his customers. He couldn’t count how many times he thought about what Harvey had to have done with this body to get through raising the money in only two years. He didn’t want to think about it. He just wanted to think about whose body he’d take now that he could!

At first, he assumed he’d swap with the next person on his massage table. Even though the man lying there reminded him of his own body, he didn’t swap with him. In fact, he didn’t swap with anyone that day. No one seemed quite right.

At times he even considered staying in Joon’s body, but that didn’t really feel like that seemed right either. It took about a month before he finally found someone he wanted to swap with...

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Happy Ending (Part 3)

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For the first few weeks, Jason wore sweatpants and avoided any sort of verbal contact with the people he was giving massages to. The tips were low, and he calculated he’d need to work for ten years before he could save up for the swap. So he modified his approach and started to wear skimpy outfits and flirted with the guys (and even some of the women). It certainly improved his tips! However, even at this improved rate, he’d still be stuck doing this for the next five years.

He imagined what Harvey had to do in order to be able to save up after only two. He could only imagine some of this things this body had done; things that he certainly didn’t want to do! In fact, there were a few times when a client did touch him inappropriately, and he protested. It usually meant a bad tip (or no tip at all), but there were just things he was going to flat out refuse!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Happy Ending (Part 2)

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Jason sat up suddenly when he heard someone coming. An older woman entered, explaining she was the owner of the massage parlor.

“You probably have a lot of questions,” The woman began, “The woman’s body you now inhabit is named Joon. She came to this country illegally some years ago. I offered her a job and an opportunity. The basic fee of the massage would go to be to pay for room and board. Any tips she could also pay to me to save up for an enchantment. Once she saved enough, I would enchant the stones used in the massage so she could swap with a client. About two years ago she saved up and chose to swap with a man named Harvey. I made the same deal with Harvey. He hated being in Joon’s body. He did anything to earn higher tips such as wearing skimpy outfits, allow men to touch him, whatever they wanted. He had saved up just enough right before you arrived, so he swapped with you. So I make you the same offer. Keep in mind that you may refuse, but if you do, Joon’s body lacks the papers to apply for most jobs, you will likely be deported by immigration, you will have nowhere to live.”

Jason sat nervously, feeling scared and confused before he finally answered with a thick accent, “I agree to your terms. Please let me stay, Ma’am.”

The older woman smiled.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Happy Ending (Part 1)

At age 40, Jason knew he wasn’t as young as he used to be. He’d often head to massage parlor to ease his aching back. He got a suggestion from a co-worker to visit a place on the edge of town. There didn’t seem to be anything particularly special about the place, but he noted how gorgeous the woman behind the counter was. Then his masseuse arrived to lead him into a private room; wearing a short pink Asian-style dress, she was even hotter. She smiled and spoke in a thick accent with quick bows. He considered asking about the place’s “happy ending” policy, but he was honestly too intimidated by her beauty to bring it up.

It was probably the best massage he ever had. It wasn’t too hard but it perfectly eased any pains he was feeling. Then was she was rubbing some warm stones on his back, it was so soothing that he fell asleep.

When Jason awoke, the lights were on and his clothes he had taken off for the massage were missing. However, he seemed to already be dressed -- except he was clothed in the short pink dress. It wasn’t just the clothes; he had the masseuse’s body! While he was happy to not be feeling the pains of his former body, the amount that he didn’t know about this new body or how he got it was instantly alarming...

Sunday, June 23, 2019


“Oh hell yes!” Melvin exclaimed, “I’ve paid out more than a pretty penny to visit Exchange Island over a dozen times, and I’ve been waiting to get a body like this! This is amazing! I feel bad for the person stuck in my scrawny, pale, nerdy body, but I always feel bad for whoever gets my body.”

Of course, this time Melvin felt particularly bad for the person stuck in this body, because this time he’d be activating his invention. If all went according to plan, the device would emit a pulse that would ensure everyone on the island kept the bodies they were currently in. He had perfected the device a few visits ago, but he was just waiting for a body he’d enjoy being stuck with in order to test it. Of course, that meant everyone else on the island would be stuck too, but he didn’t care that much. And the impact should only be limited to current visitors, allowing future vacationers to enjoy the island’s legendary effects.

Saturday, June 22, 2019


“Do you really plan on following me everywhere? Watching everything I do forever?” A very frustrated Benjamin asked.

“Hey, it’s my body. I need to make sure you don’t do anything weird to it.” Teresa replied.

“The Great Shift was like a month ago. If they were going to find a way to reverse the body swapping, we would’ve heard something by now. It’s probably time to accept that I now have your body, just like you now have Emily’s body. You don’t see her following you around.”

“That’s because we’re both women! She knows she can trust me! But do you honestly think I’m ever going trust you alone in the bath with MY body? Forget it! You’ll do weird, creepy guy stuff to it!"

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Big Game

It all started at a bar a few days before the big game. Brad was having a beer and complaining how he couldn’t get tickets. A man overheard the loud comments and said he could arrange for Brad to get one of the best views in the stadium for a price. The two agreed to meet an hour before the game to finalize the transaction.

Brad arrived at the stadium right on time and forked over $200. The man took the money and put it in his briefcase. Brad paused for a second. Was this man going to hand over a ticket or what? He started yelling and demanding a ticket. He threw a punch. The man easily dodged it and injected Brad with a syringe. Brad’s vision soon faded into total blackness.

When he awoke a little later, he realized the man hadn’t been scamming him at all. Somehow he had made it into the arena and he really did have the most incredible view of the game. It was like he was practically sitting on the sidelines. Correction, he actually WAS on the sidelines!

Brad was completely astonished until he realized something was wrong. He was wearing short shorts; he had shaved legs; he had pom poms in his hands. He was in another person’s body -- the body of a goddamn cheerleader! He sure had a great of the game, but he was also a woman! To make matters worse, judging from the color of his outfit, he was a cheerleader for the other team!

It only got weirder when it was time to perform a routine. He instinctively jumped to his feet and was able to do the moves flawlessly. It was like his body was running on muscle memory. It was sort of cool, but the whole experience was also still so weird!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Chores (Part 3)

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Curt’s mom continued to ask Curt about his day, and with each question Curt’s large, proud smile got less large and much less proud.

“Did you go to my yoga class today?” She asked him.

“No, I guess I kind of forgot.” He said.

“Did you pick up my pills from the pharmacy?”


“We’ll pick them up after you come get me. You’re going to need those starting tomorrow. Today was the last day of my cycle so I let you skip the sugar pill.”


“You’re very lucky this swap didn’t happen a few days earlier, or you’d be crying your eyes out and dealing with cramps. Now, about dinner --”

Curt cut her off. “Okay..uh...I’m going to come get you now mom. I’ll see you soon.”

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Chores (Part 2)

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Time flew by as Curt seemed quite proud of his accomplishments. In fact, when he got a call from his mom, he was prepared to brag.

“Where are you?” His mom asked him before he could do so.

“I just finished shopping for groceries. I bought gummy bears, chocolate, and ice cream! Dinner is going to be great!” He replied excitedly.

She held back yelling at her son and responded calmly, “Well, you need to come pick me up. I’ve been waiting at the school for over an hour. How could you forget?”

“I guess I just lost track of time. I’ll be right there.”

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Chores (Part 1)

With his father out of town on business, Curt had gone into the basement to fool around with some of his dad’s inventions. He had no idea the device he was messing with was a body swapper. It was bad when he activated it by accident, and he swapped bodies with his mom. It was worse when the thing caught on fire.

It wouldn’t be able to be fixed until Curt’s dad got home, so Curt and his mom came up with a plan. She’d go to school in Curt’s body for the next few days, and he’d take care of her chores.

Curt had to admit he had a pretty exciting first day. He had grabbed a milk from the fridge, dropped his mom off at school, then hit the stores for some groceries and other stuff. Driving was a fun experience with only a few small scrapes on the car! Then it was just a matter of picking out food for dinner and such. It didn’t seem hard at all!

Monday, June 17, 2019


Daniel played the incident at work off like an accident. The body swapper was a prototype that Daniel had developed, but when he used it with his college aged intern Lin, he pretended like he had no idea how he happened. He said he’d work hard to investigate and fix the error, but that they should pretend to be each other in the meantime. He just wanted a little bit of time to explore Lin’s body; to experience being a woman. But as it turned out, Lin had a very busy schedule. She had several roommates, and between classes, her internship, and a part time job, Daniel had absolutely no time to just experience being Lin. That is, until he saw “gym time” on her schedule. He relished changing in the locker room, and he used every opportunity to try and excite himself. But honestly, he still just wanted to be along with this body and do every time imaginable to it...

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Take a Vacation (Part 2)

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It only took Evan about fifteen minutes to complete the calculations. He jumped up and started to head back to his own room when he saw the woman’s husband standing there. Before he could even say a word, the man planted a big kiss on Evan’s lips.

Evan felt his body tingle in ways he never could’ve anticipated. For the first time on this vacation, he suddenly felt unfocused on his work. He knew he should stop this kiss, get back to his wife and the device, and fix this mess. But he couldn’t ignore the curious differences this body was feeling. Was this something all women felt?

Evan felt trapped with these emotions for several more minutes before the woman’s husband finally stopped. He grabbed Evan by the hand and attempted to lead him to the bed. As much as Evan was getting curious about what that might feel like, his logical mind started to return to him. He started explaining everything a mile a minute, insisting he needed to get to the next room.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Take a Vacation (Part 1)

In hindsight, Evan really wished he had listened to his wife about not bringing work with him on their vacation. He just couldn’t help himself and kept tinkering with a small prototype in their resort room. He hadn’t planned on actually activating it, but a slip of his screwdriver did just that. The small device whirred into action, and the next thing he knew, Evan had swapped bodies with a woman in the neighboring room.

That wasn’t what the device was supposed to do at all!

He quickly got to work on more calculations in order to properly reverse this. After all, if he just blindly reactivated the device, he could’ve ended up swapping more people. So he went to work with pen and paper to try to eliminate any possibility for error. The fact that he was now a blond woman wearing a bikini didn’t even phase him; he needed to focus.

Meanwhile, the woman now in his body was with Evan’s wife doing her best not to freak out. She was pacing. Worrying about what she was going to tell her husband if Evan didn’t fix this as soon as possible.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Coffee (Part 2)

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For the next few minutes, Sean just stood there wondering what he should do. He had become a woman named Shawna simply because he picked up and drank the wrong coffee. But just because he had her body, did he also have her life? Should he be going to her job? Where did she work? How was he even supposed to find out? He did have a purse. Maybe there were some clues inside there? He’d better find some answers soon. He was already running late, and this would certainly delay to where he was going even more -- wherever that turned out to be...

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Coffee (Part 1)

The coffee shop had been very busy this morning, and Sean had been in such a rush. He heard a name that sounded close enough to his own that he just picked up the cup on the counter -- it wouldn’t be the first time the shop screwed up someone’s name. It tasted a little weird at first, but after a few more sips it seemed fine.

It wasn’t until he was a few steps from his office that he noticed the larger problem. He looked down to see an unfamiliar body with feminine curves. He now held a purse instead of a briefcase. Then he looked over to the name on the cup -- Shawna.

He picked up her cup, and he became her. It didn’t make any sense, but somehow it seems that’s exactly what happened...

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fun and Games

As Jay picked himself up off the floor with a throbbing headache, he saw a gorgeous woman getting ready to play the game he was about to start.

“Are you done napping yet, or are we still on with our bet, bro?” The woman asked.

“Adam?” Jay asked the woman.

“Yeah, I know. Pretty trippy, right? Apparently, just about everyone swapped bodies. People are freaking out. Personally, I don’t care. We had a bet, and I’m still going to kick your ass at this game.”

“Okay. Bet’s still on,” Jay laughed, thinking due to Jay’s new body he’d now have an extreme advantage, but as he walked over to the other side, he stumbled in the high heeled boots he now found on his feet. The short miniskirt he now wore certainly didn’t boost his confidence either.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Taking Stock (Part 2)

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Grant wondered where would a woman keep her keys? And as luck would have it, as he looked up after tying his sneakers, he saw a wall of purses. It certainly made sense that her keys might be inside one of them. Though now he was feeling somewhat unfortunate that this woman had such a large assortment of just about everything. It would take a while for him to search through them all. And there was no guarantee he’d even find the keys inside one of them, but he guessed he had to start somewhere.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Taking Stock

It probably would’ve been perfectly reasonable for Grant to panic when he found himself in someone else’s body, but he instead decided to take stock of his situation. For starters, he was now very obviously a woman. He also seemed to be in a very large apartment. He turned on a television and ended up hearing about “The Great Shift” -- which certainly explained the body swapping. He found a large walk-in closet with numerous shoes inside. This was much to his relief, as the heels on his feet were becoming unbearable. He quickly took them off, knowing he could change into a pair of sneakers if he wanted to go outside for further exploration. He just needed to find some keys first, as he certainly didn’t want to be locked out with no place to go while he was in an unfamiliar body...

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Magic Book

“Why the hell would they have this sort of book in the school library?” A frustrated Harrison asked as he frantically flipped through the pages of the book that contained a spell that swapped his body with Lauren.

“Maybe it’s supposed to teach lessons in tolerance and stuff?” Lauren asked in a casual manner. Unlike Harrison, she wasn’t bothered by the swap.

“This book isn’t about tolerance! It’s pure black magic! There are hexes and curses, and the damned thing swapped our bodies! If we don’t swwap back before the game tonight, you’re probably going to screw up my hopes of a college scholarship.”

“It’ll be fine...”

Saturday, June 8, 2019


After more than a few delays and a very long flight, Bill was happy to be checking into his hotel suite. He had a big meeting tomorrow and just wanted to relax. He sat on the couch and picked up the remote from the end table. Except none of the buttons seemed to do anything. He kept frantically pressing, but the TV would even turn on. But despite appearances, the buttons were doing something, each press changed Bill’s body in some way. By the time he was done, he had been transformed into a young Asian woman. However, he was so tired that he hadn’t even noticed. His sole focus was about how frustrating it was to see that the television wasn’t working.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Winded (Part 2)

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Nicholas didn’t have the energy in his to run around looking for his body, so instead he strolled slowly, even that was a little trying -- she must have been pushing herself really hard! Yet there was still no sign anywhere of his own body. After a while, he did discover a phone on his person. He could use it to call himself. It seemed like a perfect plan, except that he couldn’t remember his own number, no matter how hard he tried. It was then he realized he couldn’t even remember his own name! After a few minutes of strained effort, it dawned on him. His name was Nicole, wasn’t it? It made sense, but why did he have his phone out? Who could he possibly be calling right now. He was just so tired from his jog; he just wanted to get home first before doing anything like hanging out with his friends or go to the mall or something...

Thursday, June 6, 2019


Nicholas had just been walking down the street when he suddenly felt winded, as if he had just run miles even though he knew he hadn’t. He held onto a lamppost in order to support his tired body when he noticed something was strange. Instead of his three piece suit, he was wearing a pink top and tiny shorts. A strand of blond hair fell in his face; he noticed the painted nails on his hand. It was dawning on him that he had swapped bodies with a woman that had been jogging nearby, but where did she go? Had she not noticed? Surely she probably got a second wind by swapping into his body, but he couldn’t imagine it would be easy for her to run in his suit. It would feel as strange for her in his body as he felt being in hers! He didn’t know how to swap back, but he was sure he couldn’t swap back if his body was completely missing! He had to find it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Zach would’ve guessed that swapping bodies with his crush would be sort of like a dream come true. Instead, it turned out to be even more of a torture than his unrequited pining. For starters, now there was absolutely no escaping her. Every time he looked in a mirror or looked down, there she was. Despite the fact that she was always there, now that he was her, he couldn’t embrace her or kiss her. He tried making out with the mirror, but the cold, flat surface was no replacement for human contact. In every waking moment, he was now reminded how much he wanted her, but now more than ever he could never have her because he now was her!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Ceremony, Interrupted

Everyone at the wedding was shocked when Sophie paused in the middle of her vows before staring at her soon-to-be-husband for several minutes and then running off. A few of her friends went looking for her and found her several minutes later nursing a bottle on a nearby beach. They pressed her on why she suddenly got cold feet.

“Cold feet doesn’t have anything to do with it. I just found myself standing there in this woman’s body. I don’t even know who she is!” The person now in Sophie’s body continued to explain, “My name is Brian. I’m just some guy attending the local college. I’m not supposed to be a blushing bride! Hell, I’m not even supposed to be a woman! I don’t how this happened in the middle of her ceremony, but there was no way I was going to go through marrying some dude just to keep up her appearances!”

Sophie’s friends were shocked. They believed this wasn’t Sophie pulling some elaborate ruse. This Brian person had indeed swapped into Sophie’s body somehow, but it certainly raised more questions than it answered.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Playing Along

Josh’s little sister, Amy, always asked him if he wanted to join her tea party. Sometimes he obliged but often he didn’t. And since he started attending college, he just didn’t have time for his baby sister anymore. She pleaded with him one day to join her, but he refused, explaining his girlfriend was on the way over. Amy grew furious. When his girlfriend arrived, Amy pulled out a weird coin and the next thing Josh knew, he had swapped bodies with his girlfriend. Amy told him that she wouldn’t swap them back unless he participated in her tea party. She made Josh wear a frilly pink dress and play “waitress,” telling him to get some cookies from the kitchen. Josh felt humiliated like this. He didn’t want to be in the body of girlfriend or participate in this tea party. He certainly had no idea how Amy had made him swap bodies with his girlfriend, but he didn’t want to risk making her mad and not swapping back, so he played along...