Saturday, April 18, 2009

Smiling Politely

To the casual observer, it looked like an average mother (well, a somewhat slutty-looking-but-otherwise-average mother) was walking around looking for something while holding her son's. The truth was that the small child was actually leading the grown
woman around. The day before a witch had cursed the mom and her son to swap bodies, and they had spent all night tracking her down to this location. They had both agreed to try and act as each other while in public. The mom had scolded her son for the clothing choices in the morning, but he simply claimed he thought they "looked pretty." As they searched for the witch, a man stopped them and started to hit on what he thought was a beautiful woman. He handed a lollipop as a distraction to what he thought was a child. Both mother and son acted as they thought they should, whether that be by forcing a smile or sucking on a lollipop. However, while the man distracted the pair, the witch slipped away... [LINK]



Jerry's girlfriend had been a pain in his ass since the Great Shift put him in her body. Today was the first day that he was able to walk outside without getting all dolled up and wearing dresses. He was thankfully able to wear pants! He also was able to sneak to KFC for some fast food, something he loved, but his girlfriend wouldn't let him touch with concerns over her figure. [LINK]

Friday, April 17, 2009


Kenny thought it daughter, Lisa, was acting pretty strange since the Great Shift swapped their bodies. She was so unfriendly, demanding, and often seemed to enjoy punishing him for no good reason. He had hoped she was just upset about losing her youth and body, even though the swap was a complete accident. Still, he was getting sort of afraid of what she might do. [LINK]

Balding and Fat No More!

Wally let loose a shocked smile as he saw the results of the Great Shift in the reflection of a store front. Instead of being a balding, fat, middle-aged man, he was a beautiful, young woman! He always had a secret desire to be a woman, but his hairy old, fat body could never even come close to pulling off a convincing-looking woman, and he thought he'd look silly even with a sex change operation. This was a dream come true! [LINK]

One Hour

When his sister told him she could swap bodies with any willing person, Louis was skeptical. She kept pestering him to try it out with her; she wanted to feel what it was like to be a man, and she had only experimented with her female friends so far. Louis eventually gave in, but only for an hour. He was shocked to find out that his sister really COULD swap bodies, and now he was her. She ran off to experience life as a man as Louis yelled at her to meet back here in ONE hour. An hour passed, and Louis waited, still wearing the uncomfortable clothes his sister had on earlier (he had no interest in changing despite the discomfort), but there was no sign of her. Two hours passed, then three. He was beginning to get quite mad. However, what he didn't know was that his sister had been injured in a mugging and left for dead. If someone didn't find her soon, his sister would be gone and Louis would be trapped in his sister's body forever. [LINK]

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A long night...

Chuck was an inventer working on a bodyswitching device for the government. After a series of success with animal subjects, the single father asked his two daughter, Diane (age 8) and Rebecca (age 17), to help him with his final test. Success! Chuck was now in Rebecca's body, Rebecca was in Diane's, and Diane was in Chuck's. Diane giggled and ran off right before the machine made a loud pop. Chuck picked up a wrech; this was going to be a long night... [LINK]

Damn those aliens!

When aliens transported Chris onto their ship, he was freaked out; however, it turned out they were just curious about life on Earth. There was no anal probing; they just asked questions, and promised to transport Chris back when they were finished. A few hours later, they did just that, but something had gone horribly wrong! His transporter signal got crossed with another abductee by the name of Julie. When he got back to Earth, he felt his clothes move awkward on his body, making a weird sound as he did. He felt up the latex dress he now wore, leading one of his hands up to his new breast... [LINK]

Temporal Personality Transfer Device (Part 2)

For Part One, please click here.

Conrad was getting nervous. He simply didn't have the social skills to pull off Kelly' life. All her friends had stopped hanging out with him--it probably didn't help that he kept wearing her uniform all the time--and now he was afraid he was going to run into her and she was going to demand he swap back with her. But there was no way in hell he was going to swap back! [LINK]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anything it takes...

Neil regretted having to torture his old body, but this woman stole it and wouldn't give it back. She laughed when he threatened her. She said she wouldn't DREAM of possibly hurting his own body. Neil knew he had to prove her wrong. He hadn't done any physical damage yet, but he was prepared to break legs, cause bleeding, anything to prove to this woman that he was serious about getting his body back and doing ANYTHING it took. [LINK]

New Curves

Bill had tricked his buddy Keith into entering the MAU machine and began to laugh hysterically when Keith came out and started feeling up his new curves. Keith yelled, but Bill told him to calm down; all he needed was to go back into the MAU to reverse it...or turn him into anything else he wanted! Keith said he wanted to be a bodybuilder, but when he went back in, the machine wouldn't work. Both men were shocked; Keith was stuck in this body! [LINK]

Depressed in the Bathtub

Ever since the Great Shift all Paul could do was lie in the bathtub, occasionally getting up to get something to eat. He was just too depressed. He didn't want to be a woman; he didn't want to been in his early 20s again. His wife would try to console him, but it did little good. All it did was remind of who he once was, considering she wound up in his body. [LINK]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

Tom couldn't take his eyes off the mirror in the strange art gallery. The entire room was reflected perfectly, except instead of his reflection in the mirror stood a very pretty woman. She mimiced his actions exactly. He thought it was an actress at first, but it certainly LOOKED like a flat mirror, and there would be no way for an actress to pull off this trick could there? He curiously reached out. When he touched the mirror, it tugged on his arm, sucking him in. The harder he pulled, the more the mirror pulled. Once he was fully engulfed he looked down at himself and realized he now WAS the woman reflected in the mirror. He touched the mirror again, pressed his body against it, but there was no way back. A woman at the gallery then yelled at him for touching the art and kicked Tom out. But what was he going to do now? [LINK]

Divorce (Part 3)

For part 1, please click here.
For part 2, please click here

After merging bodies with his wife thanks to a broken invention of his, Greg had worked hard to fix it. After a bit of tinkering, he thought he had it correct. He powered up the machine, but he didn't see his wife's body anywhere. He was still merged, but this time the face was all his; the hair color now matched his own (instead of his wife's dark brown hair), but otherwise it was totally her body. The problem quickly became the fact that he could no longer remember any of his scientific knowledge! It had been replaced with knowledge of his wife's career abilities in law! He knew how to prepare a tort and file a motion, but no longer possessed any thoughts on how to fix the broken machine! [LINK]


"Hey, Clark, I think our daughters tricked us. According to this book, that spell they used to swap bodies with us. You know, so we could better understand them...or so they claimed. Well, that spell is apparently permanent! I guess we'd better get used to being them." [LINK]

Monday, April 13, 2009

Youth Group Fundraiser

Isaac was at his church's youth group fundraiser, a car wash, and it wasn't going well. However, after digging through the church clothing donation bin, he found a strange medallion and some sexy clothes, which transformed him into a drop dead gorgeous beauty. The tips at the carwash started to come in like gangbusters as Isaac finished the day with the borrowed body... [LINK]


Jenna and Carol thought they were teaching their husbands, Jake and Rick, a lesson by swapping bodies with them. The women thought the men would have a better understand of their lives and the difficulties of womanhood. However, Jake and Rick quickly became more interested in a lesbian love affair with each other than anything their wives had to lecture them about from their old bodies... [LINK]

Cover Your Eyes!

"Oh, God! Oh, God, No!" Daryl screamed as he put his hand over his eyes, hoping that when he opened them again, he would no longer be in his daughter's body.

"His," of course, was a loose term at this point. He had accidentally hit a witch's car on the way home. He had tried to play it off as her fault by yelling at her for being so careless. She responded calmly that she was going to put a curse on him, which he laughed off. However, by the time he got home, he noticed something was very different. He was shorter, the hair on his head was longer, but his body hair seemed softer and smoother. Meanwhile, as he looked at his own daughter, he noticed that she looked different as well. Within the next few minutes, the realization became clear--he had swapped bodies with his own daughter! It must've been that curse! [LINK]

Sunday, April 12, 2009

So what?

"So we switched bodies? So what?" asked Vinny, "We're both Freshmen in college, far away from our parents, with undeclared majors. Our grades and SAT scores in high school were almost exactly the same. The only real difference between us was our genders. So I'm a woman now, so what?"

Helen could only glare at her friend, who seemed to be taking this bodyswap way too lightly. [LINK]

Feeling Naked

Gary pulled his jacket closed a little and tugged down on his skirt. He really didn't mind that the Great Shift had just swapped him into a woman's body, but he sure did wish whoever's body this was dressed a little more modestly. He felt half naked wearing this short dress with low-cut cleavage! [LINK]


Earl had been a greasemonkey for 25 years. He was lowbrow and proud of it, but one day a Miss Carla Lopez brought her car in for repair, and he was enamored by her class. For the first time he felt a little jealous of someone who was a bit more uppercrust. However, he was not nearly as pleased when she came to pick her car up just as the Great Shift occured. Now he was in her high class body, and all he wanted was to get his old, dirty life back! Miss Lopez's hands seemed so clean; he felt bad even taking off her gloves to risk getting them the slightest bit dirty. Maybe if he hadn't been so enamored... [LINK]