Saturday, July 25, 2009


After the Great Shift Jim found himself in the middle of a parking lot without a car in sight. His head was throbbing, and he was in the body of a woman. Wearing only a skimpy dress, he decided to dig through a nearby purse for any clue to his new identity. However, after searching, he found little more than ten dollars in cash and some tampons. Shortly after, he passed out due to the body's heavy drinking during the night. When he woke up the next morning, there was still no one around, and Jim made his way around, staggering on uncomfortable heels.

Chasing after a body thief

Vanessa spied the man out of the corner of her eye while she was painting on the street. She could tell he was scoping her out as easy prey for stealing something. She secured her iPod, bag, and art supplies--she wasn't going to let him have any of it. While the man was going to steal something, her possessions didn't interest him. He got close enough, and Vanessa felt herself ripped out of her body, switching souls with the man. Once in her body, he ran. Grabbing as much as she could, Vanessa quickly chased after the body thief.

The device

Doug held up the bodyswitching device, hoping to get the longest range possible before swapping again, but then he noticed the lowe power light. It would be only good for one final swap. He hesitated pressing the button to swap, he had used it so many times now and gotten stuck in so many awful bodies along the way--always hoping the next time would bring him back to his original body. When the strange man first gave it to him and told him what it could do, he had no idea the swaps were random and that he'd never get back to his own body. He had been several eldery people, handicapped, and even a baby from time to time (which was always made it a challenge to press the button again). Being a woman around his own age wasn't so bad all things considered. But should he take a chance and try again? Maybe be a man again? Or if he did try again, could it be worse?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Plastic canary

Troy and his friends always stayed clear of the Korean chick at their college. She was weird; she wore the strangest outfits and just said things that seemed to make no sense. They hadn't even bothered making fun of her, because she would blow up at them. She hung out with the art crowd while Troy and his friends were more of the jock type. Of course, this changed when an accident in one of their science classes switched their bodies. The University promised to sort it out as soon as possible and offered them both a full scholarship if they promised to keep it quiet. Troy couldn't believe he had to spend ANY time in this body. As he searched through her closet, he couldn't find a single piece of normal clothing. It was getting cold and most normal jacket she owned made him look like a plastic canary. He sucked it up and wore it out, prepared to be ignored by his own former friends...


Christen was overjoyed when the Great Shift put him in the body of a woman. He decided that he would do all the things he couldn't do as a man. He inserted tampons up his new vagina, he played with his breasts, and then he tried a split. He didn't expect it to hurt, but apparently his new female body still wasn't quite flexible enough as he let loose a loud scream from the pain. He figured that he would have to work on his flexibility a bit more before he tried that again...

A few rounds of golf

At the age of 63, Miles only enjoyed golf these days. Sure, he had been athletic in his youth, playing many sports, but time had certainly affected his body. The Great Shift, however, would change things for Miles once again. Being young and energetic meant an entirely new life for Miles. He still enjoyed playing a few rounds of golf from time to time as well!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Being a shy, lanky, unpopular guy before the Great Shift, Charlie was a little unsure of how to act being all of a sudden stuck in the body of a voluptuous woman. He immediately started hugging himself and feeling up the curves of his body. It wasn't long before he began to enjoy his new life far better than his old one.

Explaining to do

Nancy was having a hard time explaining many of the finer points of being a woman to her 10-year-old son after the Great Shift switched them with the asian couple next door. Aaron, now in the body of Mrs. Kwon, went out shopping for bras with his mom, he was fascinated by the colors and styles, as well as the diverse selection. "You mean I get to wear these pretty things?" He asked her. Nancy was uncomfortable about the situation, and she just couldn't wrap her head around explaining these sorts of things to her son...heck, she was just as uncomfortable about being a man as well...


Marcus emerged from the pool with his arms outstretched, overjoyed. He had been told it had the power to grant wishes and fulfill dreams. Before he jumped in, he thought it was hogwash, but he had to take the chance to live his dream, no matter how farstretched it was. He had always wanted to be a woman, and now thanks to the magic pool, it had become true. No matter how impossible it would've seemed, it worked.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Extra credit

Jeremy was at risk of failing his Chemistry class, so he asked the Teaching Assistant if there was anything he could do for a little extra credit. The T.A. told Jeremy to meet him in the basement of the Hall of Sciences after class. For weeks, Jeremy received strange injections for a week. After school ended, Jeremy was thankful to squeak by with a D+, but on the first day of summer break, he noticed something strange. Making his way to the T.A.'s house, he stormed inside and ripped open his shirt.

"I thnk your chemical had some odd after effects! Look at this!" He said as he revealed the breasts now hanging on his chest, "And that's not all! I don't even want to show you what's between my legs...or what isn't anymore!"

Mutant powers

Brad had always enjoyed reading X-Men comics but always thought that humans developing mutant powers certainly fell into the realm of fiction...until he discovered that he possessed such powers! He wished he had cool powers like Cyclops or Professor X. Instead, his power was sort of a mix of Rouge and Mystique. He could take on anyone's form by touching them. He wouldn't kill them, but they'd be stuck as him. He thought maybe if he found someone else with a cooler mutant power, he'd steal their body and see if he got their powers too. But so far he hadn't discovered a single other mutant on the entire planet, so he settled for stealing the bodies of models and actresses. He put on some gloves to avoid an unintentional swap after stealing his latest body.

Once upon a pervert

Many perverts enjoyed the results of the Great Shift, Paul was one of them. He couldn't have gotten a date before the Shift to save his life. He was not even 30 and already fat and balding. He'd watch porn to no end and creep around places like the gym, hoping to catch women naked. After the Shift, he was pleased to have his very own set of boobs to play with! Though many were now interested in a date, his lingering social awkwardness kept people from giving him a call back later...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looking silly (and sexy)

The Great Shift certainly left Daniel feeling a bit exposed. He was in his own backyard trimming the hedges when the Shift happened. Now he was in the body of one of his neighbors. He couldn't believe that she hung around her backyard wearing clothes like this! They were absolutely silly-looking! And what was up with these heels and gloves?

Close call

Drew hadn't been in a taxi in years, and for good reason! The last time a mysterious taxi driver said "Have a nice day," and then Drew was in the cabbie's body! It was a curse of sorts, Drew would live as the cabbie until someone else entered the cab for a long enough ride to swap bodies with. It just so happened to be a scene girl on her way back from the clubs. Drew enjoyed the new life as a plucky, young 20-something, and generally tried to avoid taxis. Three years later, Drew felt that things were safe. Now in a cab again, things felt eerily was the same cab! The same driver! Drew didn't want to take another chance! He enjoyed the fact that the cab turned him into a woman last time; what if this time he turned back into a man? No way! He jumped out at a red light just in time, before the meter clicked over the minimum amount required for a swap.


"Hey, Jack, do you ever feel like a hypocrite?"

"Why do you say that, Ryan?"

"Well, before the Great Shift we used to yell at our daughters about dressing too slutty or wearing too much makeup, but look at US now! We dye our hair strange colors, pour on the makeup, and how many tattoos have you gotten? I don't know; I just feel like we lost our authority..."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Frat Fantasy

Brooke was angry at first when the Great Shift swapped her body with Dirk Penner, a stereotypical frat boy-type. He used her body to engage in all sorts of straight man fantasties such as some girl-on-girl action. At first, Brooke was angry. She couldn't believe he was doing that with her body! However, it wasn't long before the hormones in her body reacted favorably. He scowl turned into a smile, and soon she asked to join in. "Ew," Dirk screamed from his newly female body, "Two girls having sex with a guy? That is so gay!"


Vance checked his Blackberry. He got another text message from his girlfriend asking where he was, that it had been three hours since they agreed to meet to swap bodies back. He wondered how long it would take her to get the message that he was ignoring her, he wasn't going to show up, and that he was stealing her body forever.

Teasing the teacher

Martin was miserable after the Great Shift. While most of his classmates swapped with each other, but he ended up in the bodies of one of the teachers, the particularly sexy Mrs. Teague. He couldn't stand the constant teasing of his classmates at his situation. What he didn't understand was that they weren't so much teasing him, so much as hitting on him.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not complaining

After the Great Shift both John and his best friend, Chris, found themselves in each other's daughter's bodies. Chris couldn't be happier, but John had reservations. "Chris," he asked, "Don't you feel guilty about this?"

"Why?" John responded, "The Great Shift wasn't our fault! Besides, our daughters didn't do so bad! Yours swapped with that famous actress and mine with a supermodel! I don't think they're complaining!"


The first thought that ran through Sharon's head when the Great Shift hit was if her old body was okay. She did not like the fact that she was now in the body of a man, and hoped that someone would find a way to switch all the people back to normal. It took her only twenty minutes to get down to where her body had been pre-Shift, and other five to locate it inside a local barber shop. She was angry to see the man, a Mr. Steve Willis, getting all of her hair shaved off. She grabbed his hand
and led him outside.
"What!?" Steve explained, "That long hair was too long and girlie. The next thing I'm looking to do is get out of these damn heels and fruity stretch pants!"

Is this the end?

Mike was riding his bike when the world went black. It felt like he stopped moving immediately. Had he hit something? He felt weird...different. As he passed by a car and saw his reflection, he knew why. Somehow staring back at him was a woman! Did he die? Was this the afterlife? Was he a spirit possessing someone on Earth? His mind was wandering when someone approached him from behind. "Great Shift got you too, eh?" It asked, "Judging from your puzzled expression, I'm guessing you didn't see the news reports yet..."