Saturday, March 7, 2009


When Clyde's father invented a bodyswitching machine, he and his sister offered to test it out for him. All three were shocked when they found out it actually worked! However, their father figured out that the machine would need at least several hours to recharge. Clyde moaned, he had really wanted to go to the ComicCon in town that day. He sister told him not to worry about it, and he could go in her body; it wouldn't be a big deal. Clyde thanked her so much. He donned his favorite Star Wars shirt and headed out. Of course, he wasn't prepared for the throngs of nerds drooling over his hot sister's body all day and giving him much unwelcome attention. When he finally got home he couldn't wait to swap back, yet his father had really screwed things up while he was away. His sister was in their father's body; his father was in his mother's body, and his mother's was in his body. Worse still was that the machine was broken beyond belief as well.

Everyone Is Going to Think I'm Gay

"Um, could you please not walk like that when you're in my body?" Frank asked his girlfriend after the two had swapped bodies, "Seriously, everyone is going to think I'm gay."

Stolen Life

"Wait!" Ryan screamed, "You can't do this to me! How can you leave me stuck in your body?"
Linda smirked from Ryan's body. She had been sick of her old life, men staring at her body, awkward pick up lines, and often not being treated as a man's equal. Now those were all Ryan's problems. Ryan was, of course, scared. He had no idea how she had managed to swap their bodies, and he knew no one would ever believe him. Linda just kept walking away, ignoring Ryan's pleas to change back.

Peter Parker cursed his luck. Yeah, his comic book hero namesake gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gets wallcrawling powers and the ability to create strong silk to nab bad guys with, but when the real life Peter got bit by a radioactive spider building a web in a nuclear power plant, it caused him to spout extra legs. Worse still was that he realized only FEMALE spiders spin webs!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Danger! Warning!

The last time Richard walked through this door, he ignored the sign warning of the dangerous poison inside. He thought he'd get a little sick...maybe! He had never expected the poison to turn him into a woman! After the initial shock wore off, he made his way to his sister's house, who let him borrow some clothes after several hours of convincing her who he really was! He couldn't help but think she may have been teasing him with her clothing selection, but he hoped it wouldn't matter for too long. He plan was to go back through the door in the hopes that if the poison changed him into a woman going through might change into a man. No such luck! In fact, Richard's situation was made even worse. His breasts grew several sizes, his sex drive increased to nymphomaniac proportions, and he probably killed several brain cells in the process, lowering his intelligence and better judgment. Whoops!

Slightly More Conservative

Stan snapped the final piece of the bodysuit on, which was always the head for some reason. Ever since he had invented a machine that allowed him to wear the skin of any person, living or dead, he had gotten some odd requests for his services, and he always got paid quite well for his ability to transform into anyone. This blonde, high-heeled sexpot was actually slightly more conservative than the average request.


Natalie had been planning to go to an all-night rave until the Great Shift happened. She ended swapping into her mother's body! She felt gross with now that she was in her mom's old body! She thought nothing could be worse...until she saw that her little brother was now in her old body! Playing with his toys and riding his tricycle around, seemingly unaware that he was now in her body. She felt like she could die! If anyone saw her or him! She hoped that it was all just some big nightmare. However, there was going to be no changing the swaps caused by the Great Shift!


Mr. Brooks couldn't have been more upset when his students refused to take their studies seriously, especially some of the popular girls, who felt they were going to coast through life on the basis of their looks. As fate would have it, the Great Shift placed him into the body of the most popular girl in school, Tiffany Jenkins. Brooks was determined to set an example and apply for a second Graduate degree. However, he was denied, because the school felt the swapped teacher could benefit psychologically and socially by returning to high school to adapt to his new body. Brooks quickly became bored; this stuff was all SO below his skill level. He started to goof off, take interest in boys, and fall into the same slacker ways many of his former students engaged in.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not Intimidated

Moose had been a biker his whole life, and he wasn't going to let some little Great Shift thing swapping his into some rich bitch's body going to stop him from living the life he's always had. Gearing up in some leather, he was ready to head out for some cruising on his new hog. Jennifer saw her old body on the bike and started screaming about indecency and caution. Seeing as how she now had Moose's old body, this might've scared most people into submission, but Moose wasn't the type to be intimidated...even by his old body.


"You're not getting your body back...ever," Rick whispered to Janice, "It's mine now, and don't try to tell anyone either...unless you want to wind up in the nuthouse."


Luke vowed to never take a taxi again, not after what he'd been through! He was working late one night at the law firm where he worked at a legal assistant--it was shitty pay and the hours sucked, but at least he had a job in this poor economy--but he never expected what came next. After the driver dropped him off and said, "Have a nice day," he swapped bodies with the cab driver! After reading the driver's diary he realized the cycle would have to continue, and he would have to steal someone's body as well. He was disgusted by the driver's fat, old, gross body, so he tried to swap with every reasonably attractive, young man who entered the taxi. All were short fares, and he figured out that there was some sort of minimum distance required for the swap; he took down notes as such in the diary for the next victim. He picked up a beautiful woman one day. It was a quick ride, so he didn't even think twice about a swap possibility; besides, he had no desire to be a woman. However, due to traffic, the fare added up quickly and on her exit he said, "Have a nice day." This triggered the swap, and Luke cursed his luck. However, he had no desire to go through that again, or even ever take a taxi. He quickly took his money and bought a brand new, red sports car.

No Apologies (Part One)

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"Look," Trisha said, "I just wanted to apologize for accidentally swapping our bodies with that magic spell earlier today. I've been reading and studying all day long, and I think I should know how to reverse it by tomorrow. I'm so sorry."

"Sorry? What do you have to be sorry about?" Justin asked, "This is my fifth drink of the night, and I haven't had to pay for a single one of them! Guys just keep buying them for me! If these are the kind of perks you girls get all the time, then I might want to stay as you forever!"

"Well, you say that now, but I'm not sure you'd say the same thing
if you were still in my body when I start my period in two weeks."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Magic Phone Box"

I stumbled across this on Youtube today. It's strange but also sort of hot.


In order to bring down the City's largest prostitution ring, the cops used an experimental bodyswap machine to transfer the minds of the best cops on the force with recently arrested hookers. The officers were selected based on expertise, training, and record with no regard to the officers' original genders. In fact, out of the four policemen selected only one of them was originally a woman, Lieutenant Michelle Brooks. She was joined by Sergeant Thomas Graves, Captain Henry O'Connor, and Major Wilson Grabowsky. Brooks was a little worried about how easily the men seemed to slip into their rolls and was nervous about the job that lay ahead.

Exchange Student

Eugene was terrified when he looked down. It was only two days before his high school graduation and he had somehow swapped bodies with Ayumi, the Japanese foreign exchange student. He had hoped it was a bad dream, but after waking up the next morning he knew it was all too real. Confronting Ayumi in his old body, she admitted to causing the swap, but she just wanted to be a real American for another day, just until after graduation; then they could swap back. Eugene reluctantly agreed. He hated having to wear a dress under the graduation gown and Ayumi's body felt so small and weak; he was fiddling during the entire ceremony. After it was done he tried to find Ayumi about swapping back, but was blocked by her exchange family claiming to have a surprise. Ayumi's parents had shown up, and they were ready to take her back to Japan right now! Apparently she had been sending letters home about how homesick she was! Within minutes Eugene was in a car with Ayumi's parents on their way to the airport to take a plane back to Japan. Eugene wondered if she had planned this as a way to steal his body forever...

Seems Like Just Yesterday

It seemed like just yesterday that Rob stumbled across this bookstore and found an old, tattered book that allowed him to steal Rachel's life and body. As a man, Rob had been a fat, overweight computer geek, but with Rachel's body he had brains AND beauty. Rachel's old look had been conservative and shy, but Rob knew she had potential. He didn't like dwelling on the past, but the bookstore made him feel a little guilty. It quickly passed; the previous year since he switched had been the best he could remember.


The Wilkinson family should've read the fine print more carefully when they entered that contest and won a free trip to Exchange Island. None of them had expected to swap bodies with other guests at the resort! 15-year-old Jeremy probably got the best swap; he switched with a swimsuit model named Yvonne. He didn't really like the feeling of the skimpy suit or giant breasts he now sported. Both his sister and mother were green with envy, especially having been swapped with an elderly man in a wheelchair and overweight biker dude, respectively. Jeremy's dad was drooling over his son's new appearance. Of course, he would be drooling no matter what seeing as how he swapped into the body of a newborn baby.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Change You Can Believe In.

It seemed that after hiring a prostitute, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer may have lost his position but faced no criminal prosecution. Ah, but sometimes what the public doesn't know is even worse. As punishment for his crimes Spitzer received a very eye-for-an-eye sentence. Thanks to a special procedure, for a week his head was transplanted onto a hooker's body. He was forced to turn tricks and experience the life of a street walker. Sometimes government DOES work.

I'd Kill To Have Her Body

When Harold said he'd kill to have Susie's body, she should've listened to him. A few hours earlier he had cast a spell that required one final step, then he invited Susie over. She had quite enough of what she thought was his lusting over her and was going to go over to tell him never to speak to her again. Instead, she found Harold with a knife in his hand. She was afraid and backed away, but Harold swiftly stabbed himself repeatedly in the chest. Susie called 911, and while her back was turned, Harold took a quick swipe at her hand, knicking her finger. The blood from the two bodies met on the floor, and with its meeting the spell was complete. The room swirled about Susie until she found herself in Harold's body, breathing his last few breaths of life. Meanwhile, Harold was quite enjoying being in Susie's body, wearing her fur coat and tight gold leggings. "Hello? Is anyone there?" an operator on the other side of the 911 call asked. Harold pretended to freak out, explaining that a friend stabbed themselves, and now he thought they might be dead. Harold was advised to try and stop the bleeding or administer CPR. Not wanting to be a suspect for a murder, Harold complied. After an ambulence arrived, Harold mused with the knife in his hand, "I told her I'd kill to have her body...she didn't believe me."


When Dylan bought his girlfriend some kinky clothes, she was offended. She claimed that they were simply embarassing, and that she couldn't believe he expected her to actually wear them. Dylan tried to flatter her and her body unsuccessfully, claiming that her body was hot enough to pull it off. Then an idea popped into her head...if he thought these clothes were such a good idea, maybe he should wear them! Dylan laughed. There was no way he'd look good in those clothes, let alone even be able to fit in them. However, his girlfriend started to recite some foreign words, and with a theatrical puff of smoke the two had swapped bodies. Dylan was only shocked for a moment before a smile crept upon his face. He grabbed the outfit and immediately changed into it. After slipping into it, he wanted to show off, so he started to head out...much to his girlfriend's protests. She had hoped the bodyswap would've taught Dylan a lesson, but the plan backfired. All night long she was worried who would see her body dressed like that. Of course, she wouldn't have to worry about reputation, as it was Dylan's now, and he wasn't planning on giving it back.

Working Up a Sweat

After the Great Shift hit, the streets were a mess of traffic accidents from people all of a sudden finding themselves behind the wheel and crashing the car. Kirk happened to be shifted out of the driver's seat and into the body of a nearby female pedestrian. He watched in horror as he saw his own car crash and burn; his body mangled in the wreck. Not wanting to bear with the sight anymore, he stole a nearby bicycle and headed towards home. Despite his new body looking great, Kirk was exhausted by the ride and worked up quite a sweat by the time he got home; he couldn't wait to get inside and take a shower. Much to his frustration when he got to his doorstop, he realized his keys were with his old body, and he had never made a spare set.

Monday, March 2, 2009

What a Great Wish

Pete found a weird coin on the street that said "Good for one wish." He had never believed in magic, so he laughed at the coin as he tossed it in his pocket to forget about it. As he approached his apartment building, he found out that the entrance was blocked by a film crew doing a modeling shoot; they would not let him pass to get home. He caught a glimpse of the model. She was gorgeous, and he couldn't help but feel envious of her. Models must have it so easy, catered on hand and foot at shoots. Plus, they must be the center of attention everywhere they go. "I wish I had her life," he muttered. He felt a burning sensation come from his pocket. He couldn't imagine what it could possibly be, then he remembered the coin! As the burning intensified, he blacked out. When he regained his senses, he had indeed swapped lives with the model. He was her, sporting her cute top and wearing her high heeled boots! Then he heard screaming...familiar screaming. His old body was getting physcial with the crew and ready to attack! Pete felt the urge to run! After getting about a block, his feet started to KILL him...must've been the shoes! He was about to regret his off-the-cuff wish when he spied a man getting out of a nearby limo. "Kate," he yelled at Pete, "Come on, get in! There's no reason you should have to deal with crazies! Besides, you've got to be a VIP at that party tonight, and we have to get you ready!" Pete smirked. This WAS the life; what a great wish.

Chemical Reaction

This was quite the situation that Dr. White had gotten himself into. While working in the lab, he discovered a chemical compound that somehow merged his body with his Anne, his lab assistant. After a quick analyzation of his DNA, he determined he was now an equal mix of the two people, as if they had a female child. What had him worried was that many of his memories felt like a mix of his own and Anne's as well, and that he was slowly losing about half of his own memories. He had to work fast as he had no idea if he would lose memories of the chemical compound that caused the incident. Anne was a smart woman, but she was only an assistant. Her own memories were simply years behind his own. He made a few attempts to separate himself from Anne; they were unsuccessful. Dr. White no longer could no longer tell what parts of his mind were his own and which were Anne's. He sighed as even his old first name slipped away. He was now Dr. Anne White.

Zoo Madness

Nick lurched as Karen tugged on the leash connecting the two. He had no idea how strong she would be now that she was in the body of a lioness, or how weak he would be now that he was in her body. Earlier the two had gone to the zoo where a grown man was acting like a child playing with a weird device. As they found out first hand, the device could swap the brains of two people...or apparently animals. After several swaps every which way into various animals and people, Nick ended up in his girlfriend Karen's body while she ended up in the body of a female lion. The man had run away, and Nick wasn't about to let his girlfriend get locked up overnight in a cage, so he snuck her out. The two have been in search of the man ever since. Karen's newly acute senses had picked up on his scent, and she began to pull Nick suddenly. He nearly fell over but hoped the madness would be over soon. That is, of course, if they could even find Nick's body!

Shameless Plug

Oh, Kent! This is what happens when you read too much on your work computer! Of course, he isn't exactly complaining about his new female body; he might have a hard time explaining things to his boss, however.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Too Much Power

Zach was indeed proud of his new invention, a bodyswapping machine. He asked his wife to try it out with him, and it was an instant success. The two swapped bodies, but the machine started sparking. Zach made a few tweaks to the invention before the switch back. A few screw twists and knob turns later and they were ready to go back to being themselves. However, this time when they turned the machine on, more sparks flew, and it blew out the power on the entire block. When Zach came to, he was in the body of their attractive neighbor, a Swiss model, who was on her way to a fancy party. His wife was in the body of a young neighborhood boy, who the other children often referred to as a bully. It seemed like everyone on the block was now someone else, and the finger was pointed straight at Zach to fix the mess. Unfortunately, the power surge had destroyed several circuits. Zach grabbed a wrench and proceeded to try and make the fixes as fast as possible as a very impatient crowd looked on. The model insisted that if things weren't corrected in the next hour, he would have to go to the party in his place. Of course, she didn't seem all too threatening from the body of a 70 year old man.


"Oh, my God!" Chip exclaimed, "That magic spell worked! My girlfriend is in my body, and I'm in hers! Oh, my God! Look at my old rock hard abs that she's got now! And I've got her! I've got her boobs! Holy crap! This...feels...incredible!"


"Don't just stand there with that dumb look on your me look for that medallion!" Derek yelled at his friend Trey, "I swear that the last time I had it was when I was sitting on this bed."
Derek had used the medallion earlier when he touched it to an outfit Trey's girlfriend, Cheryl, had left at their bachelor pad. Within moments, he was her exact duplicate with his clothes now falling off Cheryl's much smaller frame. Derek
quickly put on Cheryl's clothes but was instantly embarassed by how sexy they were. Trey insisted that it was the only clothes she had left behind. He also didn't tell Derek that Cheryl had broken up with him the night before, that he had hidden the medallion, and that he was hoping to be able to get lucky with Cheryl one more time...well, at least what LOOKED like her...even if it was Derek's mind inside.

Living Life to the Fullest

Henry knew his days were numbered. At age 90, he was just counting the days until his life ended. A flash of light and he thought that would be it. Instead, that flash turned out to actually be something called The Great Shift. Now in a young, limber body, he couldn't be happier. Sure, some of the outfits this woman owned certainly were strange and he felt bad for whoever wound up in his body, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to enjoy this to the fullest.