Saturday, January 23, 2010

Idols (Part 2)

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After using an ancient idol inside the museum to steal the bodies of two women, Steve and John heard the morning guards arriving. With no time left, they slipped out the back entrance leaving their old bodies inside lifeless and soulless while the women's bodies were trapped in another idol at the museum. They walked the streets outside of the museum, which was in the Chinatown neighborhood of the city. The two caught their breath in an alley not far away. John pulled out a cigarette and a cell phone from the woman's pocket. However, while the symbols on the keys seemed familiar he was having a hard time when he thought about dialing. As he spoke to express these concerns, strange words came out. It seems he could only speak in a language that had been dead for thousands of years. He looked around and was releaved to be able to read any english signs, but he couldn't say the words for some reason. It got worse when Steve tried to question, but spoke in the same unknown language. The two men were able to understand the world around them just fine but were simply now unable to communicate in english! Something had gone very wrong when the idol put their souls in these women's bodies!

Pink painted toenails

Within moments of the Great Shift occurring, Charles realized he was in a very different place. He looked down to see pink painted toenails poking out of high heeled sandals. As he tried moving, he felt somewhat restricted by the skin tight leather pants now on his legs, but the real problem was the shoes. He was simply teetering, completely unable to walk on such heels.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Part 4)

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Justin felt like he had been getting nothing but a headache from his wife since he swapped bodies with their eldest daughter, Liz. He often used walking the dog as an excuse to just get some time alone. He often smiled while doing this--truth be told, he actually enjoyed being in Liz's body, even if he felt guilty about it at the same time. It was on one of these dog walks that he decided he'd have to leave his wife, and start a new life.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sidelined (Part 4)

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It was now only two weeks until graduation; Micheal had spent almost the entire year in the body of the school's foreign exchange student, Keiko. He had agreed to date her in to keep an eye on his body and also had hopes of getting it back. But now the pair were about to head off to the prom, and with the clock running out, he was getting a little worried that he wouldn't be able to get his body back, and he'd have to return to Japan in Keiko's body.


"This Great Shift thing may have put me into this highly sexual, easily aroused body. But I am still Ethan J. Wallace III, and I'm still the CEO of this company. If you expect to keep your jobs, boys, you'll quit complaining about your new bodies and get to work."

Wallace was a hard ass before, and his new body hadn't changed anything. He refused to give his employees even a single day off after the Great Shift caused worldwide chaos.

Track and field

Buck hadn't seen his daughter much since she went off to college, but her track team was going to be competing against a college close to his house, so he thought he'd go see her on the field. He was watching her win a race from the stands when all of a sudden he felt his legs go from a seated position into a sprint. His legs were just sort of magically propelling himself forward. When he finally slowed down he found himself winning the race in his daughter's body! He looked up to the stands to see himself sitting there, as if nothing was wrong. In fact, everyone else seemed perfectly normal. Should he risk saying something or would people brand him as crazy?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


When Jim suddenly collapsed at a party, people rushed over to see if he was okay. And while the crowd quickly gathered out of concern, they backed up a little when they noticed Jim's body suddenly changing and morphing before their eyes. Nobody was quite sure what to do as his body changed into that of a woman. Jim himself was slowly regaining his composure and was more shocked than anyone. He put his hand up to his head to now feel long hair cascading down his back. This was certainly something unexpected and unexplainable for all present.

Popular (Part 3)

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The first thing Jeremy in Megan's body was go into the department store and pick up the things he knew that his family still needed. He smiled as he paid for the products with Megan's credit card. She was so spoiled and rich that he was glad he could use some of her money to help out his poor family. He had planned to just leave the items on the doorstep or something but changed his mind when he saw Megan still outside of the store in Jeremy's body.

"Oh, Jeremy, there you are," Jeremy said snidely to his old body, "Here are some things that I think your mom and dad need. You better hurry up and get home. They expected you to be home about 20 minutes ago! Now if you don't mind I have a date with MY boyfriend. He called MY cell phone while I was inside. Maybe I will have SEX with MY boyfriend late."

Megan's eyes lit up, "You will NOT be losing my virginity while you're in my body, you little perv..."


Jack sat up on one of the school desks to try to assess the situation. He had been working on an extra credit assignment after school when his body started disappearing. He could literally see through his own hand, and before he knew it he was some sort of phantom. Floating about for a while, he finally came across the most popular girl in school, Olivia, who was just getting out of detention. When he got too close, his spirit was sucked into her body, allowing him to take control. The problem was now not only how was he going to get back to being himself, but how to get his spirit out of Olivia's body.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Part 3)

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With no way to swap back to being themselves, Justin and his daughter Liz had to learn to live in each other's bodies. Liz, in her father's body, headed off to college with her major still undecided. Justin, in his daughter's body, continued his career at the lab, and did his best to continue on with his family. Relations were strained with his wife and not much better with his youngest daughter, Becky. After walking the dog one day, Justin had picked Becky up from soccer practice with her friends. When Becky tried to explain that the sexy woman picking her up was her father, the other girls instantly made fun of her. After dropping her friends at their homes, Justin got an earful from Becky wanting a normal father like everyone else.

Where do you think you are going? (Part 3)

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Roger knew he had to lie to his sister if he was going to go through with his plans while in her body. He had told her that she was going to the store but actually headed to the beach. He was glad she didn't check the purse he brought with him, or she might've found the bikini he had hidden away. He had just always found his sister's body so sexy, especially her big breasts. He had the rare opportunity to show them off, and he wanted to take it. She was always so modest, but now that he was the one controlling her body, modesty went out the window.

Ancient ritual

Hiromi had talked her boyfriend Steven into participating in an ancient asian bodyswap ritual passed down from generation to generation in her family. He wasn't wild on the idea, but she assured him it would only be for about an hour before she would perform the reversal ritual. However, the problem happened when the couple's cat jumped in between them. Steven swapped into Hiromi's body as planned, but she ended up in the body of the cat while the cat ended up in Steven's body. So much for only an hour! She'd have no way to perform the reveral from the body of a cat!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shifted wedding

The Great Shift caused chaos at the marriage of Mary and Neil. Though Mary was unshifted, not a single other person at the wedding could claim the same, including her soon-to-be-husband, Neil. He had been swapped into the body of another bride at a nearby chapel, and he rushed over to be with his fiance. Despite the madness, the wedding went forward as planned. However, it was a little difficult for some to feel comfortable to see two brides being married by the flower girl, who the pastor had swapped with.

Sidelined (Part 3)

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It was now seveal months into the school year, and a while since Michael had his body stolen by the foreign exchange student, Keiko. Several things had caught him off guard. The first was when she asked him out! He had agreed, but only so that he could keep an eye on his old body. The next was as Keiko's hair grew out to it's natural black. Apparently, she dyed of the many girlie things that Michael refused to do. He did continue Keiko's home economics class and was surprised to find himself quite good at it! In fact, there were a lot of skills he had forgotten he had simply because he had been so focused on football these past few years. If he wasn't so angry at Keiko for stealing his body, he'd thank her.

Secret hope

When Phil suddenly found himself inside the body of a scantily clad woman, he first tried to find his own body, to no avail. Next, he tried to convince his friends who he really was. Most ended up just hitting on him, but he finally managed to get his best friend, Frank, to believe him. The two then began to search the party for Phil's body and craft plans on what to do if they failed. Frank secretly hoped they would fail, as part of the plan would involve Phil staying at Frank's house. Frank was hoping that given the right circumstances that Phil might be interested in experiencing sex from the other side of the gender fence.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The hole

Darren didn't know where this giant hole in his lawn had come from, and when he looked down it seemed to go on forever. As he was inspecting it further, a giant white light came out. It engulfed his body and transformed it, lightening his rugged. His once rugged, tanned, and toned male physique was now pale, skinny, and very female. Though the light blast was meant as a warning for him to stay away, it only peaked Darren's curiosity about what was below, and it strengthen his resolve to get down and investigate.

Workers comp

Richard resented his job. After losing his position at a banking firm he was forced to make money by working at a department store with a bunch of goof off teenage kids. Things completely changed for Richard when a strange event at the store caused all the staff to switch bodies. He laughed when he found out the biggest slacker kid, Derek, got stuck in his body. He didn't laugh at his own situation, which had him in the body of a shy asian girl, Ling. She was probably the only kid in the store he didn't hate, and he thought he could help get her out of her shell by setting an example. But the next day when he arrived at the store, no one could believe how Richard had dressed Ling's body--it wasn't confident, it was SLUTTY!

Where do you think you are going? (Part 2)

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Roger couldn't believe the third degree interrogation his sister had just given him. It was like she didn't believe that their bodyswap had been an accident! He also couldn't believe that she made him change three times before finally approving an outfit he picked out to wear. He knew it was technically her body, but she needed to chill out. After all, he had been honest with her, the bodyswap was an accident. He just wasn't telling her that he knew how to swap back.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dancing on the bar

Will hated being in high school. He was 18 years old and going off to college in the fall; couldn't his parents give him his freedom? Apparently not, as he was grounded for getting caught drinking last weekend. All that time in his room got him surfing the internet and stumbling across a bodyswap spell. He used it to take control of his 21 year old sister's body and then walked to the nearest bar. When he arrived, he realized that he had forgotten his sister's purse, but luckily the guy checking IDs at the door knew her (his sister was apparently a regular). However, once inside, he realized he didn't have any money to pay for drinks. The strangest thing happened though, a GUY bought him a drink, and another one soon did the same. It wasn't long before Will was totally wasted. Still with no money, it wasn't long before he was doing some wild things to convince more guys to buy drinks for him; dancing on the bar was just the start of things to come...

Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Part 2)

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It had been six days since the chemical accident had swapped the bodies of Justin and his daughter, Liz. Her weekly exercise regiment had been exhausting, and he was hopeful that the guys at the lab would have a way to reverse the swap right on time with that estimated week long ETA, which would mean that they could switch back tomorrow! He hit the snooze alarm one more time but bolted up when he realized he had missed his daughters daily exercise. After climbing down the stairs, he found his daughter in his body waiting for him with a stern look. Justin crossed his arms, "Look, Honey, I can explain. I'm sorry I missed your daily exercise! I overslept, and--" Liz interupted him, "It's not that, Dad! The lab called. They can't find a way for us to switch back! We're stuck like this!" Liz then burst into tears.


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Popular (Part 2)

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Megan and Jeremy couldn't believe they had somehow swapped bodies. The most popular girl in school was now in the body of the biggest nerd and visa versa. Though Jeremy initially struggled in Megan's high heels, she quickly grabbed his arm and brought him back to her car. Looking in the rear view mirror, Jeremy noted how strange it was to see his own brown eyes on Megan's face while her blue eyes now were on Jeremy's. He took his glasses back from his old body. Megan freaked out about how those glasses were going to make her look like a dork. Then it really dawned on her. With Jeremy in her body, he would probably make her body ACT like a dork as well! She told him that he better act as much like her as he possible could. He thought about it for a moment and said, "Well, in that case, I better kick a nerd like YOU out of MY car! You wouldn't want to be seen with a geek, would you?"