Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm the babysitter now!

Margaret was babysitting Taylor, a true spoiled brat of a boy. Truth be told though, Margaret wasn't much better herself. She had tried to send him to bed a half hour early since her boyfriend was coming over. She protested, saying that it was still light out, but she insisted, forcd him into his PJs, and locked him in his room. While Margaret prepped herself by washing her hair and doing her makeup, Taylor plotted his revenge. As she exited the bathroom, she felt woozy and found herself in Taylor's room. The door opened and the next thing she knew her own body was towering over her.
"I'm the babysitter now!" Taylor exclaimed from Margaret's body, "And you are the grounded little boy! Now don't bother ME as I go greet MY boyfriend!"
Margaret was horrified. She only hoped that Taylor would swap them back at the end of the night, and that her boyfriend didn't try anything with her body while Taylor was inside of it...

Take the money and run

The Great Shift caused all sorts of confusion, but most people focused around two main questions: where did their old body end up and whose body were they in now? The latter question was often easier with people digging into wallets and purses to find some identification. In his new female body, Buckley found that he had a small pink purse. However, in that small pink purse was not only ID and some car keys, but also $10,! He figured he could slip away with it, and then deal with the problem of finding his own body later. After all, he didn't want this body's owner to find him and try to claim that cash!

In Leather (Part 5) / Devil in a Blue Dress (Part 4)

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Jerry couldn't believe what John was wearing when he arrived! It may him feel a bit less self-conscious about his own outfit. Though Jerry's first questions were wondering if John had some decent clothes that might fit him. John quickly changed the subject to tell Jerry that his new body was apparently rich, and he was hoping that he'd be able to take over this woman's life. He hadn't told anyone else who he really was, and insisted that Jerry keep it a secret as well.

Note: This actually fits in a little better in between Parts 2 and 3 of Devil in a Blue Dress. It technically is like Part 2 1/2.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Raven (Part 2)

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Raven couldn't imagine why the head cheerleader would want his body or his life, but considering the way she was clutching that medallion, he could figure out the how. Before he could react, she threw it into the river that ran by the school. Raven saw the jewelry sink rapidly and with it his hopes of getting back to his own body. He sat on the embankment and asked his classmate why? "I was tired of being treated like a bimbo," she responded, "With your body, I can start dressing normal and eventually blend in to the backdrop. A goth turned nerd will be left alone, because the jocks will see it as an improvement. No one will bug me in my studies. I can get into a good college where I can completely reinvent myself."

Like all the time

Sure, the body that Gregg got put into as a result of the Great Shift had a few extra years on it, with a few more lines on the face. But, man, check out this killer rack! I mean, he never had a girlfriend with a pair of breasts this firm! He wasn't even wearing a bra, and they were still relatively perky! And how much did he love playing with them? Oh, my, god, he'd do it like ALL the time!


No one could understand how Glen and Amy ever got together. He was such a jerk to the beauty, and she never stood up for herself. Today he had been bugging her to get ready, and threatened to leave her at home if she was not ready in 5 minutes. As he started to pull out of the driveway, she was running to meet him before she left her at home. But that's when karmic fate stepped in, and swapped the couple's bodies. Amy in Glen's body was shocked to find herself behind the wheel and got in an accident. Glen in Amy's body was equally shocked--though when he found out his old body was stuck in a coma, his feelings went from shocked to angry! He did not want to be stuck in his wife's body!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


The first thing that Theodore noticed when he awoke was that he wasn't sleeping in his own bed. In fact, this wasn't even his own city! He looked out the window to see a very unfamiiar skyline. However, as he jolted about, he noticed something even more worrying--he wasn't even in his own body! Two large breasts hung out from his chest encased in a red skintight bodysuit. He reached his hand around to feel a very tight, firm butt as well! This was totally strange! What had happened?

In Leather (Part 4)

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Jerry's second visit to his shifted body's closet didn't allow him to find a better outfit than the first time he tried, but he knew he had to meet John soon, so he threw something on. Maybe one of the worst parts about his clothing selection was the fact that all the shoes and boots had significant heels. At least when he finally found the spot where John told him to meet, there was a wall to sit on so that he could rest his tired feet.

First swap

In the old days, bodyswapping machines were large, unwieldy inventions. The first time Mr. and Mrs. Stewart swapped bodies, Mrs. Stewart (then known as Miss Harrison) was so overwhelmed by the feeling of her new male body that she had to hold onto the machine or support. Mr. Stewart simply folded his arms over his chest with an upset look; he didn't quite like the feeling of breasts on his chest. Thirty years later, the couple had been married for twenty five years, but they still loved swapping into each other's bodies...especially with the new invention of a handheld bodyswapper!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Julio sure was grateful when that woman saved him from drowning in the ocean, but he wished he had picked better words when thanking her. He offered to give her "anything she wanted." She smiled and started chanting, and the next thing he knew, she had his body, and he had hers! She smiled once more and then ran off. Julio was examining his new gorgeous breasts on a bench a little ways from the shore when he heard screams for help. On instinct, he drove back into the ocean to save whoever was yelling. He only hoped the person he rescued would offer him anything he wanted...

Copy + Paste (Part 6)

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Freddy saw someone using a magic camera to turn one person into another, and assumed he found Dave or Matt--who also had a new body himself after Freddy turned them both into a copy of their friend, Yuki. Freddy grabbed his shoulder and asked, "What do you think you are doing!?"

"The same thing you were, Bro...having fun!"

Freddy knew from the "Bro" part that this had to be Dave; he said that all the time. He also told him that now they had a mess to clean up to get everyone back into their rightful bodies. Dave rolled his eyes. "Fine," he said, "But if you think the number of people I messed with is bad, we should probably talk to Matt..."

In Leather (Part 3)

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How was Jerry going to see his friend John dressed like this? He could tell that his buddy now had a woman's body too from the voice on the phone, but he was sure he'd be dressed respectably, not in the types of sexy clothes that Jerry was forced to. He saw a closed dry cleaner and pondered breaking in to steal some clothes, but ultimately decided against breaking the law. He headed back to this woman's apartment to dig through her closet one more time (and hopefully finding something decent to wear) before heading over to where his friend John told him to meet.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Healing pool

Harold had travelled halfway around the world to remote a remote part of China based on rumors of a magical healing pool that could cure any disease. Considering he had an inoperable brain tumor, he figured superstition was his only hope at this point. Worse case scenario, he figured he would at least visit China before he died. When he arrived the villagers in the closest town warned him not to go--that no man dared to travel to the pool. He dismissed such rumors, and they reluctantly gave him directions. After taking a dip in the pool, he learned why no man ever dove in--he was transformed into a young Chinese woman! At this point, he could only hope that it cured his cancer as well. He had risked everything...quite literally.

Shoe shopping

When the Great Shift hit the mall that Ryan was at, his first instinct was to locate his old body. It felt weird running around now that he had breasts bouncing around on his chest. When he finally found his old body, he was shocked to see it in the woman's shoe section trying on high heeled boots. Even just looking at it felt humiliating!

The gift of Bikini Beach

Jim was a little skeptical when he received a week long pass to Bikini Beach as a gift. He hated the beach, hated swimming, and he though the name sounded like no place for a man. Little did he know that upon turning in the pass, he would be transformed into a beautiful woman. For the first two days, he grumbled about the change to his body, but learned to love it by the third. On the fourth day, he arrived at Bikini Beach before anyone else--just to really enjoy his new sexy self. By the end of the week, he had decided to purchase a lifetime pass.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Total MILF

Everyone used to tell Jimmy that his mom was a total MILF. She had him when she was only 15, so she was only 30 now. He just didn't want to think of his mom in that way! It got worse when their neighbor's bodyswap machine malfunctioned, engulfing their house and swapping him into his mom's body! He couldn't stand things that reminded him of the old MILF comments of his friends. Even walking down the street without the familiar feeling of what was once between his legs reminded him of what he now had.

1000th Post!

I know not all my posts on here have been captions. It's actually a little tough to count the captions on here, but this will be the 1000th post on this site (which means we are very close to 1000 captions)!

Underground caverns

When Garret found the entrance to an underground cavern in his backyard, he was overjoyed. It was like having his very own personal waterpark. However, he didn't realize that he wasn't alone. The spirit of a young woman who died in the caves haunted the space. She saw Garret as her way out, but she wasn't the most competent ghost. She failed trying to possess his body, and instead of her spirit inside his body, she had transformed Garret's body into a copy of hers while he still maintained his original spirit. Garret grabbed his new boobs in disbelief! This was totally unreal!

In Leather (Part 2)

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Jerry couldn't believe the body that he ended up with as a result of the Great Shift, or more accurately he couldn't imagine the types of clothes that were in her closet. Everything was leather, PVC, or something of the sort. He put on something that he considered acceptable and went out to try and buy something new. Sadly, because of the Shift, most stores were closed...but while he was out, he got a call from his friend John with some good news...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time machine

Mark was amazed when his friend invented a time machine, and was even more excited to be asked to test it! It looked like he modified a standard chair, which wasn't far from the truth. When Mark was sent back in time to the 70s, his body took control over the person who was sitting in that chair in the past--which happened to be a stylish young woman. He was a little freaked out to be in a woman's body and was thankful when the 10 minute test was over and he was whisked back to the present. He smiled to be back in the present, seeing his inventor friend again. But something had gone wrong--he still had the body of the woman from the 70s!

"Lost" (Part 3)

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After about a week of being at his old job in his wife's body, Carl noticed a note on his doorstop with his name on it. He opened it and looked inside. There was a note explaining all about his wife stealing his body on purpose with photos of her tossing the Medallion of Zulu in the ocean. He laid down on the bed to read it and look at the photos. She had clearly lied to him, but now what to do with this information? Should he confront her? Break up with her? It looked like there was not going to be a way to get his old body back, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay with his wife anymore--even if she did have his body!


It was about a year ago when Yuri and his sister were cursed to swap bodies every 24 hours. Each day at noon, they'd end up in the other's body. Usually it wasn't so bad, but Yuri just couldn't believe what his sister was wearing today (or why she was wearing it). He felt like a pink powderpuff with this dress and these bows. The fact of the matter was that she simply thought it was funny to wear girly clothes, knowing that it would be her brother who'd ultimately be wearing them...