Saturday, October 24, 2009


Frank sat seductively on the psychiatrist's couch as he eyed up the doctor while he explained his problem, "I just don't get it, Doc. Ever since the Great Shift I feel like I've not only embraced my new womanhood, but I've overloaded on it. All my other guy friends who were turned into woman are totally acting like tomboys, but look at me! I mean, seriously, look at what I'm wearing right now, and I'll tell you that it feels good. I've never crossdressed before or even been curious before the Shift! I just can't contain my sexuality. In fact, if you'd pull down your pants, I'd be happy to demonstrate EXACTLY what I mean."

Around the house

"I know you have a week long pass to Bikini Beach and all," Matt asked his roommate Danny as he came out of the restroom, "But do you have to wear that bathing suit around the house? It's way too revealing, and sort of making me horny even though I know that you're like my bro!"

"Sorry, dude," Danny retorted, "It's only for two more days, and this seems to be the only thing that fits me anymore."

The whole package

It had been months since the Great Shift, but Todd still had to look in the mirror regularly in complete disbelief at the beauty that looked back at him. With the roulette wheel of the Shift, he really won big. His best friend turned into a 90-year-old man; his girlfriend had become a baby--barely able to explain who she was. But look at him! Attractive, young, fit...Todd had the whole package.

Friday, October 23, 2009


After a strange light hit their house, Mark was looking around for his wife. He eventually found her in the basement sucking on her thumb. He thought it was even stranger when she started talking like a little kid. He would later find out that the thing is result of something called the Great Shift. A small boy was inside his wife's body. The next couple of days were quite awkward, but things got far worse when his wife returned, now inside the body of a 5-year-old boy.

Looking good

Carol couldn't believe she was doing this. While the Great Shift end up putting her into the body of her best friend Mary, her brother Jake ended up in HER body. Jake treated her body like a complete mess. She didn't wear makeup, lounged about in nothing but boxers, and so on. Carol couldn't stand to see her old body dressed like a slob, so every day she started selecting outfits for Jake. He refused until Carol took forcable action. Now every day she basically had to pamper him, do his makeup, and even help him put on clothes. It was insane, but she couldn't stand to see her old body look bad.

Quick favor

Thomas had seen the woman being photographed outside the Louvre before he went in. She must've been a model, and he envied her. As he gazed at the various pieces of artwork, all he could do was think about her. He wished he could BE her; he wanted her life, but it seemed like just an idle wish...until that idle wish came true. One moment, he was looking at a sculpture, and the next he was posing for a photograph. His wish had come true! He was the model outside of the museum. Then his heart started beating faster. If he was her, was she him? If suddenly found herself in his body, she'd probably rush out that door any minute now. "Quick favor," he asked to the photographer, "Could we hurry this up? I have another appointment I need to be at!"

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ronald's vision was still blurry when he first looked into the mirror after recovering from the Great Shift. Was that a woman in the mirror? If that's a woman in the mirror, then that means that him? He was still trying to figure out what happened when that light entered his living room and knocked him unconscious, but he was thinking that he wasn't much liking what had happened to him. He was no longer himself!

Spiked the punch (Part 2)

For part 1, click here

Martin was a little disappointed when the second glass of punch didn't enhance his newfound feminity any, but he decided to share the secret with his friend, Ryan. As he saw Ryan's body transform, one of the unknown side effects kicked in. Martin found himself extremely jealous of Ryan's new body. Ryan had to be skinnier with a nicer butt. Martin's knew his boobs were bigger, but he just couldn't help but focus on the areas he lacked.

Just a phone call away

Serena must've accidentally picked up the wrong phone from the table--this one was filled with photos of people she didn't know. She asked her boyfriend, Gary, to help her find hers. He suggested they call up one of the people to figure out the phone's owner. They couldn't find numbers, only photos, but they guessed the phone would call the person pictured. Serena selected an asian woman and pressed 'dial,' but instead of calling the number, the phone zapped a beam at Gary, which morphed him into a copy of the woman on the phone. Looking back at her with his own phone in his hand, he looked strangely calm.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bomb shelter

David would concern himself with how and why Connie would do this to him later. For now, all he knew was that she stole his body and locked him in some sort of underground bomb shelter. He pushed up on the sealed entrance but couldn't seem to budge it. He wasn't sure if she had locked it from the outside, or if his Connie's body was just much weaker than his own. The first thing he knew he had to do was get it open somehow. He looked for some sort of tool in the shelter that would help him pry it open. Once he got out, he could track Connie down and demand that she give him his body back.

Do as I say

"Come on, Sis, don't make me wear these. They're so girlie and look at this heel! I've done everything you asked since we swapped bodies. I've dressed the way you wanted, done makeup the way you wanted, and I haven't done anything to embarass you. Don't make me wear these!" Jeremy pleaded with his sister.

"They aren't so bad," his sister responded, "I could make you wear higher. The bodyswap was your fault with your wacky invention. You'll continue to do as I say until you fix it. Until you fix us!"


Jason was not happy with the results of his father's new invention. After a weird accident he had swapped bodies with his sister. He thought it was both weird and gross, and he slumped down in his chair, trying to adjust to her tight jean shorts and the boobs now hanging from his chest. His dad said it would be at least 12 hours before he could swap them back.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Skate rink

Jonah wanted to get his mind off of all the things that happened as a result of the Great Shift. He had wound up in the body of his young, college-aged neighbor, and his son was in the body of his wife. Jonah still had no idea where his wife was, but he decided to take his son out to rollerskate. His son put on a shiny dress from the closet, because that's what he saw people in the movies wear, but Jonah insisted that he wear a helmet. The skate rink seemed to be a popular spot for people who were shifted, and Jonah was a little afraid of what strangers may be hiding behind faces. He didn't let go of his son's hand for a second.

Beta testing (Part 2)

For part one, click here.

Peter couldn't believe how long he was stuck in that virtual reality world in a woman's avatar. Every slight movement felt so foreign. He settled on just staying still until the system finally started to power down. Things went dark as he removed the helmet from his head, but things were still wrong. Wires must've gotten crossed or something. He didn't just have control of someone else's avatar in the virutal world, he had her body in the real world. The programmers could see concern, and Peter explained that somehow his body had been swapped! The programmers were skeptical, but did see a power surge in the readout at the time of upload. They didn't know how to solve the problem, but they promised they'd work on it as soon as possible.


Before the Great Shift, when Big Jay walked down the street with his boombox, people would get out of the way. He had earned the 'Big' in his name. Now he no longer had a massive his physique, and it upset him that he was no longer an imposing man, but (as he put it) nothing but a "skinny white bitch." He still liked to walk down the street with his boombox blaring, but no one got out of his way anymore. In fact, many folks would actively yell and scream at him to turn it down, thinking they could overpower him.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Fred wondered what the heck his roommate, Jack, was doing! Had he forgotten about the Great Shift that swapped Fred into the body of Jack's girlfriend. Jack was one of the lucky ones who was unaffected. The two had gone out drinking to try to forget the mess of the Shift, but Jack had just a bit too much. He just wasn't thinking straight, and his brain couldn't comprehend that inside of the body of his sexy girlfriend was the mind of his buddy. Jack leaned in for a kiss, but Fred tried to back away. He didn't want this at all!

Spiked the punch (Part 1)

Martin couldn't wait to get a second glass of punch. The first one had somehow magically turned him into a woman, complete with shiny blue dress. He could feel his new body gettin sexually excited at the possibilities. He had heard rumors about spiking the punch, but this was totally unheard of!

New dress

Sam decided to celebrate the Great Shift by buying a dress--his first dress, in fact. He was enjoying being a woman after the Shift hit and wearing his new dress, he loved the way it would poof out when he spun around. He loved the breeze on his nylon clad legs. He even loved the strapless bra he had to wear and matching high heeled shoes that pinched his feet. He had actually never even had a fantasy of being a woman before the Shift, but for some reason he loved being one!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Lynn really needed to pass her chemistry and math finals or she'd fail her first semester at college and be forced to drop out. She begged her nerdy friend Dan to switch bodies with her for the day of her tests; she had found a spell on the internet that she was sure would work. Dan was reluctant, especially doubting the ability of witchcaft and spells. It took Lynn a constant week or begging for him to agree to try, and when they tried, it worked! After getting solid A's on the tests, Dan made a decision. Now Lynn was begging him once again, but this time it was to get her body back! However, Dan was quite happy with Lynn's life and her body. He wouldn't be persuaded so easily.


"Give me back my body, Katie, and give it back now!" Dylan demanded.

"No way!"

"I doubt that you LIKE being me. Dealing with shaving your face, going to the dirty men's room, and having a penis between your legs."

"I like it better than you'd think. We're staying like this until I say otherwise."


10-year-old Jared was having the time of his life in his big sister's body after the Great Shift. He didn't have a care in the world, and he was happy to be bigger too. His mom looked on as he played. She knew that she would eventually have to teach him more about being in his sister's body, and what it meant to now be a post-puberty female. But for now it could wait, she wanted to let him have his fun for a little while longer.