Saturday, March 14, 2009


Arthur started to cry when he realized the Great Shift had plopped him into his sister's body. He was supposed to be a football player, a linebacker with a college scholarship in the fall! He was supposed to be a man! Not a girl with these damn girl emotions, which he assumed were making him cry. His sister tried to calm him down before twisting the knife--tomorrow she was scheduled to have her period.


Carl wasn't quite sure who to be angrier with: his little brother, who had mischievously been playing with a device that cause a body swap between Carl and his sister Vanessa, or his sister, who had been constantly nagging him about how to treat her body, what clothes to wear, how to do her makeup and hair, and so on. He would've usually not given in to his sister's demands, but she threatened to do something really embarassing while in his body. If she would just leave him alone he was sure that he could figure out a way to trick his little brother into swapping them back!

Busted Transporter

Brent had recently invented a tranpoter device, and he was sure it wa going to make him rich. The device had one small flaw: it transported the mind but not the body. When Brent first used the device, he was unaware of this small fact and couldn't have been more surprised by the result. Judging from the high heeled boots and hot pants he now wore, he decided he needed to get out of whereever he was fast. He hit the button to transport back on the device, but it seemed busted. He'd need to get it back to his lab to fix it, but walking out of whereever he was, let alone the street gave Brent pause. Just look at the way this woman's body was dressed! He searched to find something to cover up with, but ultimately couldn't and just dealt with the hoots and the catcall he got all the way home...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking Damn Good

Greg's girlfriend would kill him if she saw what he was wearing after the Great Shift had swapped their bodies. She had always been a huge animal right activist and member of PETA and here Greg was in her body wearing a coat made of fur AND leather. However, the only thing Greg cares about if how good it make him look, and even she had to admit that he looked damn good in the jacket.

The Perfect Crime

"Eh, Micky, it's Teddy. Okay, so after stealing this broad's body, I transfered the million bucks into our account. Talk about identity theft, eh? Anyway, you ready to switch me back to the ol' me? What do you mean you're trying, and it just ain't working? C'mon, Micky, try harder. You think I'm stuck? Shit, what we gonna do? This was supposed to be the perfect crime. A get in/get out thing. Now you're telling me there's no getting out? Fuck you; find a way. I ain't dealing with bras and periods the rest of my life."

Check Your Local Listings

He works at a shipping company. She works in high end fashion. What would happen if they had to do each others jobs for a month? What would happen if they swapped lives? What if she was forced to have beers at a dive bar with his buddies while he had to sip comos at a fancy fashion party? If she wore his sloppy clothes while he was forced into her dresses? From the producers of Wife Swap comes a brand new show that take the concept over the top with cutting edge science by performing brain transplants on two complete opposites. Watch Body Swap this Fall! Check your local listings!

Hiding Behind Glasses

Martin had been a nerd all his life. He studied algebra in elementary school, graduated high school early, and graduated top of his ivy league class in college. His smarts, coupled with an unattractive appearance, caused him to be awkwad and shy. When the Great Shift hit, swapping with a pretty woman, he was completely unprepared for the attention he started to receive. He tried to hide his new beauty behind his old nerdy glasses, but it did no good.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Leo was on vacation with his wife in Florida when the Great Shift happened. One minute the pair were shopping at a gift store, and the next Leo found himself on the beach sporting two massive breasts. His immediate concern was how he had come to have two mammaries falling from his chest. However, perhaps he should've been more concerned with the fact that a nearby pickpocket snagged this body's money, purse, and clothes, leavin Leo with little more than the two piece bikini he now wore.

Secret Stripper

Seth was in trouble. The tuition check for his college studies had bounced; he needed to come up with the money in ten days, or he would be kicked out. Not knowing what else to do, he stole a top secret invention from the university's science department. With it, he was able to swap bodies with anyone he wanted. As soon as his older sister fell asleep for the night, he swapped into her body and was quickly off to the strip club. The first night alone, he made enough money in tips to cover his college payments. However, Seth decided that he could secure his finances a little better by repeating the process once a month. Six months went by and he was rolling in the dough. His sister was never the wiser...

High Society

Joe was working on a plumbing job in an upper crust neighrborhood when he accidentally hit the electrical system resulting in sparks and causing him to swap bodies with the lady of the house. She started screaming, but Joe did what he could to calm her down. He agreed to attend all her social obligations and otherwise keep up appearance. That night she had an at opening to go to so Jow got dressed up and wet out. He couldn't believe how boring the the night was. Schmoozing with obvious phoneys, laughing at lame jokes, and dealing with pretentious artist-types. He couldn't wait to find out a way to reverse the swap. However, two years later and Joe was ready to go out to a fancy dinner party in a life he had come quite used to living.

All Part of the Experiment

"Ron! What the hell are you doing?" Craig screamed, "I know that thanks to that twisted science experiment on campus I got switched into your girlfriend's body, but that doesn't mean you can just come up behind me and grab me like this! It's be inapropriate even it was her in this body!"

"Relax, dude. It's all part of the experiment to see how you'd react. Professor Bergstein told me to do it."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sneaking Snacks

Ray and Oliver each had a very controlling girlfriend. The situation got even worse when the Great Shift swapped the two men with their respective significant others. The girls told the boys what they should wear each day to ensure their old bodies looked hot, didn't allow them to drink or smoke, but the one that bugged both men more than anything were the food restrictions. Ray loved sweets, and Oliver was totally into greasy snacks. The former girls wouldn't allow a morsel, claiming it would ruin the figures of the bodies they once possessed. Ray and Oliver began to sneak snacks when the girls weren't looking, casually buying treats at the drugstore and bringing them to restaurants or clubs by hiding them in their purses where they'd pig out in the bathroom. It hadn't occurred to either of them that it just might be easier to call of their relationships.


Arnold got frustrated one morning after cutting himself three times while shaving and wished that he never had to shave his face again. He could only guess that a sprite or fairy or something heard his wish as he was instantly transformed into a beautiful woman. While it was true he never had to shave his face again, he found it even more of a pain to have to shave his armpits, legs, and bikini line. He feverishly tried to wish these away as well, but the pleas fell upon deaf ears.

Batting an Eyelash

Agent Carlos Perez knew he had the perfect disguise, but his heart still skipped a beat everytime a person walked by. He was on a mission togather information on a corrupt CEO stealing funds from shareholders and putting the public at risk with unsafe products. He had to get close enough to get confirmation and evidence on the abuse. Who was closer to him than his only daughter? The ATF ha brought her in after she was arrested on drug charges while she was out clubbing. The FBI ued top secret technology to swap Perez's brain with the young woman's. He had been on bodyswapping assignments before, but never as a woman! He brought his mind back to the present as he stood outside her father's office. No one had batted a ingle eyelash.

Needy and Possesive

Tyler had just broken up with his girlfriend. She was way too needy and way too possesive. As he turned opened his car door, he felt woozy and all of a sudden he was back inside her house. He freaked out momentarily, thinking she had tricked him back in, drugged him, or something worse. He completely lost it when he noticed he wasn't just in her house but in her BODY! He closed his eyes and counted to ten. 1-2-3-this had to be some sort of dream-4-5-6-still closed, still dreaming-7-8-9-a knock on the door. It was his now ex-girlfriend in his old body crying. She started babbling about how this was a sign, how they were meant to be. Tyler just rolled hi eyes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Monty held up a photo of his old family to tell a tale about his old life. "This was me," He said pointing to himself, "It should be obvious that I switched with the young woman who sit before you. I loved my wife even after the swap. However, she was unchanged, and had no desire to be continued to be married to me now that I look the way I do. I miss my daughter every day, but he doesn't really need her mom or I; she got swapped into a beautiful model's body and makes money traveling around the world appearing in photohoots. I'm happy for them; I'm just lonely, I guess."

Taco Bell

"God, Chloe, leave me alone already. We've swapped bodies; deal with it." Tom sighed as he girlfriend had given him a hard time about eating fast food ever since they switched bodies, "If I want to eat at Taco Bell, I'm going to eat at Taco Bell! Your body looks fine. In fact, you could actually stand to gain a few pounds. I feel like a twig in your body. And, yes, I know you were vegetarian, but I'm not! I don't tell you how to live your life in my body. Plus, it seem looks like they aren't going to find a cure to reverse the whole Great Shift thing. Just deal with it."

Economic Upturn

Former CEO Miles Burns was pretty smug smoking on his cigar. He had totally out maneuvered the SEC, CIA, and the other Feds with this trick. Sure, he was totally guilty of insider trading, but they had already arrested his body. It just so happened that moment before the raid he swapped bodies with his head secretary. Thanks to a top secret device his former company worked on. Now he was enjoying the benefits of all that profit that he stowed away in a foreign account, and no one would ever be the wiser.


Everyday it was the same for Charles, write some generic TG captions, change a few names, and upload them to Oh, how repetitive it got day after day. Until one day while working on his laptop, something strange happened. It was if Charles had entered one of the tales he crafted. He was in awe as his penis recoiled into his body, and he knew a wonderful slit had taken its place. A pair of breasts grew from his previously flat chest. This was certainly different...and very welcome!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Lease on Life

Henry was overjoyed. He had no idea who or what caused that Great Shift thing, but he couldn't be happier. Yesterday, he was a 70-year-old man on death's door; he needed a walker, someone to change his adult diaper, and an oxygen machine. Now he was a hot 20-something party girl! Sure, if he had his preference he would've remained male, but beggars can't be choosers, right? Part of him felt bad for whoever ended up in hi body--apparently, according to the obituaries, they died instantly as his old body wasn't able to deal with the shock--but it was a passing feeling. He had a new lease on life and was going to live it up!

Unintended Consequences

"So, I gotta give you some credit," Chip told Aaron, "You plan to steal our older sister's bodies so that we could drink when we went out worked, BUT (and it's a big but) I think we also got their hormones. I find myself looking at some of these guys and, damnit, her body is getting so turned on!"

No Complaints

Tony was ecstatic when the Great Shift put him the body of a really hot woman. He bet she was a stripper or a porn star or something judging from her appearance. He tried to play with himself but found that his movements were restricted by the latex bodysuit he was wearing. When he tried to stand up, he had even more difficulty because of the high heels he was wearing and ended up on the floor. Still, he had no complaints and just continued his exploration.


Kenny was really going to have to have a talk to his sister about how revealing her clothes were. Sure, after the Great Shift stuck him in a female classmate's body, she had let him borrow some clothes, but he couldn't even believe how short these shorts were! The pockets were longer than the pants! The short length violated the school dress code, so they had sent him home early that day. Without a key to get back into his house, he had to wait outside for his sister or parents to get home. He looked down and wondered how his sister could ever wear something so skimpy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Good Life

Tyrone and Alexia were living the life. The pair had found a weird bodyswapping ray that allowed them to take over the lives of a rich couple. No more minimum wage jobs and struggling to survive; now they had it all. A boat, a mansion, and more money than they knew what to do with. Tyrone had just wished that when Alexia was using the ray gun that she would've swapped his body with the husband instead of the wife, but he was adapting to the roll quite well with fancy dresses and expensive gifts.

Parent-Teach Conference

"Look, Dad, I'm not happy about this either, but until Mom can fix that bodyswap machine in the basement you're stuck as your daughter, Kylie, I'm stuck in Mom's body, and they're both stuck in ours. Let's just go to this parent-teacher conference for Kylie's pre-school and then go back home. Okay, if I buy you ice cream on the way home then will you please stop pouting?"

Swap at the Bodyshop

When Latisha entered the bodyshop to get her car fixed, she was disgusted by the fat mechanic examining her car. His nametag read "Earl," and she looked down her nose at him. Of course when the Great Shift hit, it swapped Latisha and Earl. Latisha was horrified, but Earl was in heaven. He was beautiful, hot, and rich. He pondered any number of ways to take over her life. He pondered if her husband was shallow and would appreicate his mind in her body over her mind in his body. After leaning on the car and looking at his old body he realized it wasn't a matter of being shallow, but simply a matter of common sense. He had it made.


"Thank you so much for stopping! I know my story is going to sound crazy, but about 20 minutes ago I was an average guy! A guy! Then this girl stops me, and somehow she switches own brains! Now I'm in her body and she's in mine! I don't have any money, ID, or well...anything! I have a feeling I know where she's going! Can you please take me?...Why are you looking at me like that? No, I'm not crazy!...And I will NOT have sex with you!"