Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quiet Evening (Part 2)

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After a painful walk back to his apartment in the high heels that he now wore, Larry completely forgot that he had no key on him to get back inside. He wondered where his own body, which had been inside at the time of the Great Shift, had gone, or why whoever was now in his body had even bothred to lock the door. He could think of nothing else to do, but sit out front and wait for his own body to get back.

So many bodyswaps

Frank screamed. Months ago he took a ride on a taxi cab that swapped his body. He stole another body to his liking using the cab's powers. Yet it was a short-lived victory as he was hit by a strange bodyswapping ray. He was able to reverse this by using the last charge of a MAU machine (leaving a friend trapped in another body) to finally be himself again. However, the Great Shift swapped him once more. So many bodyswaps! All Frank could do was scream...

What had she ever done to him?

Alice hated looking up to see her old face grinning back at her. Ever since she swapped bodies with her little brother, he had been rubbing her face in the fact that he now had her body. When they first swapped, it was just the taunting, but now she was convinced he was dead set on downright humiliating her. I mean, just look at how he had dressed her body! At least it wasn't slutty or anything, but it was downright weird! A shiny jacket and pants, and what about that weird flair all over? Alice was convinced her brother must hate her! What had she ever done to him?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pixie dust (Part 4)

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Travis was really starting to freak out as he drove back to his apartment. His life seemed to have been turned upsidedown by an idle wish. When he got to where he lived, even the building looked different. It seemed smaller. He still had the same apartment number; he had a key that worked, but it now seemed that it was a small one bedroom apartment. It was a mess. There were clothes tossed about everywhere. As much as he old life had been stressing him out, he didn't much enjoy this new life either!


Mark was trying out some experimental virutal reality goggles and was amazed by how well they worked. He actually felt like he was walking around in a woman's body! What he didn't know was that the goggles didn't create a virtual reality, but actually manipulated reality itself. He was in for a big surprise when he takes them off!


One minute Conor was relaxing on the beach, and the next minute he was in the freezing cold, zooming down a mountain on skis. He was lucky enough to be able to gain control and bring himself to a safe stop. As if somehow being transported miles away to the freezing cold wasn't enough, as Conor caught his breath, he found out the temperature wasn't the worst of things. He was in a woman's body now! He was now a woman! Hoping to find some answers, he made his way to the ski lodge, only to find out that he was one of many to be swapped into a new body, though most of the other people had swapped with someone else on the mountain.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chain of command

Luitenant Mitch Hendrickson took little notice of his new body after the Great Shift, but he did notice that he was off base! He ran as fast as his new feet (now wearing platform boots) would carry him. He could tell there was chaos on the streets, and he presumed that he wasn't the only one who had swapped bodies. This strengthened his resolve to return to base, where he undoubtably will have orders waiting for him to help quiet this chaos. He saluted as he entered the nearly empty barracks, but the only troops he found seemed confused and unable to provide any direction. Mitch was going to have to figure this out without any chain of command to help.

Where's my mommy?

Nancy was one of the few people who hadn't been swapped as a result of the Great Shift; the whole world seemed surreal and confused for no reason to her. She came across a woman sitting cross-legged on the floor.

"Where's my mommy?" The woman asked her.

"Excuse me?" Nancy asked in response.

"My name is Eddie, and I'm looking for my Mommy! I was holding her hand just a moment ago, and now she's gone! And the world looks so tiny and my arms and legs feel so long and stuff! I'm scared!"

Nancy couldn't believe how weird it was for a grown woman to be talking like this!

Bodyswapping orb (Part 10)

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Kyle and Mike had used the bodyswapping orb more times than either of them could count now. It never seemed to get old for Mike, but Kyle just couldn't stand to swap anymore. However, it seemed even if Mike ventured out to the orb alone, Kyle would swap as well. Fed up with this, Kyle devised a plan. He let a third friend of theirs in on the adventures. It took some convincing, but Pat eventually believed that the sexy blonde was his good friend Kyle. From there it wasn't hard for him to accept the possibility of a bodyswapping orb. Pat took the walk through the woods with Kyle and Mike to the orb. Kyle hoped that Pat's presense with them would disrupt the connection that would cause him to swap whenever Mike used the orb. He considered the possibility that Pat would replace him, that he'd be forcing his friend to suffer an eternity of swapping, but if it could get him out of it, it was worth betraying a friend.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hypocritical bitches

"And I thoght I was a bitch!" Tom couldn't help but laugh to himself as he read the newspaper now in the body of a sexy woman who was PMSing for the first time. "Well, I may be a woman now...and quite the bitch at that, but at least I'm not a hypocrite like Google! They complain about censorship from the Chinese government based on content, but yet they regularly take down sites on Blogger! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Google are such hypocritical bitches!"

Private jet (Part 3)

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John realized that he had been on this jet now for an hour, and it was still just sitting on the runway. Could the pilot or someone else know about the bodyswap? Did they call some sort of authorities to arrest him for grand theft body? Was that even a crime? It's not like John did this on purpose! It just happened! He was about to have a panic attack over these questions when he felt the jet finally start to move...

Adapt (Part 2)

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Tyler arrived at the meet-up spot fairly quickly. Then he waited...and waited. The woman now in his body sure was taking her sweet time...or was it it HIS sweet time? For that matter should Tyler think of himself as HERSELF now? This was a little too much to wrap his head around right now. If there wasn't a ton of reasons to wait for his own body, he'd be out of there...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A good day (Part 3)

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After struggling for twenty minutes, Adam finally managed to loosen his heel from the sidewalk while dropping his sunglasses at the same time. However, it wasn't long before he found his feet totally killing him. These shoes were really starting to pinch his feet! A little bit further and he had no choice but to sit down and take a break from his trek. He had to admit that being a woman wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. Still, he wasn't going to let the little things get to him...


Thomas was sure surprised after swallowing a spoonful of peanut butter and it transformed his body into that of a beautiful woman. A second spoonful and he found that his hair grew a little longer and his breasts got a little bigger. With no hesitation, he went in for a third spoonful. With each spoon, he got bustier and more beautiful. It wouldn't be long before he finished the whole jar.

Long weekend

Bill never enjoyed grounding his daughter, Carol, but she had broken curfew on Friday night; he really had no choice. What made this grounding particularly tough on him was that he was the one who had to suffer through it after a freak lightning storm somehow caused him to switch bodies with his daughter. Bill didn't want to try to explain the situation to his wife; Carol didn't want to try to explain to her mom, so they both pretended to be each other, meaning he now sat in his daughter's room, fulfiling her punishment until the end of the long weekend. In his daughter's body, it would be a long weekend, indeed...

Monday, March 22, 2010

The siblings (Part 4)

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Shawn was glad to have a bit of time alone in his sister's body before her friend Kelly met back up to start making demands about how to act. He walked slowly to the lunchroom when he felt something strange on his leg. His sister and Kelly were so concerned about how to instruct Shawn on appearances that they forgot one very important thing--it was his sister's time of the month.


Hank had always had a short crew cut for his entire life, and now strands of hair were falling in his face, and he had breasts on his chest, and a vagina between his legs. The whole thought of being in a new body really scared him. He tugged at the hair now on his head in disbelief. As he looked around the room, he realized that it was different too--it certainly wasn't his own house. He recognized the people in the family photos around the house. He was in the body of one of the town's religious zealots. If he was her body, whose body was she in? When she found out that he was in her body, would she demand he live some sort of pious lifestyle? He didn't like the thought of that...

Understanding human biology (Part 2)

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It wasn't long before the mother and son with swapped heads caused quite a commotion. Both had hoped the aliens that caused this mess would re-abduct them to fix the mistake, but they couldn't stay where the aliens let them off with the crowd gatering around them. They decided to run back to home, where the aliens snatched them from in the first place. The two got weird looks the entire run home, and now it was just a matter of crossing their fingers in the hopes that the aliens would return.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Carl could see an upside to being in a new body as a result of the Great Shift. The house he found himself in was huge, with a walk-in-closet and everything. He wasn't exactly comfortable about being a woman, but he supposed he could deal with it. He just wished that the woman owned some other type of shoes besides high heels! She had an entire walk-in-closet, and he just couldn't believe that she didn't own a single pair of flats!

A good day (Part 2)

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Adam quickly started to learn some of the more problematic points of being a woman. For starters, as he was walking around he stumbled with the heels that he was now wearing, but it wasn't long before he got the hang of it, even if they did pinch his feet. But that wasn't the end of the problems with his shoes, as he didn't realize that he'd have to be careful where he walked. After stepping in a crack, his heel got stuck, and he had to spend twenty minutes to try and loosen it from the sidewalk.


Rich couldn't believe what was happening; this was like a dream come true for him. He hadn't even been with a woman before, and now he was one! A sexy, gorgeous one! The first thing he did was rummage through her clothes and pull out a bikini. Then he just started nuzzling up to the mirror, kissing his reflection, and rubbing up against it.