Saturday, May 23, 2009

That bitch tricked me!

"That bitch tricked me," Quincy mumbled, "I told my cousin about my secret desire to be a woman, and she offered to swap bodies with me. At first I thought she was bullshitting me, but she insisted she could do it. All she needed was someone who was willing; I quickly agreed. Now I know why she was so eager to swap. Shortly after she left, the cops came and slapped on some handcuffs and arrested me! I'm not sure what she did, but I'm pissed off she did this to me!"

Private school

Many people enroll their children in private schools with the best hope for their children, and the Jones family was no exception. They wanted their boys, Jay and Zak to go to the best school in the county. Unfortunately for the boys, it happened to be an all girls school. The boys parents, unwilling to take no for an answer, forced their sons to dress as girls for the admission test. When they passed with flying colors, their parents forced them to attended, dressing them up as convincing girls in school uniforms each day.

Do you read me?

"Attention, Tower, come in, Tower. This is pilot Nicholas Drake requesting an emergency landing. We don't know how or why, but apparently all crew and passengers on board our flight have somehow switched bodies. I am currently in the body of one of the female passengers, so don't be alarmed by the sound of my voice. Tower? Do you read me?...What? The body switching happened on the ground too? Alright, help bring me down, Tower."

Friday, May 22, 2009

You won't get away with this!

"Mr. Bond, I've been expecting you."
"But how did you--"
"Last time you were at my headquarters, you accidentally activated my bodyswitching machine and swapped with my top spy, Ivana. True, you subdued her and brought her to the authorities. She escaped, however, beat you here, and explained the whole thing to me. Now, I will use the machine to switch my brain out of this bimbo's body and into the British Prime Minister's! I will rule the world, Mr. Bond!"
"You won't get away with this, Blofeld!"
"I already have, Mr. Bond, I already have."

What a raw deal!

What a raw deal! Ethan had paid good money to have his brain transplanted into a woman's body--almost half of his inheritance! However, noticing a strange mark on his skin, he began to press and pull on it--it wasn't long after until he could pull his skin off to reveal that under his fleshy exterior was the inner-workings of a robot! He had so been shortchanged! They didn't place his mind in a woman's body, but inside of a cyborg made to LOOK like a woman! He couldn't feel more cheated!

Birthday wishes

A month ago, Jimmy's big sister went away to college and he missed her so much. When his birthday came around, and the candles on the cake were ready to be blown out, he could only think of one thing. "I wish I was with my sister right now," he mumbled. The next thing he knew, he had been swapped into the body of his sister's roommate, yet somehow still wearing the hat from his birthday party. Yeah, he wanted to be with his sister, but not in some coodie-filled girl's body! He only hoped this would wear off once his birthday was over!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


While many of the other workers on the site who were swapped into women's bodies as a result of the Great Shift ended up quitting...or at least taking a few days off...Jim, on the other hand, immediately reported back to work in his new body without even taking the time to change into more appopriate work clothes. He just took the wheel, and continued on getting the lot ready for the next stage of construction. While Jim had promised to wear more appropriate clothes the next day, he boss told him not to worry about it, and even asked if he could try to find something even more revealing from his new body's closet as the remaining workers were surprisingly production with eye candy to stare at.

Poked, prodded, and strapped down

Bill couldn't believe that after three months of being poked, prodded, and strapped down in an experimental lab that they would just leave the door open for him to escape. Of course, what Bill hadn't yet realized was that the experiments were done and that they had swapped his brain with that of a young woman. A microchip had been planted in his brain to monitor his actions and reactions. The results of the study turned out to be a disappointment, as once he realized he was now a woman, Bill didn't seem to care or alter his life much at all.

Beach Exchange (Part 1)

Shortly after seeing a glowing ball of blue light, Melissa noticed some changes to her body. First, her blonde hair turned dark, and she felt a bit more fuzz than before on areas like her arms and stomach, but that was only the minor change that the role exchanger caused. Her muscles had grown out, she became beefy and strong. When she looked across the beach, she could see a hairless, skinny man trying to lift weights. Somehow she had swapped body hair and physiques with a bodybuilder on the beach! It must've been that blue thing she saw; it was the only thing she could think of. She first ran towards the man, amazed how fast she could run with her new bulked up legs, grabbing his arm and then jetting in the direction of the glow. She'd give anything to have her body back to normal!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In hindsight Chuck came to the conclusion that stealing his mom's body was a bad idea. He felt so old and tired now. He quickly became jealous watching his mom inside his old 8 year old body be able to run circles around him all day long when all he felt like doing was sitting down and relaxing.

Favorite jeans

"Hey, Sis," Chris said as he opened the door to his sister's room, "I just was seeing how you're doing after this whole Great Shift swapped our bodies. Mom said you were taking it pretty rough."

"What are you wearing!?!" Meg screamed back at her brother.

"Oh, I just took some of your jeans and made some cut-offs. It was hot, you don't own shorts, and I wasn't about to wear a skirt!"

"You cut them so short! It makes me look like a slut...and those were my favorite jeans!!!"


After a freak accident in their basement, Dan and his sister, Jenny, swapped bodies. Their father, a dedicated scientist, asked if they wouldn't mind staying that way for a week so he could study the cross-gender transference. Dan protested, but Jenny agreed; she off to live Dan's life. However, it appeared that she was using the opportunity to embarrass in every possible way. Dan plotted his revenge, and on Friday night he scheduled a date with the school stud. After a drive-in movie, the stud took Dan in his sister's body home. Dan took his top off in preparation to totally humiliate his sister, but when it actually came time to do the deed, Dan vomitted at the thought of having sex with another dude and ran out topless.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad news for you

Parker had been napping when the Great Shift happened. When he awoke, he found himself in a strange bed in a strange room in a strange body. As he started to explore the curves of his new body, he heard a man enter. "Thank God," the man said, "Are you alright, honey? I was scared when I heard about the news report about people's bodies being swapped, but I'm still me. Are you still you?" Parked stammered, "I'm sorry; I'm afraid I have some bad news for you..."

Limo Ride (Part 1)

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Max was shocked when he suddenly found himself in the back of a limo in a woman's body. He wasn't sure how it happened, but he wasn't about to waste an opportunity like this. He spread open his legs, lifted up his dress, and began to explore his new anatomy.

Totally cute, but totally screwed up

Clyde had cast a spell to swap bodies with his neighbor, Bob, so that he could have sex with his hot wife. However, after casting the spell, he found himself his the body of Bob's wife and not Bob. When he looked down the first time he freaked out, but then the second half of his spell took effect--the part that allowed him to pass off as Bob, but now it would allow him to pass off as his wife. He looked down and thought "hrmmm...not bad. In a couple years I might need a tummy tuck or a facelift, but still looking hot in this totally cute dress that I recently bought!"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Accident at the school's chemistry lab

When the school's chemistry lab caught on fire from a freak explosion, Ike ran for his life as it spread. The fire engulfed the school and a nearby parking lot, and Ike continued to run. Fire wasn't the only result of the explosion; however, a strange mixture of chemicals in the lab caused much of the student body to swap bodies. Ike, for instance, was running for his life, but inside the body of the school's head cheerleader, Tammy. He had hoped his own body was still alive, and that there would be a way to swap back someday.


As Sal looked down, he couldn't help but wonder what his ex-girlfriend had slipped into his drink. Sure, he knew it was a dick move to dump her on Valentine's Day, but he was sick of her. He should've thown his beer out after he saw her fiddling with it at a bar the next week. Now whatever she put in it had caused him to grow giant bumps on his chest. His alcohol-filled mind took a little longer to realize it wasn't just bumps on his chest. The strange potion his ex had dropped in his drink had caused them to entirely switch bodies. She was now him and he was now her!

Sculpure Swap

Albert and his wife, Raquel, were visiting the center of town for the unveiling of a new sculpture. It was an ancient piece recently uncovered in an archeological dig. As the Mayor pulled the sheet off, revealing it to the sun. When this happened, Albert and Raquel were blinded, and they shortly realized they were in each other's bodies! After looking around, it appeared the whole town had swapped bodies with someone else!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grounded for life

"Look!" Ron pointed, "There are our daughters! I know they are pissed for us grounding them after they broke curfew, but it was no excuse for them stealing our bodies and our cars! I can't believe we had to ride here on their bikes. We're their fathers for Christ's sake! Now we pretend to apologize to trick them into swapping back, and then they are so grounded for life."

Pure fantasy

"I hope you like the view of your former ass, because it's the last time you are ever going to see it," Rick shouted back to Martha. He had stolen her body with an ancient spell, and was now planning to escape with a one-way ticket to Europe. Meanwhile, Martha could only stare at Rick in her old body, completely stunned that her boyfriend would do this to her...completely shocked that he even had a bodyswapping spell, which she had thought was pure fantasy.

Weekly football game

Before the Great Shift, Bill played football in the backyard with his son, and they continued the tradition even after the Shift swapped them into the body of two college co-eds from down the street. The Shift had certainly caused the game to change. For starters, they found running, throwing, and tackling to be more difficult. Next, they thought it odd that their weekly game attracted a collection of spectators that grew larger and larger each week.