Saturday, September 26, 2009

Off guard

Trey peaked around the corner to see his wife's body walk up the stairs and leave the basement. He had just used the Medallion of Zulu to turn himself into a copy of her for the day but was caught off guard when she returned after forgetting something. He quickly hid out of sight. He breathed a sigh of relief as she walked back upstairs without detecting him. What he didn't know was that she had noticed and actually slipped the Medallion into her purse. She figured she'd make him deal with being her for the entire duration of her business trip.

How? (Part 2)

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Well, Jerry thought this turn of events was certainly interesting. Now that he was an actual woman, he'd be able to go out dressed up without anyone thinking anything of it. As he began to walk around, he realized that he wasn't the only one who had changed. The first old woman who came up to him, he just thought was crazy when she told him that she was actually a 17-year-old boy. However, he was convinced when the 17-year-old boy came up next claiming to be the old woman. It wasn't long before he found out that almost everyone had a new body. Considering what could've happened, he really lucked out with the Shift.

The confused masses

The confused masses in the wake of the Great Shift didn't deter Steve one bit. He was in the body of a woman and VERY excited about it. He was going to unbutton this top and check out the breasts that hung from his chest. When he finished unbuttoning, he attempted to reach to his back to unclasp the hooks that connected the bra. This caused much difficulty for Steve, but finally got them off, and enjoyed the new orbs hanging from his chest. A little smaller than he would've liked or hoped, but he was still enjoying himself.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A few more

It only took a few drinks for Allen to convince his roommate, Todd, to sneak into the college's lab to 'borrow' a secret bodyswitching machine. It took a few more for him to talk Todd into switching with Allen's girlfriend, Aileen. Now in Aileen's sober body, Todd was shocked. However, Allen was there to give his bud a few quick shots, and before long Todd was dancing on a poll of the local bar wearing high heeled boots and insanely short shorts. Allen can't believe he talked Todd into all of this...

Next step

Thomas bit his nails. How was he going to explain this to his wife? Somehow he had swapped bodies with a random young woman on the street. He had been wandering the streets for hours thinking of a way to explain this to her--or even figure out a way to tell her who he really was. When he finally arrived home, the situation was further complicated by the fact that he saw his old body was already there. Apparently, the young woman was pretending to be him in his body. Thomas was concerned that his wife didn't seem to notice anything was amiss. Had this woman intentionally stolen his body? Maybe he'd go back to her place for a while to think of what to do next.

Why was this fun?

Harold and Patrick could've believe how much they enjoyed being in their sisters' bodies. They were spending hours primping in front of the mirror, trying on new outfits and makeup. However, they started questioning WHY this was fun. They wouldn't have found this fun a few hours ago when they were back in their own bodies. In fact, they realized that they were acting more and more like their sisters as time went on...this could be trouble.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Growling (Part 2)

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It didn't take long for Benjamin to appreciate his situation. Sure, he was a woman, but he was still young and attractive; at least he wasn't an animal! If a dog was inside his body that meant that somewhere a person was inside the body of a dog! He felt bad for whoever was stuck in that situation. Well, he figured he might as well make the best of his own situation, and he looked to speak with others affected by The Great Shift.

Infiltration (Part 2)

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Capturing one of the world's most notorious criminals made front page news, and all the reporters wanted to talk to the hero agent, Dell Vance. It wasn't long before the news media caught wind of the government's secret bodyswapping technology, especially because Agent Vance's body had escaped from the closet, forcing Dell to remain in the body of a showgirl. Though there was a massive manhunt, efforts were unfruitful, and everyone wanted to talk to the famous man-turned-woman agent.


It was humiliating enough to get stuck in his mom's body as a result of the Great Shift, but now Josh was having to deal with his sister putting makeup on him for a job interview. He was the only one in the family in a body now old enough to take a job, since his sister didn't swap and his mom and dad would up in the bodies of the neighbors' five-year-old twins. This was the worst!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Growling (Part 1)

Benjamin wasn't sure what happened. He felt strange, but he didn't have time to think about it as he heard somthing barking at him...or rather, someone? When his eyes focused, he saw his own body on all fours growling and barking at him. This WAS strange. As he tried to get away, the next thing that he noticed was the trouble he had walking. His feet now had two high heels on dainy feet attached to legs in tight red pants leading up to a white top with gorgeous breasts protruding from the front. He wasn't himself! He was some chick. Was that guy who looked like him acting like a dog an actual dog? What the heck was going on here?


While most people quickly freaked out after the Great Shift, Barney saw it as an opportunity. As a devilish pickpocket, he realized the mass confusion would be a perfect distraction as he dug through a pile of nearby bags. It was his biggest one day score ever! Of course, with the new sexy body he obtained, he thought about going into grifting. He could probably sucker many men with his sweet face and hot new curves.

Top model

When the Great Shift first put Norman into the body of one of the world's leading models, he was upset about all the extra maintainence, hairdos, makeup, and so on. However, it wasn't long before he realized he didn't have to do any of it himself. He was waited on hand and foot, and since it was the body that was in such high demand, it didn't matter whose mind was inside.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Too much information

When Chad and his sister accidentally switch bodies with the Medallion of Zulu, he thought he'd use the twelve hours stuck in body to get to know women better. However, in many ways, he wished he hadn't. Going out that night with his sister's friends, he found out that they were downright filthy; they said things was more vulgar than his guy friends. They seemed almost preditory with their sexuality, and he was totally shocked by it. He decided to go talk to some other women and found that they talked in the same way. Was this how all girls were when guys weren't around? This was totally too much information. He couldn't wait until he and his sister could use the medallion again.


"Holy cow!" Charlie yelled as he turned back from the mirror. He couldn't believe that his sister had a machine that could turn his body into a supermodel, complete with vagina and everything! She called it the Morphic Adaption Unit, and she claimed that she didn't make it, but that she found it. She also told him that it could change anyone into just about anyone else, or make small or large modifications to one's current body. She had been playing with it all day, but what she didn't know was that Charlie's change was the last one left in the machine, after which it would simply stop working. Sure, he'd probably have trouble with his new life, but some of his sister's changes might be a little more awkward, like the eyes she replaced her nipples with...

Punishment or prize?

"Oh, so now you want these back?" Jason asked his girlfriend, "You thought you were going to punish me by swapping bodies with me for a day? What sort of lesson were you trying to teach me? To be honest, this has been one of the best days of my life. What you thought was a punishment was actually a prize. I don't even know what you were trying to punish me for! If you want your body back, you can think again. Now if you'll excuse me, Chris and I are going to experiment in lesbianism. His girlfriend decided to 'punish' him as well!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to normal

Some men who had been transformed into women as a result of the Great Shift had trouble adapting, others took to it like a fish to water. Greg was the latter. He dressed fashionably, he wore his makeup perfectly, and even gave himself a fancy hairdo. This actually had his mom worried for a bit. How did her son know how to do all these things? Well, at least it was now normal for a daughter to have knowledge of these things, and she just couldn't wait for things to get back to that...normal.

Cocktail waitress

Michael couldn't believe it. Before the Great Shift he had been a rich, successful stockbroker. However, the Shift switched him with the body of a cocktail waitress. Though the government did their best to get everyone's lives back, Michael always had an assistant take care of his personal information, so he had no way to identify himself to prove who he was. Henceforth, he had to take on the identity of the person he was (who never came forward). He was now Misty Gates, a cocktail waitress earning six dollars an hour--plus tips. It was a miserable new life...

Rich and spoiled

Charlot stared down her old body. As soon as she figured out how her driver had switched bodies with her, she'd get him back. She reverse it, and then fire his ass so fast. Of course, her driver Roger was happy with his new life and had long destroyed the parchment with the bodyswap spell. He wasn't afraid; by keeping Charlot close he could ensure she'd never get another copy of the bodyswap spell. Yes, he was going to enjoy her rich, spoiled life.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Heavenly body

Xavier had just died. At 72-years-old, he knew he was on death's door. As he floated up, he looked down at his old body in the hospital bed. He was sad for a moment, but he quickly found himself at heaven's gate. The angel at the gate told him that he had lived his life well; that he was a good man. As a result, they were going to make him an angel. As an angel, Xavier would be able to take any form he wished. Xavier always had a desire to know what it was like to be a woman. He simply thought about it, and he was one with a truly heavenly body.


How strange? Somehow Cory's whole body had morphed and transformed into a woman's. It was quite painful. However, despite the supernatural transformation of his body. He was more fascinated by the fact that he clothes had changed as well, fitting out his new body perfectly. The only thing that remained was his tie. He examined it carefully...why did this not change along with everything else?

What fun!

Tyler hated when his parents went out for the night. They would always hire some mean babysitter, but tonight he'd be ready. He had downloaded a program from the internet that would allow him to steal her body for the evening, so the moment his parents left he pressed the icon and the program started to run. The next thing he knew he was downstairs on the couch in the babysitter's body while she was upstairs on the computer in his! The first thing he did was make her go to bed. She tried protesting and explaining the swap, but he acted like she was crazy and ultimately won out with a swift spank. Now he could have some unsupervised fun! The first he wanted to do was go rollerskating! His own skates didn't fit, so he put on his mom's skates, which fit perfectly. He also knew his parents wouldn't want him out at night, so he skated in the living room! What fun!