Saturday, July 18, 2009


Dennis was pissed. His ex-girlfriend had been pretty much stalking him since the Great Shift swapped him into her body. She kept bugging him about how he dressed or what he ate. In this case, she was giving him a hard time about eating a hamburger and fries, claiming she was a vegetarian. "Well," he said, "not anymore!"

Alien observation

George thought that getting returned to Earth by the aliens felt a lot like getting abducted. The same bright light shone though his window, and left him back on the same table he was sitting on when he was taken. Something didn't feel quite right, however. He leaned back, he felt lighter...with an odd sense of balance. He looked at his arm; it was thinner. That's when George realized the alien technology somehow messed up transporting him back to Earth, switching his body with another one of the abductees! What he didn't know was that the tests on the ship were all just a cover; the real experiment began now! The aliens were puzzled by the human concept of gender and wished to observe how a male would react in the body of a female and visa-versa. The aliens were now monitoring him 24/7.


He was on a top secret mission to deliver a briefcase. Never revealing his real name or even his codename, nothing would stop him from completing his task. In fact, several spies had tried to take the case, but as they tried to open it, something strange happened: they swapped bodies with the secret agent. The latest thief was a woman hoping to use her sexuality to obtain the secrets, but now that sexuality was his!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Strange Vacation (Part 2)

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Kyle couldn't believe his mom was making him go out to dinner with the family looking like this! When his family got to Exchange Island, he swapped into the body of a gorgeous woman. He just wanted to hide in their room until the week was over, but his mom insisted that they go out to dinner. He groaned; reluctantly throwing on some jeans and a t-shirt. His mom disapproved. They were going to a nice restaurant, and told Kyle he had to dress nice. She picked out a dress for him and did his hair and makeup. He felt stupid as his parents dragged him out of the room and off to dinner.

Government funded

Dexter was initially happy when the Great Shift hit. He had gone from an overweight man to a fit woman. Though he was worried when he found out that the woman was a foreign tourist with only a small suitcase of clothes. He knew he couldn't have a full wardrobe on his salary. In fact, he wouldn't even have enough to purchase proper outfits to go to work in! He was back to being happy when the government enacted a special program for people affected by the Shift in need of new clothes to fit their new bodies. Dexter was one of the first to sign up and was quickly on his way to a government funded shopping spree!

Breaking the news

Ken had just witnessed their dad's bodyswapping machine explode, leaving a mess on the wall. Now he was pondering how to break the news to his sister. The two had used the machine at the start of the summer, and agreed to switch back before she had to go back to college in the fall. How was he going to tell her that swapping back would be impossible now? Maybe they should fess up about using the machine to their dad? He might have back up plans or something. It wasn't all bad. He sort of liked spending the summer as his own sister. All his friends had a crush on her--heck, he even slept with one of them one night (though he would never tell her that). When he finally told her, she seemed fairly calm about it--that was until she left the room, and he heard an ear-splitting scream.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not mousy

Before the Great Shift, Doug's sister, Chrissie, always used to make fun of him for being a nerd. However, post-shift, Chrissie ended up in the body of a mousy woman, while Doug found himself in the body of a smokin' babe. He was still a nerd at heart, but loved the fact he had something to rub in his sister's face for the first time ever! He slowly took off his leather jacket to reveal his low-cut top just to show how sexy he now was. "Nerd," Chrissie muttered under her breath.

Magician's assistant (Part 2)

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Things got even weirder for Derek after swapping bodies with the assistant of a magician. He was forced to go through the entire show as her as if his body was on autopilot. Smiling all the time, turning boxes, prepping tricks, and even dealing with the sexual comments and catcalls from his old body. Finally, the act was over, and after taking final bow he was once again able to control his body...or rather tha magician's assistant's body that he had switched with. He grabbed the stage microphone from the magician and stormed back out on stage. He got into the face of his old body and screamed into the mic, "Give me my body back, you bitch!" Derek's old body just laughed and asked, "What are you talking about?" Derek heard a voice behind him, "I think my assistant wants one more trick. Does any one else here?" The crowd erupted, demanding an encore. The two boxes that had initially caused the swap opened up, Derek immediately grabbed his old body's hand, forcing him on stage. As Derek got into one of the boxes, happy to be swapping back, he heard a faint conversation. His own voice asked, "Can I sit this one out?" "Sure thing, young man! Do we have any other volunteers in the audience? You, yes, you! Please come up here!"

Talk to the hand

"Danielle, I don't know how you did this. You were my girlfriend, but I guess you and my sister had something going on. You weren't going to be a lesbian, so you did something to swap my body with hers. At first I was depressed, but over the last few days, I've come to really enjoy being her. She's a wreck though; she's totally upset about being me, but I guess you already know that...Don't try to interrupt. I don't want you explanation. Just talk to the hand, 'cause the face don't wanna hear it."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Strange vacation (Part 1)

Kyle wasn't very happy with the result of his visit to Exchange Island. He had swapped bodies with a very buxom woman, and felt so exposed in her bikini. The 16-year-old figured things could be worse though. He looked at his mom, who was now in the body of a boy around his age in a wheelchair, and his dad, who was in the body of an elderly woman. Kyle really just wanted to go back to his family's room and hide. This was going to be a very strange week of vacation, and he wanted it over as soon as possible.

No such thing as curses?

"How could you continue to insult that old woman like that? Even after she says she's going to curse us, you laugh in her face saying there's no such thing as curses. No such thing as curses, eh? Then how in hell did we we swap bodies as we were getting into the car tonight? If there's no such thing as curses, why did our new car somehow break down in the middle of nowhere where there's no cell phone service? I'm NOT enjoying walking to the gas station in your body wearing your leather pants and high heels," Ian lectured his girlfriend as they trekked to find some help, "Once we get this fixed, you are going to find that woman and apologize!"

Magician's assistant (Part 1)

At first, Derek couldn't believe his friends had dragged him to a totally lame magic show, but then he got a eyefull of the magician's assistant, and made his friends sit in the front row. He shouted sexual comments at her through the entire act until she snapped. With a pinch of her fingers, the magician disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving only the stage microphone and his top hat behind. "For the next trick," the skantily clad woman in black said, "I will need a volunteer." Without even looking at anyone else she pointed at Derek. She was further infuriated when he subtly grabbed one of her breasts while leading him to a box. She put him inside, and then he started to get dizzy. Then the box was open, and he heard the magician say, "Let's hear it for my sexy, sexy piece of ass--I mean, assistant!" The audience clapped. Looking back at his own seat, he saw himself sitting there! He was still on stage with the magician standing next to him, which meant he was the assistant! For some reason, all he could do was smile and bow!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sneaking backstage

Jack had always been mischevious, so he thought nothing of trying to sneak backstage at a strip club, despite the warnings of his friends. When a strange-looking woman caught him, pointing a finger, and saying he would regret his decision, he ran. He didn't get too far, however. He tripped on his shoes, which were growing a small heel. The sleeves on his shirt shrunk to mere straps, as the flesh on his chest ballooned out. He grabbed a piece of his growing hair as he realized he was transforming into a woman! He really wished he hadn't snuck around backstage at the strip club!


Mark started to break into tears after the Great Shift swapped him into a woman's body. Tina, though still in shock at losing her own body, took her new manly hand and put it around Mark to comfort him. It was weird, but at that moment things started to feel "right" for both Mark and Tina. They were strangers brought together by the Shift, and a year later they were married.

A quick dance before going home

When the Great Shift hit, Dan found himself in the body of sexy woman in a short skirt over a hundred miles away from his home where he had been. The streets looked to be in chaos, but he spied a confused man near a motorcycle that Dan thought he could weave through the cars and be his ticket back home. He tried to get on the motorcycle, but was stopped by the man, who claimed the motorcycle was his. Dan could sense that the man was lying but didn't want to bother to try and argue. He offered the man all of the money in his new purse, but the man asked for something else in addition. Dan proceeded to take off his skirt and dance around for a bit before jumping on the bike in his undies and heading back home.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hiroshi and Fujiko were set up on a blind date by their friends but fell in love from the instant they saw each other. As they prepared to part ways for the evening, they stared at each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Fujiko looked at Hiroshi as he moved in for a kiss. It was like the world stopped for an instant, and it seemed like she was looking into her own eyes now at the moment thier lips met; it was something orgasmic and strange. When they finally unlocked lips and pulled away, that's when Fujiko realized she was, in fact, looking at her own eyes! Somehow she had become Hiroshi! Both looked at each other in shock for several minutes before Fujiko's own body spoke up first in a strange language she didn't understand, "Well, howdy to y'all too. Name's Earl, and I'm from Texas. I dunna suppose y'all know how I ended up in this here the body of this young lass, eh?"

Youth is wasted on the young

"This Great Shift thing turned out pretty okay for me. I was a single 70-year-old woman looking at death's door. Now I'm young and sexy; I also have a second chance at life! This is totally amazing. They used to say youth was wasted on the young...Well, not anymore! What about you? Are you enjoying the results of the Great Shift?"

"I'll say! I used to me a man!"


Garrit could only laugh at his sat down in a very unladylike manner. He and his girlfriend had tossed the Medallion of Zulu into the ocean only a few hours ago. They had freaked out when they thought they had lost it, turning their home inside out to find it. Once they found it and swapped back to their old bodies, they thought the only thing they could do was destroy it forever. However, when they returned home, a strange force called The Great Shift was passing by, and once again switched their bodies. Garrit knew that if he didn't laugh at the irony, he surely would be crying...

Sunday, July 12, 2009


"...And so the Great Shift continues to cause chaos throughout the country from Miami to up here in Anchorage. Police are asking folks to stay in whatever house they find themselves in until further notice unless in the event of an emergency. Once again, though I may not look like it, this is Danny Chapman reporting for news channel eight."


Kip and his friends were playing Dungeons and Dragons on the college quad when they saw the girls on the University's track team run by them. The nerds drooled as they rolled the dice, distracted from their fantasy game. Kip spied Ayumi, a Japanese girl who had joined the team just last week. He had a huge crush on her, but he knew they were just too different. She barely even spoke any English, which was Kip's major. As he stared at her running by, Kip felt a weird tugging at his soul, as did most other people. The Great Shift hit, swapping the D&D playing nerds with the athletic girls, and Kip found himself inside Ayumi's fit body while she was now in the body of Kip's overweight friend, Ethan. It was strange hearing a rush of Japanese swears coming out of the acne ridden face of his friend. After everyone calmed down, Ayumi struggled to explain things to Kip in English. She told him that her body came with "great shame," and that Kip would have to "maintain her area." It was going to be a struggle to understand her, but Kip was sort of happier to be closer to Ayumi, even under the weirdest of circumstances.


"I don't care," Jeff smiled, insisting to the rest of his team, "I'm one of the best motorcross racers in the world, and you guys aren't going to stop me from competing today. It doesn't matter that the Great Shift happened. It doesn't matter that I'm a woman. It doesn't even matter that this body used to belong to our head sponsor's CEO's daughter. I'm still the best. I can still do this better than anytone else, and I'm going to prove it! So move aside!"