Saturday, July 11, 2009


Officer Charles Davis was chasing a thief who had just fled from a museum heist. The criminal ducked into an apartment, and Charles was sure he had the guy cornered. Though he called for backup it was taking forever to arrive, so he took a risk and kicked the door down to the apartment where the outlaw was waiting with a gun to the head of a tied up woman. That's when an artifact from the museum started to glow blinding all three people. Officer Charles regained his senses first but couldn't seem to do anything. He was tied up, and looking around he saw the thief and his own body! Both men looked very confused, but then he saw his own body smack the criminal and dash out with the stash from the museum. The backup Charles had called for arrived soon after, arresting the thief's body and letting Charles go, who had come to realize at this point that he was in the body of the woman who had been tied up. As he was brought to the police car, the thief was in tears, and cried out to Charles, "I don't know who you are! But I'm Renee Johnson! That's my body! Please give it back!"


No one at school ever talked to Ruth. The kids all knew her family was extremely religious, and she dressed in outfits that seemed centuries out of date. However, no one at school could have anticipated her plan. Conducting an ancient ritual in secret, she managed to swapped bodies with a moderately popular boy named Jake. He was terrified to wake up in Ruth's house in HER BODY! The phone rang, and it was his old voice. It was Ruth explaining that she was sorry, but she thought that maybe Jake could stand up to her conservative parents for her, and that if he did so she might consider swapping them back...eventually.

Smooth criminal

Wally had commited many crimes in his life and had a rap sheet a mile long, but nothing compared to his latest theft: stealing the body of a beautiful woman. It should've been impossible, but somehow he did it. Now he had the perfect disguise, and with his past criminal record, his old body would never be able to follow him as he traveled abroad. The police would never believe a crazy "bodyswapping" story either. It truly was the perfect crime.

Friday, July 10, 2009


"Don't worry, my Lord, we will find out what is responsible for the blasted curse! I have no more desire to be you than you have desire to be me. I am not sure I can deal with your manly duties."

Lady Windsor knew she wasn't telling the truth to her husband about the bodyswap, but how could she tell him that she was responsible? That she had gone to see the witch that caused the swap? She was sick of the submissive position of women in society, and she did something to get out...stealing her husband's body!

In the navy

Ensign Edmond Franks was the only volunteer for a secret naval experiment. To find a second participant, the Navy went to the private sector, paying a hefty sum to a pimp for the use of a hooker. The head scientist in charge of the project thought the differences between the two subjects would be perfect for the new bodyswap machine he had invented. The project succeded, and Ensign Franks found himself in the large bossumed body of Misty Banks. He retained all his memories and skills, but the Navy soon noticed that he exhibited many attributes of Misty as well. Ensign Franks seemed to unknowingly be dressing sluttier, and he would often hit absent-mindedly on other saliors. They were particularly concerned when they found out he was charging men for various "services."

The wrestler

The Great Shift stopped many events midway, but not one particular wrestling match. Both men involved in the main event suddenly found themselves in the bodies of two women in the stands. They each immediately jumped up and got back in the ring. The crowd went wild with very few people aware of the true magnitude of the situation. It wasn't until the match was over before people realized that not only had the two wrestlers been involved in some sort of strange bodyswap but every single audience member as well.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Japanese swimsuit model (Part 2)

For part one, click here.

After the awkward pause following the Shift, a man started to yell at Harold (who was in the body of a Japanese swimsuit model due to the Shift). Harold tried to explain that he wasn't who he appeared, and that he didn't speak Japanese. Another man standing there told Harold that the man yelling at him was the photographer, and that he didn't care what happened or who he claimed to be. That they had a job to do and that Harold better start modeling ASAP. Harold did so reluctantly, but he certainly didn't smile.


Thinking it was an earthquake, Eric ran into a doorway when the Great Shift hit. She was surprised to no longer be standing near the door after the Shift had pased. She made her way back to where she thought she was, and saw someone who looked strangely like her standing there. She demanded answers.

"I don't know!" Stammered her old body, "My name is Barry. I'm a guy! I don't know why I am in this body! Why I'm wearing these clothes! Or where I am!"

"You're a guy?" Erin asked as she began to process what happened. She looked down to see a pair or very large, hairy hands attached to similar arms. She had become a man, and judging from what she could see, she was guessing she was an unattactive and fat one!


Craig had been a womanizer all his life, which had been full of broken hearts, one-night stands, and even money cons. He claimed his luck was due to his unusually long member. However, the Great Shift had a way of punishing folks, and Craig was no exception. When he realized he was in the body of a woman, he screamed. He grabbed his crotch to confirm his fears...then he screamed louder.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Clothing exchange

The Great Shift caused a massive amount of problems for people around the world. One of the obvious ones was that many people owned many clothes that would no longer fit them. A few transformed women to men got together with some transformed men to women to swap clothes. Though the former women were disappointed at the bland clothing choices now before them, some of the former men were just dumbfounded by women's clothes. John, who had previously been a college-aged man, grabbed a dress that he thought would fit his body from a pile that the ex-women offered. Bobby, formerly a 6-year-old boy, just grabbed some balloons from out front--he had no interest in stupid girl clothes, and hated how his mom made him dress in them every day because of his new body! Meanwhile, Rick, a former 40-year-old man, sifted through the clothes in the pile, but didn't see anything he could use. He had plenty of clothes for his new body, but it was all short skirts and dresses, and everything in this pile just seemed more of the same!


Unlike many, Damien didn't freak out too much when the Great Shift hit. It was helpful that the TV was on in the house of the woman he was swapped into, which provided him as much information as possible. He also looked outside to see that he was clear across town. Seeing the mess of traffic on the news, he grabbed a bike from the house's garage to make his way back to his own neighborhood. He knew there was little chance of reversing the Shift, but he was very curious about who ended up in his body, and only hoped they were as happy about the swap as he was--it had only been twenty minutes and he already loved being a beautiful blonde woman.

In the corner

Howie wasn't being forced to stand in the corner for stealing his mom's body. In fact, no one was even aware he was responsible for the swap. What he was being punished for was digging deep into his mom's drawers and going outside wearing a very revealing outfit. His mom tried to explain to Howie that the clothes were only for moms and dads during "alone time," and not for little boys to wear...ever! Even if those little boys were in their mom's body!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Double gross

Katy looked up at her own body. She couldn't believe that this little brat could do this to her; she couldn't imagine HOW this little brat did this to her. When she arrived at the Smith household to babysit their 5-year-old son, it seemed like easy money. His bedtime was only an hour away, and then it was just a matter of spending the night on the sofa, eating snacks, and watching TV. However, as she went to put him to bed, his eyes lit a strange red. The next thing she knew, he was in her body and she was in his! She only hoped that he would swap them back before this kid's parents got home. She did not want to spend the rest of her life as this boy, going through puberty again (only this time as a boy...gross!), and having to deal with a penis...double gross! And to be treated like a kid? Ugh, maybe if she just sat quietly he'd swap them back?

Japanese swimsuit model

Harold was on a business trip in Asia when the Great Shift took place, switching him into the body of a Japanese swimsuit model. Unlike many of the women he had seen, this woman had giant breasts, which he immediately began to feel up. However, he was quickly embarrased when he looked around to see that during the Shift, the model was in the middle of a shoot, and the entire crew was staring at Tim in the model's body in shock at his shameful actions.

Sister's wedding

Gerald and his sister, Eve, discovered the Medallion of Zulu the night before her wedding. After examining it for a while, Gerald accidentally transformed himself into Eve's double, and Eve accientally transformed herself into the family dog! After the incident, Gerald discovered a note saying that it wouldn't work again for twelve hours. He breathed a sigh of relief knowing that they'd have time to switch back to themselves before wedding preparations began. When he woke up the next morning, however, Eve (in the dog's body) was nowhere to be found. His mom seemed confused; she said that the dog was going to be in a kennel until after the honeymoon, when Eve's husband would pick it up to stay with the newlywed couple. Not realizing that it was Gerald in Eve's body, she couldn't understand why he didn't know this. Now Gerald was forced to go through the wedding and honeymoon as his sister until they could swap back to themselves in a week...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Daughter's prom

Yuan felt very awkward wearing his daughter's prom dress, but she insisted that he attend even after a strange accident had switched their bodies. It had been two months since the swap, and they had so far been unable to get back to their own bodies. Yuan had begun to think it might be impossible, but his daughter still had hope, so she made sure he did his best to continue her life in the way she wanted, which included attending prom with the most popular boy in school.

Bicycle, bicycle

Marcie and Phil looked out the window at their two children playing on their bikes after the Great Shift had mixed their family up. Their son led the way in Marcie's body while their daughter lagged behind in Phil's. They seemed so carefree, and almost unaware of any effects of being in their parents' bodies. Marcie and Phil, however, were very concerned. How would they earn a living being in the bodies of their 10 and 12-year-old children? Marcie was not looking forward to growing into a young man and getting hair everywhere. Phil wasn't looking forward to his first period.

Meeting with the principal

Marty had agreed to help his friend, Teddy, whose mom had been called to a meeting with the school principal. They used a medallion to turn Marty into a copy of Teddy's mom. Marty was sure, however, that his friend's mom would never wear an outfit like this. Teddy said it didn't matter, as long as he LOOKED like his mom, it wouldn't matter what he was wearing.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Supergirl was chasing a petty criminal when something strange happened, a weird mist caused them to switch bodies. "What the fuck..." the outlaw muttered from his new red lips. He grabbed his old body and threatened. Before Supergirl could stammer out an explanation, he punched his old body out with one effortless swoop. He looked down at his hand. He not only had Supergirl's body, he had her strength. It was the ultimate disguise as well. No one would ever suspect the city's savior of going on a crime spree. He smiled at the thought of the possibilities, but the observing imp responsible for the swap smiled even larger...


Marie was very thankful that she wasn't swapped as a result of the Great Shift. Her husband, Antoine, was no so lucky and was stuck in the body of a beautiful woman. He quickly adjusted to his new hormones, and Marie had no interest in lesbianism, but they agreed to stay together for the sake of their daughter, who was also unshifted...or so she claimed. In fact, inside that little head was the mind of recent retiree, Wilson Teller. He wanted this second chance of life and would lie and deceive in order to have it.


Miss Brown was the youngest, prettiest teacher in the school, but that certainly didn't mean senior class valedictorian wanted to be her! However, as he stood in the halls at school, he realized things could've been worse. He could've wound up like his best friend, Luke, who ended up swapping with Mrs. Beale, the school librarian. She was nearly seventy years old, and smelled awful. The Great Shift had sure turned the school upsidedown.