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Friday, May 24, 2019

Can't Go Out Like That

“See you later, Liz,” Kent said to his daughter as he headed to the door.

“Dad, wait, you can’t go out wearing that!” Liz protested.

“Why not? It’s exactly the same outfit that you were going to wear yesterday.”

“Exactly, and you made me change.”

“Right, because you’re my daughter. But I’m a grown man. I can wear whatever I want.”

“No, you WERE a grown man,” Liz said angrily, “That is until we swapped bodies. Now you’re in MY body!”

“In which case I’ll use the same argument you tried to yesterday. I am a twenty one year old grown woman, and you can’t tell me what to do. You may have my body, but you aren’t MY family. I am not living under YOUR roof. This is MY roof. Which means I get to make the rules.”

“Your roof? I bet if we went to the bank right now they wouldn’t think it was your roof. I look like the guy who writes the checks for the mortgage.”

“...And I’m still doing the work to pay for that mortgage. Luckily, they let me work from home.”

Both Liz and her dad paused.

“We’re pretty much both screwed if we don’t swap back soon, aren’t we?” Liz finally sighed, breaking the silence.


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