Saturday, May 2, 2009

Best minutes

It had been Peter's dream to be a woman, so he was overjoyed when the Great Shift happened. Due to the disorientation of the shift, he fell to the street. When he realized what happened, he reveled in the feeling of his new body. He didn't see an SUV zooming down the street in his direction being driven by someone who unexpectedly found themselves behind the wheel of a car after the shift. Peter only lived for a few minutes in a woman's body, but they were the best minutes of his life.

To the mall!

Gary was pissed that the Great Shift swapped into
his mom's body. He had to wear all her stupid and
uncomfortable mom clothes! He was so happy when
the mall opened back up again and he could go
out and buy some t-shirts and jeans for himself!


Jose knew the cops were onto him and his drug trade, so he had the perfect plan to make the latest drop. He hired a hooker for a couple hours, switched bodies with her, and made the deal. The cops were looking for a hispanic male at the scene, a woman would never be suspected. He made the trade as smooth as possible and then returned to where the he left the hooker to make a payment for her "services."

Friday, May 1, 2009


Taylor had warned his sister not to play around with witchcraft, so he gave her such a hard time when a spell randomly swapped their bodies. She insisted that she couldn't be seen in his ugly, fat body and sent him to the store in her body to get the needed ingredients. On his way back, Taylor stopped in his tracks. Why would he want to go back to his old body? He dug through the contents replacing one spice with another to sabotage the spell that would return them to their own bodies...

Why is my body standing over there?

Chad heard a strange ringing and picked up a phone he found in his pocket, "Hello? No, I don't see her around. Who is this? Wait, since when do I have a cell phone. Wait, why is my body standing over there?"

Chad looked down, shocked to see that he had somehow swapped into his sister's body, and he could only guess she swapped into his as well...


Tyrone was the star of his school's basketball least until the Great Shift swapped him into the body of a short asian student. Now he had the skills, but lost all of his height advantage. Even on the girls' team, he was completely destroyed by the taller women in tryouts. He couldn't have been more upset and prepared to put down the basketball forever.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Political Posturing

The first thing Nate did after the Great Shift switched him into the body of Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin was whip out her breasts. Then he developed a plan. People would shell out a lot of cash to see these babies. He broke out his digital camera and started to take photos to sell on the web. This was going to make him a mint! [LINK]

Mixed-Up Family

"Joh--I mean, Mom! LOOK!"

12-year old John sighed and whispered under his breath to his 16-year old sister, "Look, it's bad enough that weird explosion trapped me in our stepmom's body and you in our little brother's body, but can you please act mature as we look for our baby sis trapped in dad's body...PLEASE?"

"But he's over there! NAKED! Being arrested by the police!" [LINK]

Hello Kitty

Hiroshi was made fun of his high school friends for his feminine appearance and love of Hello Kitty. However, when the Great Shift swapped him from his teenage asian male body into the body of a college aged white woman, well...let's just say that none of his old friends made fun of him anymore. At least not the ones that wanted to get into his pants. [LINK]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It had been two weeks since Kristen had swapped bodies with that brat, Tommy, who she babysat for; she was excited to hear Tommy's parents would finally be out for the night again and hired her old self to babysit once more. However, she was shocked to see how Tommy was dressing her body now that he was inside of it. To make matters worse, he told her that he was responsible for the swap and that it was permanent. [LINK]


Mark had no idea what happened to his beerbelly. He lifted up his shirt to reveal a tight, little tummy under it. He hadn't heard anything about the Great Shift yet,
but he was just another victim of the whole incident. However, considering being in 20-something woman was a lot better than being an overwight middle-aged man. [LINK]

Inexplicable (Part 2)

For Part One, please click here.

Phillip arrived back at the spot exactly at 3pm, ready to lay into Tina. Her friend had let it slip that she was behind the swap. Tina finally arrived at close to 4, trying to shrug off both her lateness and the fact she lied about causing the swap.

"I've had to wear your stupid heels ALL day!" Phillip yelled, "I had to pee sitting down! AND it was a challenge NOT to get your tights all wet while doing so!" [LINK]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where is John Edwards?

Many people were horrified when they found out John Edwards had
cheated on his wife. However, far fewer were aware of the strange
repentance he had agreed upon to make it up to his wife. Sure, it was
weird for him to have his head on a woman's body for three months,
but if that's what it took for her to forgive him, he'd do it! [LINK]

Fountain of Youth

Esther and Herman thought they had found the fountain of youth when they discovered that bodyswap spell. Now that they were young, they were going to live it up and party like they had seen their grandkids do. However, they both had wished they had swapped into the proper genders. Herman felt a little weird being the woman, and Esther felt totally weird as the guy... [LINK]

Please, come in...

"Welcome to the Great Shift Support Group for those that have been switched into the bodies of senior citizens. Many of our members were toddlers or teenagers; others have switched genders. I was a young male college grad, in fact, before I found myself in this middle-aged woman's body. Please, come in..." [LINK]

Monday, April 27, 2009

Other Plans

Cliff and his girlfriend, Amy, had used to Medallion of Zulu to
switch bodies with the plan to swap back after experiencing
life as each other for 12 hours. Instead, Cliff had plans of his take a plane as far-the-fuck away as possible and keep
Amy's body forever... [LINK]

Preventing a Panic

Kevin was at an outdoor rock concert when the Great Shift
happened, and he switched bodies with the lead singer of the
band. "Holy shit!" He exclaimed as he grasped his new breast
on stage, "What the hell happened? Is everything okay with
everyone else?" It wasn't long before he noticed a panic in the
crowd, but as the man--er--woman with the microphone, he
felt it was up to him to calm the audience down... [LINK]

Something in his drink...

Dave and Harry knew their buddy, Hank, would be pissed when he woke up. His ex-girlfriend had slipped something into his drink at the club that caused him to switch bodies with her. It was the strangest thing they had all ever seen, to see the two of them morph into each other; then they both passed out. They slipped their buddy and his ex into the bathroom to change their now ill-fitting clothes. They couldn't believe how hot Hank's ex was when they saw him in her body all naked. They didn't know how they were going to explain this to him when he woke up... [LINK]

Sunday, April 26, 2009


"What the--??"

Tina and Phillip could only stare at each other, dumbfounded, after the two of them had swapped bodies inexplicably. After a long period of silence, Tina suggested that they try to live the day as each other as best as possible--both had a lot to do--and meet back up at this exact spot at 3pm to try to figure out a way back to normal. [LINK]


Jimmy was a little upset that the Great Shift had swapped him into his teacher's body. Now he was the only one in class who was tall enough to reach a lot of things or take pictures off the wall. He also thought that adults had funny bodies and wore very uncomfortable clothes. He put his hands on his hips as his classmates made even MORE demands of him...just because he was in the teacher's body didn't mean he was the teacher! He wanted to cry! [LINK]

Steam Powered

When Seth started to play with the knobs and switches on the
machine in his grandfather's basement, he didn't expect anything
to happen, but soon puffs of steam started to come out of pipes,
and a whirring noise was heard before Seth passed out. When he
came to he was in a brand new, sexy body! He couldn't believe it!
The machine was easily from the 1800s and utilized outdated tech-
nology, but it had somehow modified his body form into a busty
woman's! This was clearly scientificly impossible, yet he had all the
proof he needed!