Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Light

When you die, people say you should walk into the light; few, if any, tell you why or what happens when you get there. At 70-years old, Wilson knew he was at death's door already, so when he finally saw the light, he headed towards it without question. However, he didn't emerge into heaven...or hell...nor was he reincarnated as a baby. He emerged from the light a full grown 20-something woman. It was certainly weird, though he had to admit that it wasn't an all too unpleasant experience either... [LINK]

Kick to the Nuts

The Great Shift hit and Les found himself in a dark room with a muffled bass coming through the walls. He deduced that he was backstage at a local club. He felt the taste of metal in his mouth; licking his lips, he discovered a lipring. Tight leggings encased his legs, topped off with some boots. This wasn't his body, and the two breasts and lack of a bulge through those leggings meant it must've been a woman's body. As he began to panic about his situation, a door creaked open, and a drunk man came staggering through. He asked, "So, Babe, are you ready for me?" Les was freaked out as the man, unaffected by the Shift, began to force himself on Les's new body. He certainly wasn't going to allow this asshole to rape him! Les quickly kicked his boot into the man's private parts, causing him to reel in pain, and curse. Les ran from the room. He didn't know where he was going to go, but he knew he had to get out of there! [LINK]

Secretly Ecstatic

Sharon and Jim had been married for three years and both had gotten sick of their lives. Jim was tired of working day in and day out, his fingers to the bone, to bring home enough money to live. Sharon got bored staying at home all day. Though she had tried to find a job, she simply didn't have the experience or skills. The couple found their answer one weekend at a carnival, where a gypsy offered to swap their bodies to solve their problems. When Monday morning rolled around, they woke up as each other. Sharon went off to work in Jim's body, and Jim lounged about the house all day in Sharon's. He loved it, but Sharon was exhausted by the end of the week. Being a good husband, Jim said he would switch back. They returned to the carnival, but no one had ever heard of a gypsy working there...let alone one that swapped people's bodies! It looks like they were stuck in their new roles! Jim was secretly ecstatic. [LINK]

Friday, April 10, 2009

Temporal Personality Transfer Device

Last week Conrad was the school's biggest nerd. Of course, with his smarts, he developed a temporal personality transfer device, which allowed him to swap bodies with the head cheerleader, Kelly. Knowing that she'd be pissed, he had made sure to surround himself with her best friend and, of course, a few of the school's largest football players. Everyone thought it was weird that Kelly was wearing her uniform all the time, but Conrad honestly had no fashion sense and didn't want to risk being found out by wearing anything else! [LINK]


Erin never believed in a million years that something like this could happen. Her father had given her a strange device before he died without telling her what it did. Three years later as she sat with her newborn baby boy, she examined the device, accidentally hitting a button on the thing. It let loose a whirring sound before glowing, and then swapped their bodies. Erin, in her baby's body, felt helpless as she lost the ability to move her arms or legs in any meaningful way. She reached for the device, but found herself unable to do much of anything! Meanwhile, her baby boy in her body was crawling about the floor; his underdeveloped mind couldn't even fully comprehend what had just happened. However, a smile crossed his face as he realized his added mobility, though Erin felt her stomach sink when a yellow stain appeared on her pants and he began to cry. [LINK]

Divorce (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here.

Greg had been working feverishly over the past few hours to get his teleporter repaired, and (even more important) get his son's head back on his it's rightful body before his wife found out. He sighed as he put the last piece into place and powered up the machine, but as he did so a door opened. His wife just got home and was caught in a blast. Greg looked over releaved to see his son back to normal, but where was his wife? After searching nearby around, he swore he saw her out of the corner of his eye. As he got closer he realized the image was actually a mirror and the reflection turned out to be a strange mix of both he and his wife. The machine had fused their bodies! At least there was no chance of a least not right now. [LINK]

Thursday, April 9, 2009

In a Coma

Two days ago, Sam and his wife, Elisha, found an ancient spell that claimed it could swap the souls of two willing people. As a larf, the two spoke the incantation and were shocked to find themselves in each other's bodies! Both thought it would be fun to spend a few days as each other. Elisha was in awe about simple things like peeing standing up and being able to lift heavier things. Sam was also fascinated by little things like makeup and clothing options. Things were going well and the couple planned to swap back after three days. However, at the end of the second day, Elisha in Sam's body fell into a unexplained coma. The doctors were baffled. Without being conscious, Elisha was unable to recite the spell to switch back. Sam felt awful. He wished it was him in that coma! It should have been! He stayed by his wife's side night after night until one day she just faded off, never to wake again. [LINK]


"Fuck you, Katie," Ryan snapped, "You can stop pretending that this body swap was some sort of accident. Your best friend told me all about your secret desire to be a man and about your secret plot to steal my body. Honestly, I probably would've agreed to the swap; you're body feels so good, but the lying is pure bullshit." [LINK]


After Ed and Frank swapped bodies with their daughters, Bill quickly became concerned with how Frank was dressing and acting. Here he was wearing the same short skirt he had yelled at his daughter for wearing just last week. He claimed he was doing it to "teach his daughter a lesson," but Ed could only look on skeptical, thinking Frank was enjoying being his daughter a little too much. [LINK]

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Nick couldn't believe he was wearing his sister's wedding dress; heck, he was wearing her entire body! The night before the wedding, they were playing aroung with a strange medallion that caused them to swap bodies. After reading up on the internet they learned that they would be unable to swap back for 12 hours. His sister freaked. Her wedding was much sooner! Nick calmed her down and told her that he would pretend to be her for the wedding and reception, which would lat until just about 12 hours later; they'd swap back right before her husband whisked her off to the Honeymoon. She didn't like the idea, but she figured she had no choice. Now Nick was in his sister's body about to marry her husband. Little did he know of her husband's plans to sneak his sister away from the reception early for the Honeywmoon. [LINK]

Alone Time

On his 18th birthday, Al found out that he had the unique ability to morph his body into anyone or anything as long as no one else was around. He spent time as his sister, his dad, the school's head cheerleader; he even spent a day as a chair in the living room, unable to transform back until his family went upstairs to bed. On a whim, he morphed into a female celebrity. He certainly enjoyed the attention! However, when he finally wanted to morph back to being himself, he was unable to find any time alone. Reporters or photographers were following him constantly. Just when he thought he was alone, someone else would pop up. He had no idea how he was going to be able to get back to being himself! [LINK]

Divorce (Part 1)

Greg was certainly going to get an earfull when his wife got home. He was an inventor, and currently working on a teleportation device. A few wrong wires and too much power ended up swapping his son's head with the cat's! It was certainly a mess, but Greg was hoping to have it fixed before his wife got home. If she knew that he let their son anywhere near an experiment, she would divorce him for sure! [LINK]

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keeping It!

When Joe was visiting Exchange Island, he was lucky enough to wind up in the body of a young woman named Crystal. He wanted to keep it so bad, but was informed by staff that everyone had to switch back at the end of their vacation. Joe needed to figure out away to keep her body, so a few nighte before the end of his trip, he stole a boat late at night and snuck off the island. He was now at the airport on the mainland, miles away from the island, and he was waiting for a plane to take him back to Crystal's home in Los Angeles. He had done it an was eagerly awaiting his new life! [LINK]

The Best Party Ever

Things at the party sure got a lot more interesting after the Great Shift...(From left to right) Sure, Iris was one of the lucky few who didn't swap with anyone, but Brent, who had just arrived at the party, screamed when he found himself in a woman's body. Fred, a straightedge vegan who lived two floors up, was trying to have a quiet evening at home when the shift hit. It didn't bother him to now be in the body of a hot blonde woman in a short green dress, but the taste of cigarettes and beer in his mouth made him gag. Finally, Peter and Meg had swapped with each other. The two had been friends, but after swapping genders both had interest in experimenting sexually with their new genders, which they would do together in the bathroom in about 20 minutes... [LINK]

Band Geeks

Nate was pissed. Clara, the school's clarinet-playing band geek, had stolen his body somehow. Now instead of being a popular, big-man-on-campus, he was HER! The other band members noticed something was wrong almost instantly and were quick to make fun of his situation. Nate had hoped his girlfriend would notice something amiss as well, but so far it's been three days, and there was no sign that she could tell anything was up. He looked on with anger as she flirted with his old body. [LINK]

Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't Forget Your Password

Aaron sat frustrated in front of his computer. Why couldn't he remember his password for that website that turned him into a woman? It could modify your body in any way, and he had used it so many times to make himself taller or enhance the size of his junk if he had a big date coming up. So why the ONE time he when he turns himself into a woman does he forget his password? [LINK]

Life And Death

Carl had never believed in an afterlife, but then, well, we all die sometime. He didn't expect anything, so he felt it weird to be still on earth as a weird, morphable light. With no real shape, his dull shining wandered the streets. He wondered if he was some sort of lost soul. He saw a figure sitting on a stoop and approached it. It was a beautiful woman. He began to ponder if he could interact with people still. As he moved himself to touch her, he felt as if a black hole was sucking him in. Before he knew it, he was engulfed into her body. He had vague memories of his old like as Carl, but he was much more familiar with his new life as Carla. All her memories were now his. Her mother, her childhood, her recent breakup...all leading up to sitting down on this stoop. [LINK]

Now's Your Chance

Phil got a strange text message from his best friend, Sam, in the middle of the night which said, "Come outside now." At first he ignored it, but then he received a few more with statements like, "I really mean it," and "Trust me, you'll regret it if you don't." Eventually Phil made it outside to see his older brother's girlfriend, Gwen, sitting on the hood of his parent's car.

She began to speak to Phil, "It's about time. It's me, Sam. I told you that you had to see this! I don't know how, but somehow I ended up in Gwen's body. She is SO drunk right now; it's incredible, and I feel great. Oh, and I KNOW how hot you think she is. So, if you ever wanted to fuck your brother's girlfriend on the hood of car, well, now's your chance." [LINK]

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's Perfect (Part 2)

For Part 1, please click here.

Mike walked closer to his own new reflection. It WAS perfect. He ended up staring into the pane of glass for several hours just marveling at his new face and body. It wasn't every day that you get transformed into your fantasy. As the sky grew dark, Mike just continued to stare...[LINK]

Trusty Hat

BillyJoe wished that woman from the big city hadn't stopped and asked him for directions just as the Great Shift hit. He guesses he wouldn't have swapped with anyone, considering there was no one else around for miles. However, there she was, and when the Shift hit, he became her and she became him. He brought her back to his barn where they discussed what had happened. A little relief set in when they learned it wasn't an isolated incident. Both figured they could continue with their old lives in their new bodies. Considering they were all much too large for him now, BillyJoe gave her all his clothes, and she took the suitcase out of her car and gave it to him before driving off. BillyJoe groaned at the selection of outfits before him...well, at least he could still wear his trusty hat. [LINK]

So It Seems

"Those two hookers can sure run fast in our bodies. Think they're ever coming back, Jim?"

"No, Bill. No, I don't think they are."

"So we're stuck like this?"

"So it seems, Bill. So it seems."