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Saturday, February 1, 2020


John had been the lead anchor of the local news channel for twenty years. He enjoyed the prestige of his local celebrity status and lived a comfortable life. On the day the Great Shift struck, he ended up swapping bodies with the station’s weathergirl, Miranda. Despite feeling very uncomfortable with her body, he didn’t expect much to change. In fact, immediately after the swap he began to walk from the weather map to the main news desk. However, management quickly stopped him from sitting down in front of the camera. They told him that with everyone in the world swapping bodies, it might be best for the viewers to have stability. They theorized that seeing John’s face continue to appear on television sets each night would provide comfort; they wouldn’t even tell people about the swap. Miranda would pretend to be John, and John would be forced to pretend to be Miranda. John resented the decision greatly.

Night after night, month after month, he continued on as Miranda. Sure, people still recognized him on the street, but he felt a slight sense of condescension from some people. He wasn’t the prestigious head of a local news team anymore, he was just a weathergirl.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Friends (Part 2)

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“What do you mean you can’t switch us back to normal? Just cast another spell!” Jason yelled at Erin.

“It’s not that simple. The spell was only supposed to last for a week. It should’ve reversed on its own. Casting another spell on top of it won’t reverse anything.” Erin explained.

“But I don’t want to be stuck in Julia’s body any more! I’m sick of being a woman and wearing dress and putting on makeup!”

Julia, Max, and Franklin were also worried about not being able to swap back, but their fear resulted in silence. Jason was the only one
being loud about it.

“I’ll do some research,” Erin suggested, “But until I can figure this out, you’l all be stuck in the bodies you’re in. It shouldn’t be too bad. You’ve all already lasted a week like this. And I need to warn you that I might not have any way to solve this...”

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Friends (Part 1)

Having a friend like Erin sure made life interesting; she actually knew real life magic! She usually used it for small things that didn’t make much difference, but she last night she had gotten drunk with her friends and decided to truly impress them. In a truly epic display of power, she swapped their bodies. Max and Franklin were now in each other’s bodies, and so were Jason and Julia. They had all agreed to stay like this for a week. Jason was a little skeptical, but Erin assured him that the spell worked in a way where he’d maintain all of Julia’s basic abilities. And sure enough when he tried putting makeup on the next morning, he not only did so effortlessly, but it looked absolutely perfect. It was so weird seeing Julia’s face in the mirror and knowing that it would be his for the next week. Being a woman was already an interesting experience, but he didn’t want to stay like this! He was already itching to return to normal.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Anthony had been in a big rush all morning. He was late for work and needed to move fast. After a quickly showering and getting dressed, he bolted down the stairs of his apartment building. But he was forced to take a break when a bright light seemed to blast him out of nowhere, and it felt like the wind got knocked out of him.

He sat on the steps for a few minutes, feeling out of sorts. He lifted his hand to his head to check if he was alright and felt a strange poofy feeling in his fingers. He seemed to have a lot of hair for some reason. And that wasn’t the only change by any means! The tight pants, the bare midriff, the feminine shape...he was in the body of a woman!

What the heck was going on? He knew he was already running late for work, but now that he seemed to be in someone else’s body, it was going to be even later...

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Knowledge (Part 7)

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It was several more weeks before Elisa called to tell Eugene that should had figured it all out and that she could get them back to normal. Eugene invited her back to the mansion, and wore a gorgeous orange dress as he awaited her. She arrived eager to set up the device and swap back, but he stopped her.

“I may not be a genius anymore, but I’m not an idiot,” He told her, “Your husband is dead. I know you didn’t love him; you just wanted his money. That money is now mine. Exchanging riches for my genius back would seem like a fair trade, but I also know you’re cunning. There’s no guarantee for me that you haven’t figure out that swapping device better than I did. Maybe you figured out exactly why we retained certain aspects of the other. You could swap me back to my own body while transferring my genius with you to your own. You’d be smart, beautiful, and rich, and I’d have nothing. That’s too great a risk for me, so I’m afraid I have no choice but to keep things the way they are. You should have no problem using my intelligence to succeed in life.”

Eugene turned to walk away. Elisa was about to protest, but Eugene turned around with a smirk and raised his voice, “Security, please escort my guest out.”

Monday, January 27, 2020

Knowledge (Part 6)

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By the time the funeral was scheduled, Eugene still hadn’t heard anything from Elisa, but at this point he really didn’t care either. Weirdly enough, the funeral was actually the first time he had left the mansion for any significant amount of time. He hadn’t realized how much time he had spent checking himself out in mirrors until he went to attend the funeral home and was forced to use his phone to check his appearance instead. He was really taking a lot of pride in his appearance, and his new abilities to make himself look absolutely perfect.

Of course, in the context of the day, “looking perfect” not only meant looking good, but also looking properly sad. After all, no one knew he felt disgusted by the old man. And no one had any clue he wasn’t actually Elisa at all.

As it turned out, Eugene was pretty good at faking a cry. Or maybe wasn’t. Maybe Elisa had been, and that was just another thing he maintained from her in the swap...

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Knowledge (Part 5)

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Nearly a week had passed. Elisa’s husband was scheduled to return home later that day, and Eugene was not looking forward to it. He stayed in bed late filled with dread. When he awoke, he put on a pink bathrobe and noticed a message on the phone. He hoped it was Elisa with the news that they could swap back. Instead it was a lawyer. It seemed Elisa’s husband had a heart attack on his business trip. The doctors tried to revive him but ultimately failed. As he listened, the largest smile came across Eugene’s face. As far as he was concerned, this was the best possible news.