Saturday, June 6, 2009

Grand piano

Once the Great Shift hit, Jerry could immediately tell something was wrong. He felt...weird, and he was in a strange, large house. There was no mirror in the kitchen, and he just couldn't seem to find a bathroom. Eventually he settled on the first reflective surface that he could find, which happened to be a grand piano. Seeing himself, he knew why he felt weird! He was a woman!

Throw like a girl (Part 2)

Grant's smile faded after seeing the first pitch roll across the plate. He still let out a little smirk, as he really felt if he could just get the ball over the plate into the strike zone, he KNEW he could get this guy out and hold onto this record. He started to focus, which was hard considering how turned on he was by his new sexy body, let alone by some of the bodies of some of the other players on the field.

Record companies are evil!

Record companies are evil! Just ask Blake and Tim. They'd tell you...Or at least they would if they hadn't signed a contract stating that they'd never say a bad word about the label...ever! Not only that, once their band was signed, the label took the image-clause to mean that they were allowed to take the brains out of the two talented young men's heads and transplant them into the bodies of talentless bimbos. Then they made them to wear the slutiest clothes possible, and surgically forced smiles on their faces. Of course, all this was charged against the band's advance. Despie the labels claims that the band would be the next big thing, once the CD hit stores, it STILL didn't sell any copies. The record company blamed MP3s.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Safety School

Aaron could hardly believe he was starting his first day at college! He had thought his dreams of furthering his education were crushed after the Great Shift took his 18-year-old body from him, and swapped him into a 30-year-old black woman. Sure, he had still had decent grades, but he no longer had the body that helped him earn a scholarship for swimming, which meant he couldn't afford school anymore. Luckily, the government and various universities were sympathetic to the swapped. Many set up special assistance programs for people in positions like Aaron. Sure, he may have had to attend his safety school, but he was still at college!

No Blood Relation

Leo had always had a crush on his sister, Jenna. He hadn't felt guilty about it since his sister was adeopted from China, and therefore had no blood relation to him. When he swapped into her body after the Great Shift, he was drooling at the opportunity. He lifted one of her high heeled shoes against the wall, and just stood there, barely being able to wait for the surrounding chaos to calm down so he could take the time to explore his new body without the chance of being interrupted.

Throw like a girl

Grant had been pitching a no-hit season so far. However, he was in despair when the Great Shift hit, swapping his athletic body with a female fan. He wasn't about to let his new body get in the way of his perfect record. He took to the mound, wound his pitch, and looked in despair as his pitch rolled across the plate. He didn't expect that being a woman would mean that he would actually throw like a girl.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


"Congratulations, Jenny, you found me only eight months after I stole your body, but if you think I'm giving it back, well, then you're just plain crazy. I have no desire to give up your young, sexy, healthy body in exchange for my old, worn out one. Face it, you're an old man now, Girl! Now leave me alone, I'm going back to working out to make sure your body...MY body stays toned."

Identity Theft

In the not too distant future, scientists developed a way to swap personalities from body to body, effectively making bodyswaps possible. Of course, this new technology quickly became exploited, and identity thefts took on a whole new meaning. Garrett was on his way to file papers with the local courthouse after his body was stolen by a young woman named Scarlet. It would take a few weeks to process the paper work, so for the next few weeks it would seem he would have to live as a woman until his claim was sorted out.

Yelled out of the men's room

Jack smiled after being yelled out of the men's room. He had completely forgotten that he was a woman now. On his recent trip overseas, he had mysteriously swapped with a beautiful asian woman. It was always his dream to be a woman, but he had actually expected to feel a little different. Things just sort of seemed the same and going into the men's room had been a force of habit for over 20 years of his life before this.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Christina had the perfect plan to steal her boyfriend Tommy's body. She got herself drunk and then downed a roofie right before activiating a quick swap spell. Now in her boyfriend's body, she rushed over to her old self, picking her stumbling body off the floor. She put her arm around Tommy and brought him back to her house before taking a bit of stored cash to the airport to jet clear across the country, leaving what would be a very confused Tommy the next morning.

Forcing a smile

Nick tried to force a smile as he headed off for a night on the town with his sister's friends. He felt uncomfortable in the all-too-short skirt and all-too-high heels, but after a freak accident swapped his and his sister's body, she forced him to continue her life as normal or she would use his body to embarass him. He didn't know what she had in mind, but he didn't want to find out. Of course, after his night out on the town, he realized that he liked his sister's life, and didn't want to switch back...


Dan was in his attic when he came across a strange mirror. The person looking back at him from the mirror's other side was his exact opposite. Instead of being a fat, overweight grease ball, a beautiful, blonde woman stared back at him. He touched the image and got sucked in! He passed out, and when he got up he realized he was now that woman in a very different world. Things were like a bizarro version of the world. People were driving on the wrong side of the road; his entire house looked the same, but was clean instead of messy. A man was downstairs urging Dan to get ready; after all, he had to make an appearance on the yellow carpet of a movie premiere!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It was just another morning looking through the help wanted ads for Russell. He had lost his job after the Great Shift. Most people were protected by a government act maintaining their positions after the shift, but he was quite literaly unable to undergo the physical lifting and streneous work with his new, sexy body that he received thanks to the shift. Sure, he was getting government assistance, but he WANTED to work! He hated sitting around and doing nothing, especially with the distraction of his new body...

Reverse Racism

Barry couldn't be more upset about the results of the Great Shift. He was the only one of his friends who ended up in the body of a white woman--and they let him know it! Most of his friends just swapped with each other, a few lucky ones switched with their older brothers or dads. However, Barry was now constantly made fun of whenever he hung out with his friends for his situation. He eventually became quite the loner, hanging the stoop of his apartment, where he lived with his mom, who had swapped into his young, 12-year old African American boy body.

The Ocean

When Gary accidentally fell from the deck into the cruel, unforgiving ocean, he thought it would be the end. His whole life flashed before his eyes. He didn't think that he'd be washing ashore some thousand or so miles away, and he certainly didn't expect he'd be doing it in someone else's body! The Great Shift had saved him from fate. Instead of drowning in the center of the cold ocean, he was near the shore of a warm a woman's body! It would be a different life, that's for sure! But he had been given a second chance and he was determined to make the best of it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Chase

Curt couldn't believe the spell worked. He had stolen Rebecca's body, and then he made a break for it. She tried to chase after him, but considering she was now in his half-naked body, she was quickly stopped by the police allowing Curt to escape with her body!


After swapping bodies with his sister in a terrible accident, Vinny could've been a stick in the mud, but he wasn't. He knew that his sister's upcoming gymnastics tourament was important to her, so he practiced and trained his heart out to make sure he could pull off her routine at the event. It was far from perfect, but his sister was so happy that he made the effort, and that he placed just high enough so that she could continue to the next level by which time they will hopefully be swapped back.

Surfing Contest

It was like something out of an 80s movie. Drew, The best surfer on the beach had challenged Taylor to a surfing contest, but Taylor had never ridden a surfboard before. The stakes couldn't be higher--Drew had stolen Taylor's body so she could surf professionally, and this wager was so that he could get his body back from her! He was at a severe disadvantage as not only did he not know how to surf, but he was thrown off by his new center of balance.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Social responsibility

When the Great Shift hit while Jason was at a concert, he ended up swapping with the show's star. From his new position on stage, he could see the chaos in the crowd and anticipated a riot might break out soon. Feeling a bit of social responsibility with the microphone now in his hand, he decided to overcome the discomfort of the immodest leather outfit he now wore and spoke to the audience. He told them that he assumed they were swapped, just like he was, but that panic wouldn't get anyone anywhere. The masses slowly calmed as people began to sort out who was who.

Dear Journal

"Dear Journal,

"It has now been sixteen days since the Great Shift. I have adjusted to being in a woman's body quite well up until today, which was the day of my first period. I had cramps; I felt bloated...everything people told me it would be. I hadn't missed being a guy up until this point--I had adjusted to other things, like make-up and women's clothing. Heck, I even caught myself checking a guy out the other day--A GUY! It was weird! But now, I just wish things could go back to the way they were; I wish I could be my old, male self again. But I know that's impossible...I need to learn to live with this."


Dylan knew that the woman he had been dating was a witch, but he hadn't expected her to take the breakup so bad. She cast some weird spell to swap bodies with him...even worse was that she put another spell on top of it so that he could not tell anyone who he really was. Feeling frustrated, he would write things in a vague manner to express his state, hoping someone would figure it out...