Saturday, September 12, 2009

New wedding plans

Matt's stomach churned. The Great Shift had hit at his sister's wedding and had swapped him with the blushing bride-to-be. He felt stupid wearing her giant white dress. However, after things were sorted out, he laughed more at his sister. She was swapped with their Uncle Newton, a large, bald, bearded biker. Her soon-to-be-husband had swapped with the Maid of Honor. As he made his way to a back pew at the church, he knew it could've been worse...


When the Great Shift hit, Sean ended up in the body of a woman, and he thought that he'd never adjust to it. However, it was just a few weeks later, and he was quickly falling into a feminine role. He wore short skirts, low cut tops, and even checked up on his makeup all the time to make sure he looked perfect and sexy whenever possible. He had not only adjusted, he made many other women jealous.

Any worse?

When the Great Shift switched Martin into his sister's body, he felt so humiliated. He thought it couldn't get any worse until he was on his way home and felt something strange. He felt even more humiliated when he realized that he needed a tampon, but there simply wasn't one in his sister's extra large purse. Ugh, could this day get any worse?

Friday, September 11, 2009


Jared couldn't really be crazy, could he? Yesterday, he was a man; he knew it. Yet he woke up this morning in the body of a very sexy woman. He tried to tell people that he had turned into someone else overnight somehow. However, this got him locked up in a padded room fairly quickly. Sure, he had never heard of anyone suddenly becoming another person overnight, but that didn't mean it couldn't happen, right? He knew who he was. He remembered growing up, kissing his girlfriend, and even masturbating with his own penis last week. The memories were so vivid, he insisted that his mind couldn't have made them up. Somehow he needed to prove to these doctors that he really was a man and not the woman he appeared to be!


Marco and his wife, Raquel, were part of Hollywood's elite. They knew that their careers would be ruined if they skipped out on tonight gala affair, even if their bodies had been swapped in a strange accident earlier that day. Marco felt naked in his wife's revealing dress, and uncomfortable in her high heels. On the other hand, though Raquel missed feeling sexy on the red carpet, she sort of liked being in Marco's body. She hoped that whatever caused this bodyswapping accident would never return.

Chalk board

On the top part of the chalk board were calculations that allowed Duncan to figure out how to swap the souls of two people. He quickly used the formula to swap bodies with one of the cute asian girls that attended his lectures at the university. Apparently, the calculation to swap back would be different, but as he worked on it in his new body, his thoughts started to wander to match the body he now had. Instead of thinking about math problems, he now thought about boys and drew cute animal pictures on the board...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Huge smile

Riku was suspicious of Hitomi when she said that she had no idea what caused the bodyswap that switched up the two co-workers. She just seemed far too happy about the whole thing, and no matter what he said or expained, nothing seemed to wipe the large smile off her face--his former face! He knew he had to look into this and get his body back as soon as possible.

Treated differently

"Alright guys, seriously," Tom laughed, "Stop treating me differently simply because the Great Shift swapped me with a girl and kept you guys as boys. I may look different, but it's still your buddy Tom in here! You don't need to open the door for me or hold back your dirty comments...I'm thinking the same sort of thoughts still! We can all keep farting and burping in public just as we used to! Now, who wants to play some video games? Or scope out some hot babes at the mall? Heck, you guys can even scope me out! Trust me, I look GOOD in a bikini!"


Matt was really jealous of his brother Mark after the Great Shift. Mark got the skinnier, sexier body of the sisters that they swapped with. Matt just couldn't tell his brother that he was jealous of the attention guys gave him in bars or the way his brother could pull off sexy outfits. However, Mark was equally jealous of Matt, and he just couldn't tell his brother that he was jealous of the fact that Matt's new body didn't have herpes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Melts in your hand, not in your mouth

Maria gave her son, Chip, an ice cream cone. She needed to keep him occupied until she discovered what strange magic or science had caused her to swap bodies with him. Though Chip was still a young boy on the inside, it was rapidly changing. The things that appealed to him just a few moments ago, like this ice cream cone, seemed sort of silly now. As his mind started to fill with other things that an adult woman would be concerned with, the ice cream cone started to melt. Chip was worried where his mom had gone in his body; it was a strange motherly instinct. A young boy simply shouldn't go running off on his own--even if that young boy was technically his mom!

Losing a job

The law firm that employed Ms. Gina Connor was thinking of firing her. She had been coming into the office with her top unbuttoned, exposing her bra, and shorts and skirts that were way too short. It simply wasn't professional. Of course, what the firm didn't know was that inside the brain of Gina was her 13-year-old son. The two had swapped bodies a few weeks earlier through unknown means. He was doing his best to adjust, but his horny, teenage mind wanted to show off his mom's sexy body. He didn't know how to tell her that he had lost her job.

Assassination Attempt

FBI Agent Bill Watterson had been on this assignment for several years now, and he was starting to let his guard down. They had intelligence about an assassination plot against an Eastern European princess, and had used FBI technology to swap Bill into the princess's body to bring down the assassins. However, all his time in her body and not a single hint of threat was made. Worse still, her servants wouldn't let him lift a finger, forcing him to sit still, bored, all day long.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Read ahead

Brad finally managed to steal the spellbook that his sister had used to swap bodies with him. He looked through the book to find the spell, but freaked out when he discovered that the spell was irreversible! He was going to be stuck as his sister forever! When he told her, she seemed equally surprised by this. He began to yell at her; hadn't she read ahead in the book before casting the spell!?

Testing his patience

Trent and his sister, Sally, had ended up swapping bodies as a result of the Great Shift. While Trent adjusting fairly well to his new life as a woman, Sally wasn't doing nearly as well. She'd still go out wearing dresses, despite Trent's objections to how odd it made his former body look. He was doing his best to help his sister through this difficult time, but, quite frankly, his patience was really being tested...


"Not bad...Not bad..." Corey thought. He was taking the Great Shift pretty well...In fact, he was taking it better than well, he was downright enjoying himself. In the mirror, he saw the sexiest woman he'd ever seen, and he could get her to do anything because he WAS her. He started to think about what he was going to do first with his new body. Should he make a porno video for the internet? Should he go out and find someone to have sex with (hopefully for profit)? Or should he just go into the bathroom and enjoy a nice long bath? Well, there would be plenty of time for all of it in his new body!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Reaching down

Bill was shocked with the results of the Great Shift; he reached down between his legs and discovered that his penis was gone! As he slowly moved his hand up, he'd be equally surprised by the breasts now hanging from his chest. This was certainly something he would have to get used to...he and most of the rest of the population of the world. He looked around to see many other people playing and poking at their new bodies, equally amazed at the results of the Shift.


It was an idle wish that Zach made on a star the night before. He wished that he was the most popular person in school. When he arrived the next day and was promptly made fun of and shoved in a locker, he sighed. He knew he wish hadn't come true. But as his feet and arms started to fall asleep in the confined locker, he felt a strange sensation. The next thing he knew he was somewhere else; he was in someone else's body, the most popular girl in school, in fact, a senior by the name of Kimberly. He hadn't expect the wish to work like this! He wanted himself to be popular, not to be in the body of someone else who was popular! And if the surroundings were any indication, it would look like she about to change out of her clothes and get ready for gym...he wasn't quite sure he was ready to see Kimberly naked...though he had to admit that it was something he fantisized about...

Like a criminal

After finding a purchasing a bodyswapping device on the internet, Chuck and Devin developed the perfect plan for robbing a jewelry store. They used it to swap bodies with the owners' two daughters, who were often were left with the responsibility of tending to the store alone. After closing one night, the pair looted the entire collection, and were ready to switch back to themselves until they discovered that the daughters had escaped with their bodies! Check and Devin guessed that they had two options. They could either try to find their old bodies or escape from these girls' parents and live their new lives...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

House of Mirrors

Vinnie was a little disappointed when he first entered the so-called "House of Mirrors" at the amusement park. It was a large tent with only one mirror inside. He was ready to turn around and demand his money back, but something compelled him to look in the mirror. To be fair, the mirror was pretty amazing. His movements were perfectly reflected, but by a completely different person--the person would change every few moments. He thought it had to be some sort of cmputer generated thing. When the image froze as a young woman with pigtails, he tried to laugh at what he thought was a computer crash, but he realized he was frozen as well. Then a flash. The next thing he knew, his reflection matched that of the mirror, but not because it looked like him, but because he looked like the woman! Stunned, all he could do was walk out to face his new life as her...

A drink to calm down

As with most visitors to Exchange Island, Ethan needed an escape from himself. He was thankful to be swapped into a new body on the island, but the stresses of his old life still consumed him. He decided to go up to the island bar for a drink. The bartender refused to serve him for being underage.
"But I'm 41-years-old," Ethan exclaimed.
"Not in that body!" The bartender reorted.
Ethan cursed. He couldn't even get a drink to calm down!


This was weird. Steve grabbed the bottom of his shirt once again in disbelief. Somehow he had been placed inside the body of a woman in a city he did not recognize. He tried to make a phone call, but all circuits were busy. Was he maybe not the only in a weird situation like this? As a news report rang out over the radio, he found out that the bodyswap was caused by something called "The Great Shift," but that still didn't explain why this city was deserted.