Saturday, December 26, 2009

Favorite jeans (Part 2)

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It had been a few months since the Great Shift swapped Chris with his sister Meg. She was not taking it well, but it didn't help that he brother was turning into a total slut in her body. Rumors around school was that he--or SHE now--had slept with the entire football team AND half the cheerleading squad. When she tried to confront him about it, he just hopped up and sat on the kitchen table and giggled. "You know better than to believe rumors," he laughed while wearing an all too short skirt.

Copy + Paste (Part 5)

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When Martin saw Freddy use his camera to change Dave and Matt into exact copies of Yuki, he was amazed. He pulled his buddy aside, and asked if he too could have a new body. Freddy showed him some images stored in the camera and transformed Martin into a sexy brunette. However, it had taken him quite a while, and he suddenly realized that he had left Dave and Matt transformed with copies of his camera! When they got back, the men transformed into duplicated of Yuki were gone...with the copied cameras!


Daniel had felt bad about stealing his daughter's body and then lying to her when he claiming he didn't know how it happened. However, he knew it was for a greater good. He could't stand her boyfriend and initiated the swap to break up with him. He knew his daughter would insist that Daniel keep the date tonight with her boyfriend, but he hadn't expected that she'd be so particular on how to dress. He felt like a cross-dresser in her high heels and sequin dress. He also didn't expect her boyfriend to be so grabby before he could even get a word in, and he certainly didn't expect his daughter's hormones to take over so fast!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Personal trainer

It had taken T-Bone all day, but he had finally finished walking back to his gym after being swapped into the body of a young woman clear across town as a result of the Great Shift. Considering how many times he got winded on that walk--and the fact that he had to weigh about 90 pounds--he would have a lot of work to do if he wanted to continue his career as a personal trainer, but he had the knowledge and he had the drive...he could do it!

Holiday wish

Timmy and Tommy thought it was so unfair that their big sisters had it so much better on Christmas Eve. Their parents let them try the "special" egg nog and they got to stay up later--the boys assumed that meant their sisters got to meet Santa too! Both of the boys prayed to Santa that night that they could be big like their older sisters. Timmy and Tommy were excited to wake up the next morning in their older sisters' bodies! They chugged down some of the "special" egg nog and started to feel all funny and loopy. They started playing around the Christmas tree, waking up their sisters now horrified to be in the bodies of their younger brothers.

Final gift

Sarah had received the strange device from her grandmother when she died. She couldn't stand to throw it away as she had loved her grandmother dearly and cherished her final gift, even if she couldnt figure out what it did. That is, she couldn't figure out what it did until one Christmas when her and her boyfriend, Max, were getting the decorations out of the attic when they touched the device at the same time. It started to glow, bathing the couple in a dim light. When it faded, Max was shocked to find himself in Sarah's body, and Sarah was equally shocked to be inside of Max's! Considering they'd be off for the next few days because of the holidays, both thought it might be fun to not switch back immediately to experience life as the opposite sex. However, maybe Sarah's grandmother should've some instructions....for instance, explaining that if they didn't use the device again within 24 hours, they'd be stuck in each other's bodies!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jarring (Part 3)

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Corey took off the jacket as the sun beamed down upon him. Then he sat down. He couldn't quite figure out where he was after the Great Shift had swapped him into a new body on the platform of a train station while he was on a moving train. He figured this could not be as hard as it seemed, but he couldn't find a map or a sign or anything that gave him a clear hint. Even the station name of the train station had been a place he simply hadn't recognized.


Kenny was jogging when the Great Shift hit, and he suddenly found himself in the seat of a car. He pulled down the mirror to see a beautiful blonde face staring back at him. Then he looked back to where he was jogging and saw himself continuing to run as if nothing was wrong. He wasn't sure if he was crazy at first or what until the driver of the car turned to him and said, "Did you swap too?"

A few more hours

Jamie couldn't believe he was doing this. He was putting on his younger sister's shoes about to go to her college classes for the day all because he had ended up in her body thanks to some strange magic medallion. She confessed using the medallion in the past to swap bodies with her boyfriend, and that they wouldn't be able to swap back for a few more hours--Jamie would have to go to class for her and they could swap back after. His sister wasn't telling the total truth--in fact, it wasn't his sister now in his body at all--it was her boyfriend. She had stolen her boyfriend's body long ago, and now he was desperate to get back to a man's body, so he stole Jamie's. When he'd return from class, he'd pretend like he lost the medallion, leaving him in Jamie's body for good, and Jamie would be stuck as his own sister.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Neither taking the experiment well

"I've been studying the subjects for two hours now, Doctor," the lab assistant reported, "The woman seems to be fairly angry about being swapped into the man's body and has physically threatened me several times. The man in the woman's body had been crying her eyes as is evidenced by the smeared makeup. Neither seems to be taking the bodyswap well."

Jarring (Part 2)

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Corey headed out of the train station to see if he could figure out where he was. He knew he was somewhere along his route, but he also figured the world would be in chaos from the effects of the Great Shift. Transit would be a mess, and he'd probably have no way to go home for a couple days. He'd figured he'd take a look around and plan his next couple days.

Missing medallion

"Okay, our girlfriends were supposed to meet us here with our bodies," Walt began, "There not here, but let's not freak out. Pull the Medallion of Zulu out of Michelle's first, and let's go find them!"

"Um," Peter began while shuffling through Michelle's purse, "It's not in here! Someone must've stolen it! Do you think it was our girlfriends? So that they could trap us in their bodies?"

"I'm not willing to accept that Becky and Michelle would do that to us. It could be anybody..."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Raven (Part 1)

Ryan (or Raven as he liked to be called) was a little suspicious when the head cheerleader told him to meet her after school. She had never even spoken a word to him before, and he wasn't even sure why he agreed to meet her. It was probably a prank of sorts. He was completely taken aback when upon meeting her she planted a big kiss on him, and he felt a shock. Seeing her clutching a medallion in her hand, the next thing he saw was completely unbelievable. She slowly morphed into a copy of him, except still wearing her cheerleading uniform. He noticed that it fit strangely well on his small frame. He hadn't yet noticed his own body turned into a copy of hers--though still wearing his own clothes and makeup...

Bicycle, bicycle (Part 2)

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Zak couldn't believe how tired he was getting on this bike ride home. Back when he was in his 12-year-old body, he could've raced home lickity split! But this gross girl's body was lagging! She had to be super old! At least like, 25 or so! He felt winded and exhausted. Digging through the woman's pockets for some candy or something for energy, he discovered some cigarettes like his dad would smoke sometimes. He figured that this body was old enough to try one! Yes, it was just the energy he needed--he started pedaling towards home once more with a cigarette in his mouth.

To the beach!

While his sister went off to the senior prom, Bret and the rest of the junior class took a trip to the beach. But a curse placed on the two siblings years ago was about to finally take affect. As Bret swam, he felt his body morph around him. His swim trunks soaked up water and started weighing him down. Something dramatically had changed. He had morphed into an exact copy of his sister, complete with her dress. Meanwhile at the prom, his sister now stood in his body wearing his soaking wet swim trunks. She felt embarrassed at the situation, but Bret could laugh it off--at least until he heard an earful from his sister later that evening.

Monday, December 21, 2009

In Leather (Part 1)

Jerry held his head. He felt so woozy and disoriented. The last thing he remembered bright light came and engulfed him, now he just felt so strange. When he finally opened his eyes, he was in for the shock of his life. He saw a body that wasn't his own; it was one of a sexy woman--one that very clearly liked to enjoy things made out of leather. His next stop was to check her closet for something abit more normal to wear.

Screwed up family

10-year-old Billy wished they had never found that Spells R Us store at the mall. It had really screwed his family up. He was now in his mom's body, and his dad was in the body of his little sister, Sally. The family had split up to look for it--they couldn't quite remember where it was. Billy and his dad smiled when they finally saw the sign. When they asked about swapping back, the wizzard behind the counter explained he didn't have anything like that in stock--though he could swap any two people in the store if that would help. Billy dug through his mom's purse for a cell phone, but it wasn't there. he sent his dad off to find the rest of the family while Billy waited in the store. He waited until the store closed and he got kicked out. His dad had been picked up by mall security as an unattended minor, and the family decided they'd just show up early the next morning. It was an awkward night as each other, but when they returned to what Billy and his dad were sure was the spot, there was nothing but a "store for rent" sign. They were stuck as one screwed up family.


Timothy was a little shocked by the Great Shift, but he sat down to try to assess the situation logically. He was in a woman's body--seemingly alone in a large room. He cupped one of his new boobs, and given the fact that no one was around, he figured the only logical thing to do was continue that exploration.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


"Look here, Young Lady," scolded Michael with a slight smile (he always actually enjoying punishing his children as he sat down in his favorite chair before crossing his legs in a feminine manner, "I may be in your body, but I am still your father! And you may be in my body, but that doesn't give you the right to take my car, buy and DRINK booze, and then come home past curfew!"

Michael's smile faded into a stern look, but his daughter dismissed it, "You can't tell me what to do anymore, DAD! I know the bodyswap was your fault. You want my body,fine! Then I will treat YOU like the daughter, and I will act like the dad! So let's talk about YOUR punishment for this act of insubordination!"


While others were freaking out about about their new bodies, Chris was more worried about the fact that the body he now inhabited wasn't wearing any pants. Considering he was in a room full of people, they had to be around somewhere, right? Who would leave the house without wearing pants? After a few minutes someone shouted out, "Hey pantless girl, is this yours?" Chris put on the short skirt given to her. It didn't cover her ass much better than before, and despite technically having more clothes on now, he actually felt more naked.

Olympic future (Part 2)

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After failing to sabotage the gymnastics event at the Olympics, Stephen couldn't believe that his government would simply refuse to return him to his old body. However, returning to a new home in a new body, he was treated a hero for bringing home the gold medal. The chip controlling that was abe to control his movements was taken out of his brain, and he lead a relatively successful life. Four years later his body had matured, but he was still a world clas gymnist. He was surprised when he successfully competed and qualified for the Olympics once more. He sat pondering on his floor. Should he go for the gold in this new body and continue to enjoy the life of fame and success that he had enjoyed for the previous four years, or should he throw the competition in the hopes that his old government would finally swap him back to his old body?