Saturday, October 3, 2009


Deciding to take a nap after an exhausting week, Malcolm drifted off to sleep fairly quickly. He seemed to have one of the most vivid dreams. He dreamt that he awoke in a room that wasn't his own, but that wasn't the weirdest part. He lifted his formerly hairy leg to see that it had been replaced with a sexy feminine one clad in black leggings. It was shapely and hairless. In fact, it wasn't long before he realized that his whole body was different. His formerly fat, sloth-like body was replaced with one that belonged to a goddess. It was incredible how good it felt...and so real! He ran his hands up his sexy new curves. Nothing much else seemed to happen in the dream and it just kept going; he didn't seem to be waking up. It wasn't long before he came to the conclusion that he wasn't dreaming; this was real!


"This is so unreal! I don't believe that little device can morph our bodies into anyone else's!" Martin exclaimed.

"How can you not believe it? Just look down at those two perky lumps on your chest," Bill responded, "You're an exact copy of your sister; just as I am an exact copy of mine."

"It's just so unbelievable; let me see it again! I want to morph into someone else."

"Not here. Someone will see us; it'll raise too many questions."

"Come on! Give it!"

Martin tried to grab the device from Bill, and the two struggled over it for a few minutes before it fell out of their hands and smashed on the pavement...

Stay away from me, Demon!

The mind of Father Andrews was racing. This did have to be the work of Satan. One minute he was preparing for his sermon the next morning, the next he was in some sort of loud heathen club, surrounded by youths. The worst part was that, judging from his outfit and the two breasts exposing cleavage from it, he was in the body of some harlot! He raced back to the church where he sprinkled holy water on himself and grabbed a cross for protection. Shortly after, he heard a noise and saw his old body approach. "Stay away from me, Demon!" he screamed, thinking that the only possibility was some sort of supernatural possession. "Relax," his body responded, "You're somehow in my body, and I'm guessing you're in mine...I was listening to the radio in your office. It appears this happened to everyone in the world; they're calling it 'The Great Shift.'"

Friday, October 2, 2009


When Clark Kent saw the bright light headed towards the Daily Planet, he knew he could outrun it but not without the possibility of giving away his secret identity. He just didn't expect that light to be something called "The Great Shift," which swapped the bodies of everyone on Earth. When he found himself in a new body a few  seconds later, he had thought he would've lost his powers as well. As luck would have it, somehow his powers transfered to his new body as well. Luckily, his journalist skills allowed him to do extensive investigative research on his new body, and his super powers allowed to do it at incredible speed. He had apparently swapped into the body of a model from Kenya named Aluna. After quickly tayloring his new outfit into something that wouldn't be quite so baggy on his body, he realized that a secret identity would be impossible with this new body. It did, however, give a new meaning to the word supermodel!


This game of pool was an actual must-win situation for Andy. He should've called it quits when he was out of cash. He almost did, but when the woman he was playing against begged for one more game with 'high-stakes' while grabbing his crotch, he couldn't resist. He thought those high-stakes were sex...not some weird bodyswap! After she won (again), he pleaded for one more. For her prize, she literally took the shirt off his back, leaving him to cover his new breasts with a scarf. Somehow he convinced her into one more game. If he lost, he'd have to have sex with her in his old body, after which he'd never speak to her again. If he won, he'd get his body back. Considering she crushed him in their last game, the odds were against him.

Fashion schooled (Part 1)

Lisa was stressed out about applying to college. She wanted to get into a good fashion school, and while she liked her designs, she wanted them to be perfect. Many of her friends had their little brothers wear dresses to model and fit, but that just wasn't good enough for her. Her little brother Tony had heard about his friends doing this for their sisters, but what Lisa did was insane! He didn't even know how she did it, but she turned him into her exact double somehow, and was now fitting him in all sorts of wild outfits.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Over the edge

Doug's ex-girlfriend had finally drove him over the edge, quite literally. After they broke up, she decided to punish him by casting a bodyswap spell to stick him in her body. When he had his first period, his hormones went crazy, and he decided to end it all. Clmbing as high as he could, he found himself on a ledge, and jumped off. It should've been high enough to kill him, but he woke up in a hospital with his old body standing over him.

"I'm not going to let you end it that easily, Doug," his girlfriend said to him, "You're going to have to live as me for as least a year. Then maybe...maybe I will swap us back. But no cheating like you just tried to do..."

The Story of the Magic Taxi (Part 1)

When Stephanie moved to the big city, her parents warned her about many of the dangers, but they never mentioned anything about body stealing cab drivers! She wanted to get out, grab her body, and demand that he give it back, but she couldn't seem to move. The only thing she could do was stare as her body walked down the street. Meanwhile, the man inside Steph's body, Kevin, was equally weirded out. When the cab driver had stolen his body last month, he never thought that the swapping ability would be passed on. He vowed to write a letter explaining exactly what happened to the person now stuck in the cabbie's body, and trac down his old body as well.

Supreme Court Justice

Well, this was awkward. Going from Supreme Court Justice to streetwalker in ten seconds was something that could only happen as a result of the Great Shift. The man, who had previously lived a life of privledge that got him nominated for the position in the first place, now had to deal with being on the fringes of society. He was too ashamed to let anyone know his real identity, especially with all the conservative decisions he passed down over the years...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bodyswapping Orb (Part 3)

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"Come on, Kyle," Mike stated, "This is better than those last bodies we were in!"

"Yeah, because we're not like 300 pounds! I was totally winded on our way to that bodyswap orb in the wood, but it's still not OUR bodies," Kyle responded, "To be quite frank, I'm not sure we're ever going to get back to our bodies."

"Let's give it another go!"

"How about tomorrow? I think I want to have some fun with this body first."

Nerdy frames

A huge flash of light hit Curtis hard. When he looked down he noticed his hands--they weren't his own. They were so delicate, small, and feminine. Then a strand of hair fell from in front of his face. He pushed it aside. Something was wrong...very wrong. He rushed to find a mirror and saw a girl with large glasses staring back at him. She might've been pretty if not for the nerdy frames, and if that reflection wasn't HIS. After a brief panic attack, he decided to figure out what was going on. Seeing other people's reactions, he knew he wasn't the only one who had swapped bodies.

The trouble with triples

Ever since her mom died, Tara had been troubled. She felt her dad and brother just didn't understand what she was going through. She wasn't ready for college next year, and just wished they could understand her better. An old man at the mall gave her a magic tricket that he promised would get her dad and brother to know exactly what Tara was feeling. She decided to activate it the moment she got home. After a quick flash, she decided to explore the house. All the bedrooms in the house were now copies of her own, and downstairs she found her dad and brother, who were now exact copies of her! Both of them even insisted that they were the real Tara. Tara shuddered at the clearly altered memories; what if she was actually her brother...or, ew, her dad!?...but just made to think she was herself? All three stormed down to the mall to find the old man to sort things out, but his shop had disappeared.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

F*ck off (Part 1)

Much like many others after the Great Shift, Marcie was worried about who was in her body now. For three months, the conservative Christian mother of two looked for her body. When she found it, she was shocked! Now inside of her body was a man named Mick. Mick had been dressing her body in leather, sleeping around like a slut, drinking, and smoking up a storm. Marcie started sceaming at him, but Mick just put his hands on his hips and told her to f*ck off.

No comment

"Leave me alone. No comment." Kenneth didn't believe how much of a celebrity he had become after being the recipient of the first full-body transplant. His body was crushed in a car wreck, and his brain had been placed in the body of a braindead woman. He was thankful to be alive and fascinated by the new science technology that allowed him to survive, but he was sick of all the reporters wanting a statement everywhere he went. At first, he welcomed them and did a media blitz, but it got old fast. Now he just wanted them to go away.

Don't jump

"Don't jump! Don't jump!" Aaron yelled up to a girl standing on the edge of a bridge. The next thing he knew, he felt disoriented, and he was standing on the bridge next to the girl...correction: he WAS the girl! He'd later learn that The Great Shift's hand played a part in this swap, but at the time, he just thought it was a chance to save the girl's life. Being in her body, he climbed back over the bridge's rail and hopped back on to the bridge. Though he was thankful to save her life, he had no idea what he was going to do with her body now that it was his.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Growling (Part 3)

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Benjamin started talking to other shifted people. The first pair were two men swapped into the bodies of women, just like him. They were both fairly nervous and scared, but Benjamin started to make mental notes of who was who. He was curious who could be stuck in a dog's body...or something equally horrible. So far it seemed like most people (other than his former body) seemed to still act like people.

One shot

He screwed up! How could he have screwed it up? As James reached down to feel his crotch, he knew that his spell had backfired. He had thought that the spell he got from the gypsy to switch his body with the school's quarterback was foolproof, but instead he ended up swapping with his emo girlfriend. After reaching down to confirm, he put his other hand on his head and panicked. The gypsy told him he had only one shot at this, and he messed it up!


"I know it LOOKS like a porta-potty, but watch..."

Phil's friends watched skeptically as he entered the portable toilet, but then a few seconds later he walked out transformed into a sexy woman complete with high heels, skirt, and purse.

"See! It even changes your clothes!"

His friends were in awe, and each one pushed to be first in line to try the transformation chamber. Eventually all three came out, oddly even though the chamber could do all sorts of transformations, all three chose to be girls. They decided to have a "girls night out." They got drunk at the local bars and returned to transform to the chamber later that night. However, they found it was locked, and none of the transformed men wanted to risk damaging the device to break the lock off. They decided that they'd just keep checking back.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The magic worked

It worked! Lenny couldn't believe it worked! He had arranged the candles carefully and recited the spell, and the next thing he knew, he had swapped bodies with the most popular girl in school. Of course, he had hoped the body swap would've put him across town in her house as opposed to morphing his body into hers. Now he was going to have to wait for his parents to fall asleep, so he could sneak out to her home. He didn't know if he could explain to his mom and dad why their was a sexy teenager in her nightgown hanging around...


Crystal was regretting turning her boyfriend Fred into an exact copy of her with a machine she had been working on. Within moments of activation, he looked just as she had the day before, even wearing the same leather skirt and boots she wore that day. However, the pissed look on his face caused her to run. She didn't get far before tripping on her own high heels and losing one by the pool. As she struggled to get back up, Fred put his foot down on her shoe, "Change me back...NOW!"

Couldn't stop touching

Johnny started to feel up his own ass, and he couldn't help but smile. The Great Shift sure had turned out well for him. This was the most amazing he had felt in years. With two pert breasts and a fine ass, which he still couldn't stop touching, he knew the Shift would be a start of a new life for him. People would treat him better now that he was a sexy babe instead of a gawky nerd.