Saturday, August 22, 2009

Out of shape

When a myserious stranger asked Max if he wanted to be a woman, he assumed the man had somehow reached down into his soul to pull out his deepest desire. He thought that if he said yes he'd become the woman he dreamed about. He was certainly disappointed when instead he switched bodies with a woman who was overweight and out of shape. He had hoped to be sexy right off the bat. Maybe if he exercised, he had a chance to get hot?


"Finally!" Mark exclaimed, "Ever since the Great Shift I've been searching this woman's room for some shoes that didn't have super high heels on them! These boots will certainly fit the bill! I don't really care that it's close to 90 degrees outside! I'd rather wear this warm boots than four inch heeled sandals!"


James was a good student, but ever since the Great Shift his teachers had been worried about him. Unlike many of his classmates, James was swapped into the body of someone much older. It was complicated by the fact that he was also now a different gender and had to deal with being not just older, but also a woman. Even though he still had the brain of a 5-year-old, his kindgergarden classmates made fun of the fact that he appeared dumb. He certainly wasn't; he was probably average for his age, but they considered him dumb because he appeared older. They expected someone who looked to be in their 20s to be able to read proficiently and do complex math problems, he just couldn't! The teacher trying to explain the Shift to the students (even though they all experienced it as well) just didn't help.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Kelly had been making fun of David since the start of the season. As the only man on the cheerleading squad, he got called all sorts of names like "queer" and "fag." David insisted he was straight time and time again. Finally fed up with Kelly's constant taunts, he enacted a bodyswap spell he found on the internet. He told her that as his hormones took over, she would learn that he was certainly not gay. During practice and games she realized the new hormones WERE taking over; it was certainly weird when she found herself looking up the skirt of her own old body and got a hard-on.

Bodyswap Gun

Candice and Vic were glaring at their nerdy friend Sherman. He had just fired a gun at them that had swapped their bodies, and now were demanding that he swap them back immediately. Sherman tried, but it didn't seem to work. He said he would need at least a week to fix it. Would Candice be able to keep up Vic's tough guy image for the week? Would Vic be able to portray the diva style that Candice had built up for herself? It looks like they'd find out very soon.


Mrs. Hill felt bad for Maggie. She was the only member in her ballet class that hadn't swapped with another child around the same age after the Great Shift. No, Maggie ended up in the body of an older gentleman who was already so old that he was balding. It didn't change the little girl's spirit, however. She still wanted to do ballet as much as ever! Mrs. Hill felt a little weird instructing the girl, especially now that she herself was in the body of one of her former students!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Officer Frank Harrison and his partner heard a call on the radio for police backup for a well-known drug house. Both men immediately responded to the scene, but found it strangely quiet...too quiet. Frank and his partner snuck around back, but two thugs got the drop on them. The dealers were not working with your typical street drugs and decided to test their wares on the two cops. Frank's partner died instantly from his injection, but Frank had very different results. His chest ballooned outward; hair sprouted from his bald head. His beer belly vanished, his hips got a new curvy feel, andhis penis retreated inside of his body--replaced with a vagina. The dealers thought it would be funny to give Frank the outfit of a stripper that was sent by business associates of the thugs a few days ago, who had ironically enough been dressed up as a sexy cop.


After Alex stole Katie's body, he decided to slut it up by wearing vinyl dresses, fishnet stockings, and tall high heeled boots. Katie, in Alex's old body was getting quite upset about ger old image being destroyed. Alex hadn't planned on harming Katie after stealing her body, but he was starting to get afraid that she might start telling people about the bodyswap. He knew that it was unlikely that anyone would ever believe her, but he was beginning to think that he could no longer take that chance. Sneaking into his old house, he threatened her with a gun, saying that if Katie said anything, she would regret it. He cocked the gun and asked if she understood. Katie in Alex's body cried and nodded. He was satisfied, but just as he started to put the gun away, it went off, killing his old body. He'd certainly never be going back to his old body now, but maybe he should steal another woman's body...he didn't want to end up in prison.

Press release

The press was understandably skeptical about the recent announcement that a company had developed a liquid that when ingested orally could spontaneously morph one's gender. They brought the press in to view their test subject, "Frank." Frank stood on a table for a press conference. "How do we know they didn't just hire some actress to CLAIM this?!" shouted one of the reporters. Just then a representative from the company came in with a tray of drinks and offered it to any of the men in the room who wished to try. Most of the press just looked at each other, but one small-framed man offered to try it. He drank it and fell over in pain. The rest of the room stood in awe as his body morphed and changed into a liquid worked...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Doing things differently

Dennis had a lot of regrets in his life. He wished he had gone to college after high school, instead of getting married and starting a family while he was still a teenager. His first son had just turned five, and he was taking him to a carnival, where he saw an old fortune teller. She knew Dennis's desire to change his past. She asked what he would give to change his life. To be able to be 18 again and make a different set of decisions. "Anything," he said. The fortune teller sat back. "Done, but it will cost you your life," she said. Dennis looked puzzled, but she attempted to explain, "You will swap bodies with the next person you see who is facing the same life choice: to go to college or to start a family. You will lose this life, but you will gain a new one." Dennie became terrified, grabbed his son, and left. Almost immediately, as he left the fortune teller, he ran into a young woman, and he felt woozy. The next thing he knew, he was her! "Excuse me, Miss," his old body said. Dennis laughd as he walked away, his old self seemed oblivious to the swap. It was only a few minute later when a man grabbed Dennis's arm and took him to the Ferris Wheel. At the top, the man proposed! Though Dennis's heart was moved, he declined. This time, he was doing things differently!


It should've been Brett's fiance doing this fitting with her mom before their wedding, but the two had been fooling around with the Medallion of Zulu the night before. The results were, of course, obvious. Brett now had to go through the day as his own fiance Michelle, trying on wedding dresses. He would've just picked the first thing that looked decent, but Michelle's mom was very, very picky. What he didn't know was that Michelle had actually used the Medallion to swap bodies with her mom several days ago to let her have some time in a young body. It was quite fortunate as she would've have trusted Brett's opinion on dresses one bit!


Matt had no idea how he suddenly ended up surrounded by a bunch of large men staring him down, but he didn't want to know, he just wanted to get out of there. He ran. However, as he ran, he noticed something was off. He felt weird, and he realized that he was wearing nothing but leather--lather pants, leather jacket. Where did he get these clothes? He started to slow down...these were not his clothes. Then hit got weirder...this wasn't his body! He was a woman! However, he didn't have much time to question this as he saw the men were now chasing him...he'd figure it out later.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Gary poured the two chemicals over Frank's head, just as he did to himself several minutes prior. As they mixed on his naked skin, he felt the promised changes take place. The two liquids shimmered on his skin turning his body from a rough male one to a soft female one. Neither Gary nor Frank could believe the effects of the chemicals, but they were sure happy they worked as promised.

Tougher than school

There was an exclusive club at school that Martin begged his friends to be a part of; they were reluctant but eventually agreed after his constant bugging. The club's sole requirement was to spend one day in a week in the body of their moms, usually so they could miss school and force their moms to go in their place. Martin wasn't doing so well on his first day of being his own mom. He hadn't done any of her chores and just received a call from his dad about making dinner. He attempted to make grilled cheese, but he knew he wasn't allowed to use the stove. He looked around his mom's things and eventually found something he could use as a grilled cheese maker. He hoped hs dad liked it! This was tougher than going to school!

Unusual trick

Though Peter usually ignored the street performers, one day he saw one in the park who caught his eye. She looked like something out of Cirque du Soleil, and she had a similar sort of flighty way about her. After watching a few tricks, he realized that he just couldn't take her eyes off her. She took notice of him as well, and handed him a strange red and orange thing. She had one herself, and ran away, holding the device high in the air. When she was almost out of Peter's eyesight, a strange beam of light formed between the two devices. Most of the people watching clapped, but Peter was frozen solid. He felt strange, and that's when he realized that he wearing the silver outfit that the performer was wearing, and not only that...he was her! It was certainly some trick! He started to race back to where he was sitting, but his body was nowhere to be found.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Darren was very upset. He downloaded a program on his laptop that somehow transformed him into a woman. However, when he hit "undo," the computer crashed! Now it wouldn't even boot back up! It was dead and he was getting very frustrated!

Political powers

Few people would ever learn of the first successful head swap in 1954. The medical implications of the procedure were profound, but the entire experiment was buried by the political powers that be. Of course, at least two people would never forget--the couple who volunteered for the experiment.

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Court decision

Jeff walked down the steps of the courthouse with pride. He had just won a landmark courtcase in the wake of the Great Shift. In a tight 5-4 Supreme Court decision, it was granted that the former occupants of bodies had no rights over how their new owners treated said body. Jeff had taken up a job as a stripper, despite being in the body of a figurehead of the religious right, who claimed her reputation was forever tarished. The Court's majoritiy decision stated that the Shift was a massive worldwide occurance, no reasonable person could deny its impact. Furthermore, it would be impacting on a person's freedoms to have to live according to someone else's beliefs.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A long walk home

Billy's legs and feet were hurting. After the Great Shift swapped him into a woman's body clear across town, he really wanted nothing more than to get home. It didn't matter to him that he was now a very sexy woman; he'd worry about that later. After seeing the mess with traffic on the streets, he knew he had to walk. He hadn't counted on the fact that a woman might be wearing heels, making walking several miles fairly difficult. It had only been a very short while and he was already sitting down, taking a break, and rubbing his legs. It was going to be a LONG walk.


It was tougher and tougher for Julie to keep tabs on her old body after the Great Shift. Her older brother had ended up in her body, and he was (to put it nicely) a bit of a free spirit. She was shocked one day to find him wearing leather pants and about to smoke a cigarette. She thought the pants made her look slutty, and cigarettes were just bad for her old health. Her brother sighed, it was't HER health wasn't HER body! It was his, and he could do what he wanted to with it.

You should see the other guy

Curtis Browne couldn't believe his manager hadn't canceled his fight tomorrow. He knew it was for a big boxing title and could earn him a lot of money if he won, but considering the blonde bombshell body that the Great Shift left him in, Curtis didn't have much hope for winning. The day before the fight in training, he expressed his concerns to his manager who laughed it off. "You think you got it bad?" He asked, "You should see the other guy! He's in the body of an 6-year-old. He's just so stubborn that refuses to forfeit. This'll be the easiest fight you've ever had."