Saturday, May 16, 2009


Ned had assumed that the Great Shift dropping him into a woman's body was some sort of punishment from God for some sin. After visiting the church to repent and seeing the priest in the body of a five year old, he realized that his sins could've been worse.

Post prom

"Alright, Kevin," Will demanded with his hands on his hips, "After hearing about how my sister dumped you a week before prom, I stole her body so that you would have a date. You're my best friend, and that was a total bitch move on her part, so it's the least I could do. But if you think I am having sex with you now after the prom, well then, I can see why she dumped you."


Despite being swapped into his daughter's body after the Great Shift, Dirk still enjoyed playing catch with his son. Of course, he felt somewhat intimidated now with thanks to his son having swapped with a major league baseball player. He kept shouting at Dirk to stop throwing like a girl.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fast learner

John wasn't exactly sure how to ride a motorcycle, and he was even less sure how he wound up in a woman's body (he would later learn it was the result of something called The Great Shift, which swapped the bodies of over 90% of the population). But using his best judgment, he figured out that the body he was now in used to belong to a hooker, and those angry screams coming from inside must be her pimp. Considering these two facts, John surmised that the best plan would be to get as far away as he could in the fastest possible manner. He didn't know how to ride a motorcycle, but he thought it best to learn quickly.


Like most people, Barry was in shock when the Great Shift hit. It didn't occur to him that he was in a completely new place, but he certainly felt the weight of two giant breasts hanging from his chest. He ripped his shirt open to look at the new flesh that now belonged to him, and his mind couldn't comprehend at the time what sort of event had caused this.


"You mean I get to wear underwear like this now?" Craig asked his older sister after the two had swapped bodies as a result of the Great Shift. He was getting excited about the idea of changing and seeing a woman in just her underwear, but then he thought about the fact that the naked body he'd see would be his sister's, and that he'd be the one wearing the underwear.

"GROSS!" he shouted as he threw the underwear back down.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Massive hangover

Rufus couldn't remember how or why he blacked out last night. He awoke with a massive hangover, but he hadn't remembered drinking a thing. He hadn't, of course, but the body of the drunken party girl he now was had been. Rufus had already been sound asleep when the Great Shift happened. He missed the panic, the reports, and everything. Fortunately, it wasn't long before someone explained to him why he was a woman wearing an absolutley silly outfit.

It's electric

Sam had been working as an electrician for twenty years and he had never seen anything like his latest job. He was in the basement of a mansion that belonged to Cheng Bei, the daughter of a Chinese businessman. Wires were connected in illogical manners, and connected improperly. He was fixing up the last one when a bolt of electricity shot up his arm. When he came to, he realized he was in Cheng's body! He rushed downstairs to find Cheng in his body also starting to waken. She explained the house was cursed, but she had never expected anything to come of it. She also started yelling something in Chinese before explaining that he would have to go to a fancy dinner tonight as her while she worked to reverse the curse. Cheng spent hours dressing Sam in appropriate clothing and makeup, but she sighed as she saw him sit like the low-class slob he was...

Zany Invention

"Okay, so you brought me out here to show me this stupid invention of yours to see if my company will invest," Jennifer said with her hands on her hips, "Now, come on. Show."

"Give me a moment," Dave responded as he started assembling parts. Once he was finished, clouds gathered and a thunderstorm started.

"So what is it?" Jennifer asked, "A rain machine?"

"Not quite." Dave said as lightning hit the small wheel and zapped both Jennifer and Dave. When they came to, Dave realized his invention had worked...he was now in Jennifer's body! He controlled her business and her money! He could use it to fund all of his zany inventions with no pitching or marketing required. Jennifer was much less happy to be in Dave's body. She threatened to sue, but Dave calmed asked who would ever believe her?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Very uncomfortable

"Uh...Miss Jennings, or should I now say Mr. Jennings?" Doug said, "I know these were your boobs before the Great Shift, but they are mine now. So, if you could please take your hands're making me very uncomfortable!"


Ever since he and his mom had swapped bodies, Carl
couldn't shake the feeling that she was messing with
him. She said he had to do all her chores and pretend
to be her, but he couldn't EVER remember seeing his
mom bake or wear an apron...yet she kept insisting!


It had been a long day at the amusement park for Al, Marty, Chip, and Owen. Now, with the day over, they stood in the parking lot wondering how they were going to explain everything to their parents. They rode the Gravitron, which had forces so intense that it ripped their souls out of heir bodies. When the ride settled, the souls scrambled to the nearest bodies. These four boys souls all happened to be close to very hot girls. The ride operator immediately apologized and asked the patrons to return so he could switch everyone back, but the four boys just continued on, each quite happy with the swap...much to the dismay of the four girls. Each boy was shocked that the other three was just as happy with their new gender as they were...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Loading Docks

Chuck screamed. He was sick and tired of this curse that caused him and his sister to swap bodies at random times...almost always the WORST time. He was on his first day of his new job at the loading docks, and it happened AGAIN. How was he going to lift anything with his sister's girly arms? Not to mention while wearing her short skirt and heels! Well, at least no one saw him morph into her...maybe he could slip out...

Bodyswap Gun

Michael felt like a real idiot. He had used a bodyswap gun that he got for his birthday to swap bodies with a REALLY hot woman. He had intended the swap to only be for a little while, but he realized that when he switched bodies, the gun was still in the hands of his old body! As he saw his body run away, with his only hopes of returning to his life, he felt like he could just shoot himself! In fact, he wished he could...with the bodyswap gun!


Patrick flagged for a cab, hoping he'd luck out and the magic taxi would stop for him again. When he first got stuck in thatcabbie's body, he had intended to swap with a person like he had been: young, successful, rich, and MALE. However, as a courtesy, he had let the phrase, "Have a nice day, Miss" as this one woman was getting out of the cab, and before he knew it, he was HER! He was sure that she probably wanted to get out of that cabbie's body as soon as possible. He'd been flagging cabs for a few hours, hoping to catch her, but so far no luck!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Julian was frightened and angry when he exited the MAU. He had agreed to let his buddy transform his body using the machine on the condition that he would turn him into a copy of the school's quarterback. Instead, he exited the machine as a copy of Tara Engle, the school slut. What would further piss Julian off was that his so-called friend had invited all the guys in school over who wanted to get lucky. They were waiting just around the corner...

That just wasn't right

After feeling a little woozy from what he would later learn would be called "The Great Shift," Michael looked down to see high heeled boots and a skirt. At that point, he wasn't sure what had happened, but he certainly knew that just wasn't right.

Temporal Personality Transfer Device (Part 4)

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Conrad promised himself that this time he would get it right. It's true that the past two times he had taken over cheerleaders' bodies using his Temporal Personality Transfer Device had failed. Not because the device didn't function. He took over their bodies, sure. But he was unable to totally adjust to being a popular girl; he was still a horny teenage geek at heart. Now he took over the body of Misty Johnston, another cheerleader from yet another school. Looking at his reflection in the car mirror, he was sure that THIS one would be the one. He'd pull it off this time!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cash in

"How do you think these dames are gonna react when they wake up with the cash cleared out of their accounts?" Marty asked while taking a drag on a cigarette.

"They ain't gonna be too happy," Chuk responded as he pulled the last amount of cash from the ATM, "Speaking of which, if we don't get back soon, those drugs are gonna wear off. If these broads wake up in our bodies, there's no way we'd be able to overpower them."

"Relax. If they try anything, we just threaten to keep their bodies. These dames take care of their bods. They ain't just gonna give 'em up. In fact, I'm having second thoughts about doing so myself..."

Girlie stuff...

After a heated argument the night before, Josh and his wife Cindy woke up in each other's bodies on Saturday morning. Both were releaved that the weekend meant that they didn't have to go to work, but they did have a party to attend. Josh felt really silly as his wife applied his makeup. He couldn't do ANY of this girlie stuff...

Fatty Foods

Eric had been fat for most of his life. He had always blamed it on his genetics. By age 40, he was HUGE, weighing well over 300 pounds. So when the Great Shift hit, putting him in the body of a 20 year old fitness model, he was very happy. Sure, he had to deal with being a woman, but he was SKINNY! And he was HOT as well! A few months later, Eric's friends felt the need to say something. He was putting on a little weight. He scoffed it off, sayiing it was normal because models "starve themselves" and he was just eating normally now. Yet another year later and his once sexy body was now certainly overweight. Apparently, Eric's old weight problem wasn't genetic, but due to the massive amounts of fat-filled food he consumed on a daily basis. He had a second chance and he ruined it...