Saturday, July 4, 2009


Nicholas had always been proud of his little sister. Sure, she didn't get into college, but when she turned 18, she got a job as a flight attendant, a career she always seemed proud of. Ten years later, she asked if she could stay with Nicholas for a while, as she was trying to save some money. He happily agreed. He was not so happy when she invoked some strange magic to steal his body. He was even less happy when he discovered she wasn't a flight attendant, and that, in fact, she never was. The flight attendant outfit was just one of her theme costumes she wore when she went to her real job as a stripper. She was saving money to purchase the bodyswap spell from a witch; now she had her brother's body and his life.


Detective Frank Mandell was in pursuit when he got pushed to the ground by the suspect. He regained himself quickly and aimed his gun at the fleeing perp, but he paused when he noticed that his gun was gold instead of its usual silver. Something was wrong. He looked down only to see that the suspect had stolen his body! He was now wearing the gold suit and high heels of the woman he was chasing before she knocked him over--the impact must've had something to do with the swap! How could he explain this to anyone? Who would believe that the young woman before them was really Frank Mandell, and not the criminal that she appeared? There was only one solution, to track down his old body and force the woman to swap back with him.


Rick was an old, lonely man, and a bit of a pervert. When the Great Shift hit, putting him into the body of a 20-something Asian woman, his mind went a bit wild with ideas. He found some frilly clothes in her house and put them on. When he actually saw his reflection in a window, he was entraced by his own beauty. If he wasn't this girl, he would so try to put the moves on her. He pretended like the reflection was another woman, starting talking to it, and it wasn't long before he was making out with the glass.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bachelor party

That was some bachelor party prank. Ted's friends had use some strange medallion and a pair of thong underwear to turn into a copy of the stripper at the party, and then dumped him in the best man's house alone. He dug around the house to see if he could find some clothes to wear, and stumbled into the guestroom where his best man's sister was staying. One of her shirts fit well enough, but he just couldn't seem to squeeze her pants on over his new big booty fully. He did the best he could, then he shoved on the only pair of shoes he could find--a pair of white heels she had brought for the wedding. Now in the awkward outfit, he was off to find his friends to demand they change him back!


Sam had always been very competitive with his friend, Jeff. Sports, college classes, and everything else Sam had turned into a contest. Jeff hoped that would end when the Great Shift put them into the bodies of two women. However, he was sorely mistaken when Sam cornered him in the bathroom one day, and started bragging about how his new body was sexier than Jeff's, how his boobs were bigger, and the number of guys that asked him out. Jeff sighed. He didn't want to have this discussion, but Sam kept persisting. Finally, Jeff couldn't take it anymore, and told Sam that he had known the woman whose body he now had before the Shift, and spit out the truth: she had herpes! Sam was dumbfounded!

A long night: Later that day...

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The ruse had worked. Chuck and Rebecca returned to the bodyswapping machine ready to get everyone back into their own bodies as much as possible. The two social workers were returned to their own bodies and released...if they tried to explain what happened to them, who would believe them? Chuck then returned Rebecca to her own body, leaving him in the body of his 8-year-old daughter Diane. He and Rebecca waited for Diane (in Chuck's body) to be released from the hospital. Over the days, Chuck could feel his mind starting to slip; his brain held too much to be contained in the mind of an 8-year-old. He theorized that his mental capacity would be fine once he returned to his own body, but feared he might even lose the knowledge of how to use the bodyswapping machine. He gave Rebecca strict instructions on how to operate the invention, so that she could use it to transform him and Diane back.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


"Mom! Unlock the door to the minivan! I swear I didn't do anything to cause this bodyswap!" 10-year-old Chuck yelled to his mom who was inside, "I know some of the other boys had a plan to swap with their moms, but I wasn't in on it! I promise! In fact, we can ask them and maybe they have a way to switch us back! Maybe we were some sort of test subjects for their schemes! Please let me in, so that we can drive home and talk about this!"

Shift on Sunday

Father Dent was preaching Sunday mass when the Great Shift hit his church. He was swapped into the body of a woman passing by. He had hoped she had a good excuse for not attending church! He quickly rushed back to his flock to find the whole crowd engaging in very sinful activity! People feeling up their own bodies or they bodies of the people around them...right in the direct gaze of God! He tried to shout to calm people down, but his new voice didn't travel as far as his old one did. This was horrible! Clearly, the Lord was punishing people for something!

Mail-order bride

Keith was scared. Before the Great Shift, he had been enjoying his suburban life in middle America, but after the Shift hit he found himself being yelled at in a foreign language while wearing almost nothing. He became more afraid as he realized his body was not his own; the clothes were a skimpy red bikini, and he was surrounded by men involved in human trafficking. He had been swapped halfway around the world into the body of a mail-order bride!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Winning touchdown

"Keep me in the game, me!" John pleaded with one play left in the game after the Great Shift swapped most of the football team. Most of them switched with other players, but John swapped with a beautiful young girl from the crowd. The coach
thought that John would be crushed in his new body, but he insisted on playing. What was amazing was that he ended up scoring the winning touchdown. No one even came close to touching him. The coach was in shock, but John quickly explained that none of the other players were also afraid of his new fragile, female body, and wouldn't dare lay a finger on him for fear of what it would do to their image.


Donnie was swimming in the ocean when the undertoe began to pull him under. He struggled, but quickly realized that he was going to drown when an angel came down from heaven to save him, the beach's lifeguard. She brought him to the surface when a strange light engulfed them both. Finally he was back to shore, but something was wrong. He was in the beautiful lifeguard's body somehow! He pulled off her wesuit to expose a bikini-clad pair of breasts. Donnie couldn't help but think this was certainly going to take some getting used to...

Check Your Local Listings (Episode 2)

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On the next episode of "Body Swap," we asked stockbroker Mitch Dobbens if he'd be willing to swap bodies with a college student. He instantly agreed, but what we didn't tell him that it would be a female one, 19-year-old Heather Warren. How will Mitch cope with binge drinking on campus and being hit on by horny frat guys? Will Heather be able to deal with the pressures and responsibilities of being on the trading floor with only one year of college behind her? Find out on the next all new episode of FOX's newest hit, "Body Swap!"

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bowling shoes

Tim was bowling when the Great Shift happened, and it swapped him into the body of a woman who was walking outside. There was a lot for him to be pissed about. For starters, he was now a woman! That was bad enough, but the heels she was wearing were insanely tall. He had now become 15 years younger, and he felt so weak. At least the bowling alley would be able to help him on one of his problems. He went up to the counter and offered $100 from the woman's purse to buy a pair of bowling shoes that would fit. He sat on the floor to change and then headed on home, thankful he wouldn't have to walk in those heels the woman owned.


For the most part it didn't bother Wayne that he swapped bodies with a stripper who was giving him a lapdance at the time of the Great Shift. Sure, her wardrobe was a little revealing, but at least he was able to look at a sexy, naked woman any time he wanted. However, she was significantly shorter than him, causing a few problems reaching for various items around his house. It was an inconvenience he was happy to deal with.

Living proof

When the Great Shift hit, Henry was bummed out to be stuck in the body of a chubby girl. Then he looked more closely. He was actually sort of cute, maybe he could eat better and exercise? Would that work? He decided to try. He ate a healthy diet and went to the gym every day. Within a few years, he had morphed his body from a chubby girl into that of a fit woman. Sure, there were some parts of him that he could never change, but the Great Shift wan't the only thing that could transform someone's outer self and Henry (or Henrietta as he preferred to be called now) was living proof.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Valet parking

Kevin was always paranoid about using valet parking; he was afraid they'd lose his car, or it would get stolen. He reluctantly used the service at a wedding he attended, and when he went to pick his car up, he nearly freaked when they brought him someone else's car. They told him to stand by the sign and wait as they sorted out the situation. He could hear the supervisor yelling at the valets in a language he didn't understand, then they looked at him. Kevin nervously paced around the sign as their stares started to burn into him. He felt a sharp pain as his body morphed around him, but it only lasted a few seconds. When it ended, he found that he was an entirely new person, presumably the owner of the car that the valet brought out. Kevin was now a woman wearing a leather jacket, tight black leggings, and very high heels. He didn't see this woman at the wedding, so he assumed she was attending one of the other events in the same building. Then he heard a yell over to him. "Excuse me," the voice said, "But we are absolutely sure that this IS your car now."

Wacko invention

"Sis, we really need to figure out a way to switch back to our own bodies. I don't think I can stand another day in high school! I'm supposed to be in third grade! It's tough, and the way the boys stare at, you...well, it's uncomfortable!" Jack told his big sister, who he swapped bodies with yesterday.

"I don't like being in your body either...or going to your school. I'm so bored. But what are we going to tell people? That our dad's wacko invention switched our brains? No one's going to buy that! Let's just hope that when we get home today he has it fixed."

Good time

Aaron was excited when he saw the smile on Kelly's face, "So I take it that you had as good a time in my body as I did in yours?"

Kelly nodded, "How would you feel about making this swap permanent?"

"You mean I'd get to be you forever?" Aaron asked, "Oh, my god! Yes! I've loved being a woman and was going to ask you the same thing! That medallion was the best thing we ever found!"

Sunday, June 28, 2009


"I know your experiment is responsible for this! Switch me back now!" Ryan yelled from the body of Sgt. Maggie Wilson while pointing a gun to head scientist at the base where they all worked.

"I can't," he explained, "You only THINK you are Ryan! You ARE ACTUALLY Maggie! I just transplanted all of Ryan's thoughts and memories into you! I'm sorry that I lost you're original brain patterns! There's nothing I can do! I could effectively switch your brain patterns with his, he'd be back in here in two days doing the exact same thing you are now!"

Somehow Maggie knew he was right. She may think of her herself as Ryan. She could remember everything about being him, down to the smallest detail, but the fact that he could feel the sway of Maggie's hips as he walked the weight of her breasts...the muscle memory was just too familiar...


Ian was sitting on a park bench when he heard an ear-piercing noise. He covered his ears, but it did no good. He eventually cringed down in pain, but then the noise started to dissipate. He sat back up and slowly started to pull his hands from his ears. That's when he looked around to realize he was in a different park in an entirely different city. It took Ian a little longer to notice that he was in a different body! The noise had caused him to swap with a beautiful woman in a pink dress clear across the country!

Dying moment

At 80 years old and on a respirator in a hospital, Eugene knew that he didn't have much more time. As his doctor looked over him, explaining something to him, but he zoned out. He knew this was it; his life was being sucked out of him...then something strange happened. He suddenly saw himself looking down at himself dying. He initially thought he was floating towards heaven, but didn't seem to be getting anywhere, and that's when he realized he was inside the doctor's body! He was worried! He didn't know anything about being a doctor--or even a woman for that matter! He hid in her office for a while until he heard more screams about people who had swapped bodies. It seemed everyone in the hospital had. They'd soon learn it was almost everyone in the world!