Saturday, November 7, 2009


Dan now wished he hadn't made that wish to the fortune teller to be closer to his new stepsister. Shortly after talking to her, he morphed into a ghost and possessed her body. He started reading up on the subject, checking out several books from the library. He was sure the answer had to be in one of them. In the meantime, he was getting closer to his stepsister than he ever imagined possible...

Too drunk

The Great Shift had happened when Mick was drinking at a pub. With the high levels of alcohol in all their bodies, no one stopped drinking, despite their new bodies. It was as though the effects of the Shift weren't even noticed in the drunken bar goers. That was until Mick slipped behind the bar to go and take a leak. The reached for his fly, but found a red skirt instead. He was even more shocked when he reached for his penis and found something very, very different.

Treated better

Though Garret might never admit it, the Great Shift might be one of the best things that ever happened to him. Going from the body of a nerdy 16-year-old male to a sexy 23-year-old female brought much attention from his classmates. He got a new text every few minutes, his social calander was full; even his parents treated him better...they bought him a car!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Brave new world

Derek couldn't believe he was going out looking like this. It'd be the first time since the Great Shift that he'd be wearing high heels and a dress. He felt sort of silly and naked, but he realized he was a woman now, and he had to dress the part. He felt so weird, but he stood up, took a deep breath, and prepared to face this brave new world.

Having it easier

After an argument of who had it easier, Carol and her husband Mac put their heads together as their wish to find out who had it easier was granted...they switched bodies! Carol was going to be doing Mac's heavy lifting at work and hanging with the guys. Mac was going to be in high heels and and handle Carol's legal assistant job. It was going to be a weird time until they switched back...but, wait, they didn't know how this happened or even if they were going to switch back!

Science and accordions

All of Terrance's friends were drooling over the body he got as a result of the Great Shift, but it was still the nerdy boy's mind inside of that sexy female body. He still liked going to science museums and playing his accordion. He wished his friends still treated him as they used to, but things had changed, and now all they saw was a beautiful goddess before them. What was worse was that many of the jocky guys were hitting on him now matter what bodies THEY now had.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm with the band

"Please! You've got to let me backstage," Paul begged to the security guard, "I swear I don't know how I swapped bodies with this woman, but I'm in the band! I'm the guitarist. Their performance will be a mess tonight without me!"

The security guard continued to restrict Paul from entering the backstage area. Meanwhile, Sarah in Paul's body was not being allowed to leave by his bandmates, who insisted that they discuss band "issues." Neither Paul nor Sarah could comprehend how they had swapped bodies!

Bodyswapping orb (Part 5)

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"I don't believe you talked me into going with you to that bodyswapping orb in the woods one more time. But can we stop now?" Kyle asked, "I think we both lucked out this time."

"Come on, one more time! I'll kung-fu-fight you if you don't!" Mike exclaimed striking a pose, "I swear this body knows how!"

"Cut it out Mike," Kyle gestered, "I think you've become addicted or something."

"I can stop anytime I want!"

"Then stop now!"


Kelly couldn't see anything wrong with helping empoverished children in the inner city. She came to the door of the children she was supposed to tutor for the afternoon, which was just plywood where a door should be. However, one of the boys inside was smarter than he pretended to be. After an ambush at the door, he activated a strange machine he had stolen parts for. When Kelly awoke, she found she was in the body of one of the boys she was scheduled to tutor, and that her own body was leaving with the other boy. The boy in Kelly's body snapped at her, claiming that this was the only way he could get out of this poor neighborhood, and he was taking his brother with him!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The stone (Part 2)

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Bob looked at the burnt spot on his floor where the stone that transformed into a sexy asian woman once was before it simply burned away. He supposed the first thing he needed to do was find new clothes. He certainly didn't want to talk the streets in the outfit that the stone had transformed his clothes into. Though when he went to the closet, he realized he might not have a choice! While his room stayed virtually the same, the stone apparently also altered all his clothes to equally slutty looking outfits. He started digging...surely he could find SOMETHING

Laundry day (Part 2)

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Jacob licked his lips. It had been a week since the Great Shift swapped him with a woman at the laundromat. He dreded it when it pulled out the clothes from the washer to see how skimpy they were, but it wasn't long before he embraced hi new found feminity. He wondered if it was a side effect of the Shift.

No rush

"Holy crap!" Myles said pointing to his own body, "I've been cloned!"

"You haven't been cloned; I'm in your body. It's Kylie!" She sulked with Myles's face, "And you may not have figured it out yet, but you're in mine!"

"No way!" He then looked down to see Kylie's breasts popping out from her top, "No fucking way! This is so weird! How did this happen?"

"I wish I knew! Then maybe I could switch us back!"

"No rush..." Myles said as started feeling up the breasts below his neck.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


As a 70-year-old white southerner, Jack Morrison had many instances of racism in his past but had quieted down in recent years with the politically correct climate that grew up around him. Still, the changes weren't enough to prepare him for what the Great Shift would do to him. One minute he was sitting on his couch, and the next he was on his feet standing in front of a bunch of people--his legs hadn't worked well in years; how was this possible? He looked down at them and was shocked to see dark skin sticking out of a short black skirt. It took him time, but he settled into the role of a beautiful African American model; though it certainly was weird to those around him when his old racist tendencies would come out...

Long way down

Doug looked down to where his girlfriend had thrown the Medallion of Zulu after she had swapped their bodies. It was a long way down, but if he was going to have any hope of getting back to being himself, he'd have to go down. He couldn't figure out why she did this to him, but when he finally asked she told him that it was nothing against him, she just didn't want to be a woman any more...earning 70% of what men do, and being stared at like a piece of meat at clubs. He sympathized, but never forgave her. Now, the daunting task of trying to find the Medallion and reverse it.

Ready to see you now

Nigel had some strange job interviews before, but nothing quite like this! A receptionist put him into a small brick room with no chairs and told him to wait. A strange pink light passed over the walls of the room that Nigel was waiting in; it was like a scanner passing over the room. It surprised him that it changed his body as it passed over him. It was like he was transformed into a female version of himself--clothes and all! His hands shook as he took a sip of water from a cup. The receptionist opened the door after the transformation was complete, "We're ready to see you now, Miss Tipper."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Keeping a secret

Jeremy was in a massive crowd at a movie premiere when the Great Shift hit. The chaos that insued caused all sorts of rioting, and the next thing Jeremy knew, he was dragged out of the masses and shoved into the back of a limo. It wasn't until he got there that he discovered he not only had been shifted like everyone else, but that he was, in fact, in the body of one of Hollywood's biggest celebrities...which must've been why he had been pulled into the back of this car. He figured he'd keep who he was secret for just a little longer...


When a grown woman grabbed Jonathan's leg and screamed "Mommy," he wasn't sure how to react. Of course, considering he was now in the body of a sexy asian woman himself, he supposed there was something plasable about this other woman's situation. The Great Shift had done this, swapping him and a young 3-year-old boy into the two women's bodies.

The nerd, the prom queen, and the meteor

Mass hysteria hit the town when a meteor hit the school gynmasium during the prom. Everyone wondered if their children were okay. It wasn't long before firefighters were on the scene, helping the kids out of the rubble. However, it was not long before the town discovered the meteor had caused a strange bodyswapping phenomenon. For instance, Craig Swanson, who was a nerdy mathlete now found himself in the body of the recently crowned prom queen, Tammy Spurlock, with her torn pantyhose and ripped dress falling off slender shoulders. He was the first to speak up about the swap; people thought he was crazy until one by one all the other teenagers declared that they too were in the wrong bodies.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Knocked out

While Kenneth was returning to his car in the parking lot, he was struck in the back of the head. As he slowly regained consciousness he was thankful to be alive. He knew that he would probably have to call his credit card company and cell phone provider, as they probably stole those thing. However, as he began to regain his senses, he realized that they stole a lot more than his wallet! Someone had stolen his body! Oddly, he still had his old wallet, keys, and phone, and while they were still in his back pocket that back pocket was now a pair of tight fitting jeans on a shapely female ass. He held the back of his head were he was hit. Ouch! It still hurt like hell. He thought about going to the hospital, but how would he provide his insurance way would the doctors believe this young woman was Mr. Kenneth Goldfarb!

Short end of the stick

"THAT'S what I look like!?" Mike and two friends, Tim and Sam, had all been hanging out together prior to the moment of the Great Shift, and they all wound up being close to each other after the shift...all in new female bodies. Mike had looked at how hot his two friends had become and was eager to see himself as well. He took out the woman's phone and snapped a picture of himself. He looked a little disturbed by what he saw. His other friends had become totally hot chicks, and he was sort of homely. How had he gotten the short end of the stick? Sam laughed, in part to console Mike, but also because he just fely silly in the satin hot pants he now wore, "Don't worry. We'll give you a makeover; it will be fine."


Linda had often regretting getting pregnant 18 years ago when she was only 15 years old. She kept the child and raised him the best she could. He wasn't exactly responsible though and would spend late nights at raves getting stoned without any care for responsibility. One day she wished upon a star that he knew the sort of responsibility she had to put up with and that she could live his kind of carefree life. The next morning, she was shocked to wake up in his body! She thought the experience might teach him a lesson, but when nightfall came, she was horrified when he dressed her body in a strange outfit to go out to a rave!