Saturday, December 19, 2009

Copy + Paste (Part 4)

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Freddy was really starting to get the hang of the copy and paste functions on his new camera--he had used it to turn himself into several different people already, but he thought he'd try something a little different. First, he used the copy feature on his friend Yuki, then used the paste function to turn his two friends, Dave and Matt. Yuki was the sexiest girl he knew, and seeing three of her now standing before him totally turned him on. The only odd thing was that he noticed aftrbeing pasted, both Dave and Matt seemed to have their own copies of Freddy's camera...this could cause some massive trouble!

The ocean

After Ben's body had been stolen by a woman thanks to the Medallion of Zulu. He didn't have much to go on, but he didsee her toss it into the ocean. Sure, the ocean was a big place, but she didn't know that he saw her toss it. Now he spent every day with scuba gear searching the ocean floor for the Medallion. Once he found it, he would use it to take his body back!

Feeling up

Nate wasn't all that happy with the results of the Great Shift--he had wound up in the body of some chick! He had always been a macho guy, so it was a little humiliating for him. Still, there were benefits that he couldn't deny, and one of those was being able to feel boobs up anytime he wanted. However, grabbing boobs just didn't give him the same thrill it used to when he was a guy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Transformation virus

If you thought the H1N1 Virus was bad, the Transformation Virus turned out to be much worse. There were no warning signs, and changes were often very sudden. Luckily, cases were rare, but many turned out to be quite severe. When Walter transformed at a party, it took a while for panic to set in--or for anyone to even notice. First, his skin darkened, then he became very female--he didn't think it was that bad for him, and he smiled. But then the changes continued...his body from the waist down transformed further--but into something not human! His lower body was an umbrella! He wasn't sure how he even managed to balance on that little hooked handle that was once his feet!

Cold feet

Brent couldn't believe it--only a few hours before his wedding, he got a sudden case of cold feet. He started worried about being tied down and wished that he could somehow get out of this. As he made this wish, his vision started to blur, and his image in the mirror changed. He was all of a sudden in a room with his fiance and the bridesmaids--he was now one of them! His fiance's younger sister to be exact. Somehow it had happened; he was off the hook! He wouldn't have to get married now! He wasn't sure how it happened, but he was thankful.

Copy + Paste (Part 3)

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Freddy was getting pretty good with the use of the copy and paste function on his camera that allowed his to copy people's bodies. He gave himself back the Japanese woman's body, but copied some expensive clothes he saw at a fancy store. This copy and pasting of things was going pretty well. He wondered what else he could do, and he also wondered if he could really figure out a way to get his own body back...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bodyswapping orb (Part 8)

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On their latest trip back to the bodyswapping orb, Kyle was ready to just turn around and go home, especially with the way Mike was crying all the time--claiming to be too tired. It would serve him right to be stuck in a little girl's body. However, Kyle knew that Mike wouldn't just give up; he'd eventually make it back, swapping both of them again. Plus, Kyle didn't want to stay in the body of this girl's mother either...especially as it was in the seventh month of pregnancy.

Eye Opening

Gary had always liked his girlfriend's boobs, but since they swapped bodies, he's had an entirely new perspective on the matter. He now felt all of her insecurities about them being too small. He wasn't sure how or why he had swapped bodies with her, but it was eye opening for each of them into the other's lives.

Scream (Part 2)

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Jonah was getting frustrated that so many of his friends just didn't believe that he inside Marilyn's body. They said things like, "Stop joking around," and "Come on, that's impossible."

Finally, he could take no more, "Seriously, you douchebags! It's me, Jonah! I don't know how the fuck I wound up in Marilyn's body, but I did!"

Most everyone was now convinced, Marilyn would never use such language.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting used to it

"I'm adjusting to the fact that your wardrobe makes me feel naked," Tim stated, "But I don't think I'll get used to being so much shorter! Or having your boobs!"

"Well," Tina replied, "Just fake it for the time being. Until we can sneak back into that government lab to switch ourselves back, we're stuck like this. If you tell anyone, they will think you're crazy, lock you up, and then we'll never have a chance to get back!"

Wooing again

Curtis couldn't believe that Andrea broke up with him right after the Great Shift. Sure, he was a woman now--ten times sexier than Andrea, but that wasn't his fault!All he knew was that he still loved her, and that he still wanted to be with her. He had wooed her once before and believed he could do so once again! It didn't matter to him what she looked like now--or what he looked like either! He bought some roses and walked through the hall to her apartment door--stopping briefly to admire his body in the mirror. Andrea (who was unshifted) still loved Curtis too--or at least who he was. Since turning into a sexy woman as a result of the Shift--he was just so self-centered and arrogant--way too caught up in his appearance.

Copy + Paste (Part 2)

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Freddy was getting quite annoyed with his new camera. He had just taken another copy and paste picture to transform into a girl with a leather miniskirt, but he couldn't figure out how to get it so that he'd change back into himself. He found that by arrowing along while pressing paste would cause his body to morph between this woman's and the Japanese woman who he "copied" earlier. Then it started to dawn on him. What if he couldn't get back to his old body because he never copied his old body to begin with? He gasped. Maybe he could copy an old photo or him or something? He was really beginning to freak out now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dr. Jeremy Packard became a gynecologist because he wanted to help women, but he never expected to become one! However, the Great Shift hit and he was swapped with one of his patients. Even though he had spent years studying the vagina, actually having one was something completely different! At least the Shift happened after the appointment and not before! He wasn't sure if he was quite ready for someone to poke around down there!

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Supermarket swap

Little Barry sure was surprised when he swapped bodies with his mommy at the supermarket! He started jumping up on the carts and made all sorts of wild noises while playing with his unfamiliar body. She tried to get him to come down, but he screamed that she couldn't tell him what to do anymore since he was the mommy now!

Candy for dinner

Eight-year-old Timmy couldn't have been happier about the fact that some crazy man had just run down the street with some weird bodswapping device that switched his brain with a single woman that lived next door. Now his mom couldn't tell him what to do, and he could eat candy for dinner! Meanwhile, next door, Timmy's mom pushed aside the crazy talk her son was spouting about not actually being her son, and actually being their neighbor...she just assumed it was him trying to get something out of her; she had no way to know that it was the truth.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jarring (Part 1)

Though Corey would later hear that the Great Shift was jarring for everyone, he guessed that he had a harder time than most. He was on an express train going over 100 miles an hour when he swapped with a woman waiting at a passing local station. He held his head and leaned up against a post. It still felt like he was moving, even though he was standing still, and the heels now on his feet didn't help him keep his balance.

Strangest dream

"Wow," Brian stammered while awakening from a nap, "I just had the strangest dream. I dreamt I was transformed into a woman, and that I was in this sorority house surrounded by the hottest women I'd ever seen. But I couldn't get hard, because I had no dick! And they kept trying to sleep with these various guys! It as weird!"

"Like what are you talking about, Brianna?" Kimberly asked folding her arms across her chest, "Now we've, like, SO got to get you ready for your date with Mike tonight. He is SUCH a stud! All the girls and I have got our fingers crossed that he'll pop your cherry!"

Displaying a new invention

"If you notice," explained Martin, "My new bodyswapping machine worked like a charm. And if notice furter, Mr. Jefferson is very much enjoying the swap, and being in the very young, sexy body of Ms. Willis. On the other side of her, Ms. Willis appears to be quite upset in Mr. Jefferson's body. Now, for those of you who think I may have hired actors pretending to be each other, I welcome you to bring a partner to come behind this curtain and try the machine out for yourself. I should warn you that you should trust who you swap with. There will be those--like Mr. Jefferson here--who simply refuse to swap back."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bodyswitcher (Part 2)

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By the time the week was over, and Jason and his sister were scheduled to switch back to their own bodies, Jason had taken his sister's image to a whole different place. She couldn't believe how short the skirt he wore was! Or how he managed to walk on her highest heels! Jason had really loved being his sister and was figuring out plans to steal her body back after the swap back...or maybe even stealing the body of a sexier, older woman.

Searching for ID

Much like most other people after the Great Shift, Duncan looked around for some sort of identification about whose body he was currently in. He certainly could tell he was a woman with incredibly short jean shorts! Luckily, he found a small purse slung across his shoulder post-Shift, so he sat down and started to dig through it. Everyone else seemed to be doing the same.

A good deal

"First, my ex-girlfriend Ashley steals my body," thought Tyler, "Then she chains me up outside and dresses me up in this crazy outfit. What next?"

It was a long waiting period before Ashley finally came out to give him food. She promised to release him as long as he wouldn't try to get his body back...considering he had been chained up for days, he started to think ANYTHING to escape would be a good deal.