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Monday, September 21, 2020

Holler (Part 2)

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It all slowly cam back to him. Jake remembered the job he had at the PR firm, and the cupcakes he needed to pick up for the girls in the office. He remembered his name was actually Aida now, which is what his mom would’ve named him if he had been born a girl.

Luckily, it seemed he wasn’t forgetting anything about being Jake or who he had been. Instead, he was like all this new information was just building on top of everything he knew about himself.

Sure, now he knew how to style a client, but he still remembered everything about miter joints. He could rehash all the latest celebrity gossip and the cheat codes of his favorite video games. He knew how to deal with a period while remembering peeing standing up.

He was very worried that old knowledge would fade, but it never seemed to. In fact, there was a sort of curse to that, because he still couldn’t shake how bad he felt for catcalling that woman the morning his transformed. He couldn’t shake it no matter how hard he tried.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Holler (Part 1)

Jake had always been a little uncomfortable when the guys at the construction site hollered at a passing woman. But after a few weeks, they all started making fun of him for not joining in. And so, against his better judgement, the next time he saw an attractive woman pass, he decided to lead the charge. The other guys cheered him on. Jake immediately felt bad as the woman seemed to frown and increased the speed in her step. It started with a bad feeling in the put of his stomach. It grew from there. After about an hour, he was getting tingles and he felt parts of his body go numb. 

A little more time passed and things got really weird. Jake could tell the hair on his head was now rapidly growing out. He swore his beard was thinning too. His arms and legs felt more slender.

By lunchtime, the changes were undeniable. He had become a female version of himself. And once lunch was over, even his clothes had changed to a fashionable version of what he had been wearing. His boots were now heels, his overalls now a cute leather outfit.

He walked back to the construction site, but instead of being welcome, he was greeted to the same sorts of hoots and hollers that women got when passing by. Jake realized this was no longer where he worked, but much like his physical changes, the mental affects of his transformation were happening slowly.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Gambling Problem

“Ally, I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry,” Ed begged.

“I told you to stop gambling,” Ally replied calmly, “You said you stopped gambling. Yet somehow you managed to come home today with the body of some white girl because you wagered your own body in a card game? How did you even do that? How is that even possible? You’re lucky I even believe you. Have you thought about what you’re going to tell your work? Your boss? Do you think they’ll magically believe you and let you keep your job? You fucked this up, Ed. You are going to lose that job. We’ll probably lose this house. It’s still entirely possible you’ll lose me. You need to fix this.”

Friday, September 18, 2020

Something Wrong

Jared pulled his friend, Peter, into the women’s bathroom and slammed him against the wall, demanding answers.

“You said we’d be swap with our sisters for 24 hours, and it’s been a week,” Jared yelled, “And each day, it’s getting worse. I can apply makeup perfectly, I can coordinate outfits -- I find myself CARING about coordinating an outfit -- I don’t even want to tell you the way I’ve been looking at guys these days. It’s not just that this weird spell you cast transformed my body into Alice’s, I think I’m becoming Alice...even down to the way I think. You need to undo this. You need to reverse this. I need to get back to normal.”

“You will,” Peter said nervously, “I mean, you are. That’s sort of how the spell works. Your personality, your memories, everything about you will become like Alice so that it’s like you never swapped at all. It was all just supposed to happen faster, so that we wouldn’t even notice. I don’t know what I did wrong.”

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Sweet Candy

“No! I want the candy from the top shelf!” Jake demanded.

Ron reached up to comply before suddenly turning around to snap back, “You know, just because you swapped into the body of some brat doesn’t mean you have to act like one. And just because I swapped into the body of that brat’s mom doesn’t mean I have to listen to you! In fact, maybe I should be telling you what to do in this mother-child relationship!”

Jake looked like he was about to cry, but Ron wasn’t buying it.

“No,” Ron continued to insist, “I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to play off my new motherly hormones, and it’s kind of working. But I also know we’re both grown men here, and I know that you’re still checking out y new ass while turning on the water works. It’s gross, man! If I could abandon you here, I would, but as long as I’m in the body of this mom, I guess I have to play the part. But that doesn’t mean I have to buy you this goddamn candy.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hands Up

After hearing a sharp yell the moment he rested his hands on his knees, Matt quickly put his hands up and turned in the direction of the shout.

“Okay, okay,” He sighed, “See! Your hands aren’t touching any part of your body. But, seriously, I’m going to have to at some point -- we swapped bodies, Carla! At some point I’m going to have to change clothes or use the bathroom or shower, and then these hands are invariably going to touch some place you feel uncomfortable with me touching. I’ve respected your wishes so far, but you’re going to have to be a little bit reasonable here as well.”

Carla scowled in Matt’s direction. She knew he was right, but the thought of Matt being inside her body still grossed her out. She didn’t want him in there, and she certainly didn’t want him touching anything while he was. The best she could hope for was that they’d swap back as mysteriously as they swapped in the first place and soon...

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Free Vacation

Zach had been pretty psyched to win a vacation to an exotic island. Of course, after embarking, he soon found out the resort was more than a little odd, it was downright magical.  Upon arriving on the island, each guest would swap bodies with another arriving guest. Finding himself in a woman’s body was completely unexpected for Zach, but he decided to roll with it as best he could. However, just because he was a woman now didn’t mean he knew anything about actually being a woman.

Evan doing something like putting on a bikini was a near impossible task. The bikini bottoms were logical enough, but the way the straps crossed on the top made it difficult for Zach to figure out. He did his best. It felt a little tight and he was pretty sure something was wrong, but everything was covered up enough to hit the beach.

He realized there were likely to be plenty of other things that were going to be difficult to figure out, but this vacation was only for a few weeks. And, plus, it was free, after all.

Monday, September 14, 2020

On Hold

“Look, I think I’ve been holding long enough,” Mitch said with growing impatience, “I think you sent me the wrong product and I need --”

Mitch grumbled as he was put on hold again. He had been on the phone for over an hour now. It was only two days earlier when he went online to buy a product guaranteed to bulk him up. Thanks to advances in technology, workouts were a thing of the past. Now you could just order a product that could use tech to instantly give you six-pack abs, bigger muscles, or lose inches off your waist -- and would even morph your clothes to match. Of course, sometimes screw ups happen. Mitch was sent the wrong product and now from the neck down, instead of looking like a male bodybuilder, he looked like a female super model -- and was, in fact, female in all the ways that counted. To compound the problem, he couldn’t seem to get anyone on the phone to help him fix the problem. When they finally gave him a solution, Mitch wasn’t happy with what he heard.

“Eight weeks?” He shouted, “What do you mean it’s back-ordered? I’m going to be stuck like this for eight weeks?”

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Two Hours

Two hours. Edwin was trying to imagine all the things he could do with Adria’s body for two hours, after which time they would switch back to normal. There was a lot he promised he wouldn’t do (though he was certainly tempted to still do it), but he decided to play by the rules and do something she said he could do.

Immediately, he went into Adria’s closet and started trying on clothes and shoes and anything else he could. It was much more fun than he expected, but also more time consuming. The clothes were tighter, harder to get on and off, and just took longer. The boots were tough to walk in, some dresses were hard to breathe in, but damn, he was sure having a good time. Two hours just flew by...

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Minor Modifications

Frank and Eddie had been friends since college. Even thirty years later, they still found time to hang out about once a month. Frank had arrived at Eddie’s place with a six pack and they were going to watch the game on TV.

He was shocked to have Eddie’s door open and see his college girlfriend, Kelsey standing there. But it was impossible, because it looked like she clearly hadn’t aged a day.

“Do you think I programmed Kelsey’s butt too big?” The woman asked, “Her butt wasn’t this big, was it?”

“What the hell is going on here? Who the hell are you?” Frank yelled in shock.

“Come on, Frank. It’s me. It’s Eddie. This was that thing I’ve been talking about for the past 30 years. I finally worked out all the flaws in the tech. Haven’t you been paying any attention?”

“I guess when you talked about recreating people,  you meant on a computer screen.”

“Nope. Real life. Nano-technology! In fact, I’m indistinguishable from the 20 year old woman you knew 30 years ago -- except for maybe a few gaps in my memory, which is why I asked about the butt.”

“Turn yourself back, man. This is creepy.”

“It took weeks to get like this! It’ll take weeks to go back, but I can make small modifications, so please, just let me know if I need to adjust this butt.”

Friday, September 11, 2020

Not Giving Up

It had been two months since that damned cab ride that temporarily swapped Garret into the driver’s body before then swapping with this woman. He absolutely hated being a woman. He always wore jeans and ball cap, often baggy clothes. The only hit of femininity were the high heels, which he only wore because he felt so much shorter as a woman than he had been. He didn’t want to be a woman, so he did everything he could to find that cab in order to swap back into a man’s body.

He first tried calling the city’s taxi commission. He had written down the number and license, but it didn’t correspond to any cab on record. He called every company, but still came up empty. Eventually, he just started standing on busy streets flagging down cabs. He was sure he’d remember what the driver looked like -- heck, he had been that driver for a few hours. When a taxi would stop, he’d check the number and the face or the driver. If neither matched, he’d let it go, explaining he changed his mind. The driver would usually curse him out for wasting time.

Garret realized he’d probably spent hundreds of hours hailing thousands of cabs at this point, but so far he hadn’t gotten into a single one. Not one matched the magic taxi that had picked him up two months ago.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Always the Bridesmaids

“Do you think we should tell Kate about the body swapping and how her husband-to-be’s groomsmen are now her bridesmaids?” Lyle asked.

“Oh, God, no!” Brendon replied, “She has enough to worry about. Besides, if she didn’t notice last night at the bachelorette party, I doubt she’ll notice today at the wedding.”

“I never expected a bachelorette party to be so much fun. That massage alone was heavenly!”

“I know!” Nathan interjected, “I didn’t expect that I’d like being a woman, but here we are! It’s been bliss. Even these dresses actually feel free and liberating. Heck, I’m not even wearing any underwear! It feels great! I know we’re only supposed to be swapped for a week, but do you think Natalie might be interest in staying swapped?”

“You can ask. I might ask Ashleigh as well.”

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

In a Pinch

This was not how Thomas had expected his business trip would be going. He had flown out Sunday night, first class. On the plane, he enjoyed a few drinks to help him deal with the stress of flying. With a bit of booze in him, he couldn’t stop himself from pinching the ass of a passing flight attendant. He expected a slap to the face, but instead he was suddenly standing in the aisle with heels on his feet as he poured a drink for another passenger. He couldn’t explain it, but somehow he swapped bodies with the flight attendant he had pinched.

After serving the last few rows of first class, he went back to his own row. He had assumed the flight attendant was now in his body, but she sure didn’t let up pretending to be him. He tried to press the issue, but instead got an apology about the pinch.

There wasn’t much choice. He was going to have to figure out this new life he now had. He was stuck as a woman, many years younger, and with an undoubtedly much lower salary. It all felt so depressing. As he walked through the airport after the slight, he tried to even begin to imagine how he was going to cope.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Jeremy had no idea why the random woman had decided to steal his body or how she had managed to do it, but he was absolutely sure she wasn’t going to get away with it. Even though she dashed off immediately, Jeremy had a tracker on his phone. He just signed into the website and it pulled up a map. The dot indicated she hadn’t gone far; she was still in the mall.

Jeremy walked over as fast as he could while wearing the heeled boots. He seemed to be right on top of his phones; location, but didn’t see his body anywhere. Then not far away he spotted a trash can. He walked over and rummaged through and found his phone. The woman who swapped with him was even more clever than he had hoped, but he still wasn’t giving up. The last thing he wanted was to be stuck in the body of a woman -- even an attractive one!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Celestial Event (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
As Evan started to walk away, Julia shouted, “Come back! You need to fix this!”

Evan sighed turning his head, “I understand the events that transpired; I do not know how to recreate them. And I assure you that I did not anticipate becoming each other.”

The last thing Julia wanted was this nerd out of her sight with her body, “You don’t know the first thing about being a woman! How will you even cope?”

“I assume it is...manageable.”

Julia laughed, “You won’t make it through a week without my help.”

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Celestial Event (Part 1)

Julia had been walking on campus, paying more attention to her phone than where she was going. At the same time, Evan has his nose in a book, also seemingly oblivious to those around him. Just as the two were about to bump heads, a beam of light shone between them.

Evan was a bit more prepared for what just happened. He grabbed the glasses from his former face and the book from his old hands.

“Fascinating,” He said, “The celestial event transpired exactly as predicted, but I never could have expected spacial displacement of my corporeal form into another’s anatomy.”

Julia’s processing took a bit longer, but was slightly more blunt. “Holy shit,” She whispered, “I swapped bodies with a dork.”

Saturday, September 5, 2020


Karen thought she couldn’t have been more horrified when she looked down to see two large, masculine, dark-skinned hands with fingers reacting to her own movements. That is until she looked up from them to see her own face smiling back at her.

“Hope you enjoy my life,” Karen couldn’t believe she was hearing her own voice say those words, “Because I sure as hell am going to love being your entitled ass.”

“How --? Why --?” Karen could only seem to say single words, still quite unused to the deep voice she now had.

“You got me fired! You know most people don’t complain about coffee being too hot. They just say thank you and wait a little longer or add a little more milk. But not stuck up bitches like you. Luckily, my grandma was a witch and taught me a thing or two. Thanks to a little spell she gave me, you’re going to be broke and out of a job, and I’m going to be driving around in a luxury SUV.”

“But I have a husband! And a child!”

“Being a man myself, I’m pretty sure I know what one likes. Your man will be in good hands with me. Plus, I’m sure I’ll raise your kid in a way that doesn’t turn them into the same type of spoiled brat that you grew up to be. Now, if you don’t leave me alone, I will call the police. And I promise you, considering you have my body now, you don’t want that...”

Friday, September 4, 2020

Field Report

Tim had always been a natural in front of the camera. Despite being the younger field reporter, no one ever doubted his ability. When the Great Shift struck, the control room immediately went to Tim to check in. He was well enough, close enough to the camera and his original body to file a report. But much like the rest of the population, Tim now had a new body. It was older than his had been, not to mention Asian and female. When he spoke in front of the camera, for the first time his colleagues could hear he was shaken and nervous. Nearly everyone attributed to the stressfulness of the event itself.

However, as the months passed, Tim’s confidence never seemed to return. Instead of being the confident, tall, well-spoken blond man, he was now a nervous, shy, mumbling Asian woman. He would tell himself he was still who he was, but he never could seem to recapture his magic.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Day at the Office (Part 4)

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As Kelly left, Daniel sat down. The first thing he decided was that he was keeping the boots on. They were fine; he didn’t see what the big deal was. Chicks just wear things like this, right? Then he decided not to cancel any of her meetings. If Kelly could handle conference calls, so could he, right? Maybe he wouldn’t even agree to swap back when Kelly finds a way -- if she even finds a way! And that’s when he got a brilliant idea.

The flaw that swapped them had to be in the code somewhere. With Kelly’s password that she had given him to login, he could find it in even if it was in one of the restricted sections. Then he could move it some place she would never find it. They’d never be able to swap back. He’d be the boss for good!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Day at the Office (Part 3)

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“So, what’s the plan for the day?” Daniel asked.

“You’re going to look around my office. I should have some shoes around here somewhere for you to change out of those boots. Cancel any meetings on my calendar. Just please try to lay low.” Kelly replied, “I’m going to go to your desk and try to see what I can do about recreating the accident in order to get us our bodies back.”

“But I -- ” Daniel tried to interject.

“Just leave this to me. I got this. I’m the boss, after all. Right?”

Those words stung Daniel. Technically she wasn’t the boss right now; he was. And maybe he could enact some revenge on Kelly’s arrogance. He sat down at her computer to go about his plans.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Day at the Office (Part 2)

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Only a few minute later, Kelly came into the office. Daniel turned around.

“Oh, hello, Daniel,” He said, “Shouldn’t you be out in the open office area?”

“Cut the crap, Daniel,” Kelly sneered, “No one’s here yet; we don’t have to pretend --” She paused as she took note of what Daniel was wearing and quickly changed topics, “Didn’t I tell you explicitly NOT to go into the back my closet to find something to wear?”

“I must’ve misheard yesterday. I thought you instructed me to take things from the back to wear for work.”

Kelly seemed frustrated but also curious. She spoke softly, “You can probably get away with the leather skirt in the office, but those boots? I’m surprised you could even muster a slight heel.”

“I think it’s just muscle memory from having your body. It was kind of phenomenal how not difficult getting ready was. Also, just how often do you wear these sort of boots to have no problem walking in them?”

“Well, I don’t wear them to the office!”

Monday, August 31, 2020

Day at the Office (Part 1)

Daniel arrived to work feeling better about a day on the job than he had for months. He stood at his desk and signed onto his computer, thankful that the password worked. Technically, it wasn’t his desk, his computer, or even his password. Right now, he wasn’t even in his own body! Because of a test that was run yesterday and a small flaw in the software, he ended up swapping bodies with his departent’s supervisor Kelly.

While he wasn’t thrilled with the idea of being a woman, the idea of being the department’s supervisor had some appeal. The start-up he worked for was in a rut, and his job as a junior level programmer wasn’t exactly putting him in a great pace for upward mobility. Thanks to swapping bodies with Kelly, he was enjoying the feeling of seniority. Plus, he was sure he could do her job better than she could. She always just seemed to sit around and do nothing. At least he had the know-how to help the team with any sort of tech if they needed it.

Yep, he was sure this was going to be a great day.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Second Date (Part 2)

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Jack continued to data Anna for a few months, but it eventually fell apart. Jack wasn’t sure if Anna just wasn’t his type, or if it was just too weird to date someone acting quite girlie in his own body. He supposed he wasn’t much different himself. Anna had previously had a closet full of skirts and dresses, but now that her body was his, he mostly wore jeans and rarely put on makeup. 

Jack wasn’t even sure if he wanted to date guys at all, but he kept doing it for one reason. After a first date where he’d let the guy pay for a dinner or a movie, Jack would eagerly suggest the spot for a second date, the museum. He knew it was a long shot, but he hoped for another incident. He prayed before the date that the spirits would shake up the wing again, and he’d someone find himself in another new body, a guy’s body.

It never happened.

Jack would then spend the rest of the time walking through the museum with his date. He’d look at paintings that he had now seen many times. And after walking around for an hour or two, it would be time to leave. Most of the guys he dated thought things went pretty well; they’d expect a kiss or some were so bold to even ask Jack to come back home with them. But no matter what, Jack would end it right then and there; no one would ever make it past a second date.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Second Date

There were no words to describe the horrific nature of what Jack and Anna had just experienced in the museum’s Egyptian wing. Some cursed artifact had been somehow triggered and ancient spirits began to possess guests. In some ways, Jack and Anna had both been fortunate in that neither had been possessed. However, being in such close proximity to the chaos, their spirits did get shaken up a bit. As a result, Jack’s spirit was now inside of Anna and visa versa.

They didn’t speak as they wandered into another wing and finally sat down. Jack still didn’t want to say anything, but as the man, was he supposed to offer comfort? Of course, he wasn’t really ‘the man’ anymore now that he had Anna’s body; maybe she should be the one comforting him? Was comfort even appropriate? After all, this museum trip was only their second date. He began to think how he really didn’t even know Anna all that well, and now he was expected to be her? To live her life? Go to her job? Despite the stress and worry, he still sat silent and unflinching. Anna did the same.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Time to Move On

Death wasn’t anything like Irving expected. There were no pearly gates and no damned flames. He was just sort of floating around as a blob. After some time, he realized he could possess people. For the past week, he had been inside Marilyn’s body. While it had been fun, he decided it was time to move on, so he laid down and let his spirit float out her mouth -- the same way he had gotten in at the beginning of the week. In hindsight, he probably should’ve been more respectful of his time in her body. He probably shouldn’t have gotten drunk that one night that caused him to oversleep and get her fired from her job. He also probably shouldn’t have experimented with drugs; he couldn’t even remember some of the things he must have done that night. Well, at least he hopes she enjoys the tattoo he got while in her body. After all, she was the one stuck with it now.

Thursday, August 27, 2020


Roberto clutched the device tightly in his hands as he walked through the desert. His family had paid handsomely for it, but it was a guaranteed way for him to cross the border into America and stay safe. He didn’t want to leave; he had to. The cartel had targeted him after he had witnessed a drug deal gone wrong. As he approached the border wall. He couldn’t see what was on the other side, but he knew it wouldn’t stop the device. He looked down at it with the small button on top. He knew he had to press the button and aim it north, straight at the wall. It would transmit his brain waves into the body of someone on the other side, causing him to take over their body and leaving that person in his. He figured he’d most likely swap with a member of the border patrol or some civilian yokel caught up in vigilantism. Either way, it seemed almost fitting. He took a deep breath as he pressed down.

The change was instantaneous. He was now on the other side of the wall -- far enough away that the wall wasn’t even visible anymore -- and siting on a log in some sort of ranch. But his body felt all strange, and as he expected himself, he soon found out why. He hadn’t swapped bodies with a border patrol agent or something, he had swapped with a woman just sunning herself in the expansive backyard of her own property. Roberto wanted to say she was just an average person, but honestly there wasn’t very much “average” about her. She was gorgeous with well endowed proportions, and that body was all his now. This wasn’t what he expected and he wouldn’t have asked for this, but he knew he was safe now. No one would ever suspect it was him in this body.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Peter turned around to see Bethany following him very reluctantly. He sighed, “Look, I don’t know what Janice’s motivation for tricking us and using that medallion to swap us into each other’s bodies, but I followed her last night and I’m sure she either tossed it or hid it somewhere around here.”

Peter paused. He could tell he wasn’t fully getting through. He had a feeling he knew why, and so he continued, “I get it. She has a medallion that swaps people’s bodies. She could be anyone; you’re thinking she could even be in this body -- YOUR body -- right now. There’s probably not a lot I can convince you that I’m not her. But unless you’re enjoying wearing my boxer shorts under my jeans, I’m not sure you have a lot of other options than to trust me. If we don’t find the thing, we stay stuck. If we do, who else are you going to swap with? Do you even see anyone else around for miles? Plus, have you looked at yourself? Your body is stronger than mine is right now. It’s not like I could get a jump on you to take you down to try something later, so can we just please start looking?”

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Hi Tech (Part 2)

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Since he no longer understood enough tech stuff, Evan did resign as CEO. He stayed on in an advisory capacity, particularly for the division doing neurobiology research. After all, there was always the outside hope of returning to normal.

But it didn’t even take Evan long to realize he didn’t want to go back. He preferred flirting with boys much more than his memory of being one. In fact, being a guy seemed sort of gross to him now. Sure, he gave up a lot to get this body and this mindset, but he started to think it was worth it. None of it mattered; no one had been able to recreate the accident. Evan was pretty sure that even is they could, he would refuse to take part. He also wondered if he was unconsciously sabotaging the project through his influential role...not that he really cared if he did.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Hi Tech

It hadn’t been too long ago that Evan had been the CEO of one of the largest tech companies in the world. While other billionaires turned to philanthropy or space exploration, Evan had gotten involved in neurobiology. He had poured loads of his fortune into developing the ability to repair brain damage or complete transplants. The work was both experimental and revolutionary. He had been observing a test in one of the labs he owned that attempting to rewrite a neuropathway to convince a young woman to stop smoking. Unfortunately, something went wrong and everyone in attendance had their neuropathways mixed up with each other.

Evan found himself in the body of the young woman who had volunteered. However, he also felt like pieces of his brain were missing. He knew he was a tech expert, but now even turning on a computer seemed like an insurmountable task. He felt much more girlie and in love with all things pink. On the plus side, he didn’t have any urge to smoke.

In a lot of ways, it was hard to tell who really was who, but no one doubted Evan. Despite the ditziness of his new body, he still commanded respect. He still controlled his vast fortune. Of course, now he started buying expensive beauty treatments, designer clothes, and pink cars and such.

Sunday, August 23, 2020


“You gotta be kidding me,” Donovan thought as he saw his new reflection in the mirror.

A few days ago had been bad enough when he swapped bodies with a dweeb who was testing out some sort of body swapping device. Donovan hadn’t enjoyed going from an athletic jock to a scrawny weakling, but (much to Donovan’s relief) the other guy didn’t seem to excited about it either. Donovan quickly heard promises about fixing things as soon as possible.

Of course, when Donovan met up with the nerd to get back to normal, he never expected things to go awry yet again. And, if anything, things got even worse. Donovan found himself no longer in the nerd’s body, but standing in front of a mirror inside the body of a woman! He wasn’t sure if she was into ballet or in the drama club, but the outfit he now wore was absolutely bonkers. It was pink and frilly, and Donovan didn’t even want to go back to where he had been to explain the mistake. He didn’t want to even be see like this, but he guessed he had no choice.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Commute (Part 3)

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Click here for Part 2.
Blake slouched down a little disappointed. He was stuck in the wrong body, and what he thought would’ve been a joy quickly turned to a burden. The breasts were heavy; they were getting in the way; and he was sure people would stare just as he did.

Speaking of which, he finally thought to look at his former body. It was slumped over. With his own soul gone, it seemed no other soul had replaced it.

“Just great,” Blake sighed, wondering exactly what he was going to do now.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Commute (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
A devious smile came across Blake’s face. He could sure see an upside to all this. For starters, he no longer had to feel bad about staring. After all, he could now just look down any time he wanted. Or maybe he could just sneak off into the bathroom for an even better view in the mirror.

Except he didn’t exactly feel excited by these thoughts the way he would hope. Now that this body was his own, it just wasn’t nearly the turn on it had been when he had been a voyeur.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Commute (Part 1)

When he sat down on the train, Blake wasn’t expecting a memorable ride. He was just expecting a regular commute. Of course, his first pleasant surprise was the woman who sat down across from him.

He couldn’t help but stare. She was extremely well endowed, more than he could imagine was naturally possible. He would often look up from his phone to sneak a peak. He hoped she didn’t notice how often he looked.

About halfway through the ride the train jolted to a sudden stop. Blake felt like he was thrown out of his seat. In reality, only his spirit flew; his body stayed where it was.

The weight on his chest was unignorable. His soul had been thrown from his body, and it was now inside the body of the woman he had been staring at. He was now her with all her endowments.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Ed was growing impatient with his friend, Henry. Sure, he did initially agree to come over and help test a new body swapping device that Henry had invented, and the first test was a perfect swap between Ed and Henry. But things went very wrong when they tried to swap back. Instead of swapping back to his own body, Ed got swapped into the body of Henry’s sister, who was staying in his spare bedroom. Henry tried again and Ed wound up in the body of one of Henry’s neighbors.

Henry begged Ed to let him try again. As Ed sat there playing with now unfamiliar long hair, he told his friend that he wasn’t exactly confident at this point it would turn out okay. But he also realized he didn’t have much of a choice, as the last thing he wanted was to be stuck in this woman’s body.

Henry tried again, but this time nothing happened. It took Henry a minute to realize the internal batteries of his device were dead, and it would take several hours to recharge.  Nobody in the house was happy with Henry...

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Christmas Wish

Ever since he was young, Marc had dreamed of one day just waking up as a woman. He knew he was probably transsexual, but he also didn’t have the courage to even dress like a woman in public, let alone get reassignment surgery. So it was mostly left to wishing.

Christmas was always tough. For some reason, it was always the time of year when he felt the worst about his gender. On Christmas Eve, he’d always wish harder than any other day of the year. And oddly, after 20 years of wishing and dreaming, he woke up Christmas morning  with the body of a woman.

Marc was overjoyed. He had never felt so great about life. He wanted to go out and enjoy everything the world had to offer. Sure, because it was Christmas everything was closed, but he still made the most of it. He finally felt whole and complete.

Monday, August 17, 2020

The Curse of the Pumpkin Spice

Ever since they were teenagers, Franklin made fun of his sister’s love of pumpkin spice. He considered Jenn’s obsession a little crazy. But one year around August, she urged him to try just a sip of her latte. He reluctantly did, and even more reluctantly admitted it was actually pretty good. He decided to sneak one every now and again. Then it started ordering one every day. He began to notice other things about his tastes changed as well, like what clothes he decided to buy and wear. What he didn’t notice was how his body began to change. By the time November rolled around, he was going by the name Francine. He walked around his neighborhood with a pink puffer vest and an iced pumpkin spice latte in his hand.

When Jenn came to visit, she was floored. Franklin looked just like her. In fact, it was more than eerie; he had someone been transformed into practically her exact double. He even had her perky personality. Of course, he still knew exactly who he was (despite insisting on the name Francine), he just looked and acted exactly like Jenn...

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Selfie Check

John was trying to navigate the chaotic crowd he suddenly found himself in. John had his phone in his hand. He tried entering his passcode to access a map, but it didn’t seem to work. The one function he did get to work was the camera, which he turned on and accidentally flipped it to selfie view. He screamed when he saw his own face -- or what should have been his own face but was actually a woman’s face. The chaos of the crowd quickly made a lot more sense; he probably wasn’t the only one dealing with the fact that he was now someone else. 

Saturday, August 15, 2020


Gene adjusted his glasses in disbelief at the object he saw in the sky. It was like a strange floating disc, and there seemed to be a beam of light coming from it pointed straight toward him. In the next moment, the disc disappeared and the sky became a darker color. Gene wondered for a moment if he had imagined what he saw.

But it was no illusion. Gene did indeed seeing a flying saucer. The aliens inside beamed him inside. They performed all sorts of experiments on him to try to figure out how humans worked. They removed organs; they put organs back; they wiped memories. When the aliens had finished, they placed Gene and the other humans they experimented on back. Of course, not quite understanding how humans worked, they weren’t picky which organs went back in which human. As long as the body continued to survive -- which was easy with their technology -- the aliens were satisfied. Gene’s brain, for instance, was placed in the body of a woman they abducted.

Gene began to tell himself he must have imagined it and began to walk back to his car. It took only two steps before he realized something was wrong. Whatever he had seen clearly had done something -- it had swapped him into a woman’s body! How was such a thing possible in only an instant? He didn’t even know he had been on the ship or that a full day had passed...

Friday, August 14, 2020


It was like some sort of weird cliche out a movie. Jessica received word that her Great Uncle Herb had died, and he had left her a big inheritance. There was a comically absurd condition that she spend 24 hours in a supposedly haunted house. It seemed absolutely insane. Jessica had never heard of a Great Uncle named Herb, and haunted houses were bunk.

It all seemed like easy money.

However, not long after stepping into the house, Jessica felt strange. She felt herself fading away. Herb immediately began to take over her body. It had been his plan all along. He knew the dark arts, he knew how to make his spirit linger in this house after his death, and he knew how to possess a new body. He also knew it needed to be a relative, and his niece Jessica  was a perfect age. Sure, he’d be a woman for the next forty or fifty years, but he could deal with that. Then the process would repeat again.

Thursday, August 13, 2020


 “Ew! The clearance rack? And at THIS store?” Alicia chided her friend Mike as he stopped on the sidewalk to look over some clothes for sale.

“It’s been two weeks since the Shift, and all I have are the clothes I was wearing when swapped into this body and the three outfits you loaned to me,” He rationalized, “I got to start learning about buying clothes for this body sooner or later.”

“And the first thing you need to learn is that you are a woman now, and women need to have standards.”

“If you say so. I guess it’s finally time for you to take me some place then.”

Alicia smiled, “I thought you’d never ask...”

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Cursed Apartment

Carly had moved into the apartment two months ago, her first after graduating college. Things had been going well until the bathroom sink stopped working on a Friday night as she planned for a night out. She called the super in a panic, and she was pleasantly surprised when arrived quickly. The super was an old man. He seemed nice enough, but she was a little creeped out by the way he eyed her up. He told her the repairs would only take about ten minutes.

And sure enough, after ten minutes, the super yelled for Carly to come in. He was cleaning up and explaining the problem; Carly was just disinterested and ready to leave. But things took a weird turn when the super started saying something in a foreign language. Suddenly, Carly’s joints ached and there was a rag in her hand. She saw her own body and her jaw dropped.

“What did you do?” She screamed, “Why am I you?”

“You’ll get used to it,” Her own body said, “I did. I was a young man before the super before me took my body. I didn’t want to be a chick, but I didn’t have much of a choice. There’s some sort of curse in the building. A new tenant switches into the super’s body, who then switches with the next new tenant. You’ll have all the handyman’s know-how, even about how to swap again. You just have to wait for a renter to ask for a repair. It’ll be just like this, but you’ll be on the other end of it. And I’ll even help you out. Consider this my notice; I’ll be out by the end of the month.”

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


It was all a blur for Chris. He had been standing in one spot, then was suddenly standing in another. His former body came up the person next to him, seeming scared and looking for comfort. The man was surprised and pushed his former body, and a fight soon broke out.

It took Chris a minute to piece it all together, but looking down and realizing he now had a woman’s body helped him to figure it out. He must’ve swapped with this woman’s girlfriend somehow. She was scared and looking for comfort from her man, but he just thought it was some random guy coming on to him.

Chris tried to calm them down, but it was already too late. The fight was too intense. It wasn’t long before Chris watched his former body get his lights knocked out...

Monday, August 10, 2020

Late Night

Awaking in the middle of the night, Burt was really regretting those two extra large bacon cheeseburgers he had for dinner. His stomach was more than upset, it literally felt like that burger wanted to rip his insides out. He stumbled as he made his way to the bathroom. Everything felt completely out of place. He finally found a light to help guide his way, but when he turned it on, he was face to face with a mirror and the face looking back at him was feminine and pretty. But that wasn’t even the biggest shock -- the pregnant belly he now had! He was in someone else’s body and in someone else’s house! And the sickness he was feeling wasn’t due to his poor dinner choices, but likely due to this pregnancy!

Sunday, August 9, 2020


Brian had been swimming in the surf when he suddenly found himself walking along the boardwalk instead. He hadn’t been anywhere near the boardwalk, and he wondered how he got here. As he walked, he made a clicking sound on the boards, and he soon noticed the heels on his feet and the very different body he now possessed. He quickly ran to a sightseeing telescope, making more frantic clicking sounds with his shoes. 

He looked out into the distance, just barely able to make his body in the waves. It seemed just as confused as he was, except with the danger of the undertow instead of the safety of dry land. He wanted to scream out, for someone to save his body. But it was much too far away, and if he screamed, he might draw attention his way instead of to his drowning body. He could only watch helplessly from a distance as it went under. 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Unpleasant (Part 3)

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John was able to safely escape and remove his gag. As he came to a clearing, he encountered a gun club practicing. This was the sort of thing John typically loved, but now felt a little bit of unease due to his current body.

He approached cautiously as he picked up a gun a portable rack. “Mind if I join you guys?” He asked with a shaky voice.

One of the members approached, a guy with a very large weapon. He seemed annoyed as he spoke, “You already forgetting our blind date and the best thirty second of your life in the back of my truck?”

John stood there shocked, but he had an idea. “Thom?” He asked.

“Glad you remember, Princess.”

John realized this was the guy who the woman was angry at, and it was obvious what he must have done. This situation was likely no more safe than the one he just left. He looked at the gun in his hands. He could get a shot in; Thom probably deserved it. But would he do it?

Friday, August 7, 2020

Unpleasant (Part 2)

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It was probably just dumb luck, but John managed to get his hands free right as the woman transformed into a man tried to climb on top of him. A swift punch to the groin and John was able to run and hide. With his hands free, he knew he could probably figure out how to remove the gag; he could explain who he was; maybe he’d even be transformed back into his own body. But from his hidden vantage point, he saw an angry person that didn’t look like they wanted to listen. The safest course of action wasn’t going to be to talk, it was going to be to escape. He knew it meant he’d be stuck in the body of this woman likely for good, but he wasn’t sure he had a better option.

Thursday, August 6, 2020


John awoke in the woods with his hands tied behind his back and a gag in his mouth. Despite the restriction of his movements, he could feel that his body was unfamiliar. It only took a moment to realize he had been transformed into a woman.

Another woman was standing in front of him smirking. “Surprised?” She asked. He swore she was changing too, transforming into a man, “Don’t be. All this serves you right.” Her voice grew deeper as she completely changed, “After you violated me, I wanted revenge, and now I’ll get it. Are you ready, Thom?”

John wanted to protest. This woman thought he was some guy named Thom. It was mistaken identity, or maybe he was the one transformed into this woman by accident instead of Thom. He couldn’t yell; he couldn’t explain the truth. And judging by her talk of revenge and the look in the woman-turned-man’s eyes, he was about to experience something very unpleasant...

Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Marvin was exhausted. He hadn’t slept a wink in the 24 hours since Olivia had stolen his body. At least, that’s what he assumed happened. He knew Olivia was a witch; she had no shortage of spells. In fact, he had spent much of the past day digging through them in various books. They were all sprawled out around him, but he couldn’t find any body swapping spell in any of them. But he was sure it had to be somewhere...

Tuesday, August 4, 2020


“Ugh. How much longer?” Kevin complained.

“We’re almost done,” His wife Gina replied, “This would all go a lot faster if you learned to do this yourself.”

“I still don’t see why I just can’t roll out of bed and throw some clothes on like I used to.”

“Because you’re not a guy anymore. Thanks to the Great Shift last month, you’re a girl now. It’s a lot more work. There’s hair, makeup, and outfit selection. It’s all stuff you really need to learn how to do.”

“But what about pants? Can’t I at least wear pants instead of this dress? You’re wearing pants!”

“Because I know what I’m doing. Maybe once you start doing this all yourself, you can pick out an outfit with pants as well.” 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Purple Lightning (Part 4)

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Ted rushed back into the water. He started splashing it on himself, hoping the effects of the second strike of purple lightning would still be in the water and still be able to return him to his own body. But he had missed his chance.

It seemed most people who had stayed in the water did return to normal, having only a short window in a different body. But it seemed for people like Ted who left (or those who swapped with someone who left) were stuck. There’s be no third strike, no second chance.

Ted was now a woman for good.