Saturday, August 8, 2009


Pierre guessed that he really didn't have to paint his nails and apply makeup after the Medallion of Zulu ended up swapping him into the body of his girlfriend, but something about being in that body compelled him to do things that just seemed, well, like her. He crossed his legs when he sat, and even enjoyed wearing dresses. He was worried what would happen if they didn't swap back soon.

Are you ready to rumble?

It was the little things that required a lot of getting used to in the aftermath of the Great Shift. Seeing an 8-year-old boy speak on the television as President of the United States of America was certainly interesting. Attending a wrestling match was also quite entertaining, from the very begining when a shrill soprano voice now rang out, "Are you ready to rumble?"

Sexist attitude

When Elliott told his wife that cleaning the kitchen was woman's work, he never expected that the Great Shift would occur only a few hours later and swap the pair's bodies. Elliott certainly was regretting his earlier sexist comments as now with the tables turned his wife made him do all of things she used to do. Worse still was that she made him do these things wearing the sexiest possible clothes. Elliott felt humiliated.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Locker room

Kelli Pickard had been called into the Principal's office for her inapropriate gym clothes. The shirt was way too revealing and shorts were way too short. In fact, Principal Lewis had a hard time keeping his eyes off the student's body while lecturing her about the school dress code. Kelli told him that she wasa Senior and eighteen years old now now; she didn't even have to be in school, let alone follow it's stupid rules. Lewis started to talk about graduating and getting a college education when the Great Shift hit, swapping the student with the Principal. Lewis ran out of the room and back to the gym locker room. He was hoping to find some more decent clothes to wear...

Male heir

Using a mystic Japanese secret, Ren had been alive for nearly a thousand years, swapping his soul into the body of his first born male grandchild. Part of him felt a little guilt about trapping a young soul in his old body, but his selfish nature always won out. In 2009, Ren was once again getting on in years, but all of his three daughters each also gave birth to three daughters. Knowing he had only days left to live, he ultimately decided to swap bodies with the eldest of his nine granddaughters. She had moved to America for college, so she would cause the least suspicion among the family. Once the mystic spell was complete, Ren found himself in her body, practicing with the school's other cheerleaders. He knew so little about her life--having always hoped for a grandson, but did his best until a male heir could be produced.


Miguel couldn't help but notice the odd smile that the barista at the coffee shop gave him as he ordered his drink. It was if she had some sort of devious plan or something, but he tried his best to smile back without calling any attention to the situation. When she handed him his coffee, he felt a jolt of electricity run through the cup, and the next thing he knew he was in the barista's body! It was confusing to see his own body standing in front of him for a moment, but then it smiled and ran off. Miguel ran after it, screaming. However, his new smaller, daintier female legs were unable to keep up with his old, athletic male body. He made it out to the street before he lost track of his old self. Then the manager came out of the coffee shop, feverishly mad that his staff would just run after a customer like that!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's not easy

Chuck reached out his hand, "Come on, Dad, it's time to go. Maybe we can convince our neighbor to swap us back into our own bodies."

"Okay, Chuck," his Dad replied, "I can't believe he used our family as human guinea pigs for his bodyswapper. You're doing quite well acting as your mother, I must say. I hope I'm convincing as your little sister. It's not easy to be one's own 6-year-old daughter!"

"Trust me, Dad, it's not easy being one's own mother either!"


Josh and his two best buds, Ken and Logan, were playing around in the basement since his sister and his friends' sisters were watching TV upstairs. Josh started fooling around with an invention that his dad was working on, a bodyswapping device. The three boys thought it would be cool to swap with each other for a few hours, so they fired it up. The power setting must've been set too high as the next thing the boys knew, they were upstairs in each other's sister's bodies. Josh screamed first inside the body of Ken's sister, Diane. He was not only shocked that he was Ken's sister, but also because he was wearing her pink dress! Logan, who was now in the body of Josh's sister, let his mouth drop as well, mortified that he was now some sort of blonde airhead. That left Ken inside of Logan's sister. He was simply speechless. The three ran downstairs, but couldn't find their old bodies. Had they run off? Where did they go?

Who's the bitch?

"Who's the bitch? Who's the little bitch?" Jeremy said in the face of his ex-girlfriend now in the body of a small dog. She was one pissed off witch when he broke up with her, but as a powerful warlock, he was prepared. He had a spell of protection around himself. She had planned to punish him with a transformation spell, turning him into a female dog, but it backfired when it bounced off his own magic. Jeremy spell wasn't a complete protection, however, transforming him into the "female" portion. Hell, at least he was still human, and still able to perform magic! He'd just mix some herbs and figure out some way to transform himself back to normal! His ex-girlfriend, well, she could wait a little longer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No more sick days

Ian couldn't believe how easy his stepmom's job was. After an accident that one of his father's inventions caused, the two had swapped bodies, and she insisted he take sick days until his dad had fixed the device. Finally, after three days, her boss didn't believe she was sick anymore, forcing Ian to come in as her. She worked as a medical receptionist, and it was SO easy. He just threw some forms at people coming in and then scheduled another appointment when they left. Most of the time he just spent reading some of the doctor's magazines...

Peeping Tom

It was only yesterday when Tom was sneaking in the bushes, trying to catch a glimpse of his sexy neighbor when she was undressing. That night he went to sleep with vivid fantasies. When the morning sun broke into his room, he grumbled. He didn't want to get up. His eyes slowly opened to an unfamiliar sight. This wasn't his room. He looked down--that wasn't his body! He screamed as he grabbed his neighbor's boobs now hanging from his chest. Somehow they had swapped bodies or something at night, and now he was her! After playing with himself for a while, he made his way to his own house. When he talked with his old body, it seemed like nothing was wrong. It was like this swap was one-way or something. He turned into her, but he was also himself. Should he explain the situation to himself? Or should he just keep quiet?


Chester awoke from his nap to the sound of the radio. There was a news report a global event that swapped the bodies of most of the people on Earth. At first, Chester thought it was some sort of a hoax, but the reality of the situation quickly set in. He was in the body of a gorgeous woman. He thought the dress was way too short and revealing, but he did have a healthy amount of curiousity. He began to slowly lift the hem of the dress, ready to explore what was under it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Very special fan

Carlos would never admit it, but in a lot of ways he was a stereotyical gay man. He certainly loved the big female pop stars. He was attending the concert of one of his most absolute favorite singers when he felt like he was falling into a daze. He always appreciated the fabulous fashions, but his focus on the singer seemed to be burning into his head tonight for some reason. The next thing he knew, he was on stage in her body! After a brief mistake in the middle of a song, he quickly got his footing...He knew all the words, after all! At the end of the song, he blew a kiss to the audience in the direction of his old body, and decided to dedicate the next song to a "very special fan..."

Limo faker

Brad looked down at his hand; it had become soft and delicate. It also had a ring on the pinky. This wasn't his hand. Something was wrong. He knew pulling that trick at the airport was wrong, but he was just so tempted to claim he was someone else when he saw a limo driver holding a sign with his last name on it. He knew he wasn't the "Higgens" on the sign, but he faked it. Little did he know that the limo was transforming him as it drove, into the Higgens it wanted to be in there, a Samantha Higgens. Fortunately, she was one of the wealthiest women in the world, so Brad would have a good life ahead of him, although it would be a life as a woman.

Wasting no time

While some people were understandably upset or scared when the Great Shift happened, leaving them stranded in a foreign body, Anthony was actually excited to be in a new body, especially to be inside a woman's body. He wasted no time in ripping off his new body's shirt and then started on the pants. He really didn't care that he was standing in the middle of the street either. This was exciting to him, and he had never seen a woman this beautiful naked before in real life! It didn't matter that the naked woman was him!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Winning is everything

Clyde gave a knowing and worried look to his friend, David. After howling rude comments in the direction of a beauty pageant taking place on the beach, a witch cursed them by turning them into contestants. She told them that only the winner would be transformed back into a man. David wondered if the other partcipants were also men turned into women. Clyde's look towards David slowly changed; he had to be more confident if he were to win. He didn't want to be stuck as a woman for the rest of his life...even if it meant his buddy would be...

House arrest

Five years ago, Kurt was wrongly convicted of rape. Not even the other convicts believed that he was innocent, but eventually he met a guard who believed he was imprisioned unfairly. He fought with the warden on Kurt's behalf and got him accepted into an experimental house arrest program. A collar was placed around Kurt's neck, and when he ventured too far away from his house, he transformed intoa beautiful woman, making it nearly impossible for him to commit the same crime again. Kurt was pretty amazed when he went to the store...even his clothes transformed! While Kurt was happy to be a free man, it bothered him that he could never go out truly as himself. One day, he was walking around his backyard garden in his boxers when his body transformed. "Christ!" He exclaimed, "I can't even walk around my own yard without changing! What the hell!?"

Spring break

When Matt and all his frat brothers went down to Mexico for Spring Break, none of them could've anticipated the Great Shift. Matt was rather uncomfortable being in the body of some chick who was also down there vacationing, but at least he was hot! Plus, he was still around the same age, and he suspected he wouldn't have any problems crossing back over the border. The same couldn't be said for his best best bud at the frat, Leo, who had ended up in the body of some fat, middle-aged Mexican woman.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Teddy bear

It had been a month since the Great Shift swapped the 8-year-old Danny with his babysitter. Scientists had hoped people would adapt to their new bodies easily, but it just wasn't happening. Young people in old bodies still acted immature, men in women's bodies didn't act any more feminine, and so on. Danny certainly wasn't adjusting well to being a college-aged woman. He still acted like the little boy he was inside his head, clutching his teddy bear.

This isn't a dream?

When she first saw Ed's reaction of jumping around the room and grabbing her boobs, Denise thought that maybe he had something to do with the strange flash of light that swapped their bodies. However, when she accused him, he seemed confused. "This isn't a dream?" He asked, "You mean this is real? Sorry, I mean, wow. I thought I had been hit on the head or something. I mean, I've got to admit that having breasts is just exciting, but I swear that I had nothing to do with causing this!"

In an alley behind the bar

It took Chad a while to deal with a lot of the problems resulting from the Great Shift. He was a woman now, but he certainly didn't dress to flaunt his body. He certainly hated periods. It was the little things that realy annoyed him having to see down to pee. He was just used to how things were. He would go out with the guys to have a beer and go out to the alley to take a leak. With the amount of alcohol in his system, he had forgotten that the Shift had made him a woman. Of course, when he reached down and unzipped his fly, reality came flying back n his face. Grumbling, he marched back into the bar's ladies room, his old friends still laughing at him.