Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sam couldn't help but catch a glimpse of a old man constantly gawking. Finally, Sam screamed out, "Look, you've been following me for a while and I think I know why! This was your body, I'm guessing. For one, there's no way I know that, but I'm guessing. Two, in case you haven't heard, the Great Shift is permanent, so there's no way you're getting this bod back, even if I wanted to give it back to you!"


It was a little difficult for Henry to take his girlfriend's situation seriously. After falling off a horse they were riding together, he regained consciousness to find himself in her body. He assumed she was in his, but he just couldn't find her anywhere. Then he saw a strange sight, his old body drinking water from a puddle. When Henry approached, his body made all sorts of horse noises, which led him to only one conclusion. His girlfriend must be in the horse's body! He laughed the entire way back to the ranch, and couldn't help but giggle even as he tried to figure out how to help her.

Secret weapon

Ken was competing in an amateur boxing match. If he won, he'd get $1000. In the last round, he really had the guy on the ropes and close to a TKO. He knew he could finish him off in the next round, but all of a sudden, his opponent seemed to be getting bigger. However, he wasn't, Ken was actually getting smaller and slowly transforming into a small asian woman! He was freaking out not knowing how or why this was happening. His opponent smiled...his secret weapon was working, and Ken would either have to forfeit or risk getting his new tiny body destroyed in the next round.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Scott couldn't help but feel a little awkward with the results of the Great Shift. It wasn't the heavy weight of the long hair that replaced his crew cut or the massive breasts he now sported. It was this damn short skirt! He couldn't wait to get home and change!


Lee was on the lower deck of a cruise ship when it passed through a mysterious fog. It was so thick that it he couldn't even see his own hand in front of his face, but within a few minutes it passed. Oddly, Lee now himself on the upper deck of the ship, wearing a blue dress and red high heels. Somehow he had swapped bodies with a woman on the ship! Judging from the screams around him, he wasn't the only one...


Bill had been ogling a girl half his age at a bar. After noticing, she exploded at him with anger, speaking in a strange language he didn't understand. When he went to sleep that night, he certainly didn't expect to wake up in her body! At first he was pissed, but he soon learned that this body had its advantages. For instance, a woman would notice a middle aged man checking out her legs while pretending to tie his shoes, but Bill noticed that when he adjusted the strap on his heel, he could check out a woman's legs for a long time without her even noticing!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lady luck

Two weeks ago, Earl would've told you he was the most unlucky guy in the world. He had just become homeless shortly after losing his job, and had been living on the streets for a few days. Then he felt the world spin around him, he thought he was getting sick or about to die, but then the world refocused from a harsh concrete outside into a soft, gentle inside. The Great Shift had turned his luck around, and now he was in the body of one of the richest women in town! Despite a government mandate telling people to reveal their true identities to get back to their old lives, Earl had no interest in going back to his old life, so decided to keep quiet.


Everytime Marty looked down, he could see the effects of the Great Shift first hand, as could most people. It didn't bother him that he was thirty years younger or that he was now a woman. What bothered him was knowing that while he was having a good time enjoying a second youth in his daughter's body, it had robbed her of the opportunity by swapping her into his middle aged body. She played it off like she didn't mind, but he knew it just wasn't fair, and he felt guilty for it every day, despite the fact there was nothing he could've done about it.

Not dead yet

Lance was moments away from dying in the hospital when the Great Shift struck, swapping into the body of one of the nurses on duty. It wasn't long before many people came up to him in a panic, demanding to know why they were all of a sudden in a new body. He kept trying to explain that this wasn't his body either, that he was swapped like everyone else, but few let him get a word in. It was tough, but he managed to slip away into a room by himself and sit down on the bed. He wasn't sure how to deal with being a young woman, but it was certainly better than dying of old age.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Youth Group Fundraiser (Part 2)

This is a loose continuation based off of this caption.

When Isaac told his brother Josh that he had found a way to make money at the church car wash, Josh's ears perked up and he was quick to offer assistance. When Isaac showed him a worn medallion and a slutty looking dress, however, Josh looked at his brother as if he'd gone crazy. Two hours later, Josh was wearing that dress and washing cars. Sure, he was glad to be helping with the raising money for the church, but he was certainly NOT happy about the situation (specifically the body) it had put him in!

Do not descend the crater

Sure, the sign read, "Do not decend the crater," but Jake thought it was a mere warning about safety. Little did he know that it was a warning about the crater's curse. After descending late at night, he was shocked to emerge from the crater the next morning as a whole new person...quite literally. Though he stood in complete horror after not only losing his manhood but also every sense of self he ever knew, his curiosity began to get the best of him...what would happen if he went down again? Would he return to being himself or would he emerge as yet another person? The possibilities seemed endless...

Text Messaging

Jack's fiance found a strange bodyswitching spell online and begged him to use it with her. He reluctantly agreed, as long as it was for ONE DAY, and ONE DAY only. After 24 hours, they were supposed to meet at the diner where they met to swap back. Jack sat and waited. She was at an hour late and he had been nursing that Budweiser the entire time. He casually flipped his fiance's pink heels, which he had found so uncomfortable. Then his phone made a noise...a text? It was from her; it was an apology. She was sick of being a woman and she had run off in his body.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Experiment over NOW!

Jacob was frustrated with the science experiment that he and his wife, Danielle, had signed up for. It wasn't the weird bodyswap that put them in each other's bodies that bothered him, it was the fact that they were constantly filming them, then showing the tapes back to the pair, explaining how Jacob needed to learn to act more feminine, or that Danielle needed to work on being a convincing man. Jacob put his hands on his hips; enough was enough! He was this experiment over, and he wanted it over NOW!

Dorm life

For the first month or so after the Great Shift, things didn't change much in the dorm room of Todd, Pat, Chuck, and Fred even though Todd and Pat had been swapped into the bodies of two women while Chuck and Fred were still men. Then, of course, after a night of heavy drinking the two men-turned-women bragged about how flexible their new bodies were. Fred asked them to demonstrate and the two obliged. It wasn't long before they all started getting ideas and complicating their relationships forever.

Sorting things out

When Ryan realized he was somehow in a different place from where he was simply moments before and in a different BODY too, he quickly rushed back to where he was. However, he was dismayed when he learned that the person in his body was not the person whose body he inhabited. Sorting out who was who would prove to be quite complicated.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Too Many Times

It looks like John surfed onto Great Shift TG Captions one too many times. He keeps checking it day after day in hopes that he'll get his old body back.

The afterlife

When Jim died, he was shocked at the feeling of numb near-nothingness. Everything seemed fuzzy and unclear. He felt trapped and scared but also at peace. Then he heard some weird chanting, pulling his mind out of the mush. He could feel a tugging and could start to see dirt around him. Then his sight changed as he emerged from the ground--a graveyard...his grave...he must've been buried. He was pulled toward a sexy young woman with a book reciting the chant he heard. As he apprached closer his soul was sucked into her body! Was this the afterlife? Was this who he now was? Some goth chick? What happened to her mind?


Adam coudln't believe how much he lucked out as a result of the Great Shift. He had swapped bodies with a world famous super model. Since her talent consisted mainly of her looks, he essentially stole her celebrity. He couldn't believe he was sitting in a studio next to Robert De Niro (in his new, younger body) and being interviewed by Carson Daly. Granted, it was a little weird now that Daly was in the body of an elderly woman, but still!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


When Mark swapped bodies with his daughter, Rachel, they both agreed to keep it quiet. Mark was a local politician in Morgantown, and Rachel felt it would ruin her reputation at school if anyone knew. They both smiled as they posed for a picture to promote Mark's upcoming campaign. He knew Rachel was doing fairly well, but fretted how she would hold up at the debates.


Kathryn gave her son some bubbles to keep him occupied until she could sort out why the electrical surge caused an unexpected bodyswap between him and their visiting neighbor, a recently married 23 year old woman named Martha, who was fretting what she'd tell her husband. Of course, to Kathryn's son, Mikey, it really didn't matter what body he was in! He just wanted to have fun!


Ned was at home when the Great Shift happened and was shocked when the world changed around him. All of a sudden he was driving a car; he swerved to avoid a car breaking in front of him. Now being miles away from home, he took the car off the main road to avoid traffic chaos. When he arrived home, he was in for his second shock. He had been so occupied by being in a stressful driving situation that he hadn't realized he had been swapped into the body of a very sexy woman.