Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fessing up

"I swear I don't know how we swapped bodies, Jenny!" Craig explained from her body while leaning against a railing.

Jenny could tell from his smirk on HER face that he was lying. She knew he was responsible. He had stolen her body, but what good would making him fess up do? She'd better focus on finding a way to swap back.

Human-animal hybrid (Part 2)

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Corey wasn't the only one involved in the college's strange genetic tests. Martin also signed up for the experiments. His situation may have been even worse than Corey's. While Corey couldn't speak a word, Martin couldn't even walk. After having his DNA crossed with a woman and a fish, he obtained the appearance of a mermaid, but certainly couldn't get on his feet to walk or drive home. He stayed in the lab overnight, and the doctors did extensive studies on his new form. Luckily, he hadn't had his lungs traded for gills!


Sophie and Bert were two depressed teenagers. Neither were happy with the life they had, but a strange old man at a store in the mall gave them two figures that he claimed would change their lives forever. Whenever they were feeling depressed, they were to place the two figures together. As they did it for the first time, both were shocked at the result: they became each other! Sophie was in Bert's body, and Bert was in Sophie's! They both didn't know what to do but thought that living as the other might be a good break from their own lives. After only a day, they both realized they were happier as each other than as themselves. They threw the figures away and vowed to spend the rest of their lives as each other.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fashion schooled (Part 4)

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Thank God, this was the last outfit that Tony's sister was going to make him try on. He couldn't wait to get back to his own body instead of a duplicate of his sister's. He supposed helping her out like this would mean she owned him one. She owed him one BIG TIME now. After she made a few final adjustments and took a few photos, she told him to take off the clothes: she was going to change him back!

Not that bad!?

"Don't worry, Mark, I'm sure someone will figure out a way to reverse the Great Shift in no time. You just need to relax and calm down; it's not that bad."

"Not that bad!? Look at me! I swapped with a chick in a gold bikini! I lost my dick, Ron, my DICK! I know you swapped too, but at least you're still a guy! I can't believe this shit! I feel so exposed! And it's only been a few hours so far. If they find a way to reverse it, it'll probably takes months if not years. I'm not sure I can live like this for that long!"


Walter was a genius inventor. After making a fortune working for corporate America for many years, he ventured out on his own with a transporter. After a few tweaks and tests, he figured his first transport should be a publicity stunt and set the coordinates to place him in the middle of Times Square. He jumped into the pod and transported himself, but no one seemed to look twice at his appearance. As he looked around, he noticed that Times Square looked...different. A glance at a newspaper revealed a further problem--the machine didn't just take him to a different place, but to a different time as well: 1984 to be exact! And the reason why no one gave him a second look was that he was apparently transported into the body of a person who was standing at the exact location of the coordinates...some punky looking chick! He did a little dance when he realized he could re-invent many things he already knew or just bet on a few sporting events he knew the results of...this would be a good life.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Locked out

All William wanted to do after getting stuck in a new body as a result of the Great Shift was go home and go to sleep. The roads were clogged with traffic, so he walked the three miles back in the uncomfortable heeled boots he now wore. Then he realized that this new body had no key! His own body appeared to have left and locked the door. He snuck around the back to see if he could find another way in, but no luck. Ugh.

Ray gun

When John and his brother Ted found a weird ray gun, Ted let John test it by zapping him. So far Ted had been all sorts of things today. He had been various animals, people, and even a lamp. He was thankful to have arms and legs again with the latest zap when the gun turned him into a sexy supermodel. He put his hands on his hips and asked John to change him back to himself, but when John pulled the trigger, nothing happened. It would appear that Ted would be stuck in his new, sexy body.

Bodyswapping orb (Part 4)

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"Enough with trekking into the woods and using that bodyswap orb to try and get back to our own bodies. I say we just cut our losses and stick with these bodies. They aren't so bad and we've tried it like six times," Kyle explained to Mike.

"You're just saying that because you got a hot body this time," Mike sighed, "I wasn't as lucky. I'm going to try again."

"Go ahead. I'm staying in this body," Kyle said putting his hand on his chest.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Story of the Magic Taxi (Part 2)

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As Kevin began typing a letter to Stephanie, he couldn't get over how dainty his hands now were. Still, he felt so responsible for sticking her in that cabbie's body that he couldn't waste anytime. He wrote: "Dear Stephanie, You probably won't believe me when I tell you that I never intended to steal your body. It happened to me about a month prior when I used that very same cab. My name is...or was...Kevin, and the cabbie stole my body. I never expected it to happen a second time. I am trying to think of some similarities between the two situations in the hopes that you will be able to recreate the events so that you can have a new life of your choosing. I know it will never replace your old body, but it's all I can think of to do. In both situations, I felt paralyzed. When I was the driver, I couldn't get out of the cab, I just felt like I had to keep driving. When I became you, I also couldn't go back to the cab, I just had to keep walking. Both times, the tip was $50. I'm sorry, but that's all I remember. Maybe make a journal to keep track of information like this. I'm sure it will happen again, something just tells me that, and anyone else needs to know..."

Fairy Godmother

Miles was depressed. His older brothers had gone out to play football and left him behind, claiming he was 'too small.' While staring out the window, a twinkle caught his eye. It flew into his window before materializing into the form of a woman with white gloves, holding a wand, and wearing only her underwear. She claimed to be his fairy Godmother and claimed she could grant him any one wish. Miles thought about it for a moment.

"I wish I was you," he said.


"You heard me. Now grant! Swap out bodies!"

The next thing Miles knew, he was in his own fairy Godmother's body. He checked out his new assets and then twinkled away. Meanwhile, the fairy Godmother, now stuck in Miles's body, simply sighed.


It had only been a few minutes since the Great Shift, but he had to make a decision quick. Was he going to pretend to be the woman whose body he now had or would he fess up his true identity. Pro to lying: This babe's mansion kicked his studio apartment's ass. Con: He no longer had a penis...but just because he explained who he really was, would anyone ever be able to swap him back? Would he even want to go back? Once again...mansion!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What the heck?

Eugene thought this was strange. One minute, he was sitting in his living room watching Wheel of Fortune with his wife of sixty years, and the next he's in the bedroom of a teenage girl. His bones felt unusually youthful and not stiff at all. Exploring the house, he eventually spied a mirror in the bathroom to reveal that he was also in the BODY of a teenage girl. What the heck had happened?

Fashion schooled (Part 3)

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Tony put his hand on his hip. Enough was enough! His sister had turned him into her double in order to help her put the finishing touches on some designs she had been working on to get into fashion school. She pleaded with him that she only had one more! It might not have been so bad if she didn't insist on fully styling each look as well, complete with uncomfortable high heels.


Paul couldn't believe how the discovery of technology that could swap two people's personalities could change the world in such a short time. It had only been five years, and it had already helped him score an interesting new job. He had been a non-smoking advocate for years and used to work counseling people on how to quit. Now, he would just go to the lab, swap with someone, quit for them, and then swap back. He had done this six times now. Each case took a few months, but the pay netted him a six figure salary. Today, he started on a new assignment. What made this one different was that it was the first time he would be helping a female client. The very thing he felt the need to do after being swapped with her was light up a cigarette, which he did; it was very common for him to smoke like a chimney for the first week or so in a smoker's body. As he rode her bike back to her house, he felt so winded and tired. He couldn't wait until he could clense this body and get it feeling better.

Monday, October 5, 2009

F*ck off (Part 2)

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Mick couldn't believe that woman bitched him out like that. Sure, it HAD been her body, but the Great Shift changed all that. It was his now, and he could do what he wanted. Now what he wanted was to go home and play with his boobs, something he had done every single day since the Shift happened. I mean, come on, with boobs like this, wouldn't you?


No one could quite explain it. The teen celebrity simply froze while speaking on stage, then an old man came up behind her, placed his hand on her back, and treated her like a puppet, controlling her every move. Then he vanished. What no one knew was that he had been doing it for years...each time slowly putting a piece of his own soul into her. Tonight would be the final step; he was now her completely.

Fashion schooled (Part 2)

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"Are we done yet, sis?" Tony whined.

"Done?! This is only the second outfit I've made adjustments to; there are so many more left." Lisa replied.

Tony sighed. He still couldn't believe she had done something to turn him into her double to help her adjust her outfits for her fashion college applications. Well, at least if his friends saw him, they'd never be able to tell it was HIM in this dress.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Kyle's wife was an eccentric inventor, and he had offered to help her with his latest invention, a machine that could swap two people's minds. She was always making things that failed, so he was caught off guard when this actually worked! He felt so weird being in her body. It was cool, but...weird! As he fondled a single breast, really feeling the new weight on his chest, he noticed his wife in his body start to head towards the door. He immediately ran in front and blocked the way. He wasn't going to let her leave until she swapped bodies back!


Derek kept looking over his shoulder the entire night. He knew there was no way for his old body to get into this fancy party, but ever since he stole this woman's body, he couldn't help but feel paranoid. It was similar to the feeling he used to get when he would snag a purse or wallet but worse. This nervous feeling was likely going to get to him, but he had to get used to it. There was no way to reverse the body swap!

Media madness

When scientists announced that they had performed the first successful brain transplant, the media went wild. They interviewed doctors, developers, and nurses, but everyone wanted to speak with the patient, a young man named Kenneth Blake. For weeks, the doctors explained that they wanted to make sure his new body didn't reject his brain or have some other complications. However, after twelve weeks, he was finally discharged, and the media went wild. They were shocked to see the donor body, a woman named Shannon Morrisson. Not only did this open up new possibilities for life-saving technology, but the benefits for the transgender community were incredible.