Saturday, June 27, 2009

Run away

"You can't just steal my body, leaving me in yours and then just run away! Give it back!"

"I can't? I think I just did, and unless you want everyone thinking you are crazy, I suggest shutting up about this whole 'bodyswap' thing. Really, it's likely to get you locked up. Better get used to your life as a young woman. I know I'm going to enjoy mine as a man!"

No more ballet

Ben looked at his sister's old ballet slippers. She had begged him to keep up with her ballet training after the Great Shift swapped him into her body, but he really had absolutely no interest. Instead he had joined the swim team, something he always had interest in but was never able to do because of his old physical disability. He tossed the slippers aside, glad he would never need a wheelchair again, and walked away to swim practice in his wetsuit.

What are they capable of?

"Hey, Bob," Gus mumbled, "I know our daughters stole our bodies and ran off after we grounded them for sneaking off to that party last night, but do you really think it's a good idea to go off and try to find them? I mean, after all, if they are capable of swapping bodies, who knows what else they are capable of?"

"Gus, you can sit around in your daughter's body all you want, but I'm not about to let Cassie get away with this."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Like a fairy princess

"Give me back my body, Darren!" Jennifer screaming while grabbing her old body's arm.

"Let go!" Darren yelled back, "I told you that I don't know how to swap us back! I don't even know how we swapped in the first place!"

"Okay, fine, but can you at least dress in a way that doesn't make me look like a fairy princess?"

"I know it's hard to accept, but this is my body now, and I can dress it however I damn well please!"


Once Jacob realized that Rachel had stolen his body, he was determined to get it back! He took her dogs and a shirt she left behind and used them to try and track his old body. He felt pretty stupid walking around in her body. Though if this plan didn't work, he knew he would have to get used to it. He seriously hoped this plan would work!


Sammy was always angry about his stepmom telling him what to do...especially taking baths! How did she have the right? She wasn't even his real mom! So when his dad's invention went haywire and swapped into his stepmom's body, the 10-year-old decided to get his revenge. He wore all of her favorite, nicest clothes, and then got ready to jump into the bathtub! If she wanted him to take a bath--he was taking a bath!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


"Holy shit! Look at you, Tim! You must be adjusting to the Great Shift well. I mean, I just threw on some of my wife's old shorts and flip flops, but you are wearing nice designer jeans and, my god, those heels! How do you even walk in them? I mean, my wife made me try, but I fell flat on my face! I've adjusted to being female okay, but you've got it down to an art!"


When the Great Shift hit, causing Justin to swap into his sister's body, he couldn't believe the skimpy outfit she was wearing! He had no idea she even OWNED clothes this revealing, let alone ever wore them! However, he couldn't deny that she must, seeing that he was now in her body wearing them! He was planning on giving her a hard time about it next time he saw her. Of course, she would quickly twist it back around to make fun of him almost instantly.

Never swim in a thunderstorm

Jim had always wondered why his mom had warned him about swimming in the lake during a thunderstorm. He was in the center of the lake when the clouds began to form, and he quickly made his way back to shore. However, before he made it a bolt struck the lake, lighting the whole area in a strange glow. The clouds disappeared as quickly as they came, and Jim looked around with puzzlement. He was now on the complete other side of the lake, having swapped bodies with a woman who was wading there. The lightning must've caused a strange electronic field that swapped their bodies!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hands off

Mark could never keep his hands off his girlfriend Cheryl's sexy body. He was feeling it up and kissing it. What he didn't know was that inside his girlfriend's body was the mind of her 60 year old father; they had swapped bodies in a strange accident. He kept trying to push off Mark's advances to no avail. After they switched back, he was going to recommend that his daughter dump this guy!


When the Great Shift hit, Peter suddenly found himself wearing a tight leather outfit and was backstage at some club. He grabbed his ass in shock! He wasn't sure if this was a performance venue or strip club or what...he just knew something about this was very, very wrong. He was an introvert before the Shift, so he couldn't imagine what kind of woman would dress herself up like this exhibitionist, but he was hoping he could slip away.

Even if it is mine

"Look, Tiffany," Eric growled, "You may have stolen my body and its strength, but you have no idea how to use it. I was an expert in hand-to-hand combat, and even in your weaker body, I still am! So if you don't start explaining how to switch our bodies back right this instant, I will snap your damn neck...even if it is mine!"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Talk show

"Oh my God! The Great Shift was the greatest thing that ever happened! Look at these amazing legs! And these fantastic shoes to go with them!"

David Letterman could only laugh at the young man's enthusiasm about the Shift. Though, sure, he had done alright after the worldwide bodyswap as well, being in the body of Tyra Banks now and all...

The old west

Mad Dog Morgan was on the run from the law with a wanted poster in every town in the Old West. He needed to hide, but how? While he was having a drink at a saloon, an old man told him that he could help make it so the law wouldn't recognize him. The old man told him there would be a price, and Mad Dog was quick to pull some gold out of his pocket. But the old man refused, saying the price would be obvious soon enough, and that it wasn't gold or money. Mad Dog seemed confused, and asked what the man's plan was. The old man told him to simply walk out of the saloon door, and no one will ever recognize him as Mad Dog Morgan ever again. Mad Dog laughed, but did as he was told, hoping for any chance to evade the law. He walked out the door and wondered what he would look like now. He waked back into the saloon, but the old man was gone. When he found a mirror, he looked in and realized the price...he was a dame!


Mike felt weird and instantly woke up...maybe part of that weird feeling was that he never remembered going to sleep! He was actually at a party when the Great Shift hit and ended up swapping bodies with a woman sleeping in nearby apartment. The weird feelings would continue as he came to know his new body, and it's differences from his former male one. Mike was having a hard time with the fact that he was in someone else's apartment in someone else's body. He thought for sure he must be hallucinating, so he grabbed some clothes and went back to the party!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Second chance

Sarah and Ben were one of many couples that were affected by the Great Shift. Ben thought that Sarah was going to leave him for sure after they both found themselves in the bodies of sexy, young women. However, fifty years of marriage couldn't be undone by a catostophic world-wide bodyswapping event. It was not only a second chance at life, but a second chance at their relationship, a way to breathe a new life into it. Both Sarah and Ben couldn't be happier.


Unlike most people who swapped genders as a result of the Great Shift, the first thing Doug felt the need to touch was not his new breasts or vagina but his face. He had such a hairy face that there was stubble even right after shaving, so a smooth face so foreign to him. For hours he touched it trying to get used to the feeling. It wouldn't be long before he explored other hairless areas on his body.

Look behind the couch

"Hey! I'm not saying I haven't enjoyed myself," Chris smiled, "I mean, just looked at how I'm dressed! I just want to get back to my old body before my wife comes back from vacation! Now help me look behind this couch for that damned medallion!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009


The other neighborhood boys used to make fun of Tom, because his family was poor and he had to ride his sister's hand me down bike. It was a girl's bike, and worse yet, it was pink! Of course, the other boys made fun of his less once the Great Shift hit and swapped him into the boy of his sexy 25-year-old neighbor. In fact, he was now one of the most popular kids on the block! And no one made fun of his bicycle ever again!

Taking it back

Michael couldn't have been unhappier with the result of the Great Shift. He hadn't seen his ex-wife since she took almost all his money and possessions in their divorce three years ago, but the Shift seemed to have a strange sense of justice. He really felt there was nothing else she could take, but now she had his body too! He screamed! No one could be this unlucky! However, Michael would eventually have the last laugh. In a unique court case, Michael was able to reclaim the money and possessions lost in the divorce now that he was in his ex-wife's body. As he got to thinking, maybe the swap WASN'T so bad.

Time for revenge

Tony knew his ex-girlfriend's reputation when he started dating her. His friends often called her a slut, but he still didn't expect her to cheat on him and then humilate him in front of a crowd of people at a club. When he fell asleep that night he wished that he could humiliate her in a similar fashion. When he woke up, he realized that he was in her body, dressed up, and ready to go to a club. He looked at the clock and calender, and noticed that it was a few hours EARLIER...before she broke up with him. When he arrived at the club, he met up with his girlfriend in his old body, scared about the swap. He smiled. Now was his chance!