Saturday, February 21, 2009

Turning Red

Damsel in Distress

Walter knew it had been stupid to go into that restricted area based on his friends' dares. Apparently, it was a secret laboratory where weird experiments were being conducted. He saw a woman's body with her head hooked up to electrodes; it looked like torture or something. He about to run back and report his findings to the police when a man snuck up behind him and drugged him. When he came to he found he was strapped next to the young woman he had seen earlier with similar electrodes on his head. A man in a white labcoat stood by a giant switch; if Walter wasn't trapped in the situation himself he wouldve laughed at the cliche sight. The man flipped the switch and predictable sparks flew. Walter blacked out briefly but came to quickly. In the same cliche manner he had been swapped into the woman's body that was lying next to him! He quickly came up with a plan. Flaunting his new sexuality, he convinced the man to loosen his straps just enough to escape. He ran as fast as his high heeled shoes could take him, but as he started to leave the area he paused. Something about him felt the need to play the hero; to save the damsel in distress...even if that damsel was his body. Plus, he wasn't sure he could manage in life as a woman. He set off back inside to rescue his body and swap back!

Careful When Sitting

Friday, February 20, 2009


Travis had a job to do and t'weren't nothing gonna keep him from doin' it. No sirree, Bob! This ditch was going to get dug if the cloud were pouring rain or if that darn Great Shift swapped him into the body of that purdy, young starlet in town filming that movie. The producers came to beg Travis to fill in for the actress once the shift occurred, but he refused until his ditch was dug. The work was grueling on the young woman's body, but he kept digging through the pain and sweat. Finally, when he finished, without a rest, he offered to help the producers make their movie, much to their relief. They were amazing at Travis's work ethic, but he just felt there were promises made, and promises must be kept!

What Did You Do with YOUR Savings?

Until This Morning...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Country Boy/City Girl

While most victims of the Great Shift swapped with someone nearby, a few unlucky ones were trapped in bodies many miles from home. Jim had spent most of his life on his Kansas farm, so ending up miles away in New York City was a bigger surprise to him than ending up in a woman's body. He searched desperatly through her jacket and purse for an indication of where she lived. She didn't appear to have a driver's licnse, credit cad, or even a cell phone! No one around could seem to identify her either. He didn't want to spend the night in a cold, unforgiving city without a secure roof over his head, so he made friends with a nearby man, who seemed nice enough. However, the "nice man" was, in fact, a woman very interested in learning about her new sex. After carefully convincing Jim to sleep in the same bed, the two were soon making love. Jim's first nice as a woman and he had already lost his virginity!

Nude TG Captions

I've started a second blog for TG Captions that have nudity. Yeah, I know the ads on this site shows naked breasts and whatnot, but I still want to keep the content of clean, so anything with nudity is going to go over at There will be less material there, but that's just what I've decided.

This Is Forever

From Nerd To Diva

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brain Sucking Aliens!

When Jacob's parents returned from the parent-teacher conference they found the babysitter, Jill, home alone without their son. They demanded an explanation as to what happened to their child.
Jill started to tell a weird tale, "Come on, it IS me! It's Jacob! You see these aliens came down and took us on this ship. They sucked out my brain." He demonstrated with his hands. "Then it was just like really dark and scary for a while. Okay? Then they put my brain in Jill's body and plopped me back here! I dunno what they did with her! But its okay, she was all mean and stuff!"
Jacob's parents though that he must've put Jill up to this; the tale was just like something Jacob would use as an excuse. But they expected that kind of lying from a 6-year-old boy, but this girl was a grown woman, a college student at the local University. How could Jacob talk her into playing such a juvenile game. Little did they know, it was actually the truth.

How Can You Walk In These Things?"


Beauty and the Geek

For the latest season of Beauty and the Geek the producers had really outdone themselves. They were going to make the contestants learn about each other by making them walk a mile in their shoes...literally! At the beginning of the contest all the beauties and all the geeks had their minds swapped. To spice things up even more they told the contestants that only the winners would be returned to their old bodies. On week one Norman and Roxanne were kicked off the show. Both stood before the producers with their hands on their hips in a pissed off fashion, but secretly Norman couldn't be happier.