Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quiet evening

Larry had planned to spend a nice quiet evening at home, but those plans were changed against his will when a flash of light hit him. Suddenly he found himself in a new location, in a new body, a woman's body wearing a strapless top! He was shocked! He pushed up the dress a little, afraid that it might otherwise fall and expose his new breasts. What he didn't know at the time was that he wasn't the only one switched. The entire population of the world had swapped bodies in what would come to be known as The Great Shift.

Where do you think you are going? (Part 4)

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Roger didn't take the chance of running into his sister again; he went straight from the beach to a club, where he was ready to get down in his sister's body. He couldn't believe that she was never into this sort of thing, especially with how drop-dead gorgeous she was! But her body was his now, and he was going to take advantegous of that beauty to its fullest--enjoying it every step of the way.

Understanding human biology

Billy and his mom had spent the past week in a spaceship after they had been abducted from their home by aliens. They were subject to all sorts of strange tests and experiments. They were probed, cut open, and put back together. After the aliens had satisfied their curiosity, they put Billy and his mom back on Earth in the midst of a crowd of people, but there were problems. After cutting apart the two family members, the aliens (not quite understanding human biology properly) put some parts back incorrectly. Billy's head was now on his mom's body while her head was on his. Billy didn't like how his new body felt, and he looked back up to the sky hoping that the aliens would return to fix them back up!

Friday, March 19, 2010


It wasn't the new busty body that Chip found himself after the Great Shift that had him concerned, it was what that body was wearing. The top covering that bust was nothing more than a fuzzy bra, the fishnets, the semi-see through tutu short tutu skirt. He just felt like an absolute idiot wearing this sort of stuff. If there was a way to get back to his old body, he had to find it...


Normally if Ronald was feeling down or depressed, a kiss from his girlfriend would make him feel all better, but this was different. The Great Shift had swapped him into an entirely new body, and he was freaking out. Luckily his girlfriend hadn't been swapped, and once she figured out what body Ronald was now in, she sat next to him and gave him a kiss as Ronald wrapped his arms around her. But with his new body, it just didn't feel the same. It felt...empty. It didn't feel quite right. It just didn't give him the same feeling that he had back when he was in his old body moments ago. He was worried if this had something to do with the fact that with a woman's body, he now had a woman's hormones.

The light (Part 3)

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Oliver couldn't believe the second outfit they had dressed him up in for this fashion show; then again, he couldn't believe that he was a model walking down the runway in a fashion show. As he walked down and back, he did his best to ignore the members of the audience freaking out about their new bodies. He apparently wasn't the only one dealing with a new body. One shout bothered him, as a low pitch growl screaming in his direction, "Give me back my body, you bitch!" He couldn't believe that the fashon designer even continued the show amongst the Shift's chaos, and he knew the chaos would only be getting worse when the lights in the room came back on.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pixie dust (Part 3)

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Next Travis ran out to the parking lot where his red sports car had been parked. It had been replaced by a boring red sedan. He paused for a moment. Maybe he had parked somewhere else? No, this was it. He clearly remembered. He dug his hand into his jacket pocket to pull out a chain of keys, one of which fit the sedan. He had a new life alright, and he didn't much like how it was shaping up when compared to his old one...

A good day (Part 1)

Adam smiled when he realized the effects of the Great Shift. He had dreamed of becoming a woman all his life, but he never thought that such a dream would ever come true. However, then that worldwide bodyswapping event took place, and there he was, a full blown woman. He'd have to figure out where this woman lived, and get back there. He couldn't wait to try on her various outfits, see his new body naked, and so much more! He smiled. This was a good day!


When Candice and Anton first entered couples therapy, it had been all Candice's idea. She had been so excited about it and had to force Anton to come with each and every time. That is, until the psychiatrist decided to have the couple try some role playing, but this was more than a mere exercise. He actually physically swapped the pair's bodies. Now Anton in Candice's body was really oepning up each week and shared. Meanwhile, Candice, now angry to be in her husband's body, could only sulk as Anton babbled on and on. Though their roles had truly been reversed, neither was really learning anything from the experience.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gathering (Part 2)

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Aaron had been wearing the same clothes everyday since the Great Shift had happened, so he was thankful when he heard about Portland's makeshift clothing swap. He wasn't surprised how fast things were picked through, so he grabbed essentials first--things like underwear and, he groaned at the thought, bras. Next, he looked for things like shirts, pants, and he might even consider something a little more girlie to suit his new body. He picked up a yellow top. Cute enough, he supposed...

Spoiled life

Miguel lived a poor life in the Caribean. He spent his entire life taking tourists from island to island in his boat for a few pennies each trip. It wasn't a great life, but it was a living. As he set sail one day skies were clear, but a freak storm suddenly appeared. The boat was tossed and turned, but it never capsized. A final bolt of lightning hit the boat caused a dramatic change as Miguel suddently found himself in the body of one of the tourists, a young blonde woman. Once they arrived at the next island, Miguel got out. He hadn't known where the storm came from or how it did, but he was happy to have a new life. He couldn't wait until this woman's vacation was over, and he could live her rich, spoiled life in America...

New body

For all his life, Devin had been a skinny, nerdy guy. However, he was ready to change that and was attending a gym for the first time. He had been walking back to the locker rooms when a woman running from the pool accidentally bumped into him. However, instead of knocking heads, Devin's body slowly started to absorb the woman, and the two people merged. The whole experience shocked Devin, but he was thankful to have retained his own brain. The body mostly was that of the woman, though he had his own pasty white skin instead of her tanned complextion. He wore her sexy gold swinsuit but still had his own nerdy glasses resting on his new nose. He had gone to the gym in the hopes of getting a new body, but he hadn't expected it to happen quite like this!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Officer Roger Daimler was beginning to have second thoughts about this plan. He had spent the last two weeks undergoing a special procedure--a procedure that his Captain told him was 100% reversable--to make his body look like a woman. He was going to go undercover to break up a prostitution ring. However, as his fellow cops dropped him off, he felt a sudden surge of nervousness. Sure, he was the best at undercover work on the force, and with this procedure not even his wife would recognize him. But he questioned if it was truly reversable, especially considering how he discovered that morning how fully functional his new vagina seemed to be...


It was certainly the strangest costume party that Derek had ever attended. It was on the outskirts of campus, hosted by the coolest frat in school. They had pulled out all the stops. Large, lifelike decorations filled the house, but Derek was drawn to a mirror. It looked like it had no glass, and the world reflected seemed to be an exact opposite of the real one. His reflection wasn't his own, but a woman's mimicking his exact movements. Creepy. But then he decided to touch the mirror, and he was sucked in. He felt his body morph and remold into the woman on the other side of the glass. When he looked back to the full-length mirror, it had been replaced by a simple doorway. He was now stuck in an alternate world where he had been born as a woman...this woman...

Monday Morning (Part 3)

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Going to work wasn't the only responsibility on Wesley's shoulders after he swapped bodies with his mom. He also had to do all her chores too. At least when he went to someplace like the grocery store he didn't have to dress up or wear uncomfortable heels or anything. He could just wear one of his mom's sweaters and jeans. She still made him wear a bra though, which Wesley wasn't sure that he'd ever get used to. However, it had now been five weeks, and it didn't seem like they were going to swap back any time soon...

Monday, March 15, 2010

The siblings (Part 3)

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Kelly and Becka had almost all the same classes, it was easy for her to keep an eye on Shawn while he was trapped in his sister's body. Fourth period was free, and Kelly insisted that Shawn drink water and not soda as they hung out in the parking lot. She also told him that they each had a different fifth period, and she gave him explicit instructions on what to do and where to meet for lunch right after. Shawn groaned, but at least he'd have a bit of time to himself...

Life's a beach

The results of Carter's experience with the Great Shift certainly wasn't typical. Most people swapped bodies with someone within a few feet, maybe a few miles at most. But he had switched into a body halfway around the world from the frozen northern Tundra of Canada to sunny California. Not only did he enjoy the welcome warmth, but he was even more thankful that he ended up in one of the hottest bodies on the beach. Sure, he wasn't man anymore, but looking at his new body beneath the tiny yellow bikini, he realized that he was okay with that...

Knocked off his feet

The force of the Great Shift knocked Omar off his feet. He felt sore and strange as he managed to finally stand on his feet. However, even standing upright again things felt strange. It was like he was teetering and struggling to get his feet flat on the ground. When he looked down, the explanation was painfully apparent. These weren't his shoes! These weren't even his feet or legs! In fact, he had a whole new body!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pumpkin (Part 6)

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After getting over the initial shock of being in his wife's body, Gordon laughed, "Well, this is interesting, Honey!"

Meanwhile, Stewart could only laugh to himself. His dad was now in the body of his mom, and he was in the body of his dad! However, his dad thought that it was his mom inside his own body! Stewart wasn't quite sure where his mom was in his body, but he was sure that when she found them, she would spoil all of Stewart's fun. He was hoping he could keep his dad occupied for as long as possible!

Playboy Mansion (Part 4)

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After sufficiently enjoying himself alone in the bedroom, Anthony decided he'd really have some fun with his new body. He walked downstairs and wrapped his arm around another man transformed into a Playboy Bunny. Next he whispered, "Would you like to come upstairs with me for some Bunny on Bunny action?" The other Bunny nodded.

Super Sunday

Caroline and Pam were sick of their husbands ignoring them on Sunday because of football. Chris and Rick claimed that it was something in genetics--all men loved football. The wives were inspired by those words, and next week the men woke up very surprised on Sunday morning. However, it didn't seem to make a difference; the two men seemed as obsessed with the sport as ever. They explained it to their wives simply; Chris stated to Caroline, "It's not genetics of the body; it's genetics of the mind!"