Saturday, February 6, 2010

Malfunction (Part 4)

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Scott felt like he was doing pretty well living Ling's life, taking her classes, and fitting in with her friends, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that he also had to deal with large chunks of the ditzy cheerleader Katy's personality mixed in with everything. After a few days, the researchers called Scott back. They had discovered the rewiring that caused the malfunction to merge the two women, but they also discovered a third unknown person (Scott knew that they were refering to him) that got melded together. They asked if he was aware of a third personality.

He decided to continue to play dumb, "Oh my God! Totally creepy! You mean there could be someone else inside here too and junk? I wouldn't feel it, you know? I mean, I don't feel Katy, but she has a total influence and stuff. Like, just listen to my voice, and check out this totally cute skirt! I don't think I ever would've worn something so cute a week ago--but don't I look so hot!?"

A tale of the Great Shift (Part 3)

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"The plan is simple," Ted told Brian while jumping onto the back of a car.

"What plan?" Brian asked.

"We steal this car," Ted explained hitting on the trunk.

"We can't steal this! It's illegal!"

"Look, the world is in chaos. No one will care. We need to travel miles to get to where our bodies are! Our REAL bodies! I don't suppose you have a better plan?"


Thomas hadn't asked to be famous; he hadn't even done anything to become famous. He was another victim of the Great Shift like everyone else. He just happened to swap bodies with an up and coming Hollywood star, and it seemed she was way more famous for her looks than her acting ability. In the middle of shooting a film, it didn't matter who inhabited the sexy starlet's body, they had to think about cost and continuity, so Thomas had completed the gig. Little did he know that this would send waves through the media. It was the only film whose production wasn't massively disrupted by the Shift, and it quickly became a success. The press was now all over Thomas where ever he went. He hadn't asked to be famous, but that's exactly what he was now. Not bad for a retired factory worker!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The jazz singer (Part 3)

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Christopher's heart was now beating fast. After the jazz group finished their first set, he had somehow swapped bodies with the band's lead singer. He had been freaking out back stage between sets, but now the moment was upon him. He had returned to the stage, hoping that the woman's body would just know what to do. However, instead of the perfect and hypnotic voice that once floated from the woman's mouth, Christopher own talent (or lack there of) now took over. He had never been a good singer, and his notes were off pitch and off rythym. The crowd began booing, and Christopher ran off stage once more.

Popular (Part 5)

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Jeremy was dropping off the items he bought for his family when he heard a familiar voice, "How could you do that?" There was a pause. "How could you break me up with Chad!?"

Jeremy turned around to see his old body, "Wait, what? Were you following me tonight?'

"Of course I was! You've ruined my reputation and my life, but I'm just glad you haven't done anything to my body! How could you--"

"Oh, shut up, Megan. Just shut up." Jeremy flicked Megan off, "I'm in your body; you're in my body. I don't know how we swapped, and I don't know how to swap back. We're both going to be living new lives now. Go back into my apartment with my parents...or should I say YOUR apartment with YOUR parents, because that's your life now! I'm going to go to MY parents giant house now. Don't try to tell anyone what happened; they'll think you're crazy, and you know it!"


Dave had been feeling a strange tingling feeling in his body all day. By nightfall it had grown to consume his entire body, ultimately giving him a jolt of pleasure before it disapated. After it went away, Dave noticed that his body had completely changed; the breasts now on his chest were a dead giveaway. He reached down in between his legs, feeling a moist hole where his penis once was. His sexual curiosity got the better of him as he rubbed his new crotch feverishly. It wasn't long before he was doing all sort of wild things like tit-fucking the base of a lamp. He was so pre-occupied that he had not noticed the changes to his clothes nor to his surroundings. He was now wearing a skimpy top and the lamp had morphed into a pole. He mind jolted back when he felt a hand tugging slightly on the waistline of his panties...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Second date

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Malcolm didn't exactly know how he traveled back in time some 20 years to inhabit his sister's body, but he saw it as a second chance to be closer to her. However, history seemed to be set on repeating itself. He saw his own body go to college and not look back, just as he had done. His heard his mom cry one day, sad that her "little boy never called." When he was he was in his old body, he'd be angry for calling him "little boy;" but in his sister's body, he could only find it in himself to console her. He promised (as her) that she'd go to college close by. Though the years, as his sister, he remained close to his parents. He learned things about them that he had never known, and he was not only learning things about his sister, but living them first hand! It had been 7 years since the swap, it had really taken that long for him to be truly comfortable in his sister's body. He hadn't even been on a date as his sister since that first night. But now, he was on his way to another one. And it wouldn't be long before he found out something about his sister that he wish he hadn't--how she lost her virginity.

Curled up

Simon had been curled up for the past hour. It had only been a short time before that when the Great Shift hit, and he was overwhelmed with shock when he found himself in the body of a woman. He had been wearing a dress, but managed to dig through the clothes in the room he found himself in to find some pants and a t-shirt. He changed a though he was on auto-pilot, not wanting to fully acknowledge his new state. It quickly became too much to ignore. He just put his hand between his legs to feel the void that was now there and curled up. He tried not to think about it, but the more he tried, the more he just couldn't ignore it.

Malfunction (Part 3)

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Scott breathed a sigh of relief that his ruse worked. He continued Ling's classes pretending to be her, which he had no problem with thanks to also having her intellegence. In fact, none of Ling's habits that he had inherited bothered him in the slightest. The influence of Katy, on the other hand, drove him crazy. An obsession with looks caused him to ditch Ling's glasses and purchase contacts. He couldn't help but feel the need to dress up fairly sexy no matter what activity he was going to do. Ling's friends asked him to play softball, and he excitedly agreed with a ditzy intonation he now had. About to head out, Scott couldn't believe how much leg he was showing off. Weirder still was how much he felt like he wanted and liked to do so. But weirder still was that he was excited to be playing SPORTS! Only a week ago, he was Scott Drueger, Science Club President. Not only did he used to be quite poor at sports, but he had HATED sports. Another Katy influence, he guessed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The jazz singer (Part 2)

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Christopher couldn't believe what had just happened to him. He had taken his girlfriend on a date to a jazz club, but ended up crushing on the lead singer performing that night. Somehow he ended up in this crush's body, and now he was backstage in between sets. Was his girlfriend jealous? Had she done this to him? How was he going to perform as this woman for the second set? He didn't know any of the songs!

A tale of the Great Shift (Part 2)

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Brian struggled to stand up again with this woman's high heeled boots. A hand reached down to help him. It was another man in a similar position. "You think those heels are bad," the man told Brian, "I found myself wearing leather pants!" He told Brian that his name was Ted, and that he too was in a unknown town in an unknown body. After some time, both figured out that the entire world seemed to have switched bodies, and that they were both from a city around a hundred miles away from where they were now. Both of them seemed to want to find their original bodies, though neither could think of any way to reverse what had happened, and that meant getting some way to travel to hundred miles back to their home town.


Dr. Louis Franklin was a leading oceanographer, a member of a team of scientists reponding to an strange phenomenon. Fishermen off the coast of a Pacific island had been alarmed when the entire catch of fish had been female...not a single male fish in the nets at all. Many were concerned about what this meant for future fish populations in the region. Many scientists on the team of experts were concerned with taking samples and testing, but Dr. Franklin wanted to examine the fish still in the ocean. He put on his wetsuit and drove in, surprised that every fish he found also appeared to be female. He swam back to shore where he received strange stares from the rest of his team. His wetsuit had been skintight, so the changes to his body were immediately apparent to them. But for Louis, it wasn't until he peeled off the suit that he noticed the changes. He now had firsthand evidence that there was something in the water that transformed the gender of male fish, and apparently humans weren't immune!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Malfunction (Part 2)

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After he sabotaged an experiment, Scott had been merged into a body and personality that was a mix between a peppy cheerleader and a cute Asian honor student. He didn't want to admit who he really was (and how he got to be caught up in this mess), so when asked by the researchers, he decided to pick one of the girls and went with the one he thought he could live with more easily. He lied, "I'm like totally Ling."

He gasped when hearing his voice. He had Ling's voice, but it had all of Katy's inflections. He sounded like a ditzy cheerleader. He couldn't seem to help it either. What had he gotten himself into?


After getting hit by a blinding white light, Troy found himself with a pounding headache that he figured was messing with his vision. The entire landscape before him had changed. He put his hand to his head for another shock. Flowing hair greeted him from what was a buzzed scalp moments ago. His other hand moved to his chest where his previously toned pecks were now boobs. He screamed, and his now high pitched voice scared him even more.

Work out

Rocky's friends had been concerned about him shortly after the Great Shift. He had been going to the gym with his new body for several hours each day. They wondered if he was hitting it just a little too hard. Truth be told, he went to the gym because he loved it. Before the Shift, he was so fat, he would be embarrassed to even show up at a gym, which just made the problem worse. Now, he was hot and skinny...sure, he was also a woman, but that just added to the thrill. He never wore a sports bra because he loved the feel of his bouncing breasts, and he loved the way people at the gym would check him out. He loved being a woman, and he loved being skinny!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Donald's mom had always encouraged him to go into science, and he could never figure out why. Even when he faltered in his childhood, she told him that he knew he was destined to do something great. Now, in his 40s, that greatness was about to be realized. He had invented a transporter, and after several tests, it was finally time for a human subject. Donald insisted he be allowed to be first. But when he entered, something went horribly wrong. Time and space warped, and he found himself in not only the wrong location, but in the wrong time and in the wrong body! The face of the woman he now was looked eerily familiar, and after digging through some things in the house he was in, he figured out was 1967, and he was in the body of his own mother! His own mother as a teenager! The lifetime of pressure she laid on him finally made sense--she did it because it had to happen, just a he would have to do now to start the cycle over again.

Mechanic (Part 1)

While some people freaked out and panicked at the results of the Great Shift, others just tried to get back to normal as fast as possible. It didn't matter much to Kurtis Jenning that he had swapped bodies with an 18-year-old woman getting ready for the prom, he just wanted to get back to his garage to continue working on his car, and that's exactly what he did. The fancy hairdo and expensive dress mattered little to him. As he started working, oil spilt on his now perfectly manicured nails and even more perfect chest. It would seem strange to most that he could just tune out the changes to his body...

Malfunction (Part 1)

It was groundbreaking when the University announced that they had developed a device that could swap personalities (or parts of) between two people. Hundreds volunteered for the first experiment--mainly because of the financial incentive--but the two chosen first were a shy, studious Asian woman named Ling and a sexy, outgoing member of the cheerleading squad named Katy were chosen. The researchers had prepped everything for the day as the two women entered the machine, but there was one thing they hadn't planned on. Scott Drueger, head of the school's undergrad Science Club, had been furious he wasn't selected for the initial experiment, and planned to sabotage it. He was sure that his re-wiring would go unnoticed if it were done only a few minutes before the test was to begin. His hid in nearby room where much of the massive circuitry for the machine was housed, but his timing was off as the machine was activated as he worked to sabotage it. A side effect that no one predicted took place. While two women entered the machine, only one exited. The woman looked mostly like Ling, but a little shapelier and sexier, and clearly wearing Katy's clothes. She was instantly flirtatious but also quite intelligent--seemingly a mix of the personalities of both Katy and Ling. The immediate question for researchers was who's memories did she have? Who did she think she was? Ling or Katy? Or was it some combination of the two? The woman seemed hesitant to answer the question. The truth was that the woman didn't feel much like Ling, Katy, or a combination. But to admit who she was? Well, she couldn't imagine the trouble she'd be in if she told them the truth. Inside of that head, despite having many of the personality traits of both Ling and Katy, she could only think of herself as who she really KNEW she was: Scott Drueger!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sidelined (Part 5)

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Michael was furious when the time came for Keiko to return to Japan, and she still hadn't swapped their bodies back. He was forced to go to Japan as her. He was surprised upon his arrival that he seemed to be able to understand and speak Japanese fluently (though it made sense since Keiko had never struggled with English in his body). A bigger surprise was that in her room, he found the reversal spell--though it seemed far too late now that he was thousands of miles from his old body. However, once Michael started attending Keiko's final year of studies, the teachers quickly became impressed. Since they had no idea of the swap, they assumed Keiko's English skills simply benefited from her short time aborad. They offered a scholarship to any American University. Michael jumped home with glee that day--he knew where Keiko was attending college in his body, and now he had a way to follow her and get his body back! He just had to wait one more year!

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Ned had been saving up for a vacation at Exchange Island for ten years. He was getting a little older, and his sexual abilities were beginning to wane. However, he still looked rather handsome. He figured he could trick a slightly uglier, younger man to switch with him for his trip, so he could fling out a few one night stands like in his younger days. But he should've read the brochure more closely, which stated that all swaps on the island were random. He was immediately uncomfortable with the sexy FEMALE body he ended up with, and pledged that one night stands were off the table. He had wished this woman would've packed some more conservative clothes--he also wished he was able to do things like hook bras or tie bikinis in the back! He seemed to be incapable!

Shooting star

Last night Robbie made a wish on a falling star to be rich and successful. He had expected to slowly amass wealth through wise investments or something. He hadn't expected the wish to be granted overnight by him swapping bodies with someone who already was rich and successful. And he certainly didn't expect that person to be female! He woke up the next morning in shock of his new body. He opened a closet full of designer dresses, groaning at the lack of pants. He didn't want to leave the house, but he had to go out for one very important purchase--a telescope. He had finished setting it with about an hour to spare before the sun fell. He'd find another shooting star tonight for sure, and he'd be able to wish to reverse last night's wish!