Saturday, June 20, 2009

Teaching a lesson

When Steve was swapped into the cab driver's body by the Magic Taxi, he read the journal that told him how to swap again, but he thought that wouldn't be fair to the next person. He was resolved to tough it out. That was until Claire got into the cab. She was spoiled, sure, but that wasn't where it ended. She assumed Steve didn't speak English and was on her cell phone the entire time making racially insensitive comments. Steve knew if anyone needed to learn a lesson and spend some time in someone else's shoes, it was this girl. She began to walk out of the cab, ready to stiff Steve on the fare until he turned to her and said, "Have a nice day, Miss." He looked back at the horror on what was his face for the last month, as he sprung away in Claire's body.


Dylan had always been jealous of the beautiful, colorful clothes women got to wear, so when the Great Shift ended up plopping into a female body he was ecstatic. He took the opportunity to wear all sorts of skirts and dresses. Though he had to admit, some of the clothing was a lot tighter and restrictive than he expected. He also couldn't help but think it was weird that someone would design clothes without pockets!


Jay hid up against a wall when he suddenly found himself in a strange place. He was sure he was in danger when he heard whispering voices. He couldn't fully make them out, but he was sure the phrases, "body swap," "escaped," and "further experimentation" were muttered. Considering the giant breasts sticking out of the pink top (neither of which were his), he had a feeling that the bodyswap reference was about him...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Answer Me

"I said DON'T switch our bodies, Karen," Larry yelled into the phone, "Karen? Karen? Are you there? I can hear you breathing! I want my body back. I want it now. I don't like being in your body...especially right in the middle of your period! Karen? Karen? Come on! Answer me!"

Keep on truckin'

Hurley didn't know how or why a 20-something-year-old woman would want to steal his body. Heck, maybe the bodyswap wasn't her fault, but the fact that she started to drive away in HIS truck in HIS body seemed to suggest she was trying to steal it...or at least get away. Luckily, Hurley used to be in the army and was able to use his training to run up to the moving truck and grab onto the side. He wasn't going to lose his body that easily!


When the Great Shift hit, Bob found himself miles away from home on the side of the road. His first concern was how he was going to get home, but realizing he wasn't in his own body, his priorities changed. Though at least he figured he could use his new sexy body in a bathing suit to solve his earlier concern. He stood by the side of the road, waiting for a car to pass so he could hitchhike. Due to the Shift's chaos, no one was driving. A car wouldn't pass for hours.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pumping Gas

The gas station attendants were shocked when they saw the richest woman in town, Mrs. Worth, pull up to self-service, pull out an iPod, and start pumping her own gas. She never lifted a finger in her life! What they didn't know was that a strange accident had caused Mrs. Worth to swap bodies with the teenage boy that lived down the street from her. He said he'd try to hide it as much as possible, but he had no idea how to live as a rich woman!

Dumpster Diving

Frank was furious when his wife told him she had thrown away the medallion responsible for swapping their bodies. He stormed down to the trash room still wearing his wife's fuzzy green jacket high heels, and leather mini skirt. He really didn't want to waste the time to change into her work clothes, and he really didn't care if he ruined her nice outfit. After searching for about an hour with his industrial flash lights, a blonde woman came down. Claiming to be a man named Everett, 'he' said he was also looking for a medallion that his sister had thrown down here after she trapped him in her body. A black woman in a purple coat came down shortly after with a similar story only claiming it was his girlfriend who had stolen his body. Finally, a fourth woman came down; she stared at the others for a moment with one hand on her hip. After hearing the other three mumble, she ran back upstairs as quickly as possible. As she got to the top of the stairs, she looked at her hand and she knew he had to do something else with this medallion--she couldn't just throw it away; the others might find it and force her to swap back with her fat, overweight, balding slob of a neighbor. She enjoyed her new life a sexy woman way more than her old one as a man--there was NO WAY she was going to even begin to risk returning to that life!


Wow, it sure LOOKED like a disco ball, but the bodyswapping orb had powers well beyond a mere disco ball! Hank was working as a poolboy when he came across it on the deck. He picked it up to examine it, ignoring a supermodel demanding his attention about some gunk in the pool. She came over to grab the orb out of his hands, but that's when it flashed like crazy. Hank quickly realized he had swapped bodies with the supermodel and slinked away. Part of him felt like he should use it to swap back, but the other half of him wanted to throw it overboard and keep this body forever.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


When Jeff wished to be big he thought it would be cool like the movie, Big. Instead, it was more like Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman! Shortly after he made the wish, he swapped bodies with him mom; he was totally bummed because his mom was still pretty short. But then he felt things were getting smaller. He kept growing and growing and growing!


Though Xavier had always dreamed of turning into a woman, he never really believed something like the Great Shift would ever actually happen to turn his dreams into reality! He was fascinated with his new body, and he didn't expect boobs to be quite so heavy!

Double or nothing

"Yes, I win again!" David cheered, "That means I get to keep your body for another month! Want to play again? Double or nothing?"

David couldn't believe Gwen was dumb enough to play again. After losing all her money, she asked what she could bet to keep playing and possibly earn her money back. David had wanted to feel what it was like to be a woman and found a spell on the internet that would allow two people to swap bodies...but only if they were willing. He used the opportunity to proposition Gwen about it. She agreed, hoping to finally win. David initially won a week, then two, then a month, and now two. What he didn't know was that Gwen knew about the spell and was throwing the games on purpose. She wanted to be a man and couldn't wait for David to up the ante to "forever."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank you!

Usually when Rick would pray, he'd be pretty selfless. He had asked for his sick monther or for his brother to get a new job after being unemployed. Weirder still was when they would happen almost the day after he asked for them. One day he decided to go out on a limb and prayed that he would transform into a beautiful woman with large boobs...Sure enough, his prayers were answered. Rich could only look up to the sky and say, "Thank you!"

Electric eel

Danny couldn't believe he let his girlfriend talk him into going to the beach, not to mention getting in the water! As an 18-year-old emo kid, Danny felt so out of place! Of course, feeling out of place was just the start of the problems. When he got into the water, an eel attacked him; it sent a bolt of electricity through his system, then he noticed that it has also latched on to a young woman next to him, shocking her as well. What happened next could only be explained by magic as the eel pulled the two towards each other, and when they met it was a weird merging? When Danny got out of the water with the eel still around his neck, he was a new person. He still has his own mind, but clearly had the woman's body. The skintone was an average of her tanned and his own pale skin. While he maintained his short hair, it was blonde, like hers had been. He still had his emo makeup, but the only clothes he retained were around his wrists. Weirder still was that his girlfriend didn't remember him...or even having a boyfriend at all.

Pink fingernails

"Give it back! Give it back NOW"

Otto heard the familiar voice yell at him and he turned around, putting his hands in the air, "Whatever it is I swear I didn't take it." The first thing he noticed was that his fingernails were oddly painted pink. As he turned to see who was yelling at him, he saw his own face yelling at him!

"Yes you did! You took my body!"

"Look, I didn't do it! I swear; I'm as confused by this as you are!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Foreign Exchange

"Katya, come on!" Harold said, "I know I agreed to fulfill all your obligations after I caused that body swap in the science lab at school, but this dress is crazy!"

"Do not poke fun of my country's traditions!" The foreign exchange student screamed back, "I am stuck in your nerdy body because of accident! It is customary dress for dating!"

Harold sighed as he left the room, about to go on a date in Katya's body. Katya smiled as he left. It was just fitting revenge for the swap--making Harold feel awkward and uncomfortable as much as possible. She couldn't believe she could bullshit so much about her home and have anyone believe her! Harold may have been a nerd, but he was culturally ignorant!


Peter couldn't believe he was the only one who realized the effects of a strange blue orb he dubbed "The Role Exchanger," which was randomly switching traits of people all over town. He chased it into a filthy bathroom but realized he couldn't do anything once he had cornered it! What was he going to do? Capture the ball of energy? Make demands of it? Once cornered, however, the ball simply turned back to Peter. Now engulfed in the orb, Peter was scared after seeing some of the previous transformations; however, he turned out fairly normal. He had swapped races with an asian man at the urinals and genders with a woman from the neighboring bathroom. The role exchanger was nowhere to be seen.

Waiting for summer

After the Great Shift, many of Tyler's male friends who had been swapped into the bodies of women were pissed off at the situation but not Tyler. He was actually quite glad, though he probably wouldn't tell any of his buddies this fact--he sometimes even pretended to be just as angry about it as they were. But truth be told, he was actually looking forward to summer so he could show off his new body in more revealing clothes.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


A shiver ran down Adam's spine as he felt his new, firm ass and realized it wasn't his. Looking around his settings shortly after, he knew he wasn't in New York anymore either! He couldn't have been more distressed. He had a big job interview at a prestigious firm in the City tomorrow! How was he going to get back? And how would they respond if he showed up looking like THIS?! He searched the woman's closets but found only clothes that were as hoochie-looking as what he was wearing. No business suits, not even a pair of pants! He did find a bikini, if he chose to check out the beach.

What happens in Vegas

Ted's friends told him that he could lose his shirt in Vegas, but they never said anything about his body! When he ran into a woman who put up "anything he wanted" against "anything she wanted," he thought it sounded very erotic and agreed to play her in a game of poker, thinking it was a lose-lose situation. When she won he asked what she wanted, and she said, "Your body." He smiled at the inuendo at first until he felt woozy, passed out, and woke up in her body. She offered to sell it back to him for $100,000; it was going to take a lot of slot winnings...

Kissing frogs

It had been hundreds of years since Prince Johan was cursed and turned into a frog, waiting for a woman of pure virtue to kiss him. Meanwhile, right across the pond, a young woman who had just been dumped for cheating on her boyfriend was sitting swigging some stashed vodka. A drunkwn thought entered her mind to kiss frogs, and maybe she'd find a prince. After kissing a few slimey lips, she picked up Johan. He was excited about the possibility of his curse finally being lifted but was shocked when he found that he had simply swapped bodies with the woman. She just wasn't virtous enough to break the curse completely. Now he was stuck in her very slutty body still seeking a woman of virtue to kiss. On top of every thing, he maintained many of his frog-like traits. It would be difficult to get anyone to kiss a woman who squatted like a frog and, from time to time, caught a fly in her mouth to eat.