Saturday, April 4, 2009


While Barry was on vacation in Miami, a woman used a strange medallion to steal his body, leaving him trapped in hers. Then she threw the medallion into the ocean. Not letting panic set in, Barry rented scuba equipment from a local store to prepare for an expedition into the deep. He knew he had to hurry as the tide would be coming in soon, which would wash away the medallion for good. He sort of wished he had a little time to explore the giant breasts he was (hopefully temporarily) currently blessed with, especially from the inside, but if he ever wanted his body back, he had to head to the beach now! [LINK]


Every day after school, the three teenage boys would ride their bikes passed the store window display, and they would gawk at the mannequins in the window like only three teenage boys could. One day something strange happened; they felt a compulsion to stare just a little longer than usual, and were blinded by a bright light. Each boy could feel their skin stiffen up as it slowly turned into plastic. Their clothes morphed into fashionable wear. Meanwhile, the mannequins plastic turned into real flesh, and the clothes become the grungy wear of teenage boys. The three mannequins were a little unaware what to do now that they were real for the first time and able to move. However, they climbed down from their window perch to explore the world. A few hours later, the store owner was confused to see what he thought was his mannequins on display in the street, and he moved them back into the store. The boys, now unable to move or speak, just screamed silently as they were trapped inside the female mannequin bodies forever. [LINK]


Tom and his girlfriend had been arguing about who had a tougher job and life when a weird light passed over them and swapped their bodies. Tom had a tough time at his girlfriend's job, being on his feet all day, wearing her high heeled shoes. As soon as he was done, he kicked the shoes off and started to pig out on some food. He couldn't wait until his girlfriend was home so he could apologize for saying her job was easier, but she said the same thing to him first. They hoped this better understanding would make them switch back, but they never did. Over the months, Tom had to adjust to his girlfriend's was his now, for good. [LINK]

Friday, April 3, 2009


"I can't find it in the couch either, Crystal. I don't know where that medallion that swapped are bodies could possibly be!" Mike lied to his girlfriend. The truth was that he had thrown the medallion out shortly after he swapped bodies with Crystal. He had always wanted to be a woman, and he saw this as his first real possibility. First, he ad scoured the internet for the legendary Medallion of Zulu. Then he tricked his girlfriend into using it with him. Yeah, he felt sort of bad about forcing her to be stuck in his body, but he just couldn't resist his selfish temptation. Now, he was pretending to look everywhere for the "lost" medallion. He was hoping she'd eventually give up, but so far, not so... [LINK]

Construction Shift

Mac's supervisor at the construction site had to praise him for his work. Since the Great Shift, most of the other men swapped into women's bodies had left the site, claiming they could no longer put up with the physical demands of the job, but Mac was there every day, giving it his all. The company didn't even have any work clothes for Mac, so h just wore the various outfits that the new body he now inhabited had in her closet. It was a weird sight, for sure. The boys promised to get some more fitting clothes as soon as they could get them for him. Mac didn't really care about it, but he was starting to get uncomfortable with some of the rude comments that the boys used to reserve for women passing by the construction zone. [LINK]

Avoiding Trouble

Charlie sighed. The things he did to avoid getting in trouble...After playing a prank at school, the principal demanded to speak with his mom. He scheduled the meeting for when he knew she would be away on a business trip. Then, using a weird medallion he found, he turned himself into a copy of his own mother and attended the meeting. Now he had to hurry back home before his mom returned and caught him. However, his mom had returned home early, and would be completely shocked when she saw a copy of her own body enter the house. Even worse would be when Charlie found out she had been cleaning his room and had thrown the medallion away! [LINK]

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Major League

Troy wasn't about to let a little thing like the Great Shift get in the way of his dreams. He had spent his entire childroom playing baseball, earning him a college scholarship in the hopes of going pro one day. Now that the Shift swapped him into the body of a woman, he spent every day practicing extra hard and quickly regained his status as the best player on the team. He led his way to college championships, but no major league teams were interested once he graduated. He couldn't believe that gender discrimination existed after the madness of the Shift, but there it still was in professional sports. [LINK]


"You see," the psychiatrist explained to a very confused Tabitha and Barney O'Connor, "Until you two better understand each other's lives, you will be trapped as each other. It was a very experimental procedure, but your marriage was on the rocks, and we all felt this extreme measure was the only way to save it. Don't try to tell any one about the exchange either. No one will believe you, and would likely be locked up in a mental institute. Really, your only choice is to try to be each other." [LINK]

Stuck like this?!

"Stuck like this? What do you mean stuck like this? When we swapped bodies you said it was going to be for one night only! Now look at me! I'm wearing make-up, a goddamn dress, and a fucking thong under it! Goddamnit, Helen, I'm not going to be you for the rest of my life!"

"Too bad, Kyle, because we're stuck in each other's bodies for good."


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It was supposed to be for one night only. A sexual experiment for Evan and his wife, to experience sex from the other side of the gender fence. They used a magic medallion to swap into each other's bodies and went at it all night like rabbits. The
next day, they couldn't seem to change back! Then they both remembered that the medallion wouldn't work if one of the people was pregnant. Evan gulped. He had enjoyed the previous night, but he didn't want to spend the next nine months as his own wife, and he especially didn't want to do it pregnant...and the thought of giving birth sent chills down his spine. However, he also knew he really had no choice in the matter. [LINK]

Fun Is Fun

William was excited about the present his grandfather had given him. You see, his grandpa was a wizzard and gave him the ability to swap his body parts with anyone he chose simply by waving his hands. He took the incredibly sexy legs and clothes of a stripper downtown, his neighbor's breasts and torso, the head and arms of a TV movie star, and the tight vagina of a religious, virgin prude. All in all, William was feeling pretty damn sexy. After a few days, he began to get bored and decided to try something a little more interesting. He waved and swapped his hands with the feet of another woman. Fascinated that this actually worked, he began to walk around on all fours. Fun was fun, but he quickly felt like a freak. He tried to wave his hands again, but nothing happened. Then he realized that he didn't have hands anymore! He had accidentally swapped his power away with them! [LINK]

Amish Paradise

Ezekiel wished he had been more respectful of his Amish upbringing. Brother Jebidiah talked him into using a strange machine called "MAU" that somehow ended up in their barn. He had known technology was evil, but he had never expected anything like this! The machine broke down after they had used it to transform into all different types of people, eventually leaving them stuck in these two female bodies wearing very sinful clothing! Ezekiel couldn't believe he had done this, but Jebidiah just shrugged. He had wanted to escape the Amish lifestyle for quite sometime, and now he had the perfect excuse to just disappear completely. [LINK]

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


After Jake was abducted by aliens and poked and probed for days, he thought it couldn't get any worse. However, after the stuck a needle into his head, he blacked out. When he awoke, he was in a different part of the ship in a cage. On top of that, he was in someone else's body. Jake guessed it was an exotic dancer or somthing judging by the clothes. Next, an alien explained in broken english that in this body he would hae to "mate" and "produce offspring" for further study. Jake was wrong. The probing and the experiments had gotten much, much worse.

Eat better, drink less, quit smoking

After getting cancer at a young age, Chad was thankful when the Great Shift gave him a second chance at life. Granted, it was as a woman, but he still saw it as a chance to turn over a new leaf. He'd eat better, drink less, and quit smoking. However, the vows he made didn't last very long. Well, at least he was more flexible now.

Would Be Wedding

Trey couldn't believe his fiance's best friend, Mia, was doing this to him. Sure, they had never gotten along, so when she called him a few hours before the wedding to bury the hacket, he quickly went over to please his would-be wife with a reconciliation. But when he got there, he got hit...hard! He passed out from the impact. When he came to, he was tied up. Worse still, he was in Mia's body! Mia entered the room in Trey's body wearing his tux. She explained that she always hated him; she was jealous of him. The other day she found a body swap spell that would set everything right. She'd be marrying his fiance! Trey struggled with his binds...he had to stop Mia!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not worth the risk!

Chip had been waiting for the bus for over half an hour, but he wasn't about to call a cab...not after last time. After all, that magic cab was why he was in this woman's body, why he now lived so far from everything. That weird taxi swapped him. First into the cab driver's body for a few weeks, then into this woman's, who was a passenger. He didn't know how it happened, but he vowed to never take a taxi again. He was enjoying his new womanhood, anyway. He was at least10 years younger and never felt sexier. Another cab might just be a roulette wheel into another life. He had already won once, depite any odds! It just wasn't worth the risk.


After an accidental bodyswap in their basement, Jason and his sister, Allison, had agreed to pretend to be each other as best as possible until they were able to switch back. At first Jason was having a ball wearing his sister's clothes, driving her car, going to the mall with her friends, and so on. However, at school, he encountered his sister's nerdy boyfriend. He couldn't believe he was about to kiss him! Gross! He closed his eyes and sucked it up. But as they kissed, he started to feel...good...and wet! He was enjoying it! He thought about keeping his sister's body for good, but he knew that was wrong. Whatever else, he knew at the end of this he was going to need a shrink.

At least she wasn't fat!

Larry had been stuck in that cab driver's body for a few weeks, and he was sick of it! However, no passenger ever met the minimum fare to be able to enact the magic taxi's swapping ability. Luckily, Larry's prayers were answered one day when a young woman took the cab clear across town. He hadn't wanted to be a woman, but it looked like he was going to have no choice. She wasn't very attractive; in fact, she wasn't attractive at all. It didn't matter. As she got out of the taxi he said, "Have a nice day," and the swap was done. Maybe he did her a favor. Now she'd be able to swap with a beautiful woman. Larry, meanwhile, was stuck as her. Heck, at least she wasn't fat!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cold War

It was at the height of the Cold War when America captured the top KBG spy. Her name was Ivana, and she was trained well. She refused to talk, of course, but the government didn't need her to talk. Using secret technology, they swapped Ivana with their own top agent, Joel Peters. Joel traveled back to the USSR in Ivana's body to spy on the Russians. However, Ivana in Joel's body caused some trouble back home. Since the swap was only revealed to a few select individuals, she killed all with the knowledge and destroyed all records. When Joel tried to communicate back to the USA, he was met with silence. Ivana in Joel's body had long been arrested, but Joel in Ivana's body was stuck. She may not have won, but she prevented America from gaining any sort of victory as well.

The Big Game

It drove Vince crazy that he had to sit on the sidelines of the big game. He should be playing in that game! But then again, he shouldn't have swapped bodies with his sister last night either. That weird accident with their father's invention in the basement had caused the swap, but their dad wouldn't be able to repair the machine until tomorrow. Until that time, the two agreed to pretend to be each other. Vince was nervous about the big game; he had so much riding on this. A college recruiter would be there--this could get him into college. Though his sister totally messed up the first quarter, she seemed to be able to get into it by the second, and by the third she was playing better than he would've. He also noticed how much she seemed to be enjoying herself and began to get nervous for a whole different set of reasons.

Digging Through the Racks

Max had been wearing the same clothes for the past two days. Since the Great Shift hit, he was trapped in the body of a woman, and all the stores had been closed due to the chaos. With no women in his life--no sisters, no girlfriend, and not even a mom--he had no clothes to borrow. On the third day, he was so happy that the stores had re-opened; he was first in line, digging through the racks for something else to wear.