Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pixie dust (Part 2)

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Travis was a little worried when he returned back into the building to find the room where his meeting had been held empty. Where had they gone? Did the meeting even happen in the first place? He certainly wasn't himself anymore, but who was he? Did he still have his same life but with a new body? If that was the case, he would've guessed that the meeting would still be happening. He supposed that he had a whole new life. But what did he do for a living? Heck, what was his name? He wished that he even had an idea of where he should go...

The light (Part 2)

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Oliver was a little surprised when he finally arrived at the source of the light. He had been in a dark room, and the light was apparently the backstage area. As soon as he did, two people immediately came to attend to him. One started adjusting his hair, and the other tended to his clothes. It felt like hands were all over him, and then the questions started. The first thing he had to admit was that he wasn't who he appeared to be. One voice said that was okay, but asked if Oliver could walk out on the runway one more time as a baby was in the body of another woman, who would now be unable to model the look. He agreed, and he was quickly stripped and redressed...

Private jet (Part 2)

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John had no idea how this all happened, who he now was, or why she was riding on a private jet. Truth be told, he didn't really care; he was having far too good of a time. He lounged about on one of the jet's seats getting a load of his new, sexy legs. Somehow he got the feeling that this was going to be the start of a great new life.

Friday, March 12, 2010


When Tyler suddenly found himself in a woman's body, he was a little unsure what to do. He eventually found a payphone and dialed his own cell phone number. He was a little freaked out to hear his own voice answer. It seemed that a woman was in his body. The two agreed to meet, swap clothes, and help each other adapt to their new bodies. She gave Tyler directions on where to meet...

Panic attack

"No!!!" Max screamed after he realized what he had done.

Out of the three people that entered his cab on that trip, Max had intended to swap with one of them men in the taxi, but he had said, "Have a nice day," just a little too early, and the only one out of the car at that point had been the curly-haired woman in the backseat. He hadn't even been in the body of the cabdriver for too long--only about a week. Others had been trapped in his body for months. He could've waited for another fare. He could've just said those magical bodyswapping words moments later. How could he have screwed this up?

After seeing what they thought was their female friend freaking out, the two men rushed to Max's side. He cried as the cab drove away but figured these two guys would never believe his story--that his body had been stolen by a magic taxi last week and he had to continue to cycle by stealing their friend's body. He lied and told them he had a panic attack, but was fine now.

Gathering (Part 1)

With almost everyone in the world now in a new body thanks to the Great Shift and many of these people now with wardrobes that no longer fit their new form, many across the nation and across the world set up make-shift clothing swaps and thrift stores to deal with the massive need. One such event in Portland brought in several thousands of people. Men in women's bodies; women in men's bodies; children in the bodies of adults; all sorts of types were there not just for the clothes, but for the social elements, to speak with others finding themselves in similar situations.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

One week (Part 2)

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Before the end of the first day, Damien decided that he wanted this new body forever. Getting the green tracking braclet off wasn't actually hard at all. However, he suspected that it wouldn't be long before a monitor figured out that it had been tampered with, so he looked in the mirror, applied some lipstick, then he was off. He'd go far, far away for the next two weeks or so...maybe longer. I mean, he was stealing someone's body here. He couldn't imagine that this woman would EVER give up looking for it, especially a body like this.

International sales (Part 4)

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Dan needed to calm his nerves. He was in a new body and just saw his former body jump to its death. He found some wine left over from the holiday party and proceeded to help himself. As he downed his second glass, he heard a shout.

"Hey! Watch what you drink! My body had some trouble processing alcohol! Finish that glass, and you'll be having a rough night!"

Dan looked around, but just couldn't tell where the voice was coming from. This was going from weird to weirder...

The occult section

Everytime Gregg went to the library, she had been there. He didn't know how or why she swapped bodies with him, but if there was a reversal, he knew it had to be in one of these books. He had been searching for weeks now with no luck, but his eyes went wide as he finally found a section for the occult; a book about bodyswapping had to be here somewhere.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thanks, Dad

"Chin up, Son! I know your first day of school after the Great Shift isn't going to be easy, but you've had a month off. That should hopefully have been a good amount of time to adjust to your new body. I'm quite proud. You've handled this so maturely, and you should know that you are a beautiful young woman who can do everything and anything you did before as a young man."

"Thanks, Dad. At least I didn't have to go through this alone..."

Work from home

Graham was glad that his mom worked at home. He hated the thought of going to her office after being swapped into her body. Still, she made him dress up in her work clothes every day--just in case someone stopped in for a surprise meeting. While she toiled away on her own computer, Graham figured he should boot up his own to try and see if he could find anything on the Internet that would find a way to reverse this whole bodyswapping phenomenon...

Welcome to Hell (Part 5)

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Arthur's horniness was really getting to him. He was finding it hard to concentrate on or think about anything but sex. He wished he was able to have a lesbian thought, but that just seemed impossible for some reason. However, it wasn't long before a woman across the room made eyes at him. He didn't notice at first, but he soon started making eyes back. She mouthed some words in his direction that he couldn't quite make out, but lifted one of his hand and mouthed the words "two minutes" back. The other hand found it's way down to his new crotch in an attempt to pleasure himself, but he really just wasn't feeling it...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do NOT hit me with that body morphing ray gun again...

David held his finger up in his friend's direction, "Do not hit me with that strange body morphing ray gun again! First time you hit me, it morphed me into a woman! Then you tried to 'fix' it and ended up merely increasing the size of my bust. You tired to fix THAT, and I wound up wearing this dress and these damned heels. Now, I know I may be stumbling around and tripping, but I assure you that I will get used to it. Whatever you do, do NOT hit me with that body morphing ray gun again!"

Figure skating (Part 3)

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It wasn't long before Andrew was performing feats that he couldn't even imagine: a spin, a twirl, a triple lutz. As he completed his routine, the crowd errupted. Scores came up on a screen and the shouting was louder. Apparently, he won.

EZ Chairs

Richard and his wife, Rebecca, were suspicious when an unmarked truck pulled up to their house and delivered two free EZ-chairs. They tried to refuse them, but the movers insisted. The couple shrugged, figuring they could always sell them. It wasn't long before they both wanted to give the chairs a test sit. They sat down and a quick jolt ran through both their bodies. They were both surprised that the chairs had somehow swapped their bodies! Richard was now in his wife Rebecca's body, wearing her pink dress! And Rebecca was now in Richard's body, in his cargo shorts! Who couldn't possibly sent these strange chairs?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday morning (Part 2)

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It had been two weeks since Wesley had swapped bodies with his mom. Both hoped each morning they'd be swapped back, but so far no luck. At least Wesley was able to pull off doing his mom's job. Though he groaned as he walked to work for the third Monday in his mom's body. At least he was getting used to walking in her heels!

Best summer job ever (Part 4)

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It had happened. Paul in his new body had become an absolute jerk. At first, the woman appreciate Paul's stuck-upness. It suited who she had been and kept up the proper appearance, but when Paul turned on her, she got angry. She threatened to stop paying him for, well, doing nothing. He simply laughed, saying that she'd better continue to pay him...she wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her old body, after all. He threatened to turn to prostitution to make money. She was furious, because he was right. She didn't want anything bad to happen to her old body, so she'd keep paying him, just to keep it safe.

Pumpkin (Part 5)

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Stewart was surprised at what his dad did next. He planted a firm kiss right on his lips! Granted, his dad didn't know that it was him inside his mom's body, but it still caught him off guard. In his shock, he lifted up the magic pumpkin to his dad's chest, and it started to work its magic again, swapping Stewart into his dad's body and his dad into his mom's body. Stewart somewhat expected the swap after what happened earlier, but his dad was totally in shock to suddenly be inside of his own wife's body!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pixie dust (Part 1)

Travis was having a rough time at his business meeting. He asked for a five minute breather to step outside just to collect himself. All he could think of as he walked outside was wishing he didn't have to be at this meeting. That he could somewhere or someone else; anywhere or anyone else! That's when he felt a slight tingle. A strange dust fell on him. He didn't know it--he had no way to know it--but a pixie overheard his wish and sprinkled him with pixie dust, granting his wish. His balding head quickly gushed forth with long, flowing, blonde curls. His clothes morphed from a business suit into a sexy red skirt and black jacket. He shrunk in size to fit his new feminine form. His wish had been granted...

One Week

When Damien signed up for the experiment, he didn't know what it would entail. All he knew was that it would be some quick cash that he sorely needed. When he showed up, he found himself in a room with about twenty other people. They instructed him to put on a strange green wristband, which they told him was fo tracking purposes to find each of the participants after the week-long experiment ended. Then he felt a jolt, and he found himself across the room in one of the other paticipant's bodies! He was a woman! The stress of the situation got to him, he reached into her pocket and pulled out a cigarette. Great! Not only was he a woman, but a smoker on top of things! Still, it did seem like the easier $5,000 he could imagine. It was only for a week!

International sales (Part 3)

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Dan heard a crash and turned his head to the window to se a figure falling. It was a little too quick to be sure, but he thought that was his old body. He had guessed that this was because his co-worker couldn't stand to be him, but then a phone call started ringing on his was his co-worker, which meant that if she hadn't been in his body then who had been?