Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stranger strangers

As the Great Shift flashed around the world, people saw a flash of white light before they found themselves in a new body. At one party, two strangers were standing close to each other---strangers until they found themselves in each other's bodies! Alyssa had come to the party wearing purple tights but would be shocked when she swapped with Tyrone, who had come wearing Kanye West-style glasses. Tyrone would, of course, be equally shocked to find himself in Aylssa's body. They would quickly find out much more about each other...

Not all that bad

Dave was so upset when the Great Shift hit. He had turned into a woman! He lost his manhood! But the next day he started to reflect on those who lost so much more. People in cars or planes who lost their lives, people who swap into the eldery and died of shock. When he really thought about it, he didn't have it all that bad...

The big game

With only a few moments before the championship game, Tyler couldn't believe what had just happened. He and his girlfriend Kelly, the head cheerleader, had morphed into each other! He looked at Kelly in his body still dressed in her uniform, and his jaw dropped. Thw two decided to swap into each other's clothes, but what were they going to do? There was no way Kelly could play the game for Tyler, and Tyler would not be able to pull off Kelly's cheerleading routine...

Friday, November 20, 2009


Mandie was a supermodel devisated by the effects of the Great Shift. Her career was ruined when she found herself in the body of a homeless man. She never found her old body; however, it turned out to be a simple one for one swap. The homeless man was just too much in his own world to notice, though he did seem to notice that people werenicer to him on the street...

Backwater town

Chris looked back to his old body now crying in the middle of the country road. He had felt bad for stealing Mary Lou's body, but it was his only way out of this backwater town. As the prettiest girl in the county, she was a finalist in the Miss West Virginia pageant. All her talks of going to the state capital got him excited. It was the first time anyone ever talked about leaving their small town life. He used some ancient secrets passed down through the generations of his family to steal her body. His soul was inside of her and hers was inside of him. It would be him in the beauty pageant, and he'd win and go far in life...

Fashion schooled (Part 6)

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Tony thought his siter's latest plan was a little outrageous. He had been stuck as a copy of his sister since she used him as a living mannequin to fit her clothes to get into fashion school, and now she couldn't get him back to normal. She ended up buying herself a little time by turning herself into a copy of Tony, but she ended up getting stuck too! The next weekend rolled around, and they were still stuck as each other. Now, Tony was going to have to go on an interview with a recruiter from the fashion school. Sure, he looked like his sister, but would be able to pull off something like this? He didn't want to ruin her chances of getting in...especially after all that's happened so far...

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Harold couldn't believe what he was about to do. It had been a year since that crazy woman stole his body, and he had been stuck in hers. Now he had finally hunted her down and had his own body in the sights of a gun. If he pulled the trigger, there'd be no chance of ever being himself again, but he knew that it was unlikely that the woman would swap back with him anyway.

Summer camp

None of the six boys wanted to go to summer camp, so they each independently figure out a way to swap bodies with their moms. However, none of the moms would be deterred by the antics of their sons, and shipped the boys off to camp anyway...even if the bodyswapping spell wouldn't wear off until the end of summer. Now the boys have arrived at the camp in the bodies of their mothers and were going to have a hard time making it through hiking and camping activities wearing some of their mothers' clothes and high heeled shoes. The moms, meanwhile, were relaxing at home, not only feeling free from having to look after their sons all summer, but were now free from most of their adult responsibilities, being in the bodies of their young songs now and all!

Not the sharpest tool in the box

Enrico couldn't figure out what everyone was freaking out about. They were grabbing their own breasts or crotches. He just didn't get what was going on. Whatever, he needed to take a piss. He went up to the urinal and zipped down his jeans, and instead of finding the usual penis, there was....nothing! Upon further inspection by pushing down a frilly pair of panties, he found a vagina. Totally freaked out, he finally realized what everyone was so weirded out by earlier. Sure, it took Enrico a while to figure out that the Great Shift had affected him too, swapping him into the body of a woman he was standing next to, but no one ever said he was the sharpest tool in the box.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How but who? (Part 2)

It had been several hours since the Great Shift swapped Adam into the body of a very sexy woman, but with no purse and the tightest shorts not having big enough pockets for an ID or key of any kind, he wasn't quite sure of what to do with himself. He couldn't go to this woman's home--he had no idea who she was or where she lived--and he couldn't go to his own--the doors would be locked, and he didn't have a spare key. For the time, he had just been wandering the streets, his feets really starting to hurt rom the high heeled boots. Now it was getting dark and he still simply did not have a plan!

Call at the plate

Craig couldn't believe how seriously people took the baseball league in his town. He was umping at the plate and called a guy out when he insisted that he was safe. After an argument, the player cursed Craig, saying a dumb bimo could make better calls. Craig threw him out of the game. Just as Craig got home and was about to take off his uniform, the curse hit him. His chest swelled outward. His lips got poutier. His hair grew out. His mind started to drift to empty thoughts, but he could still sort of remember everything that had happened. The guy who cursed him had literally turned him into a bimbo.

Each other

While some people were fascinated at their own new bodies after the Great Shift--in fact, most ended up fondling their own new breasts or penises--others were interested in the fact that their old bodies were now controlled by someone else. Kimberly and Marcus were each reaching out to each other to touch their former bodies, and both were giddy with excitement about the whole experience.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gossip swap (Part 1)

"Oh my God, Dan! How could that witch do this to us!? Swap our heads? I feel like a total freak!"

"Well, Serena, what do expect when you just assume everyone will bend to your will and treat them bad? You totally pissed her off, and I can't believe I got caught in the middle of it. At least with your head on my body you can hide behind some baggy clothes, and look like a masculine woman. I don't know what I am going to do with these two giant mellons of yours now hanging from my chest!"

Potential backfire

"Oh my God! What are you wearing!?"

"What?" Ricky asked, "It's my body now, Sis, and all dress it as I see fit."

Ricky was hoping his ruse would work. After switching bodies with his sister, she refused to switch back. He was hoping that if he dressed up in tight tops and short shorts, that she would be so afraid of her reputation, that she'd finaly switch back. It looked like it was working, but it could also backfire...


After the Great Shift hit, Kyle found that he had difficulty standing. He wondered if it was some sort of side effect from the strange light that hit him. When he finally found a chair to sit down in, he looked and say the highest heels he had ever seen now on his feet. He followed the legs up to reveal that he had an entirely ne body attached to those feet! That white light certainly did something completely strange to him! He wasn't himself anymore!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Clark hated being in his wife's body. They had switched bodies with a magic medallion, but she kept finding excuses not to switch back. It had been a week now, and he was started to fall into the groove of her habits. He still didn't do things in quite the same way she did. Instead of shaving in the shower, he did it in the kitchen, for instance. He wished she would switch back with him soon, he wasn't sure how much longer he could do this for...

Growling (Part 4)

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Benjamin continued to talk to various people affected by the Great Shift. It was weird how happy a lot of the men transformed into women seemed--especially if they happened to be as attractive as the women he was currently talking to. Strangely, many of the women turned into men didn't seem to mind either. However, one woman certainly minded the swap. That was a woman by the name of Marsha. She looked up at her old body, which was now inhabited by Benjamin. She tried to say something, but all that came out was the word, "Woof!" Being trapped inside a dog's body as a result of the Great Shift certainly sucked. Not being able to communicate; being at eye level with people's knees; and, well, being a dog!


Martin couldn't believe this was happening! He was in his own mother's body! He was old! He had her boobs! He had her...vagina! Gross! the more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable it made him. He looked in the mirror and just felt around to confirm that this nightmare was real. This was horrible! How could he get back to his own body!? Sadly for Martin, no one ever did find a way to reverse the Great Shift.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Making someone happy

John found the body of the young girl on the side of the road. He brought her to the nearest house. The woman inside was hysterical; apparently it was her daughter. John knew the daughter was done for; he did the only thing he could think of. Wishing as hard as he could, his body went limp. A small light left his body and entered the daughter. Her eyes flickered, and tears streamed down the mother's face. John, now inside the daughter's body, pretended to have amnesia. He'd live this girl's life now, if only to make her mother happy.

Devil in a blue dress (Part 3)

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John had adjusted pretty well to the Great Shift and quicker than most. He had decided not to even tell anyone he had shifted. After all, he had woken up in a big house with cash hidden everywhere. A few days after the Shift, he was out at stores purchasing new, sexy outfits for himself.

Basic training

Ever since signing up for the Army while drunk one night, Kevin had been trying everything to get out of it before he was forced to ship off for basic training. The night before he was scheduled to go, he went on a total drinking bender and came up with a rather brilliant plan: they don't let chicks fight on the battlefield! After pounding down just a few too many, he asked a gypsy at the carnival to make the change. He showed up to the Army recruiting station the next day as a beautiful woman in a white dress. It didn't help him get out of it though; while woman weren't fighting on the front lines, they weren't excused from basic training.