Saturday, May 9, 2009


"Holy crap! I didn't have these when I dove into the water!" Joe exclaimed. What he didn't realize was that when he was swimming, the Great Shift hit, which swapped his body with another swimmer's. He was far too focused on his exercise to notice the change, but when he stopped, his new body was all too apparent. He couldn't find his old body anywhere. He had hoped whoever was inside it just swam away, but was also very worried that whoever it was may have drowned.

Stashing the device

Kip smiled with the bodyswitching device in his hand. He had stolen Kira's body, and now she was frantically looking all around for her body. Of course, Kip had slipped into a nearby club, looking for a place to hide the device. Heck, he was enjoying Kira's body so much that he may just trash it or find a way to completely destroy it.

Freaking out

"Stop whining, Vince," Kelsea said trying to calm down her hysteric boyfriend after they had swapped bodies during the Great Shift,"I think I'm the one who got the short end of the stick here! You are in my gorgeous body! You're still rich! Stop freaking out! I'm sure scientists are already figuring some way to swap people back or something. Just try to enjoy it."

Friday, May 8, 2009

24-Hour Curse

"Hey, Kristen; it's me, Justin. I thought that curse where we'd switch bodies every 24 hours was over...Why am I back in your body? We apologized to the gypsy and everything; she said she'd lift it...No, I'm not smoking! What makes you think I'm smoking. I know your body doesn't smoke...Okay, so we have to see that gypsy again as soon as possible. I can't stand all of sudden being switched straight across town unexpectantly like this. Plus, well, you probably now know what I was doing when we switched...Yeah, totally embarrasing. Anyway, let's meet up tomorow morning to find that woman and get her to stop this curse...for real this time. Bye, sis."

Strange Experiments

Two weeks ago, Jeremy was kidnapped and subject to any number of strange experiments. He had his hands swapped with feet, his skin turned blue, and most recently, had his brain transplanted into the body of a beautiful woman. Seeing this as an opportunity to lead a somewhat normal life, he decided to escape. Sure, he'd have to adapt to life as a woman, but that was way better than leaning to live with five arms or two heads or something.


Gerald used to snatch purses for the thrill it gave him, but recently he was snatching something else...bodies! Ever since he found out that he had the power to steal other people's bodies, he would switch with someone and make a break for it. He was reveling in his latest theft, a young woman in her 20s. He had ducked into an alley to take a breather; he had never expected to outrun his previous bodysnatch victim, a male bodybuilder.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


It had been several months since Gregg signed
the contract to participate in a body swap
experiment. He had been paid a hefty sum,
and it seemed like he would never be called to
actually participate. However, one day he felt
woozy, and after a few blinks, he found that
he was now standing up. A woman had just
finished signing her name to a similar contact
he had signed months earlier. He was now her!
He hadn't expected the experience to be quite
like this!


With a strange spell he found online, Pete stole the body of a supermodel. He was pulling off imitating her life fairly well. He had a successful photo shoot and fit right in at a few fancy parties. Now the only thing left was waking down the runway. If he didn't trip this up (quite literally) then no one would ever suspect a thing.


George lifted the two mounds of flesh that now hung from his new chest after the Great Shift. He had to admit that there was a certain thrill about being in a female body. He wanted to experiment and play with it, but he felt a little awkward knowing that a woman inside his own body might be doing the exact same thing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


When Bill started dating Betsy, he had expected to have to date her for several months before getting to see her naked. Of course, he didn't expect the Great Shift to hit on their third date, swapping him into her body. As he started to undress his new body, he couldn't help but feel sexually excited as he undid every button and unzipped every zipper.


Jamie's mom always had a tough time convincing her son to do anything, something which was made even harder since the Great Shift swapped into the body of their 23-year-old neighbor, Sheila Bronson. His mom groaned at Miss Bronson's all too revealing outfits, which Jamie wore reluctantly simply because no one else's clothes would fit him. As much trouble as it was for his mom to get him dressed that morning, it seemed to be even more difficult to get him undressed so that he could take a bath. He simply refused. Jamie hated baths.

Smile and nod

"Just relax," Marcus told his girlfriend after they had switched bodies thanks to the Medallion of Zulu, "We've got twelve more hours before we can switch back. We'll go to this party, come home, sleep, and change back in the morning. No one at the party will suspect a thing. Just smile and nod. Don't open your--I mean, my mouth."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Alex couldn't believe what his sister had just done! She had taken his body and told him that she was never giving it back ever! He went through several stages when he realized he was now stuck in his sister's body! First, he got angry; he shouted at her to give him his body back. Next, he was in denial. He must be dreaming, right? Now he was just feeling sad. He curled up in a little ball on the couch, ready to cry.


Igor stared at the hole in the wall his old body had created as it escaped as he pondered how his master could betray him. When the mad scientist told him to get a person for his latest experiment, Igor complied by snatching up a young woman. He placed her in the large tube like he ordered, and proceeded to get in the other tube. Once again, just as his master had ordered. He never expected that he himself would be part of his master's latest plan. Usually, he would throw the switch at the scientist's command, but this time the doctor pulled the switch himself. Igor felt a shock run through his body, but as he tried to escape, he realized he couldn't. His formerly strong arms were now as weak as a woman' fact, the woman's he just captured. Master had created a brainswitcher, and he had used Igor as a test subject. The woman in Igor's body errupted with rage, using her new stength the break free through a nearby wall, damaing the machine in the process.

No Apologies

Jerry and Don had been two white frat boys at the local college before Don cracked an off-color racial joke. It was heard by two infuriated witches, who immediately cast a spell to swap bodies with the two young men. As soon as the frat brothers realized what happened, they took hot persuit of the women that stole their bodies. Eventually, the pair found themselves in an abandoned building. "Let's ambush 'em," Don said. "Wait," Jerry put his hand over Don's over-eager stomach, "Maybe they were just offended by that stuff you said. What if you just apogologized?" Don got angry at Jerry's suggestion and ran into the next room, but their old bodies were nowhere to be found.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Take some pride

"Look, I don't know how or why the Great Shift swapped our bodies, and I have even less idea about how to reverse it, but this sexy body and hot tits are mine now, so get used to it," Ryan said.

Rachel sighed, "It's okay; I know I'm not going to get my body back, but...Could you at least change my outfit? You've been wearing the same clothes for like a week now, and it looks disgusting! At least take some pride in my old appearance!"

Or for that matter...

"So, how do you put one of these things on? Or for that matter, take it off?"

Before the Great Shift hit, Edward had been an overweight 30-year old virgin. However, the shift swapped him into the body of his attractive sister, who was just a few years younger than he was. She couldn't believe that Edward was so dumb and thought that all his questions abut bras and such were just to rub it in her face that she was stuck in his old gross body...

Novel Idea...

Eric knew that the spell Christine had used to swap their bodies had to be in this book somewhere. She was reading it as she recited the words! Of course, what Eric hadn't realized was that the spell she used also had a supplimental, which fooled Eric into thinking that the romance novel in front of him was some sort of spellbook.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Links at Bottom of Captions

For those of you who have trouble with the captions (probably because you have ad blockers installed, just sayin'), I have added a link at the bottom of the captions. It will appear at the bottom of every caption, but it actually only applies to ones after May 1. It will also appear at the bottom of random posts like these.


Every since the freak accident in their father's basement which
caused the two siblings to switch bodies, Jason and his sister,
Alison, were on a quest to humiliate each other. First Alison
pranced around the neighborhood, ruining Jason's tough guy
image. Jason retaliated by wearing a plaid shirt and pink tutu,
devistating Alison's fashionable reputation. Alison wasn't going
to take that, and ran around in Jason's body completely naked.
It was going to get ugly...

First time for everything

Jenny was nowhere near a media source when the Great Shift
happened, so when it stuck Ted inside of her, he had no way to
know how he wound up in a body that practically breathed sex
out of every pore. He was immediately turned on by her leather
pants and grabbed one of his new breasts. He would've loved
have sex with this woman when he was a guy, but now, he was
this woman! He soon found himself masturbating and having
his first female orgasm.

Stop Whining!

"Is my boob going to fall out? God, I feel so naked in this bikini."

"Can you please shut up, Jake? You've been finding things to whine about ever since we swapped bodies with our moms, and honestly, at least your mom is hot! You've got nothing to complain about!"