Saturday, November 14, 2009

How but who? (Part 1)

Adam was simply walking down the street when he felt woozy; it was like the world was spinning around him. When he regained his composure, something was different. He was in an alley with some plants beginning to grow on the side of one of the building. He was wearing incredibly short shorts and teetering on high heeled boots. The biggest shock, of course, was seeing two large massive boobs hanging from his chest. He surmised that he had somehow been transformed into a woman. The fact of the matter was that it had actually been the result of a world wide bodyswapping phenomenon later called the Great Shift. With no purse and no ID anywhere on his person, Adam didn't know whose body he had ended up in, but knew that it was definitely sexy.

Ancient evil

Since his days as a warrior in ancient China, Chan Wu had been blessed with the power to come back from the dead once every 300 years by possessing the strongest warrior of his living family to fight a great evil. In 2009, he was called from the slumber of death to fight again, but was shocked that for the first time ever, the strongest living warrior was a female. Linda Chan lived in America, and her consciousness gave way to Chan Wu. He was shocked by the breasts that hung from his chest, but put on the traditional warrior outfit to hunt the evil that was now once again festering in the land.

Pop star

Michael wished he could've gone to the pop concert tonight, but tickets sold out so fast! He was pretty bummed out as he sat on his couch, but then the world swirled around him and he was on stage in front of thousands of people. A few screams shouted out, but most people just seemed to look down at their bodies confused. Looking down to see the body of the pop star he would've killed to see earlier, he decided to address the crowd, "Did anything, um, weird just happen to anyone else?"

Friday, November 13, 2009

The cult

Charlotte and Dennis hd mixed feeling about the cult they had been talked into
joining. They were made to wear all white all the time, but the food was good. There
was no working, but they were subject to strange bodyswapping experiments.
Right now Dennis felt weird with Charlotte's long hair and shapely figure. Charlotte
felt equally weird with that dangled between her legs. Being in someone else's body
certainly kept most cult members from running away...though Dennis was
considering the possibility the longer he spent in Charlotte's body....

Boarding school

Mark knew his daughter was pissed off at him for sending her to a boarding school in Paris for the year, but he had no idea she was THIS pissed off! He woke up exactly one week after sending her to the overseas school to find himself waking up in her body. A note was by the side of the bed saying, "Hope you enjoy the semester as me, Dad!" He was certainly angry at her, but there would be nothing he could do until break came, and he could get back to his daughter and his own body. Until then he'd have to pretend to be her.

Pounds for a Penny

Ryan had to admit that he probably got a pretty good deal out of the Great Shift. Sure, he lost his manhood, but before the Shift, he was also several hundred pounds overweight. Now he was in the body of a woman named Penny, but he was also skinnier than he could've ever imagined. He found himself making sexy poses in the mirror just to check out his new bod. He felt sort of bad for whoever got stuck with his old body. No matter what sort of exercise he tried, he could never seem to lose the weight, and so far with this new body, whatever he seemed to eat didn't seem to gain him a pound. A good tradeoff for his manhood, indeed!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Big T was the top pimp in town; he had more bitches whoring for him than anyone else. The Great Shift twisted his world around, as he suddenly found himself in the body of a hot blonde. He was shocked to find himself one day in a stuffy suit with boobs popping out from his chest. The woman was a lawyer or something, he figured. There wasn't much he could do about the boobs, but he immediately went out and bought some threads appropriate fora pimp. He was glad he kept all his money in cash in a secret location that only he knew about. As he looked at himself, he realized that it'd be tough to continue his pimping gig like this, but he could make it work...with a little muscle.

Winter/Summer wear

The world swirled around inexplicably around Joseph for a moment, and the next thing he knew he was being pushed out onto a stage. He teetered as he walked out on very tall heels. He was apparently wearing a winter coat and...a bikini? The heels; the bikini? He was beginning to put what had happened to him together. He was in a woman's body; in a model's body. Now he was walking down the runway...


When Michael and his sister Helen exchanged bodies after playing around with one of their father's inventions, they didn't know what to do! They tried to swap back to no success. Until they could figure out a way, they figured they'd try to act as each other as best as possible. Michael wasn't doing so hot with his first attempted to get dressed and put on makeup in Helen's body. He looked in the mirror; she never looked like this. He had overdone something!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A lesson

Jake had felt a little tricked by his sister. She asked him if he'd help her pass her finals, and he said, "Sure, anything you want." Just the words she was looking for as she cast a bodyswap spell, which could only be done after both parties agreed. He had spent a week in her body, passing her finals. He didn't like how he was tricked, but knowing to swap back, the parties had to be willing again, he figured he'd refuse. Just to teach his sister a lesson.

Gender discrimination

Mario was the only worker at the construction site to be swapped with a woman as a result of the Great Shift. The foreman immediately sent him home. When he tried to return to work, the foreman refused to let him back on the job. It wasn't long before Mario was in the courtroom suing the company for gender discrimination.

Devil in a Blue Dress (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

John couldn't believe it whe he went outside. The house and yard this woman had was so large with all sorts of ornate stonework, pools, and so on. Maybe he could figure out some way to use the mass confusion of the Great Shift to completely steal her life--he already had her body, after all! The Great Shift was seriously the best thing ever! John loved it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Smokin' hot babe!

David woke up from his nap to find the world had changed around him from what he would later find out would be called "The Great Shift." He woke up suddenly in a strange bed in a strange a strange BODY! He shifted up to notice the feeling of leather encasing his legs. He moved his hands to investigate to find they were also covered by leather gloves with a cigarette in one hand. As he spied a mirror on the other side of his room, he caught the look of his reflection--he had been changed into a smokin' hot babe!

Earthquake drill

Jim knew that in the event of a California earthquake, he should duck and cover under a desk or in a doorway, but no one ever told him what to do in the event of a massive bodyswapping flash like the Great Shift. Still, all that training from earthquake drills resulted in Jim doing the only thing he knew how when he felt the world get all weird and strange around him. He bolted for a desk, even though it seemed unfamiliar and the room seemed completely rearranged and different. The fact that he now had a woman's body would take him a few more moments to realize.


George worked in marketing and was at a tradeshow to highlight some of the new inventions his company was introducing. The most interesting of which was a small device which could swap two people's bodies. Most visitors to the booth were hesitant to test out the little machine, but George figured a demo was in order, though he was just as hesitant as anyone. One of the trade show models nervously agreed to swap with George.They both pressed the swap button, and in a flash of light, they stood where the other did. George proudly displayed his companies invention with a smile, and the audience applauded. People started buying them like hotcakes, and George was overwhelmed for a few minutes. When it died down, he realized he couldn't find his old body anywhere. He looked down at the exhibition table where the other device stood with a quick handwritten note that simply said, "Sorry, George. It's mine now." It appeared he was now stuck in the trade show model's body. How was he goig to explain this to his wife!?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Devil in a blue dress (Part 1)

John was smiling as he looked in the mirror, quite content with the results of the Great Shift. He was caught off guard, like most, when he suddenly found himself in a strange body inside of a strange house. However, he was quick to embrace the sexy woman he now was, as he dug through the houses closets for the sexiest thing he could find. He put on a stunning yet slutty blue dress. He was going to be quite the little devil, running about town, being flirtatious, and having fun.


John was captain of the high school football team; he stayed after practice to work on his game and get as good as possible. He noticed a figure slowly walking closer and eventually recognized it as his stepmom. He still could hardly believe that his dad had remarried someone so young. He also couldn't believe how sexy she looked some days, particularly today in a black leather dress. He tried telling her that he had his car, and he'd drive himself home when ready. She cut him off with strange foreign words. A weird breeze blew around them, and suddenly he was in her body! The next thing he knew his own body tackled him and tied him up to one of the athletic posts in the field. Then she just left him there as he watched his old body walk away.

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When Mr. and Mrs. Franco arrived on Exchange Island, they let their 16-year-old son William have his space. He wasn't really looking forward to the forced bodyswap on this trip. They weren't gone for more than 15 minutes, but his swap had already triggered. When they got back to where they had left him, a boxum African American woman was in his place. For some reason he seemed much happier now.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bus stop

Ed was waiting at a red light when he spied the back side of a beautiful woman. The next thing he knew, he felt woozy, and it was HIM standing at the bus stop, teetering in high heeled boots. Ed was just one of the millions of victims of the Great Shift that day...

Ski trip

Tom, Jerry, and Calvin had gone skiing upstate every year since college, but this year, their girlfriends told each of them that they couldn't go. After numerous fights, each girlfriend took a the same very strange course of action and swapped bodies with their boyfriends with a strange spell that had appeared in their email inbox. Each woman figured their boyfriends would be to embarrased to hit the slopes in women's bodies. However, the men proved them wrong when they all snuck out and met up, dressed and ready to go. Though each also wondered about the possible mental effects of the swap when they all started telling each other how cute their shoes and jackets looked, giggling the entire time.


It was weird. Maggie was now looking at herself drinking a cup of tea! What she didn't realize yet was that the Great Shift had taken her sexy body from her and placed her inside the body of an old woman. Meanwhile, John now inside Maggie's body was also freaking out on the inside. He did not know how he had suddenly turned into a sexy woman, but he tried to keep himself calm by taking a sip of a nearby cup of tea...